I was playing a game (Forgot the name...) and I was like "Hey, this sounds just like something that might happen to Pip!"

So I made this ^^

I don't own South Park or the game I modelled this from.

Nobody liked Pip.

Nobody ever listened to what he had to say.

All "Shut up Pip!" and "Shut it Frenchie!"

Pip had hidden it inside for so long.

But now, with some help, he was going to get his revenge.


Pip was at home, alone. He didn't live with anyone else, and he liked it that way. It was a Sunday, and he was reading a book, when suddenly, the Antichrist himself appeared out of thin air. Pip jumped, and then, realising that it was his old friend, he calmed.

"Why, hello Damien! It's been a while!" Pip smiled at Damien.

"I'm not here for a visit, Pip." Pip was confused.

"I don't underst-" Pip was cut off.

"I'm here to help you get revenge on those who have wronged you." Damien stared into Pip's eyes.

"W-what do you mean, Damien?" Damien smirked.

"I've come from Hell because you're more pissed off than anything else on this rock, and I can help you use that to get back at those who wronged you." Pip's mouth hung open.

"W-wha-how-w-why?" Damien sighed and facepalmed.

"You get powers so you can kick the asses of those who call you French." Pip's confused attitude melted into one that looked a bit happy, a bit excited, and a whole lot evil.

"This." Pip said, dropping his heavy British accent "Is gonna be awesome."

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