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How attack on Titan should have ended

Super Café

Superman and Batman are sitting across from each other after they watched the premier of "Attack on Titan" last night. When they saw the episode it not only left them shocked, but disturbed.

Superman: Well, I think we can assume this series is going to have a lot of people be killed by those things.

Batman: I have fought insane criminals like the Joker, Riddler, Scarecrow, Zsasz, and other monsters. But, that episode left me shocked and a bit sickened.

Superman: I know right? I mean, what the fuck is Japan doing coming up with shit like that.

Batman: They had a lot of awesome shows, but that one was just disturbing.

Superman: Giant muscle skin monsters going around snatching people and then eating them with a smile on their faces. I think whoever made that had a sick childhood.

Batman: Yeah, I do like some of the characters though. Still, those things always bring down the mood when they kill someone.

Superman: You know what I would have done?

Batman: Fly back in time to stop the writer from making this series?

Superman: Exactly, but I would have also frozen those monsters, and send them into the sun to burn up.

Batman: I would have made an anti-Titan weapon to get rid of them all or make it look like the citizens are animals since I heard they don't go after animals just humans.

Superman: It's a shame we can't kill them. I mean we could since technically they aren't human and I have done it before in that movie.

Batman: But I highly doubt you would do it again. You're not Stark who kills every villain in the movie.

Tony Stark walks by as Iron Man.

Iron Man: True, but at least my movie made more money than wonder boy here and I would have just blown up the Titans.

Superman: Dude, go away and get to work on Ultron for your movie.

Iron Man: Fine, but remember guys…Avengers is better than Justice League.

He takes off flying.

Superman: I hate that guy.

Batman: Me too, but hey you want to know how things could have ended for that show?

Superman: How?

Wall Rose

The people began running around in a panic as the Titans began breaking through their wall. The citizens knew they were coming and were going to eat them all.

Meanwhile in the main city capitol an old man walks out to the balcony to see the monsters are coming. He lets out a sigh before going over to several different color phones.

He picked the one with a gray color.

Old man: Yeah, they're here. Can you handle this for us please? Uh-huh, yeah the money has been wired to your account.

Back at the walls the Titans broke free and began charging at the people, until they came across a monster that is 330 feet tall, dark gray skin, spikes on its back, and a large tail. One Titan makes a move forward causing the monster to open its mouth and fire a blue atomic blast killing all the Titans.

The people began celebrating as the monster lets out a victory roar.

Super Café

Superman: That was different than what I was expecting.

Batman: What do you mean?

Superman: I thought you were going to make it sound like you were going to stop them all. I didn't expect that.

Batman: Yeah well I told you I would have used an anti-Titan weapon to kill them all. But, I thought this way was better.

Superman: Yeah, I guess that makes sense and I think that would have been an awesome way to end things.

Batman: Yeah, Anata ga shitte iru riyū Watashi wa Battomandakara!

Superman: What does that mean?

Batman: You know why…

Superman: Oh son of a…

Batman: Because I'm Batman!

The End

Super Monster Café

In a large café shop for monsters, Godzilla is sitting on a giant booth across from King Kong.

Godzilla: So I just open my mouth and I blew them all away. It was so easy and no one had to die.

King Kong: I know, I wish things had gone that way instead of what they plan in the series. We may be monsters, but those things give us a bad reputation as giants.

Godzilla: Amen brother, I mean we're not all bad. Yeah we do kill some people, but the way those things did it…bad taste.

King Kong: Yeah, how long do you think that show is going to last?

Godzilla: Until a parent sees it, wants it banned from the US, and they release it on DVDs or Blu-ray. Either way I know my movie is going to last longer than that show.

King Kong: I wouldn't surprise if it did. You just better hope your reboot is better than mine. I'm still looking for that guy who made my movie stink.

Godzilla: I wouldn't worry about mine. It's going to rock…you know why

King Kong: Why?

Godzilla: Because I'm Godzilla bitch! That's why!

Damn right he is and I do hope his movie goes well. That's the end folks. There will be another HISHE in the future, but for now this is the first of many that is coming for this story. I saw the episode of "Attack on Titan" and I have to say I couldn't see the rest of the episode when those things began eating people

I'm sure many like the series and the manga. I just couldn't get into it after watching that. Those kinds of shows I'm not into. Just letting you all know in case there are fans of the show who read this and asked why I had it like this.

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