The Story of Us

It was a warm afternoon in July, and young Wally was spending the day with her aunt, as his uncle had to work. They were sitting in the living room, Iris reading a book and Wally watching Cosmos. When Wally got tired of waiting for his tv show to come back on, he noticed a ton of pictures of Iris and Barry. Wally, being a curious twelve years old, asked:

"Aunt Iris, when did you meet Uncle Barry?" Iris looked away from her book, confused and then looked up and smiled at the thought of when they first meet.

"Well," she said "it was back when I first began being a reporter…"

Looking back for years ago, Iris remembered meeting Barry just like it was yesterday.

It was just a few days after she began being a reporting. She was interviewing the Flash, asking how he stopped the robber. Telling her it was no trouble and flashed his famous grin at her, at which she just rolled her eyes but still blushed. As he ran off, she told the audience how heroically the Flash saved the day once again. Once off the camera she turned and saw a very tall, blond man standing with the police.

Both their eyes meet and next thing she knew he was standing right in front of her.

"Hi, I'm Barry, Barry Allen." "Hi, I'm Iris, Iris West" Both couldn't help to smile at one another.

"He had the cutest smile" Iris said, with a dreamy smile. Wally just made a grossed out face and said "What happened next?"

She had told him how he had to go back to work, but after that they just kept running into each other, and about a month of seeing and always smiling to each other, he finally asked her out.

Barry had entered her office right before she was about to leave work. "Hey Iris" Barry said a nervous smile. She noticed how he had a small rose with him. She said hi and smiled back.

Clearing his voice, "Umm Iris, I know we both have been seeing each other around lately and I was wonder if maybe you would like to go to dinner sometime? I really want to get to know you..."

Beaming, Iris couldn't say yes fast enough. She took the rose from him, gave him a kiss on his check and said "How does tonight sound?"

"From there on we went out almost every other day. Either on a lunch date or diner date we would always find to spend more time together. And well here we are." she told Wally smiling.

"And they lived happily ever after" said a voice. Iris looks over to her front door and sees Barry smiling.

"Uncle Barry!" Wally says as he runs up to hug his favorite uncle. Iris too gets up and gives a quick kiss and asks how long has he been standing there for.

He tells her he's been there just to hear the ending. Wally couldn't help to smile as he sees how happy they look at each other. Wally then asks, "Uncle Barry, what was it like meeting Aunt Iris for the first time"

"Well kid, I astonished by her beauty" As Barry said that, Iris couldn't help but to blush.

He goes on to tell him how nervous he was to ask her out, thinking she'll never go out with him. And how happy he did, because it was the best day of his life. Making both Wally and Iris smile.

The evening goes by, Wally's tv show forgotten and they spent the evening telling Wally what it was like dating his aunt and how happy she's made him. Causing Iris to give him a big kiss and causing Wally to yell "Hey PBA!" Making the married couple laugh.

After realizing the time, they figured they might as well go out for dinner. As Wally leaves to go get ready, Iris just had to ask

"Have I really made you this happy?" He tells her, "Yes. And it has made me love you more every day because of that." he says with his famous grin. The one that can only make her blush like crazy.