Here we are with a new HISHE chapter. Okay, so I have been stuck working on my other projects and didn't have much chance to do another one of these. I was planning to do one for Invader Zim and Rocko's Modern Life. But, I decided to do one for Steven Universe: the Movie.

So, I hope everyone is ready for how this movie should have ended. Keep in mind: this is what I think of how the movie could have ended. So, I'm sure others will have other ideas how it could have gone. Also, I thought this might be fun to do, especially with how awesome the film went.

"How it Should Have Ended" is a channel on YouTube that do animated comedy on how films should have ended. Mostly they are funny ways how they could have gone, but they are ways that we all figured they could have ended. At least should have. If you haven't seen their work, go check them out they are a lot of fun.

Also, I don't own anything from HISHE or Steven Universe. This is just for fun and I hope everyone likes this. Also thanks to everyone for the support, reviews, and suggestions. I appreciate it and have fun with the chapter.

Gem Homeworld

Steven is seen giving his message to the gems of Homeworld and on other worlds where they had formed colonies. White Diamond had explained earlier that Steven was going to stay and take his place on Pink Diamond's throne. However, Steven explains he is going back home to be with his friends and live in peace. White Diamond cuts the transmission and soon the Diamonds tried to convince Steven to stay.

They even sang a little song to try to convince him to stay, but it seems that didn't work.

Yellow Diamond: I've disbanded my armies. I've liberated my colonies.

Blue Diamond: I never shattered. I never make anyone cry.

White Diamond: I've been saying, 'Please' and 'Thank you,' even to lower life-forms.

Steven: What did we talk about?

White Diamond: Equal life-forms. Steven, we've done everything you've asked.

Steven: That's great! Good job. Keep it up. Bye.

Steven used the Warp Pad to teleport back to Earth, while the Diamonds are left alone again.

Blue Diamond: Did you really disband your armies?

Yellow Diamond: Yeah. I mean, its not like I needed to use them for any sort of conflict since the war 5,000 years ago. So, Steven told me there is no need to have an army.

Blue Diamond: I suppose so. I mean, what's the worse that can happen?

Suddenly a large ship appeared over their world as an army begins flying down and begin attacking. All while Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidianare seen marching down with an army behind them.

Ebony Maw: Here me and rejoice! You have had the privilege of being saved by the great Titan.

White Diamond: were saying, Blue?

How Steven Universe: the Movie Should Have Ended

Well, things could have gone better for Steven since he got back home. He was hoping that today would end with a happy ending with him and his friends living in peace. However, they got attacked by an evil gem named Spinel. She came with an injector that began poisoning the planet.

To make things worse she hit his friends and himself with a weapon that returns them to their default setting. It returned Pearl to being a servant, Ruby as a bodyguard to Sapphire, Amethyst to blank slate, and Steven back when he didn't have his powers. Steven used the weapon on Spinel and returned her to her goofy looney happy self before she became evil. Over time, Steven managed to bring Amethyst and Pearl's memories back.

He even got Ruby and Sapphire to fuse together to reform Garnet, but she didn't have her memories back. To make matters worse, they didn't have long until the poison destroys the planet. So, Steven went with Spinel back to where she came from…the Garden.

It was where his mother, Pink Diamond was living at with Spinel. Until Pink got her own planet to colonize so she left Spinel behind for 6,000 years. Spinel regained her memories, but Steven managed to convince her to come back with him to save his world. Through a musical number of course.

Despite some distrust from the others, Steven convinced Spinel to turn off her injector. They arrived to where Bismuth, Lapis, and Peridot are at keeping track of how bad things are getting through Peri's tablet.

Lapis: That sounds bad.

Bismuth: That looks bad.

Peridot: That is bad! We're hitting critical mass.

Steven: Then I guess we're in time.

Peridot: Steven! What's the status on Spinel?

Steven: She's back. And she's here to help.

Steven turns to Spinel hoping she knows how to turn it off. Spinel gives a small nod and walks up to where her injector is at before moving her right hand up. Her pinkie finger soon began transforming into a horn like earlier before she blew through it causing a loud booming sound to be heard. The injector soon stops injecting the poison and begins lifting itself off the ground.

The Crystal Gems celebrate their victory knowing that the Earth is now safe. Steven lets out a sigh of relief before extending his hand to Spinel.

Steven: Thanks Spinel.

Spinel shook his hand back while still a bit shy about being good again/

Spinel: Ah gee. What are friends for?

Steven sighed once more before looking around at the poison that was left behind.

Steven: So, um this poison, it's not going to cause anymore harm, right?

Spinel looks around at the poison and shrugs her shoulder.

Spinel: I mean, just this area for now. But after a while it should be gone.

Steven looks down at his gem and then at his friend Garnet.

Steven: It would make things a whole lot easier if I got my powers back. Maybe I could even use my healing powers to help not just fix things here, but also help Garnet regain her memories.

Spinel now felt a little bad for what she did. Yes, she did it because she was angry, but it didn't change the fact she shouldn't have done this.

Spinel: I wish there was something I could do and that's the truth.

Garnet: The truth?

Garnet begins thinking of what Spinel said and soon begins realizing something.

Garnet: I've known hardships and confusion…but love can live through it all…together.

Garnet begins to glow as both memories of Ruby and Sapphire returns…the memories of Garnet soon returns and she reforms to her old self. The Crystal Gems all reunite with their friend happy she is back. Steven even invites Spinel over and joins in on the hug.

Peridot: I guess all that's left is Steven. So, Steven, how did you get your powers? What's your missing puzzle piece? What helped make you change to who you are?

It was then Steven realized what helped him get where he is now.

Steven: I changed…all the struggles I went through. I learned from them and I grew. Oh my gosh, it's not just my gem powers I've forgotten, all this happily ever after stuff made me forget the first power I ever had. The power to change.

Soon Steven begins to glow as his gem powers begin coming back. He even used them to help heal from his injuries before he is hugged by all his friends.

Super Café (Beach City location)

Batman and Superman are seen sitting in a big booth with Steven, Connie, Spinel, Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, Bismuth, Peridot, and Lapis. All of them explaining what happened and the aftermath.

Steven: So, once I got my powers back we fixed our home, took care of the poison, regrew the plants, and now Spinel is living with us as a Crystal Gem.

Spinel: And everyone forgave me for going a little crazy…right?

Pearl: Of course. Once Steven told us everything we couldn't stay mad at you.

Amethyst: I'm still a little miffed, but after what you went through oh boy yeah I can't be too bad at you.

Garnet: And it did help remind us how far we all came. Even helped us reexperience those moments again with those we care about.

Bismuth: And all through musical numbers.

Lapis: I'm just glad we didn't get hit and went into default again. I don't want to go through all that development again.

Peridot: Same here.

Batman: Hmm…so let me get this straight. You not only defeated the bad guy, but you also did it through a musical number and also reformed the villain on the same day.

Superman: I mean, if it was that easy we'd let you try reforming all the villains we have to go through.

Connie: It's funny you should say that.

Villain's Pub (a few hours earlier)

Steven and the Crystal Gems came into the pub and after a few hours they managed to reform all the villains. Every…single…one…of…them. All of them are seen singing, dancing, and spending time with each other.

Super Café

Batman and Superman looked on shocked by this revelation that all their villains have reformed.

Superman: H-how? That's impossible.

Batman: Wait, hold on. Let's not freak out. I mean, there is no way they reformed the Joker, Darkseid, and even Thanos.

The Joker, Darkseid, and Thanos are seen walking pass the café shop all skipping happily, singing, and helping people out.

Batman:…well then. I stand corrected.

Superman: I mean, come on. That's impossible. How can friendship and singing really stop even the most dangerous villains. It doesn't make any sense.

Garnet: You'd be surprised how powerful the power of love and friendship really is.

Lapis: Its so powerful that our new master used it to take over the whole universe.

Superman: Um depressed blue girl said what now?

Outside, Batman and Superman see a giant ship arriving to Earth. They see Ebony Maw, their army, and the one behind this invasion. A hologram appeared and it is revealed to be Twilight Sparkles in her queen regal form and her friends standing by her side.

Batman: Well…*sips his coffee* I didn't see that coming.

The End

A few days later.

Batman and Superman are seen wearing pink uniforms, collars around their neck, and shirts that say 'Friendship is Magic'.

Batman: Sooooo…you going to go back in time to fix this?

Superman: I would…but she's watching us.

Batman and Superman look up to see cameras everywhere knowing who is watching them.

Batman: I would do, but she took all my inventions. But luckily, I have a plan to fix all of this. You know why?

Superman: Because your…

Batman: Because I'm…

A dart hits his neck and he falls to the ground. Pinkie Pie appeared and has some guards drag him away.

Pinkie Pie: We got a problem here, buster?

Superman: N-nope. No we do not have a problem here, ma'am.

Pinkie begins smiling and squeaks.

Pinkie Pie: Great! See you at the party tonight…oh and one more thing…*she leans in close with her eyes widening* we're always watching you.

That's the end of the chapter and yeah it looks like things ended pretty well for everyone. Yeah, also I think Steven shouldn't have brushed off Spinel to try focusing on other things. The poor gem needed more love before she is completely reformed. Also, let's be honest Pink Diamond made a lot of serious bad mistakes.

So much so that I wouldn't be surprise if the next season (I hope so) will have another bad guy involving someone from Pink Diamond's past. Hey, don't be surprised. But still, I love Spinel and how cute she is. I felt so bad for her, but I'm glad she got her happy ending in the movie.

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