Well, that's my first fic, and my english is terrible, but I hope you like it ;)

"It's cold". That was the first thing I think on waking. I sit on the bed and look at the window, seeing that it's snowing. A few days ago that winter began, but yesterday was the first really cold day, and the expected is to continue to get colder, as well as it should be having a blizzard out there, but it's not the case. And just now that I realised what woke me up: whoops.

I look again at the window, that despite it badly show whats out there, I'm sure that there is something else than snow, something that until then I hadn't noticed. I jump out of the bed and run to the door of the living room, which I open, and see a big quantity of strangers mosquitos, denser than the other days.

Hasn't been to long since I first saw them. Actually, this happened last week, on going have breakfast with my aunt and see them through the window. My face in astonishment showed everything, and Asako didn't have much difficulty to understand what was going on, so then she explained me that these mosquitos were actually Coal Tat, that are lower level demons.

In the truth, I understand quite about demons, where they come from, what they can do, how to kill them and also how they look like, despite that in the practice I have never seen any of them before. Thus, I always treated the good ones whose Asako talked with sometimes as invisibles creatures.

I stopped spacing out as soon as started coughing, something that happened because of a smoke from out there and which was already invading the house. I abruptly close the door and run to my aunt's bedroom, where I find her already dressed, picking somethings and putting in a bag, which she gives me, while yelling "We don't have much time!'.

I stay astonishes for a while, but came back to reality as soon as Asako put in my other hand my sword. You may find it kinda weird the fact that I have a sword, specially it being a demonic one. Besides it, it's enchanted, so, beyond killing demons, it also hides something about myself.

I follow Asako, who left home and run through the town, holding a cloth over her face, because of the cold and the smoking, which I son't know where comes from, until see a demon similar to a dragon, which was burning many houses ahead. I also see some people screaming while running, in the same direction of several footprints in the snow, and in the opposite direction that we were following.

We are approaching increasingly of the dragon demon, and when I'm almost convincing myself that Asako inhaled too much smoke and found a good idea to confront him, she dodges and goes into an alley, where stops and leans against the wall, panting.

I'm staring at her , hoping to say something, but she just stares at the floor for a long time, seeming to be thinking over something. After waiting for what seems an eternity, Asako turns back to me, but with a suffered look that I rarely see she using, replacing the affectionate and decided one that's usually stamped on her face.

"Mitsuko, today is the day that we separate."

Don't know if I understood it right. What does she mean? I simple didn't understand. But despite my confused face, Asako looks at me with a tenderness look, and a small smile "You know just part of what you really are, I never dared tell you the whole truth. You know, despite that I've already mentioned that your father is actually a demon, I never exactly told you who he is. But know that you have great powers sealed on your sword, and it is important to use them wisely".

That's what you heard: I'm part demon. I usually ignore this, but since the day I started seeing Coal Tar, I had the feeling that something inside me had changed, this 'cause until then my powers hadn't awakened.

"You know"Asako continues"I've always had a great affection for this town, and I feel that today our paths divide"she pauses for a moment and points behind herself "Do you see that demon right there? I can not let it destroy this town so easily" I stare at her with wide eyes.

"W-what? You'll really face that thing?" I look at her, who nods "You just got to be kidding. You gonna kill yourself! A-and what about me, what do you intend to? Leave me?"

She shakes her head and looks at me again with a suffered look. ''I know that one day you will understand. I have to do this. And besides'', she pauses to change position, now turned fully to me ''I will not leave you alone. There's something you need to know.

I don't want to listen anything else. I'm feeling betrayed by the most important person in my life, who took care of me my whole life. But nonetheless, I nodded to she continue "Your mother, Yuri, she didn't just gave birth to you, but also to other two boys. You are triplets".

My eyes widened and my mouth threw open. The revelation shocked my deeply, making me astonished while watching Asako walking toward the demon, right to her death.

• • •

I didn't stay longer enough to see her fighting, 'cause this way I would pretend that she still alive. I ran away as soon as I came back to reality,

running as faster as I could, without even looking back. I just allowed myself to stop when my legs couldn't stick up myself anymore. I immediately fell in the snow, don't even caring about the cold.

In all my way to here,I couldn't see anybody around, I was completely alone, lying on the ground, without thinking in anything, and if I do, I'll have no more hopes to escape from here.

I closed my eyes and payed attention to listen everything around: nothing but the wind. I really don't know how much time I have been here, but suddenly I heard some steps. Were more than two steps, but they were so synchronized to be from different people. With this in mind, I reached the conclusion that whatever that was coming wasn't human.

I made myself get up and sit on the floor. After have kinda difficulty, I looked around and saw a big black dog some meters ahead. If it was just a regular dog, it could have freaked me out, but it wasn't, once it had three heads. I mean, THREE FREAKING RED PAIRS OF EYES STARING AT ME. Of course, I kept my cool. Well, actually not, but I was frozen, so I couldn't do anything, anyway.

After staring each other for a while, the dog started walking, and in my direction, while I was still frozen. When it was already right in front of me, I could move a bit, dragging me to behind, but the dog just followed me. I kept doing it, faster and faster, just as the dog. And when I was almost getting up, the dog jumped over me, putting an end in all the distance between us.

It knocked me again to the floor, and I knew that that was my end, so I closed my eyes and and hoped to the worst, but then I felt something strange in my cheeks. I dared to open my eyes a bit, just enough to see that the dog was me licking me.

At first I couldn't understand, but I then realised that it, from the start, didn't plan attack me. Trying to getting up, the dog got out of over me, and then I pet him. And was this way that Belbel (how I called him) became my familiar.

• • •

Half an hour later, I was hungry, and before start walking looking for civilization, I decided to look for the first time inside the bag that Asako gave me. Hurts thinking of her, so I just made me forget that thought for I while, and do what I have to.

Having a quick look inside the bag, I saw a bottle of water, a cellphone, a piece of paper, a map and a change clots. No food. Then I had a better look in what I had. The map showed the train lines of the country, and of all the other things, what more appealed my attention was the paper, which I unfolded. In it was written:


I'm afraid that if you reading it, it's because I'm no longer with you.

But anyway, there are here some things that you need know.

I love you, kisses, Asako.

Just now that I realised that I was tearing, and I wiped the tears with his sleeve of the coat, then I turned the paper, on which was written:

Your brothers are in the true cross academy, and when you look for them, remember that you have the same surname, it will help you to find them.

Plus, if you have to use your sword, and some day you will have to, don't be afraid.

I was frozen when finished reading the notes. Not just for thinking that one day I will have to use my sword without the enchantment, what will show my demonic side, put also that I just forgot my surname. I know, it sounds ridiculous, but it's not that much when you have in mind that I'm adopted, so never really used my real surname.

Well, I won't get nothing thinking about it now. So, the best is start walking to find someone what whatever. I stood up and looked to Belbel, that was staring at me, waiting for the next step.

"Shall we go?"He then ran some meters and stopped to look if I'm going too. I took it as a yes, and then followed him.

• • •

Some hours later, I saw a smoke coming from behind a mountain, and with relief, started to run towards it. There, we found some houses, and I asked the villagers some food. They gave me some Ramen, and I also asked how to get in the nearest city.

"There is a city 4 hours from here following southwest", A granny said. And as it was almost down, she also said that I should pass the night there.

I did as she said, and in the next morning, took some provisions and thanked the woman for the help. Then, me and Belbel headed to the city, where we would take a train.

And also where I gonna leave all my past behind, searching for something blindly: my brothers, that until then I didn't even know that existed.