"The machine is stuck fast in the wall, I don't think we will be able to get it out," Fitz said.

"We need to get going, or there will be bullets peppering our bodies soon," Ward replied.

"What is it and why is it pulsing like that?" Coulson asked. "Is it a fragment from the invasion?"

"Most likely," Fitz said.

They worked fast and soon the object released its self from the wall and fell into Coulson's awaiting hands.

"Let's go!" Coulson shouted.

They ran out of the ruin and ducked down as they came face to face with a group of armed men. Before they could do anything however, several flashes of green light flew through the air and hit each man square in the back, causing them to collapse to the ground. Coulson looked towards the source of the blasts and saw a woman standing there. She had large curly blonde hair and wore hiking gear, with two large silver guns in her hands.

"Agents, how goes the day?" she spoke.

"Can I ask who you are?" Coulson asked as he rose up from behind the rock he had used as a shield.

"Professor River Song, archeologist," the woman said, extending her hand to shake Coulson's.

Coulson accepted as he studied her weapons and wondered what she was doing here.

"How do you know us and that we were here?"

"We have a friend in common, the Doctor."

"How do you know the Doctor?"


"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Mine and the Doctor's relationship runs out of sync. The older I get, the younger I meet him. He told me about a group of people he once met from S.H.I.E.L.D and that he knew you got into trouble in Peru, but couldn't come and help this time because it crossed his own time stream. He is very particular about the rules of time, being a Time Lord and all."

"Do you know what we are supposed to do?" Fitz asked.

"Get this technology to the Fridge, keep it away from those who do not have Earth's best interest at their heart. The Doctor will rendezvous with you soon. He also asked me to give you this."

River reached into a pocket of her shorts and withdrew a large spherical object wrapped in cloth. She handed it to Coulson and withdrew the cloth as the object touched his hands.

"That's the ball from the Dalek the Doctor came to find when he met us," Skye gasped.

"Not quite, that was from a particularly powerful Dalek, this one comes from a lowly foot soldier. The Doctor has withdrawn all harmful technology. It is an identifier, if you see him again, present this and he will know who you are, if he is running on the right time stream that is. Now I must go, my prison officers will be wondering where I am."

"You're in prison, yet you escaped to come and see us?" Ward inquired.

"The Doctor comes and gets me out every now and then. It also helps that I have my vortex manipulator to teleport me out as well."

"What are you in for?" Coulson asked.

"I killed a man, a good man. I am serving multiple life sentences."

"You're a murderer and you expect us to trust you?"

"I expect you to trust the Doctor, and I would tell you more about my situation, but that is in your Doctor's future. Spoilers! Sorry."

With that, she reached down to her wrist and activated the vortex manipulator, fizzling out of existence, leaving the S.H.I.E.L.D agents standing gaping in awe.

"So, do we trust her?" Skye asked.

"If the Doctor trust her, then I think we need to."

"Phil, look at the sphere," May said.

The sphere in Coulson's hand had lettering glowing on it's surface. They all crowded round to see what they said.

"Speak the name of the place we met?"

Could on thought for a moment and then spoke aloud, "Pasameer."

The words then stopped glowing and disappeared. A blue pulsating light began to throb around the surface of the ball. There was a small hiss and the ball began to split in half, opening to reveal a small object inside. A key.

"A key, what is that for?" Ward asked.

"I don't know, but I am sure we will find out soon," Coulson replied.

"Where now sir?" May asked.

"We need to get this technology to the fridge, Director Fury will be waiting for us."

"What will you do with the key, will you tell Fury?" Ward asked.

"I think we need to keep the key and anything about the Doctor on a low down. If I deem it necessary, I will tell Fury. The less people who know, the better. We don't want to endanger innocent people because of their knowledge."

"But we also don't want to endanger them for not knowing," Ward retorted.

"That is true, but I am going to do it my way and as I said, if it warrants it, I will tell Fury all about the Doctor and the key."

Without another word, Coulson turned and led the group back towards the plane on their way to the Fridge. A lone figure watched them from the undergrowth as they made their way towards the safety of the plane. The Doctor turned and walked towards the TARDIS.

"Were you checking up on me?" asked a voice behind him.

He turned to find River standing behind him.

"River, I am still getting to know you. Our lives run in a different order and it was imperative they got the message so they would trust my tenth self. They wouldn't probably accept that I have a new body and then become even more suspicious of me. Are you ever going to tell me who you are?"


"Quite. Well I suppose I shall be seeing you around then. Good bye River." The Doctor turned and entered the TARDIS, closing the door behind him.

"Good bye my love," River whispered as the familiar wheezing sound began to ring out through the jungle. She lifted her arm up and programmed the vortex manipulator, sending herself off to the next adventure.

The jungle stood still once more, as if no alien or human presences were there that day.