HEY LOVES! So remember this story that people liked and I said I would update soon? Yeah well apparently my definition of soon is two years. Sorry about that. It's kind of weird being on here and looking at my profile. There's so many couples that I used to ship but don't anymore (leolivia, kick, FourTris) It all changed when I found gay ships. *sighs* Poor younger me, didn't know anything at all. BUT I'M BACK! Lucky for you people I still ship Percabeth hardcore! It's like the only heterosexual ship that I have, I kid you not. So here's the thing. Actually a couple things. Before you think im just coming up with excuses you are absolutely right just kidding! These aren't, so please read. Okay the first one is, in the beginning of the year last year, I got really depressed. I'm doing better now, but I just lost a lot of motivation to do things and that was really bad. The second thing is, last year during the summer time, I had my first panic attack. It was horrible and it's one of the most terrifying things ever. So I get those whenever I'm really stressed, worried, or sad about something. AND IT SUCKS! The third thing is, I am currently sick. I have a stuffed up nose , watery eyes, and my throat hurts so bad I can barely get an actual sound out. Which SUCKS because I had a solo thing for chorus yesterday and I couldn't do it. The fourth thing is, I can't sleep. :( Seriously, I have to take sleeping pills and therapeutic oils and yeah its sucky :'( You think I'm done don't you? BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! I had a lot of plans for this story and now that I'm two years older, it just doesn't make sense to continue this story when my writing perspective is so different now. It's kind of funny because I was trying to write the next chapter, but I couldn't because there's so many things in this story that is so different from now and it's hard to write. I am also not going to continue this story because I don't really use this website for fanfiction any more. I have quite a few Internet friends on this website that I talk to sometimes but other wise I never use this website...It's usually Wattpad and AO3 mostly. Just because I like it a little more. So there's that. I apologize to those people who really wanted this story to continue, but sadly that's not happening. I love you all so much! IF YOU NEED AN INTERNET FRIEND I AM ALWAYS ON. SERIOUSLY I AM ADDICTED AND I AM ALWAYS AVAILABLE! That sounded so creppy and stalkerish, I go on Tumblr like 24/7 so that could be why. ANYWAY bye I love you all! xxx