First official replaced chapter! Yay! I'm not changing much in the first couple of chapters, just doing some basic editing that I really should have done when I started this. The one big change is that instead of Rapunzel's parents being dead, they just retired to an isolated island in the Caribbean. They won't be in the story, I just wanted a viable excuse for them not to be. For anyone who hasn't read the story before, here is the list of characters and their avenger equivalents, powers, etc.

Rapunzel Corona (Captain America) - Indestructible frying pan, whip like hair, decent combat skills.

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III (Personality of Hawk Eye, skill set of Black Widow) - small axes, throwing knives, shield, toothless.

Merida DunBroch (Personality of Black Widow, skill set of Hawk Eye) – Bow and arrow (duh :)

Jackson Overland Frost (Iron Man) – Flying, ice blasts, wind control, can melee fight with staff

Toothless (Kind-of-sort-of hulk-like, but only the big green guy part) – Plasma blast, flying, strength

This story was inspired by two memes (credit to whatever awesomeness made them)


R – is this about the big four?

H – Which we know nothing about

J – I thought the big four initiative was scrapped. And I didn't even qualify.

H – We didn't know that either

J – Apparently I'm volatile, self-obsessed, and don't play well with others.

M – That we did know.


M – It's like Asgard all over again

H – You and I remember Asgard very differently

Hopefully this will be a bit easier to understand and just a bit better quality writing.

Chapter 1

Jackson Overland Frost, nicknamed Jack Frost, Hiccup 'Horrendous' Haddock, Rapunzel Corona, and Merida DunBroch were chatting at Rapunzel's house. Though really it was more than just a house. It was a tower. Not a manor, a tower. The Corona Tower, owned by Rapunzel's parents, the extremely

rich mister and misses Corona. The tower was extremely high-end with all the latest tech. And the best part? No parents! The Corona's had decided to more or less move to a nice private island in the Caribbean, leaving the tower to be inhabited by their daughter Rapunzel and adopted son Jack. Though some would call them irresponsible for leaving two children alone, they weren't really children, they were 18. And they weren't really alone, either. The AI P.A.S.C.A.L had more or less babysitted the two for years, and was able to manage running the company left behind for them. Not only did they have Pascal, there was also the teenagers two best friends, Merida and Hiccup. Merida and Hiccup lived at the tower the majority of the year. The rest of the year they were off on mission for some secret government organization they weren't allowed to tell Rapunzel and Jack about. Of course, they still did tell them about. Seriously, haven't they heard the rule 'when I say I won't tell anyone, my best friends don't count'? That aside, the four had a comfortable life in New York, finishing high school and doing pretty much whatever they wanted. And of course, now that they had settled into a comfortable pattern in their lives, life had to throw them some fucking lemons.

The voice of the AI Pascal boomed to life on the speakers "Master Jack, Miss Rapunzel, there is an incoming call."

Jack sighed, setting down the controller to the game he was playing. He had almost finished the level, and someone just had to interrupt them. "Bring it up" he sighed. A holographic image appeared in front of Jack. It was Agent Coulson.

"Jack, Rapunz-"

"This is the life model decoy of Jack Frost, please leave a message." Jack interrupted robotically. Rapunzel stifled a giggle in the background while Merida and Hiccup just rolled their eyes.

Coulson frowned, narrowing his eyes. "Frost, this is urgent."

"The leave it urgently" He retorted.

Pascal spoke up "I believe my security protocols are being overwritten." Hiccup and Merida snickered as the doors slid open to reveal said overwriting agent.

"Security breech!" Jack called out to no one in particular. Coulson passed a flash drive to Hiccup, knowing the young agent would pull up the files for the others to see on the holographic computer.

"Hi Phil!" Rapunzel chirped.

"Phil?" Jack questioned. "No, his first name is agent."

Coulson ignored the white haired teen. "we need to employ the four of you. The information you need is there." Coulson pointed to the holographic display Hiccup had began to pull up.

Rapunzel's eyes lit up. "Is this about the Big Four?" she asked excitedly

"Which they know nothing about." Hiccup clarified, rather unconvincingly.

"I thought the Big Four initiative was scrapped." Jack said. "And I didn't even qualify."

"They didn't know that either." Hiccup muttered as he opened the files.

"Apparently, I'm volatile, self-obsessed, and don't play well with others." Jack ranted.

Merida snickered as she walked towards the group from her place in the virtual archery range. "That we did know." But none of the others noticed her comment, to engrossed in the disturbingly large amount of information on them, along with an odd blue box with an eerie black glow.

"What does that box thing have anything to do with this? With us?" Hiccup questioned.

"The information is classified. You will be informed further if you accept the offer."

"But what about school?" Jack said with fake concern.

Merida rolled her eyes. "As if you ever go to school. I'm in."

"Why not? Hiccup sighed.

"Sure!" Rapunzel chirped excitedly. They all looked at Jack.

Jack looked at them incredulously. "Guys, this is dangerous, life threatening, and completely insane. Of course I'm in!"

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