We stood stunned in the middle of the girl's corridor. Bailey covered her ears as the mysterious booming intensified. I looked out the glass door to see if it could provide me with answers as to what the sound was, but the sky was blue and the ocean was calm.
Then just as suddenly as it started, it stopped.

I had never been so confused in my life.

'What the hell was that?' Addison asked in awe.

I slowly shook my head. I was still looking out at the blue sky and calm ocean. 'I have no idea.'

Bailey lowered her hands from her ears. 'I've never been so scared in my life. And I've lived through an EF5 tornado.'

Crackling over the PA caused us to look at the ceiling. I looked at the white speaker box, praying that the boat wasn't going to sink. There was no way I was going to let my PS3 and laptop sink. Not today. Moseby's voice cracked over the PA which brought me back from my silent white male prayers.

'This is your ships manager, Marion Moseby speaking. I would like to reassure that all is well with the SS Tipton. As of this moment, no reports of damage to the ship have been noticed. However the SS Tipton crew and myself are unaware of the noise that we just witnessed. When we have been notified of the source of this mysterious sound I will make another announcement. I do advise however to stay on the ship unless it is an emergency and if you have family members or friends who are currently off deck in New Orleans, please contact them ASAP to alert them to come back to the ship. In saying this, there is no immediate danger that we know of. So please remain calm but alert. We will notify you when information comes in. Thank you.

I looked at Bailey who was slightly shaking. 'You okay?'
She smiled slightly. 'Just a bit shaken up. That's all.'
'Cool. Look, I'm going to go up to cabin and check on Cody and Woody. I'll see you guys at dinner.' I went back in to Bailey's room and picked up my backpack and headed for the elevator. As I pressed the 'up' button, I wondered if it was safe enough to use it. It dinged open and I was greeted with worried faces. I gave a nervous smile and walked in. I pressed my number and the doors closed.
After an anxious 10 seconds I was off the elevator and in the boys corridor. I walked to my room, dumped my stuff and knocked on Cody and Woody's door.

A smiling Woody opened the door. 'Hey Zack!'
'Why the hell are you smiling?' I asked as I walked in.
'Cody was going to make me go to this history museum, but cause of the mysterious noise, we're not going anymore. God has saved me on this day.'
I just shook my head at him and walked over to my hunched over brother at his desk.

'Do you know what it was?'

Cody sighed deeply then looked up at me. 'No clue. The Internet is not working and I don't have any service on my phone. Neither does Woody.'

I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and looked at the service bar. 'Shit, neither do I.'

'Does that mean what ever that sound was could be serious?' Woody asked. Cody looked back at him. 'I don't know. I hope not. I mean, it could of just been a meteor or something crashing down on earth, but we would have had a shock wave. Or maybe there was a shock wave that didn't reach this distance but knocked out the phone towers. Ugh I don't know.' Cody put is head on the desk and groaned. 'I just want the Internet back. I hate not knowing.'

'But do you know if it was something big?' I asked.
'Well, I can't imagine something else making that much of a noise, unless, like, Yellowstone erupted or some shit.' Cody replied. 'But I highly doubt that. They would tell us weeks in advance.'
I nodded and then flopped on to Cody's bed. 'All right, let's take bets. I can win some quick cash here for Maya and me, and personally I want to have a good dinner with my girlfriend. Woody, $20 bucks, what do you think it was?'
Woody's eyes widened. 'Aliens!'
'Ha, alright, $20 bucks for me right there.'
Woody scowled.


'Pfftt, I'll go with meteor.'
'Mmm. I may have some competition there.'

'What do you think it is?' Cody asked.

'I'm gonna go with space junk. Do you know how much of that shit falls out of the sky each year? Dude, I'm surprised there hasn't been thousands upon thousands of deaths already.' I said. I leaned back onto Cody's bed and put my hands behind my head. 'Y'all are better off just giving me the $20's now.'

Cody scoffed. 'Whatever. You owe me $20 anyway, so I'll keep my money.'
I sat up. 'Don't be rude. Pay your sweet older brother.' I made a puppy dogface.

'Little shit.' I laid back down. 'Well whatever it was I just hope Moseby tells us soon.'

After 2 hours of distracting ourselves with video games and what not, the PA finally crackled again. A generic beeping attention tone followed after. Cody paused the game and we looked at the tiny speaker that is installed in the rooms.

'Ladies and gentleman, this is the ships manager, Marion Moseby. I have been informed of what the noise was earlier in the day. However please be warned that the news that follows may create panic on board the ship but I beg you to please follow orders and to try and keep the level of panic to a minimum.'

I stared at the speaker. 'Shit this really can't be good.'

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