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The gray-skinned man tossed up his staff expertly before whacking a guard with a resounding smack. Quickly taking out the rest of the guards, the man strutted quickly up to one of the stunned and panicked aristocrats and grabbed his neck with surprising strength, pinning him on top of a marble table. While the aristocrat struggled, the dark haired man pulled out a strange device and jabbed it into the aristocrats eye. As the device whirred and the aristocrat twitched like a dead frog in a 3rd grade science class, the man looked up, malicious glee in his unfeeling, sickly-yellow eyes, a smirk upon his pale grey lips.

Back at the science facility, the identical device on the lock began creating a pixel-ated version of the aristocrats mutilated eye, unlocking the heavy steel door. The white haired teen pulled open the door, walking into the facility unseen to retrieve his target.

At the banquet, the various finely dressed blue-bloods rushed out of the building in an attempt to ecape their fate. The gray-skinned man walked out of the building slowly black sand swirling around him in a purple-black vortex. As it disappeared, he was left in what looked to be royal armour. It was black-onyx in color, covered in purple and silver intracacies. The helmet was like dark steel with vicious spikes as deadly and malevelont as the man himself. He radiated an aura of darkl power and fear.

"You will kneel before me." He bellowed, his vioce slightly accented from somewhere unkown. The crown infront of him surged, though more unsure and fearfull than before as the dark magic began to take affect. His pale eyes narrowed, and, taking a few steps forward, he spoke again.

"I said..." He began softly. "KNEEL!" With the last word he slammed the butt od the staff onto the pavement. The staff sent out a pulse of dark magic, forming beastly mares, their skin made form the black sand as dark as the night sky.

The night mares surrounded the aristocrats, herding them in lke pigs before slaughter. In their fear and panic of this new threat, the blue-bloods knelt. The man smiled wickedly and spoke.

"Is this not simpler? Is this not your natural state?" He began, looking down at the aristocrats. "It is the unspoken truth of humanity. That you crave subjegation. The bright lre of freedom, diminshing your life's joy in a mad, scramble for power.

For Identity.

But you are creatures of primal emotions. You were made to be ruled. Ruled, by fear. In the end, you will always kneel." finished the man, speaking as if scolding a silly child ignoring the truths of reality. The aritsicrats in the crowd thought he spoke of fear of something. But this was no metaphor.

Then, an old man stood up slowly, a hardened look in his willful eyes, strong despite his bodies age.

"Not to men like you." He spoke, refusing to bow down. The man laughed.

"There are no men like me."

"There are always men like you." Frowning the dark-haired man pointed his staff at the brave old man.

"Look to your elder people. Let him be an example." With his fianl words, the man fired a dark beam of energy, inly for it to be blocked by a flash of golden hair.

"You know, the last time a saw a women pretending to be better than everyone else, we ended up disagreeing." Said Rapunzel, green eyes bright with mirth, enchanted frying-pan ready for battle. The man snarled.

"I am no women. Ans I will be your down fall." Merida jumped down beside Rapunzel froma helicopter aboive the crowd, red curls bouncing in her ponytail.

"One: your hair disagrees with that girly, and two: No thanks" she said before firinga an arrow at the man, who barly dodged the well-aimed projectile. The fight raged, and the blue-bloods took the chance to flee. Punch, dodge, arrow, dodge, frying-pan, dodge. Finally, a swirl of black sand hit the green eyed teen square in the chest, and she stumbled backwards from the blow. Merida struggled to keep up with the super-powered being. Suddenly, a giant, black, dragon landed in between the two, plasma-blastin the yellow-eyed man. The brunette rider glanced back at the red head as he hopped off his dragon and pulled out a flaming sword.

"Ya miss me?" He asked. Merida just rolled her eyes. He had been sent ot retrieve his dragon from some distant island to help fight. He had only been gone a few hours. It wasn't like she missed him or anything.

Before the grey-skinned man could get up, he leveled the sword to his throught.

"Your move reigndeer games."

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