Hi everyone, my fan fiction is about the 'Uglies series' written by Scott Westerfield! (Uglies,Pretties, Specials.)

MY first entry takes place in Tally's city, quite far into Tally's pretty life! I hope you enjoy.

Tally crept out of bed careful not make a sound, the smartmatter would be very inquisitive as to what she was up to. She couldn't call upon the hole in the wall not now, so she crawled seamlessly around on the floor hoping to find a pair of deserted clothes. Aha, she had found some: a long sleeved top and jeans. She couldn't have wished for better attire, even if this was a bit muddy, it would help her camouflage. Again being extra careful not to alarm the smartmatter she opened the window just enough so that she could slither out soundless. She couldn't use the door it was too obvious and it would wake the smartmatter instantly. It would be totally un-bubbly.

Tally reached her foot out the window, until she found a sturdy enough crack in the wall. With only one foot to hold all her weight, she quickly swung her whole body out the window. For a minute she thought she was falling, then her fingers hit the window ledge and she grabbed on with all her might, placing her other hand and foot as she hung. Now this was dizzy-making she thought to herself. She whistled into the wind, hoping she wasn't too distant. Obviously not, her hover board was already be her side and she leapt on in a flash. Soon they were off flying at full speed towards Zane's. Tally crouched down, crouching increased speed and she had no time to waste. She had to talk to Zane.

Tally had expected to have to shake and pester Zane until he woke up. But Tally was surprised to see that he was just outside the gardens, hovering just above ground. She straightened, crouching may speed up travel but it didn't really make you look. Pretty .