"Rakutsu… He's perfect boyfriend material!"

"I know, right? I also heard that he dated the singer, Yancy!"

"Oh? I find that a little unbelievable… But I can see it, though. They're like a perfect couple."

Faitsu tried to not listen into their conversation and continue her next article, "Mystery Doors of the Magical Land." She couldn't find herself to ignore the conversation and hang every little word in her ear. She had to because they were talking right next to her, to the point where she can hear their breathing and it was absolutely disgusting. She needed to work in peace. Not in a place where too many people gossip about a guy she doesn't have any interest on. Faitsu quickly gathered her things and started to go to the roof. Nobody goes there because nobody has the key for it. Luckily for Faitsu, she doesn't need a key. She took a bobby pin from her buns and opened the door with it. It was quite easy since she did it all the time when she worked with Team Plasma but nobody has to know that either. The roof was spacious and had white benches facing the scenery of buildings. It was a clear, sunny day with a light breeze which helped Faitsu calm down.

"Time to finish this article," Faitsu licked her lips and typing furiously on the computer. After two to three hours, she was doing final touches to her article until a locking sound interrupted her. She swirled around to see the door was closed. "Was it by accident?" She thought as she took out her bobby pin and tried to open the door but it was futile. "W-wait… Huh?!" she yelled, noticing there was various objects were blocking the door like chairs and desks. "If only foongus was here but he's still sick from two days ago…" she muttered, remembering she ran away from Rakutsu. She was surprised how she didn't get sick and how her article that was incomplete to what it was completed originally before the blackout to give it to her boss on time.

"How am I going to get out?" She asked herself that question over and over again as she was observing her surroundings. "The trees are large enough. Probably," She thought aloud. "I got nothing to lose." She was about to climb the fence to fall on a nearby tree but she heard someone shouting.

"Are you really planning to die?" asked Rakutsu who was looking up at her from the agency entrance. He was fixing his suit as he watched her every movement.

"I'm not going to die! I'm stuck on the roof and the door is blocked. I'm just going to hang on a nearby tree. What else can I do?" Faitsu asked as she looked down at him.

"Go on a date with me."

"Excuse me?"

"If I help you, go on a date with me."

Faitsu continued her plan to climb the fence to hang on a nearby tree.