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Chapter 3: Charm

It was during one of their weekly cafe meetings that Yuka first noticed. It had always been there, but Yuka herself didn't notice til that day, when it had become more prominent.

When Yuka met Yuuya at their weekly cafe meeting, she felt that he was acting different than usual. He seemed rather tense, she thought.

"Kizami-san? Are you okay?" She thought she saw his expression darken, but then it disappeared. "I'm okay, Yuka. Don't worry." He reassured her, smiling as he did so.

Despite his reassurance, Yuka still couldn't help but worry about him as she ate her meal. 'Kizami-san has always been so nice to me... Is there something I could do to cheer him up?'

Later, as Yuuya was escorting Yuka back to her house, she asked if she could make a detour.





Yuuya's relationship with his family had never been pleasant. He couldn't understand why they seemed to distance themselves from him, and it only seemed to get worst as he grew up. His elder sister, Haruna, was the exception, but she only seemed to care about whether or not he behaved himself. They didn't get along well, that was for sure. However, their conflict had gotten particularly bad that morning.

"Yuuya." Haruna crossed her arms authoratively. "You've been coming home late for awhile now. Surely you are keeping yourself out of trouble?"

He ignored her and headed for the door. However, Haruna stepped between him and the door, blocking his path. "Yuuya, I demand an answer."

Yuuya's eyes flashed in anger. "It's none of your business, bitch." He could see the flare in her eyes intensify as he pushed past her. As he walked down the driveway, he could hear her yelling at him.

"Yuuya! How dare you talk to your elder sister like that! That sassy attitude of yours will get you nowhere! Keep this up, and you'll only become more of a good-for-nothing dirtbag than you already are!"

He gritted his teeth in anger. "I don't need you to tell me that." He muttered under his breath. "'Sister'?" He scoffed. "All you do is scold me with harsh words, you hypocrite. You're no sister."

Even after he left home, he still couldn't banish the anger he felt inside of him.

After school had been dismissed, he immediately made his way to the cafe he and Yuka had agreed on. Yuka's lessons ended earlier, which was why she had gone ahead of him to the cafe. When he arrived, he found her already feasting on cake. He sat down and tried to strike up conversation as per normal. However, it seemed that Yuka could sense his foul mood, as she grew progressively quieter throughout their meal. He sighed.

As he led her back to her home, she had asked if he could accompany her to the train station. Sure, he replied. He wasn't eager to go home in any case. Plus, he was curious why Yuka wanted to go to the train station.

When they reached the station, Yuka mumbled a "wait here" before she ran off towards some shops. He leaned on a nearby pillar as he waited for her to return. Minutes later, Yuka returned. Her face was slightly flushed, and she was grasping something in her hand.

"Kizami-san, take this." She unfolded her hand, revealing a small bottle of beads. He took the bottle from her hand and looked at it curiously. The bottle was filled with tiny pink beads. He sniffed, and found that a sweet, berry-like scent was wafting from the bottle.

"It's a good luck charm made of scented beads." She answered his unasked question. "It's strawberry-scented, and it is supposed to bring happiness to the bearer..." She fiddled with her fingers nervously as she thought of how to say her next words. "Umm... I don't know what happened, but you seemed rather upset today... So I would like you to have it, Kizami-san."

He was rendered speechless. Somehow, it never occurred to him that Yuka would care about his feelings. His experience with his siblings had greatly jaded him in his expectations of others. As he turned the bottle around in his hand, he felt the darker feelings ebb away, and they turned into something bright and warm within him.

"...Kizami-san?" Yuka was looking worriedly at him. He just stood there staring at the bottle. Did he not like strawberries? Was the pink colour too girlish for him? Was it too childish for him? She fidgeted anxiously as she thought.

Yuuya smiled at the girl beside him. He bent down. "Thank you, Yuka...I've never received a gift like this before. Thank you." Yuka beamed. Her gift had worked. He looked much better now. "You're welcome, Kizami-san."

Yuuya got up and stretched, feeling much more relaxed than he did previously. "...It's getting pretty late, let's get you home, shall we?" He offered his hand to Yuka.

She slipped her hand into his. "Okay!" She beamed.

A/N: Thus cue Kizami's family problems. Personally I think they don't have a good relationship because while they had good intentions, they didn't know how to take into account his sociopathic problems, and it became something like bad miscommunication. I've personally experienced that with my own parents before, and if we didn't decide to have a third party step in, I could see it turning out like Kizami's family...

I don't know if I portrayed Kizami's sister as too harsh. She actually says those kind of things though. The good-for-nothing dirtbag was from her dialogue in canon. She has good intentions, but she has trouble keeping her own emotions under check when disciplining him.