July 4th 2009,

"Seventeen years. It's taken you seventeen years to tell me that you've made little progress."

I really just want to you right now.

I turned around to face my benefactor, employer, whatever you want to call him.

His business suit was as crisp as ever, finely pressed and a dark blue color. He was slightly above average height for a forty-two year old man but he was still an imposing figure.

Strong jawline, wide shoulders, head full of hair (even though it was corn rows). The color hasn't faded in the slightest, still as coppery red as when we started this project. But his eyes, his eyes told who he really was. A shark in an ocean of prey.

Good thing Norman Osborn was only a man, because if he was anything else the world would have been dead long ago.

"I told you Osborn, my projects take time. Just alone harvesting the DNA from specific mutants can take months. And before that we have to track them down and capture them, without killing or severely damaging their body. Did you think my projects take a few days to complete?"

"They would if you could just stay focused and leave the X-Men alone."

I waved off his remark with a shrug. "I pester the X-Men to keep them paranoid. They know I am still alive and so if I completely disappear they will think I am up to a grand plot!" I threw back my head and barked out a laugh. "They would rather have me stay in the open and commit acts of atrocity than to completely disappear, never to be heard from again. It's quite ironic."

"No, what's ironic is how fast you will be seeing them coming through your front door if I don't get my results soon," I heard Osborn growl out.

I slowly turned back around.

"Is that a threat Norman? Because if it is you should do well to remember the name Mr. Sinister," I said while narrowing my eyes.

"And you should not try my patience!" he roared out, finally losing his cool. "My pockets only go so deep to fund your projects while keeping my company afloat! I'm using more and more of my government contract to pay for your little "endeavors". I feel like the board has some ideas of what I am doing with it and will soon cut my funding. I need these Super soldiers now!"

"And you will get him Osborn but if you try my patience you will ruin the most delicate part of the process!"

"What are you talking about Sinister?" Norman's attention was on me now.

"HA! You corporate big shots always want results, never want to know how the process goes," I walked towards a control panel next to Norman and pressed what looked like a random button to him. I happily noticed that he slightly cringed at my close proximity to his person.

"Take a look for yourself," I told him as the button made a part of the far wall slide back. Out of the darkness came a human sized test tube with blue liquid in it. Norman gave me a look and only moved towards it when I inclined my head.

I watched his body language and facial expressions closely. He went from confusion and curiosity to amazement and relief. I let a small smile creep onto my face, slightly showing my sharp teeth. And then Norman didn't follow my plan: He started asking questions.

"Why is his skin dark? The rest of his race were light skinned in that, T.V. show you made me watch."

My lip twitched. "It's so he can blend in and no one will guess at what he is too quick."

"Well won't the tail be a dead giveaway?" Osborn asked gaining his usual demeanor.

"I took the courtesy of removing that beforehand."

"But isn't that where all of their main power lies?"

"A power boost does reside with the tail but they are still immensely strong without it," his questions were getting bolder now, criticizing everything that I did.

"Fine. I will accept your prototype with its faults. But I want to see the others now."

My face was wiped clean of emotion.

"Others, Osborn?"

"Yes, the others. I can understand showing me the initial results first so I can picture it better, but now I want to see where all my money went."

"This IS the only one, Norman. This is not the prototype but the first and only that I have done."

Norman was quiet for a moment, and then he exploded.


"Norman please calm down, you'll have a heart attack," I said with a sneer.

"Wipe that smirk off your face Sinister! Do you have any idea where that money could have gone!? Government contracts, health research! I just fought the X-Men in San Francisco and got my butt handed to me on live national television! I have to pick up the pieces from that fallout, and you're here telling me that you only have one of these inadequate soldiers!"

"Don't worry Norman, this one specimen is more valuable than a million of today's human armies! He will never get sick in his life! And he will become more powerful than the heroes of today and any who come after."

The man was silent after that. I could see his eyes almost projecting his thoughts.

"And how long will it be until he gets out of the tube?"

This was the part that I was waiting for.

"Two years."

A/N: Hey out there this is just another idea that I had that has been brewing in my head for some time now. Life is really hectic but I at least wanted to get this idea out there to the public and see everyone's reactions to what my thinking is. Don't worry. By the time you see this chapter I should others up with it just so you get an inkling of where it should be heading. This is still a work in process, like imagine a clock; and then tear apart the hands the cogs, the dials and everything else until you have just the rim of the clock. That's how this is right now. So give me some feedback if you want. More people means faster inspirations, right?