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Chapter 69: Finale

The cart rolled to a stop deep in the vaults of Gringotts, and Harry stepped out in front of the main Potter Vault. Tumydys nodded to his employer, and let him continue on the the vault itself. Inside, alongside the mountains of gold, jewels, and tomes, Harry found exactly what he was looking for, something he wondered why he'd never though to look for in the past. There, sitting among the rest was a portrait of James and Lily Potter. They were much as had been described to him: James Potter very similar to him, while Lily's firey locks made her definitely stand out. Near to this, there was a portrait of a regal-looking woman with dark hair who looked like a member of the Black family. This must have been Dorea Potter, his grandmother. Harry stepped closer, and woke the paintings up.

"Wha… what time is it?" asked James, "who… Lily! Lily, look who it is!"

"Harry? It is you!" said Lily.

"What am I doing in this vault?" asked Dorea.

"Hi Mum, Hi Dad, Hi Grandmother" said Harry, "Sorry I didn't think to look for you in here before".

"What year is it?" asked James.

"1996 now," said Harry, "and do I have a story for you. After… that night, Dumbledore placed me with the Dursleys".

"You… were put with Pentunia!?" shouted Lily, "Why? Sirius should have taken you, or barring that the Longbottoms".

"Sirius was grieving at your deaths and wasn't thinking clearly," said Harry, "He went after Pettigrew, who blew up a street and killed 12 innocent muggles before fleeing in his Animagus form. Sirius was tossed in Azkaban without a trial, and Pettegrew went to hide with the Weasley family, pretending to be their pet rat. I spent the next 8 years surviving with the Dursleys before Vernon went too far and my magic couldn't take it any more, destroying #4 Privet Drive and warping me away to safety".

A growling from behind caught his attention, and he noticed Tumydys had come over to listen in on the story as well.

"Would you like me to burn them for you?" growled Tumydys.

"While I appreciate the sentment, you're a few years late for that," said Harry, "the energy released was fatal to them, though Dudley survived. It also changed me, making me into something new".

"What happened?" asked Dorea, "what did you become?"

"I became a kaiju," said Harry, "I became this".

Witht that, he deactivated the limiter revealing was he truly was. James and Lily gaped as Harry morphed into an absolutely colossal dragon. A moment later, Tumydys was roaring with laughter.

"Best boss ever," said Tumydys, "No offence James, your son has you beat".

"None taken," said James, "you were transformed into this?"

"That I was," said Asulmagus, "I was taken in by Godzilla, the King of Monsters and taught how to live as one of them. Living there helped heal much of the damage the Durselys did to me, both physical and mental. Eventually, it came time for me to travel back into the Wizarding World and learn to control my magic. Mothra aided me, providing the method through with I could retake my human form. My time at Hogwarts, well that's a story in of itself".

He proceeded to inform them about everything he went through at Hogwarts: meeting his friends and learning of Dumbledore's dark intentions. Helping protect Norberta and the Philosopher's Stone. His 2nd year, meeting Ithnari destroying Riddle's diary. His 3rd year of meeting Remus, capturing Wormtail, and freeing Sirius. His 4th year of being forced into the Triwizard Tournament against his will, and finally his fifth year of dealing with Umbrage and ending Dumbledore's reign. As he finished up, he reactivated his Limiter.

"Harry, son, you've got the most bizarre luck I've ever heard," said James, "Is Hogwarts still standing?"

"Like Professor… I mean Headmistress McGonagall told me," said Harry, "Hogwarts survived the Mauraders. It can survive anything I'd throw at it… unless it was another castle".

"I still can't believe Petunia would still be so petty," said Lily, "but that's the past now. These kaiju seemed like far better family… despite being literal monsters".

"Hey, don't bad mouth monster," Harry joked, "I happen to know some very nice monsters".

"Still, a Basilisk?" asked Lily, "though Ithnari sounds far more civil than I'd ever expected".

"Speaking of which, how is Tumydys doing?" asked James.

"Just fine, James, thank you for asking," said Tumydys.

"Good to hear you old lizard," said James, "so, what to you plan to do now?"

"Not sure," said Harry, "I guess I'll see where my wings take me".

He grabbed the paintings, and prepared to have them transported to the manor where they belonged.

The next few years led to much change, all across Earth. Asulmagus became well known as an interpreter from Dragonkind in general, as well as for the kaiju. Events transpired that led to sweeping changes throughout the wizarding world. In particular, the British Wizarding Society underwent a major shakeup, with many of the more cruel laws restricting rights of muggleborns, half-bloods, and sentient magic beings being repealed. While this most certainly didn't stop racism and such, and likely it would continue for many long years, it was a step in the right direction.

Harry ended up deciding to pursue private tutoring to complete his NEWTs, and did so with flying colors. The Dragon Mage, the Dragon Lord, the Great Awakener, those were all titles he'd earned, and this time they were rightly deserved. With the information he was able to provide, the wizards worldwide decided it wasn't worth it to keep the Dementors around, as even the worst living wizards didn't deserve to have literal demons guarding them.

As for Dumbledore? McGonagall searched through what was now her office, discovered many, many notebooks of plots and plans, stretching back to even before he became a Professor. Many of which were unfinished, but there was so much evidence of his wrongdoing it was overwhelming. Plans to curse the DADA professor's postion, plans to manipulate Tom Riddle, plans to set up Harry as a sacrificial lamb in a dark ritual that would supposedly grant Dumbledore immortality. Plans detailing exactly how he cursed dragonkind (some of these notes were sent on to Flamel to see if he could help with reversing the process). Needless to say, Dubledore was likely never seeing the outside of a prison cell for the rest of his days.

Neville Longbottom went on to pursue a Mastery in Herbology, and later one in Potions, developing new strains of important magical plants, as well as pioneering new and useful potions. Professor Severus Snape even deemed his work as 'passable', rather high praise from the man.

Luna Lovegood went on to develop her family's newspaper, the Qubbler into a rather popular publication. As well, she continued her study of unknown magical creatures, eventually becoming a famed magizoologist oft spoken of in the same sentence as Newt Scamander.

Daphne Greengrass, as was expected ended up taking her family's Wizengamot seat once she properly came of age. She was a formidable voice for the neutal faction, and was unflappable in her political dealings. After all, someone who could stare down the largest dragon in the entire world without flinching said something about her force of will. On top of that, she became well known as a Master Arithmancer, writing several books on the topic.

Hermione, once everything settled down, continued her education at Hogwarts. With the removal of the madness of Dumbledore, the school was well on its way to reclaiming its tite as Europe's top magical school. Eventually, she decided on her path in life, taking a job as the new Transfiguration Professor.

For Fawkes and Ithnari, life was improved with Dumbledore's removal. The Chamber of Secrets was given a proper cleaning for the first time in many years, and some interested scholars get the chance to interview Salazar's Portrait, getting his side of the story, and helping to set the record straight. As well, Both the Phoenix and Basilisk were given permission to visit Monster Island and meet the ones who played an important role in tearing down Dumbedore's machinations.

They arrived in a large burst of flame on the beach, a rather large serpent and a phoenix. They soon were greeted by their mutual friend.

"Fawkes, Ithnari," said Asulmagus, "Good to see both of you again".

Both of them looked up at him. He'd grown larger from the last time they'd seen him, as he was now 80 meters long.

"So, this is where you live?" asked Ithnari, "Thank you for inviting us, Asulmagus".

"It's no problem, want to meet the others?" asked Asulmagus.

"We would," said Fawkes, "let's go".

The three of them headed further inland, and were soon met by Mothra, Godzilla, and Rodan.

"Ah, these are the visitors?" asked Mothra, "2 beings, one of Fire, Air, Light, and life, and the other of Earth, Water, Darkness, death. Opposites, but forming a balance of their own".

"Greetings to you, ancient guardian," said Fawkes, "It is an honor to visit these lands".

"We wish to thank you for being there for Asulmagus," said Ithnari, "without you, all of you, we'd likely still be caged under the web of Albus Dumbedore, possibly dead due to his machinations".

"Our pleasure," said Rodan, "we couldn't leave the kid to fend for himself. He needed to learn how to live as one of our kind".

"And no matter what happens, I'll always appreciate what you did for me," said Asulmagus.

"Like I told you, you're family," said Godzilla, "As long as you need us, we'll be here".

"What will the two of you do now?" asked Mothra.

"Ithnari will likely return to Hogwarts," said Fawkes, "while I know she's quite capable of controlling her deadly abilities, others would still fear her for the simple fact she is capable of killing with naught but a gaze. As for me, I will likely wander the world, see what the other phoenixes are up to, and likely return to the castle as well. Minerva is shaping up to to a rather good Headmisterss".

"If you wish, you are welcome to visit any time you desire," said Mothra, "it would be unwise to ignore the wisdom of a true immortal such as yourself".

Dragonkind, as they began to properly rediscover their magical knowledge, began to lobby for appropriate rights for their people. After conferring between the different Preserves and species, it was decided that they primarily wished for better training for Preserve staff, and well as more focus in hiring wizards with the gift of Parseltounge, as it made communication vastly easier than needing to use a translation spell every time. As well, they wanted wizards to begin looking into alternatives for Heartstrings, or at least more humane culling methods for the terminally ill.

Of course, there were naysayers, people who saw the changes to the laws and the greater acceptance of the kaiju as part of the world as wrong, still viewing them as nothing more than mindless monsters despite any and all evidence of the contrary, but the kaiju mostly ignored these small minded, tiny creatures. All and all, things were looking up. The world was beginning to move in a more positive direction, and with any luck it would continue as such for many days to come.

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