Impossible origins

Summary: Clara Oswald was born as ordinary as any other human, wasn't she? The Doctor may have solved the mystery of the woman twice dead but there is yet more for both him and Clara to discover. What secrets lie in Clara's past and why dose River know all of them.

Chapter 2

We are all stories in the end

Clara didn't know what she was expecting to find between the covers of the book River had sent her, a fairytale had never occurred to her but that was what she got.

The story was a fantasized version of the Doctors travels with his last companions, the Ponds. They had all been given appropriately fantastical alter egos but it was clear who they were meant to be. Particularly if you have read the TARDIS files on them, which Clara had.

The Doctor had been cast as a powerful but slightly mad Wizard who travelled around in his magical box that had a mind of its own and could go anywhere and everywhere.

Amy Pond -the girl who waited- had become princess Patience a brave but lonely little girl who grew into an amazingly strong woman. She faced every fear she had ever had and came out the other side knowing who she was and what she wanted from life. Most importantly she learnt she could live quite happily without adventure but love was another story all together.

Rory Williams was renamed Roman, fitting seen as he was also known as the last centurion. Roman was a genuinely good man who loved Patience more than life itself. During his travels with the Wizard Roman proved his loyalty and found his courage. In Clara's eyes Roman was the true hero of the story.

Clara found the book enthralling; she rooted for the three heroes at every opportunity (even though she knew how most of the adventures ended), her heart ached each time Patience and Roman lost each other and she rejoiced when they were reunited. She could not contain her sobs when the couple lost their baby daughter Aqua.

The infant was taken by a wicked witch who intended to use her to one day kill the Wizard. As the heroes raced to save the tiny girl Clara's heart broke, not just for them but also for the child, she knew they wouldn't make it in time and that hurt her more than she though it should.

Clara knew that River Song had lived an amazing life and she seemed to have loved it but she could not stop wishing things had been different, not just for Rivers sake but her parents and the Doctor as well.

The story became a little more jovial when it was revealed that the mysterious Professor Chime who had helped the travellers on a number of occasions was in fact an all grown up Aqua. Clara found herself laughing aloud at both Aqua's antics and her parent's reactions to them. On the whole Roman and Patience handled having a daughter old enough to be their mother pretty well and Aqua's teasing of the Wizard was hilarious.

Clara had almost forgotten that the events she was reading about had really happened. she could have quite happily have lost herself in the adventures of the Wizard and his companions but there was a nagging sadness at the back of her mind that constantly reminded her the story would not have a happy ending, at least not completely.

The Wizard would have to lose Patience and Roman eventually because the Doctor had lost his Ponds. As much as Clara wished the three of them could have remained together (four if you counted River who tended to come and go as she pleased) she had to admit that if Amy and Rory were still aboard the TARDIS she would probably have never had the chance to travel with the Doctor.

When first Roman then Patience were ripped from the Wizards life Clara cried even harder that she had over Aqua. She expected the story to follow the Wizard after the loss of the couple, but she should have realized that it wasn't the Wizards story she had been reading, it was Patience and Roman's.

The book continued to follow their story after they parted ways with the Wizard. Clara was both relived and surprised to find that the couple loved their life in the past even if it lacked the adventure that had become the norm with the Wizard.

Then came the most joyous news of the whole story. Patience who thought she had been rendered barren by Aqua's birth discovered she was pregnant. The book explained what Patience herself could not; the child she was carrying was a final gift from the Wizards magic box to his most trusted friends.

She had transmitted a spark of life into Patience. A spark that would lie dormant until the time and conditions were right for it to grow into a child.

Clara was sure that this must be the end of the tale. The Ponds who had been through so much were about to get their happily ever after but sadly there was one more page and the story did not end as Clara had hoped.

Soon a daughter was born to the beautiful Patience and her brave Roman. She bought them more joy than they could ever have hoped for and while the girl would never replace Aqua that didn't mean she was loved any less than her sister.

They named the child Clara Oswin. Clara was Roman's choice because he felt its classical beauty matched his daughter well and Patience chose Oswin in honour of a fallen hero.

Oswin had been a spirited girl that the couple had met on their travels. She had been bright, funny and brave. She had also given her life to save them and the Wizard. Patience had always felt Oswin should be honoured in some way and what could be better than giving her name to the child who could not have existed without her sacrifice.

Clara Oswin grew to be all her parents hoped she could be, she was intelligent, courageous, witty and strong willed but most important of all she was happy. Clara was Roman and Patience's happy ending but sadly happy endings don't always last forever.

Clara had more in common with her big sister and her name sake than anyone could ever have dreamed. She was destined to save the Wizard and just like Aqua and Oswin before her she would lose her life in the process.

So ends the tale of Patience, Roman and their beloved daughters Aqua and Clara.

"Oh no" Clara gasped in shock "no, no, no, no, no" she chanted as if her will alone could change the writing on the page before her.

"That's not fair" she yelled at the TARDIS as soon as her shock had passed. "You can't give them one of my echo's as their child, you know what that means for them, sooner or later she is going to die for the Doctor and they will have lost yet another daughter" the small woman couldn't help but rant at the sentient ship

"How could you do that to them" she demanded when she finally calmed herself down.

The TARDIS made a soft low hum which to Clara sounded sympathetic. She may not have been able to understand the ship very well before but she was pretty sure she knew what that noise meant

"You didn't know the child you gave them would be one of my echo's" she realized sadly "she was meant to be a fresh start for them not another ending" she surmised. The TARDIS's rapidly flashing lights told her she was right.

"OK" Clara said forcefully pushing her sadness aside "so how do we fix this?" she asked the ship. "Oh don't you try and tell me it can't be fixed" she persisted when the ship remained silent "because River would never have sent me the book and letter if there was nothing we can do to save her sister" she said explaining the obvious.

Despite Clara's attempt to be persuasive the TARDIS still did not respond "Oh come on" the impossible girl sighed "I get it OK, I'm meant to do this by myself, I should be able to remember what happened to her so that I can stop it but I can't. The only memory's I have of Amy and Rory are Oswin's, that's it, I don't know why I can't remember that echoes life but I don't" she explained getting more and more frustrated with the TARDIS.

Finally she could take the ships silence no more "If you want the Ponds daughter saved then you-have-to-help-me!" she practically screamed up at the library's ceiling.

The TARDIS didn't make a sound nor did her lights flash but she still gave Clara an answer. There was a small thump from the main area of the library and the girl didn't hesitate before racing towards it.

There in the middle of one of the walk ways lay yet another book. This one was smaller and slimmer than the tomb Clara had read. Its cover was TARDIS blue and the title was embossed across it in shiny scarlet letters.

"Letter's to a lost child by Amelia Williams" Clara read aloud "Oh Amy I am so sorry" she whispered to the book as if its writer could hear her through it. "We are going to fix this" she promised both herself and her predecessor, the TARDIS flickered her lights gently in agreement.

Clara didn't bother finding herself somewhere more comfortable to sit, she simply settled down on the floor where she had found the book and began to read. Her eyes were beginning to ache from tiredness and the strain of reading all day but she didn't care. If she had to read every book in the TARDIS library to save the Ponds daughter then that was what she was going to do, she was determined to give Amy and Rory the happy ending they deserved.

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