Chapter 1

The Strange Case of the Lone Wanderer

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"Revelation 21:6 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely. It was your mother's favorite passage." James Walker, to his one year old son Royce Walker, Vault 101

Dying never really bothered Royce Walker but here he was lying on his back in the middle of a strange forest. If this was the afterlife, he was not impressed. The Lone Wanderer blinked once as he sat up before realizing one, he had been shot up in the leg, and two punching an Enclave Soldier in the face still hurt even if he had a Power Fist strapped to his right arm.

Royce swore under his breath before rolling over. He was glad to see the familiar shape of his Xuanlong Assault Rifle next to him. He reached out for it and managed to get the sling. Royce sat up being mindful of his leg and exhaled harshly. He found his pack as well and he reached inside for a Stimpack. Jamming it into his injured leg he felt the medicine start working its magic. Royce held his breath then got onto his knees. Exhaling hard he finally got back to his feet with a painful twinge of his injured leg.

It was hard to believe that Royce was only nineteen. He was quite tall reaching a height almost six feet, his medium but tough physique was formed out of necessity. Survival at any cost was the general rule of the Capital Wasteland. His features were sharp if a bit average, his unkempt brown hair was hidden underneath a cloth head wrap. His eyes were a murky hazel, revealing an indomitable spirit that bowed to nothing and no one. A prominent scar ran down his right eyelid, a memento from his first kill. He wore a dark green colored set of Combat Armor, a gift from Reilly's Rangers in exchange for rescuing the team from dire straits in the nightmarish DC ruins. Underneath the armor was a white t-shirt and dirty cargo pants. His boots were caked with mud and grime but they were still serviceable.

His left forearm was encased by his signature Pip-Boy 3000, a compact information system that saved Royce's ass more than enough times in DC. His right hand was also encased by a Pneumatic Power Fist, simply called Fisto. A scoped revolver was holstered at his hip alongside a trench knife with a knuckle duster handle. Opposite the revolver and knife was a heavy plasma pistol, the MPLX Novasurge prototype.

Royce shrugged his shoulders as he took a look around. That was when he heard gunshots. Reflexively he crouched, shouldering his assault rifle and unlatching the safety. His eyes scanned the area. More gunshots, he tracked the sound and checked his Pip Boy. What he saw made him sigh.

"Error: No Robco Satellites Detected. GPS functionality disabled, please contact {Error} to resolve this Problem."

"Great," he muttered slightly annoyed. "No map. I'm doing this the hard way then."

The sound of growling caught his attention. Royce turned to see what looked like a Yao Guai staring at him through the bushes. It was a big one with jet black fur, spines on its back and a skull like mask on its face. Red eyes glared at him hatefully.

Royce responded by firing a three round burst from the Xuanlong. 5.56mm rounds tore through the bear's furred bulk but it kept coming. It swiped at the Lone Wanderer. Royce rolled out of the way, turning to riddle the damn thing's body with bullets. Roaring in pain the Yao Guai thing turned swiping again at Royce who ducked and charged forward readying Fisto. His strength doubled by Fisto, Royce struck with a brutal upper cut that nearly decapitated the bear's head, leaving it hanging by a mere scrap of flesh. It was dead before it hit the floor. Royce loaded a new magazine into the Xuanlong as he turned to find more of the bears coming at him.

He let them have it. His Xuanlong barking Royce met the first beast's charge with a straight punch to the torso. He heard ribs break as Royce continued forward, he fired the rest of his rifle's magazine into the bear's face killing it. Slinging his rifle Royce drew the Novasurge from its holster. It gave a whine as Royce faced the other Yao Guai, or whatever they were. They still resembled bears though. Two others charged him. Without hesitation the Lone Wanderer fired the Novasurge twice. One bear was completely cored like an apple, the plasma blast punched right through its chest. The other simply liquefied into a green goo, something that Royce had never figured out. Sometimes it got really silly but he never complained.

The Novasurge blew another bear's head off with a concentrated blast. Royce dodged a swipe from the third bear, one that scratched at his chest plate. He reared back his power fist and cracked the bastard's head open before he fired a shot from his plasma pistol, liquefying the animal's brains. Royce quickly dove under the fourth's lunge and rolled to a stop. He took aim and fired his last couple of shots into the beast's legs burning them away. Royce raised Fisto and smashed its skull open with a well aimed strike.

Royce looked up from the corpse realizing he was all alone now. He listened for anything else that was coming his way. He scanned the area before reloading the Novasurge and holstering it in exchange for the Xuanlong. Reloading quickly he stepped over a broken corpse and chose a direction. North.

Maybe he'd get lucky, maybe he wouldn't.


"Hey, did you hear that?"

Blake Belladonna looked at her companion, Yang Xiao Long, with an impassive face. "Hmm?"

"That! The weird thumping noise!" Yang said excitedly. "It might be Ruby!"

Blake simply quirked a brow. Yes she had heard the thumping noise along with the steady crack of what sounded like an assault rifle. A model she hadn't heard before.

"I thought your sister used something else?" She asked quietly.

"Yeah well..." Yang looked ready to take off at any second. She blinked as another tearing sound echoed from the forest. "Yeesh, whoever that guy is he must be real trigger happy."

"He wouldn't be shooting at random would he?" Blake's expression turned a bit dark at that. Judging from what she saw of the Headmaster she didn't think that Ozpin would be that lax with recruiting.

"Let's check it out!" Yang suggested. And before Blake could even reply the blonde was already off to find the mystery shooter. Blake sighed and decided to follow her.


Royce's three round burst ended the life of the bipedal wolf creature that had been charging at him. The momentum still brought the corpse forward and Royce simply shouldered it aside. His Xuanlong barked once more, the 5.56 rounds punching into their torsos and rupturing organs. As the two beasts fell, three more took their places. Royce took down two with an extended burst then stepped aside as the wolf biped swiped at him. Turning around Royce smashed Fisto across its face, breaking its neck and sending it flying. The corpse smacked into a tree and fell like a broken rag doll.

An even bigger bastard crashed through the trees straight at him. Royce took aim and activated his Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System. V.A.T.S. for short. The world seemed to slow down to a halt as he aimed for the torso, legs and head. He fired a full burst at each target watching with grim satisfaction as the beast topple to the floor in a wailing, whining heap.

The world went back into real time as the huge wolf beast began to howl louder in pain. Royce drew his revolver and walked over to its side. He took aim and blew its brains out all over the grass. The howling stopped. Holding his revolver tightly the Lone Wanderer turned feeling someone watching him.


"Oh my gosh..." Yang shook her head in disbelief. The dude, she was sure it was a dude, had just taken down a Beowolf pack without breaking a sweat. The guy didn't even seem to flinch! That and his weapons were weird. Where was the Dust? What was his Aura? They looked real crummy too but judging from the state he left the Beowolf pack they were just as effective as her own.

"I saw that too." Blake said as she looked at the man's assault rifle. It had an extended magazine. It looked crudely made, not like the smooth weapons made in the Vale Kingdom. The stranger wielding it looked very young, with unkempt brown hair under a cloth wrap and murky hazel eyes that were tired. He was wearing a set of grimy, dark green combat armor. Dents where bullets made their mark were visible on the chest plate. Other weapons were seen on his form, a knife and another projectile weapon she had never seen before. He was...an intimidating sight to say the least. Blake didn't know why, she just felt...nervous around him. He had scars on his face, the most prominent one crossed his right eye.

Blake looked up before realizing she had been spotted. In a single motion the stranger had reloaded, chambered a round and aimed his weapon. Right at the both of them.


Royce had seen the blonde from a mile away. Most notably seen on her top was a black crest resembling a burning heart. "Wow!" She exclaimed as she emerged from the bushes. "You were awesome! Where'd you learn how to fight like that!?"

Confused the Lone Wanderer simply kept his rifle trained on her. She was a pretty thing but Royce wasn't that foolish. Not anymore. He'd shot his fair share of women sure but to be fair they were trying to kill him too. Perhaps it would change today, perhaps not. Either way he was prepared for anything.

"Hey come on now take it easy! I'm not a Grimm you know?" She said with a bright smile. Royce didn't take his finger off the trigger.

"What's a Grimm?" He rasped cautiously.

"You know...the monsters that you just destroyed! Humanity's great enemy that kinda thing?" She looked at him, as if he should know all of this.

Another girl, this one with black hair and a ribbon approached. Royce kept an eye on her.

"Uh...Yang?" She told her blonde companion. "I...don't think he's a student."

"Huh?" The blonde girl, Yang, turned to regard her. "What do you mean by that?"

The black haired girl tilted her head towards Royce. "I can see it clear as day, Yang. He's...not from here. Poor guy looks really confused. Let me do the talking. I have a feeling Ozpin would want to talk to the guy."

Confused wasn't even part of it. Royce had been ready to die the moment he stepped into the irradiated chamber of Project Purity to start the process. He realized his parents' dream of bringing clean water to the wastes. He had been ready to finish it, even if the deed would claim his life. Now in whatever here-after he was, these two strange girls were quite possibly the only way he could find out where he ended up.

If he was even on Earth at all. Last time he left the planet little green men tried to probe him. No one probed the Lone Wanderer without getting away with it.


Blake felt relieved when the stranger finally lowered his weapon. He looked ready to talk now.

"Where am I?" The stranger asked, his voice was low and tired just like his eyes.

"You're in the Emerald Forest, on the grounds of Beacon Academy. You haven't heard of it haven't you?" Blake asked.

The stranger shook his head.

"The kingdom of Vale? Vytal?"

Nope. Blake sighed, this wasn't good. It was their first year at Beacon and already they were dealing with someone who was a fish out of water.

"I'm not going to like this answer, but I'm not on Earth am I?" The stranger asked her his hazel eyes looking not only confused but irritated.

"...No?" she tried hopefully. And winced as the stranger turned abruptly away from them and swore explosively under his breath before kicking the Alpha Beowolf's corpse with a violent shot from his boot. His swearing turned quite volatile as he began kicking it even more.

From what she could get from the angry tirade she heard something about "alien abduction" and "That stupid book..." She...didn't know what to say. Yang looked at her and was just as confused as she was. The blonde eventually smirked. Having only met her a few minutes ago, Blake dreaded what she was planning.

"Well, you should come with us!" Yang told the guy who had turned back towards them with distrust. "Come on! You're not exactly from here! We can help!"

"...Why?" He asked.

Yang faltered slightly. "Huh?"

"Why are you helping me?"

Yang and Blake looked at each other. "Well why not?" Yang said looking back at the stranger. "You-"

A loud cawing alerted the unlikely trio as a huge crow flew over them. Blake had noticed the stranger was taking aim at it.


That was the biggest fucking bird he'd ever seen. Royce tracked it and deduced it was headed north. Good thing the bastard didn't spot them, otherwise they'd be in a heap of trouble. He had no heavy weapons on him and even with the Xuanlong his chances of killing such a beast were slim to none.

"Alright," he said firmly while making his decision. To hell or high-water, he'd see this shit through and hopefully get some answers. "I'll come with you."

"Ah good!" the blonde said "My name's Yang! And this is Blake!" The black haired girl gave a polite nod.

"Royce, my name's Royce Walker." The Wanderer answered them. "You know a way out of this forest?"

"Easy, follow the bird!" Yang said "It's headed north isn't it Blake?"



Glynda frowned as she consulted her scroll. "Professor Ozpin." The gray haired professor turned to regard his subordinate.

"Yes Miss Goodwitch, what is it?"

"It seems that we have an unexpected guest." She showed him the scroll. Sure enough Ozpin caught sight of the armed stranger following two of Team RWBY, who were on an extra credit assignment. His eyes narrowed but he could not do anything about it right now.

"Continue observing, we'll deal with this when the time comes."


Royce was real quiet, Blake realized. Then again from what he had told them she could understand why. Although...

He said he had died, normal people don't sound so...relaxed when dealing with their own deaths. As they headed towards their objective they were waylaid by myriad creatures. To his credit, Royce didn't seem nervous about the Grimm. But what made Blake and even Yang a bit nervous was how he dealt with it. All cool and calm. He said he didn't know what the Grimm were but judging from the way he handled himself that didn't matter.

He'd kill them anyway.

They were fighting off another Beowolf pack. As Yang smashed one of the wolves aside with her gauntlets Blake turned to see Royce just casually put a full burst of rounds into a Beowolf's torso. He didn't hesitate, his eyes seemed...dead. They were blank as he moved to finish off the dying Beowolf. He took aim and fired a three round burst into its head. The Beowolf's death rattle silenced.

"Clear." his voice...the sound of it made her shudder.

"Um...you okay?" Yang asked sounding concerned.

Royce shrugged. "I'm just a little tired." He said softly. "Shouldn't we get going?"

"Uh...sure." Yang quickly turned to Blake. "Mind if we talk a little? Um I need to discuss something with my partner."

Royce shrugged. Rushing was pointless, and his patience seemed to have only grown over his travels in the Capital Wastes. He simply turned around to scan the area behind them looking for threats.


"There's something wrong with this guy!" Yang whispered.

"He can hear you Yang, calm down." Blake admonished her companion. "He's...probably been fighting for a while now." She had seen such fatigue before and read about such things in her books. People changed, one had said, after fighting a war. They seemed...listless, always making sure to watch their backs in case of any perceived threat. Royce Walker looked just like the poor men and women described in her books. War-torn. Listless. Tired. It was tragic really.

Yang's look of worry ate at her but at the same time she felt a little irritated that she was so judgmental of the mysterious young man that they just met. Blake decided right then and there that she'd let Ozpin decide what to do with him. In the mean time they had an assignment to finish and a lost stranger to help.

"Come on Yang let's keep going." She said heading north.

"But..." Yang gestured to Royce's back pleadingly.

"He's coming with us."


The two girls sighed in relief. Royce just peeked over their shoulders. The ruins were small and looked like they'd been here a while. "Ah? Weiss and Ruby aren't here yet?" Yang looked surprised.

"They probably got held up or something, Yang. Don't worry Ruby and Weiss can take care of themselves."

Royce kept the rear guard again. Idly he wondered who the hell Ruby and Weiss were and decided against it as he spotted opposition approaching. "Contact." He said loud enough for Blake and Yang to hear. More of those wolf bipeds with a pack leader.

"Shoot. And here I was hoping to get this done quick enough. Oh well Extra credit is extra credit. Right Blake?" Yang said with a devilish grin. Ember Celica unfolded into gauntlet mode.

What the fuck did I just see? Royce looked startled. Yang it seemed like the look on his face.

"Cat got your tongue?" She chuckled with a smirk. "Come on, we've got a job to do."

"I'll start looking for the stuff we need." Blake said as she turned to find whatever the two girls needed. "Keep them off me."

That was easy enough for Royce as he crouched and took aim. The moment the wolf bipeds began to charge Royce opened fire. Burst after burst of 5.56 tore into the beasts, one succumbed to a lucky headshot. Two more toppled as the rounds punched into their chests. Royce's eyes narrowed as he fired again and again, before backing off reloading. He slung the Xuanlong as the pack got closer, drawing his Novasurge and readying Fisto.

"Wanna make this a contest?" Yang challenged hopping in place.

Royce personally found that stupid and shook his head in the negative. As the first Beowolf jumped to land on him, the Wanderer aimed the Novasurge and let off a burst of plasma. The Beowolf vaporized in mid air. Yang gaped at the spectacle then shook her head.

"Whoa cool! Is that a laser gun?" Yang exclaimed stars in her eyes as she punched a Beowolf in the face sending it flying.

"No." Royce's answer was succinct as his Novasurge liquefied another Beowolf. Although on the inside he had to admit looking at Yang's star struck expression tickled him a little. "Plasma." A loud thumping noise followed each pull of the trigger as he fired into the pack. Some beasts were blown off their feet, still others liquefied. Yang and Royce fought back to back, punching, kicking, shooting.

Yang was highly aggressive, using her considerable speed and strength to overwhelm the Grimm. Everything seemed to melt as Yang's Ember Celica Gauntlets went into play. Another Beowolf was sent flying into a tree, bones broken. Two more succumbed to bone shattering blows. Yang was laughing as she sped around the battlefield, her gauntlets speaking death to any that stood in their way.

In comparison Royce may not be able to move as fast, but he patiently waited for the enemy to strike first before countering. Yang was showy, but Royce was not. He was just downright...brutal that it was scary. A Beowolf had the misfortune of going wide. Royce punched its left arm off with a quick uppercut from Fisto before coring the screaming thing with the Novasurge. The Plasma weapon beeped empty. Royce reached into his belt for an energy cell and slammed it home. The Novasurge whined in response as though it were still ready for more.

"...Ready." Royce whispered to himself as he entered a colder state of mind.


"Whoo! Made it!" Ruby Rose, Yang's younger sister had jumped into the fray only to find there wasn't much left of the Beowolf pack. "Hey! What did I miss!?" She looked curiously at the young man who was checking on the Beowolf corpses. He kicked one in the side before deciding it was dead. She had never seen him before. "Hi there!" She waved at the stranger and much to her surprise and delight he waved back politely before just standing there.

"Jeez, Ruby, you sure took your time." Yang's grin was infectious as Blake walked over with their objectives, several bags of Dust.

"Honestly Ruby, we could have gotten there faster if you didn't walk so slow!" Weiss Schnee looked positively irritated with her darker haired companion. She then raised one ivory colored brow as she regarded the young man who took a drink out of a bottle of water before stowing that on his ragged looking pack. Everything about him spoke "vagabond" but he exuded an aura of lethality that few would miss.

"Uh...Yang, who exactly is that?" Weiss asked suspiciously looking the stranger in the eye. The young man regarded her with a blank stare of his own.

"This guy right here?" Yang presented the young man with a little bit of flair. "This guy? He's a Grimm killing master!"

"His name's Royce." Blake answered for her because to be honest the young man was starting to look uncomfortable. "He's not a student. We just found him in the woods."

"Wait as in he just popped up all of a sudden?" Ruby asked tilting her head confused. "Is he lost or something? I'm pretty sure Professor Goodwitch just gave the assignment to us."

"Like I said Ruby he's not a student." Blake answered patiently. "In fact I don't think he's from around here at all."

"You mean he's an alien!?" Ruby yelled excitedly as she turned to the young man called Royce who stepped back in surprise, his stance tightened.

"Ruby..." Blake shook her head and despite herself she could feel a smile creeping up her face. Ever since she met Yang and Ruby she found herself laughing more often than not. She watched Ruby walk up to Royce.

"Can. You. Understand. Me?" Ruby spoke slowly as though Royce was indeed an alien, which would surprise Blake because he was as human as, well almost, all of them.

"Yes?" Royce looked really freaked out and Blake felt sorry for him. While she wasn't as bad as Nora or Yang Ruby could be a bit overwhelming.

"Yay!" Ruby was ecstatic. "I just made first contact with an alien!"

"...I'm not an alien." Royce said quietly.


"I'm not an alien. Do I look like one?" Royce got a bit louder, sounding quite overwhelmed. "And will someone please tell me who these two are?" he backed away from Ruby. "You're a bit too close for comfort."

"Well, glad you asked." Yang happily wrapped an arm around Ruby's neck and shoulders. "This little runt is my sister, Ruby. And Ice princess over there is Weiss."

"Don't call me that!" Weiss complained before walking over to the stranger.


Royce looked at white haired girl as she looked up at him with a scowl. She seemed...unpleasant. Judging from the worried look on the girl in red's face, Ruby if he was correct, his hunch was right. The Lone Wanderer just looked right back at her, his expression impassive.

"Is there a problem?"

"Who are you supposed to be?" Her scowl deepened. "I'm pretty sure you're not even supposed to be here."

"True," Royce answered civilly. "I go where the wind takes me. Don't really have a home anymore." Sure he owned a house in Megaton, but anyone was welcome to use it as a safe house at any time. He distinctly remembered telling Simms that if he didn't make it back from Project Purity, then the house was a permanent shelter to anyone who needed it.

"So you're homeless." The girl sounded like a prude, a lot like Allistair Tenpenny, an old bastard of an eccentric who Royce had killed one fine day. Tenpenny liked to treat the Wasteland as his personal safari, until Royce put a stop to it.

"That a problem?" Royce asked her quietly.

"Weiss! Stop being so rude!" Ruby admonished the girl as she was about to open her mouth. She turned to look at Royce. "I'm sorry." She blurted.

"No need to apologize." Royce told Ruby. "You're not responsible for someone else's actions."


Weiss' scowl got a lot darker at what he was insinuating. How dare this...this vagabond think that he knew better than her? She was about to speak her mind when Ruby looked at her.

"Stop." She said upset. "He hasn't done anything wrong, Weiss. How can you be so mean?"

"Mean? He could be dangerous!" Weiss countered waving her hand at the tired looking stranger. "We don't even know where he came from or why he's here!"

Blake intervened just in time. "That's why we're going to bring him to Ozpin right?" She said looking at Ruby and Weiss.

"Ozpin?" The stranger asked.

"The headmaster of the school." Blake responded. "Come on, Ruby. We've been here for a while. Professor Goodwitch might be worried." She turned to Royce. "Sorry...We were getting sidetracked."

Royce just shrugged his shoulders patiently.


Royce listened attentively as Blake told him where he ended up. Remnant, long ago the human race had been hunted to near extinction by the Grimm. As time passed humanity discovered, Dust which was called Nature's Wrath. With this miracle substance humanity took back their destiny from the Grimm and built great civilizations. Dust was a propellant used to power the different machinery and weapons used in Remnant.

The Lone Wanderer was impressed. It certainly sounded better than America's own history, which even now slept in the Wastelands. Still... there was one thing that bothered him.

"Who made the Grimm?" Royce asked Blake.

"No one knows," The black haired girl answered. "They appeared the same time humanity did and started hunting. That's what we do, we hunt them back."

"Yup!" Ruby said "We're all training to become the best. Hey, I wonder if Professor Ozpin will make you a student Royce!"

"Ruby!" Weiss looked shocked. "What makes you think he'll even be accepted!?"

"Well, Blake and I did see him take on a Beowolf pack and win." Yang interjected.

Royce shook his head, did they not realize he was here?

"Pah!" Weiss crossed her arms. "And I'm supposed to take your word for it?"

"I'm dead serious, Royce is a lot stronger than he looks." Yang told Weiss. "Come on Blake back me up."

Blake gave her own assent. "I really didn't know what to expect when I first saw him, but he can hold his own Weiss."


Blake winced when she saw who was at Beacon's main ground, the ever serious Glynda Goodwitch standing alongside the headmaster himself. Ozpin's eyes were curious as they locked onto Royce's own. She was nervous for some reason and it involved the young man Team RWBY found in Forever Fall. She didn't know why.

"It seems that you came back with more than just Dust, Miss Rose." Ozpin remarked pedantically. He bowed his head to the stranger. "Greetings, I am Ozpin, headmaster of this academy. Beside me is Professor Glynda Goodwitch." The bespectacled blonde professor next to him gave a curt nod.

Royce inclined his head to the both of them in respect. "Royce Walker." he replied politely. He looked at the massive academy. "This is a school?"

"Yes." Glynda answered. "Beacon Academy has been training the best of the best for generations here on Remnant."

Royce looked impassive as Ozpin took over from there. "Considering the...unique situation at hand I will have to speak with you privately within my office. Do not worry young man," he smiled as Royce tensed up automatically. "It is not an interrogation."

"Well, what's the worst that could happen?" Royce shrugged his shoulders.


The room they gave him used to be storage, but nonetheless it suited his current needs. Royce shrugged his rifle of its sling as he sat down to get some shut-eye. He told his story to Ozpin and was surprised that the old coffee drinking professor actually listened. If he believed it was another story but Royce felt that forcing somebody to believe in something they didn't was not the smartest way to go about things.

Ozpin was shrewd and he often asked questions but the most surprising thing was after Royce finished his tale.


A few moments before...

"Would you like to become a student here Mister Walker?" Ozpin asked Royce as he leaned forward to observe the young wanderer in front of his desk.

"Don't I have to apply first?" Royce asked incredulously.

"Not really," Ozpin answered with a half hidden smirk. "Like I said, you have a rather special circumstance and since I am the Headmaster I can figure something out. You have quite a long story, young man not like some of the learners here."

Royce thought about it. Being dead did give you a lot of new options, he mused.

"Why not?" Royce said "I got nothing else to do, being dead and all." Both men, young and old, chuckled.

"True. However since you arrived late you will be at a somewhat disadvantageous position. All students who come here to Beacon are required to go through initiation not only to earn their place within this academy but also to figure out assignments for their teams. These teams will learn together over the course of four years." Ozpin explained.

"So...I'll be doing this alone." Royce said as he thought over everything he learned so far.

"Unfortunately yes but I have seen that you are quite capable in combat, Mister Walker." Ozpin told him. "Any team that receives your skill set could be at an advantage, that will have to change some things as well."

Royce deliberated again then chuckled. "Alright, Professor. You got me, I'll take the initiation."

The professor smiled. "Good. Your initiation will start tomorrow. Is there anything you need?"

"Not yet." Royce answered. "Unless it involves a place to sleep in."


Meanwhile, in the Academy Dining Hall...

"Heard you guys found something interesting." Jaune Arc sat down in front of Team RWBY with Team JNPR following.

"Not something interesting," Ruby corrected. "Someone! He's an alien!"

"Whoa!" Nora Valkyrie stood up and leaned over. "You found an alien in the Forever Fall? Cool! What did he look like!? Does he have green skin!? Is he a-"

"Nora." Lie Ren said patiently calming his childhood friend down. The calm looking young man turned to Ruby. "An alien you say?"

"He's not an alien." Blake interjected looking up from a book. "He's just not from here."

"You mean he's a foreigner?" Pyrrha Nikos asked looking quite surprised.

"Yes!" Weiss looked quite...irritated. "A homeless vagabond from some backwater country no one has even heard of yet! I can't believe this, I thought this school had standards!" That statement caused scowls to appear on both Blake and Pyrrha's faces.

"You shouldn't be so judging of a man you just barely met." Pyrrha commented. "He could be a pleasant personality."

"You wouldn't be talking like that if you'd seen him fight Weiss." Yang said.

"Humph," Weiss still looked unconvinced. "He could also be a complete brute."

"At any rate I wonder what Ozpin's gonna say." Ruby wondered. "And which team he's gonna join."

JNPR and the rest of RWBY had nothing to say about that.