-Knifez: Hey guys! Time for chapter 2! I'm glad you all liked the last challenge! This is definitely a spicy chapter haha!

"LAST TIME ON TOTAL DRAMA: HEROES VS VILLAINS!" Chris announced. "The season started with a bang when we assimilated some of the best new contestants in with the best of the old, and we got quite a lot of drama! Noah helped Alejandro against his will, Gwen hated being on the Villains but helped Scott nonetheless and Heather was put on the Heroes team where she had trouble fitting in as well. Sierra refused to jump to protect her phone from damage and as a result was the first contestant of the season sent packing. Too bad her phone ended up getting damaged anyway. You should really be careful with them, they're very fragile, and they won't survive a drop." Chris paused. "What the hell are you looking at me for?! But anyway, will the gender-imbalance be resolved? Gwen and Heather adapt to being on the wrong teams? Will Courtney forgive Gwen and Duncan?"

"NEVER!" Courtney shouted from a distance.

"Which team will lose and who will be joining a Cody deprived Sierra in Loserville?" Chris continued, ignoring Courtney. "Find out, right here, on Total... Drama... HEROES VS VILLAINS!"

*Theme song plays*

In the male side of the Heroes' cabin, Brick's alarm went off, causing Harold and Mike to wake up in a jolt.

"What was that?!" Mike gasped. Brick casually awoke, silenced the alarm and headed out for a jog.

"It was Brick's idiotic alarm clock! GOSH!" Harold replied. "Did you know that hitting the snooze button and falling back asleep will only make you more tired, and that it's therefore better to just get up right away?" he added.

"Uh... yeah?" Mike lied.

"Impossible!" Harold gasped. "GOSH!"


Mike: "I'm not sure if I like Harold," Mike explains. "He comes across as being condescending and rude."

Harold: "Did you know that standalone alarm clocks are close to becoming obsolete due to smartphones and tablet computers?" Harold gabs.

(End Confessional.)

"Sorry cadets! I have to go for my morning run around the lake!" Brick saluted them. "It's the best way to stay physical in challenges!"

"Have fun." Mike yawned. "I think I'm going to get back to sleep."

"I'm going to see if Heather wants to go to breakfast with me and form an alliance." Harold told them. "With my mad skills and her evil nature we can be unstoppable!"

"Yeah, you just told everyone your plan." Mike yawned. "Have fun with that!"

Brick was jogging around the lake at camp, trying to burn some extra energy and clearing his mind so he would be able to focus, only to get lost in thought and have Jo push him into the river and laugh as she ran past him.

"Haha!" Jo laughed. "You really should watch where you're going!"

"Damn it!" Brick yelled. "Payback's a bitch!"

"You'll have to catch up to me first!"


Brick: I guess Jo hasn't changed that much since last season, she really needs to get some military discipline in her life and then maybe she'll be nicer to everyone!

Jo: I thought that Brick might like to take a bath in the lake this morning! Haha!

(End Confessional.)

At the Villains Cabin everyone was getting ready to leave and get some breakfast, as Gwen was as Gwen opened the door she found Lightning sitting outside on the wooden steps of the cabin and he was shaking and sitting by a large container.

"Uh...I was going to get some food and attempting to talk to Courtney..." Gwen looked at him. "Are you okay?"

"Never better!" Lightning told her as he shook. "This is my training powder and I just add water and I'm good for the day! No nasty Chef food for me this season!"

"Energy drink power?" Gwen looked down. "Uh, how many glasses have you had?"

"Oh, I didn't drink any in a Sha-week!" Lightning told her. "So, I'm making up for it by drinking 7 glasses."

"Let me see that." Gwen grabbed the container and read it. "Oh, okay this is just loaded with caffeine so you'll be fine...Uh, you're going to most likely pass out before the challenge, you know that right?"

"Nah!" Lightning laughed. "I just get really Sha-Hyper!"

"Well, you can try drinking some water and maybe it will dilute it somewhat?" Gwen suggested. "Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go try and find Courtney."

Lightning shivered. "Better be sha-careful, girl! I don't know how she's not on this team, but Lightning is sha-glad!"

Gwen rolled her eyes and walked off.

Alejandro sighed in dismay, currently in the Mess Hall. He made sure Heather, sitting at the Heroes table, was in earshot. "Oh dearest me." He sobbed. "My wonderful, flexible legs are so asleep and I can't help move. I am in so much pain."

Over at the Heroes table, Heather looked away.


Heather: *She glares at the camera* I already feel bad enough about that volcano thing, Ale-asshole. No need to rub it in! How was I supposed know that the volcano would blow up and horribly and brutally maim him. *She crosses her arms.* Handsome jerk.

(End Confessional.)

As Alejandro continued to moan and groan, Courtney sat down next to the queen bee.

"Ignore him. He's practically begging for your attention." Courtney scoffed, shooting a disdainful glance the Spaniards way. "Anyways-" She interrupted Heather, who was about to reply. "I'm not here to talk boys, but strategy."

Heather raised an eyebrow. "I'm listening."

"Well, we aren't exactly the most...heroic on our team, something that could be a problem." Courtney confessed. "So why don't we watch each others back until the merge hits?"

Heather tapped her chin thoughtfully. "Fine." She conceded. "Sounds like a plan. We're still outnumbered two to four, though. Should we find somebody else? I think I might be able to beat Harold into doing my bidding."

Courtney shrugged. "Don't care. As long as I, uh, we aren't the ones leaving, I could care less."

At that moment, Gwen entered the Mess Hall. "Hey Courtney!" She called.

Courtney huffed and ignored Gwen. Gwen sighed but was still determined.

"Listen, I'm sorry for stealing Duncan away from you," said Gwen. "I'm not going to many excuse for myself for that one. I should have known that he meant so much to you, and that I had betrayed you and made you feel exactly the way I felt when Heather tricked Trent into kissing her on Total Drama Island, if not, worse."

"You realize she's not listening," Heather smirked.

Gwen ignored the queen bee and continued. "It was also wrong of me to lie to you; pretend nothing happened between Duncan and I until Tyler told the truth. I cannot understand how you felt or are still feeling about this, but I should have just accepted my elimination instead of insulting you on my way out, and I should have tried to get Cody and Heather to vote you out. Even if I did not kiss Duncan, you definitely deserved to win that season more than I did, especially since you put in more effort than anyone else."

"Please save yourself the embarrassment, Weird Goth Girl, and accept that you are a villain!" Heather scoffed.

"Let her finish, Heather!" Zoey spoke up. Heather scoffed. Gwen gave Zoey a gratifying smile and returned her attention to Courtney, who continued to not look at her.

"I hope what I've done to you won't come between you and your happiness and ambitions," Gwen finished. "That is all I have to say." She walked off back to the Villain's table.

Courtney rolled her eyes. "Did anyone feel a cold breeze?" she asked.

Zoey looked at Courtney in disgust. "Look, I know you were hurt on that plane, but wasn't that two years ago? Gwen did apologize to you," she pointed out.

"Two years too late," Courtney scoffed.

"So you were listening," Heather smirked.

"It's not like I had a choice," Courtney scoffed. "Besides, if Gothy was sorry, why is she still with Duncan?" she demanded.

"Because she loves him," Zoey interjected. "And believe it or not, the short-lived friendship between you and her did in fact matter to her, which is probably why she tried to hide the kiss from you. Besides, what would you do if you were in Gwen's situation?"

"I would never kiss someone's boyfriend!" Courtney snapped.

Zoey flinched but stood her ground. "Yeah, but Gwen is only human. I would hate it if someone kissed Mike, and maybe I would react the same way you did, but I'm only human as well. It's okay to be upset for Gwen and Duncan for betraying you, but you will never be able to move on until stop being angry with them. You don't have to forgive and forget, but you can't be letting that triangle get to you otherwise it would define your character."

"Yeah, well Courtney is also human, so she has every right to be angry," Heather retorted. "Do yourself a favour and stay out of other people's businesses. If you feel sorry for the Goth, go be friends with her. We don't care."

"Excuse me, don't talk to my girlfriend like that," Mike stood up for Zoey.

"Whatever, this is between Courtney and Gwen, so I'd suggest you too to piss off," Heather warned.

"Then why don't you stay out of it as well?" Mike grumbled, standing up. "C'mon Zoe, let's get out of here."

Zoey sighed. "And I thought this was the Heroes' team," she muttered, grabbing her tray and leaving the mess hall with Mike.

"Pardon me ma'ams, but wasn't that a bit rude?" Brick asked.

"Well tough luck for them," Heather scoffed. "The redhead and her one-note personality boyfriend should learn that life is not the Disney Channel where all of our problems get resolved at the end of the day."

"I can confirm that they are aware of that," Brick replied, "but Zoey was only being honest, and Mike was only doing what a good boyfriend would do and he stood up for her."

"It was not Zoey's place to be honest," Courtney glared.

"Yes, but I'd rather accept a harsh truth over a comforting lie, and I think the world would be a much better place if we all did the same." Brick stood up.

"Well here's some honesty for you," Heather smirked, "for someone who aspires to be in the military, you have no backbone. In fact, you should read all of those stories up on Fan Fiction Net. They're hilarious."

"I accept your premise, but I don't need to take that crap from you," Brick countered. He got up and was the third Hero to leave the table, leaving Heather and Courtney with Harold.

"Did you know that-" Harold opened his mouth, but Heather cut him off.

"Harold, would you like to join our alliance?" Heather asked.

"Oh no, I don't want him in our alliance," Courtney insisted. "He was the reason I got voted out in Island, remember?"

"And then you attacked him with a lamppost, so now you're both even," Heather huffed. "You can still work with him."

"And if I refuse?" Courtney questioned.

"Please remember who we are up against," Heather warned Courtney. "You may have been cheated by Gwen and Duncan, but everyone else on the team would rather have Gwen instead of you on it so I'd recommended taking what you can get when you consider that there are no alternatives."

"Excuse me, don't I have a say in this?" Harold raised his hand.

"Oh I'm sorry, how rude of me," Heather rolled her eyes. "Do you want to be in an alliance with us or not?"

"Sure thing, mi'lady!" Harold smiled at Heather, clasping his chest with his right hand. Courtney sighed. She knew when she was beaten.

"Fine, he can join our alliance. But if he tampers with the votes against me again, make sure he's written his will first," Courtney threatens.

"He won't, will he?" Heather looked at Harold.

"I have learnt from mistakes as a true ninja," Harold crossed his heart.

"Problem solved," Heather smirked. "We'll talk strategy after today's challenge. Now if you'll excuse me: I have to get ready for the next challenge."

When it was time for the challenge, Chef shot paint balls at all the contestants until they ran to the beach and were out of breath, most of them were now covered in paint and Chef laughed.

"So who won?" Heather panted trying to catch her breath as she dropped down into the sand in exhaustion.

"That wasn't the challenge." Chris laughed as he sipped on some lemonade. "It was just fun for me to watch, however the challenge does take place here!"

"That wasn't the challenge?!" Scott yelled. "You chased us here just for amusement?"

"Pretty much." Chris laughed. "Okay, so here's the deal, Chef buried some pieces to a puzzle that you have to build, the heroes are building the Eiffel tower and the villains are building the big Ben and you have to dig them up and you may come across some traps along the way! First team to find and assemble the pieces wins!"

"Sha-Lightning is going to win this!" Lightning yelled and ran to dig in the shallow water.

"Maybe we should dig in the sand!" Duncan yelled. "Because you can't bury anything in shallow water! You would have seen the piece by now! Why don't you come help Gwen and me?!"

"Lightning is his own man!" Lightning sat down in the shallow water and continued to dig.


Lightning: Yeah! Lightning is his own Sha-Man! He digs where he Sha-wants!

(End Confessional.)

"I think we should start digging over there and then start working in a clockwise formation and that would be the easiest way!" Mike suggested.

"Yeah, if we were MORONS." Heather yelled at him. "We divide the dirt into sections, and each campers picks a piece and digs."

Courtney nodded. "I like that idea." She and Heather exchanged smirks.


Courtney: Huh, I guess there is a reason Heather's made it far in nearly every seasons she's been in. She's certainly not an imbecile. Not as smart as me, granted, but not a dumbass nonetheless.

(End Confessional.)

Mike cringed away. "Okay, sorry."

Zoey frowned at the two girls, but held her tongue.

Within minutes the Heroes side was divided into quadrants and every Hero was digging.

"Okay, people! Listen up!" Jo called. Everyone glanced her way minus Lightning, who continued to dig in the water. "We're Villians!" She told her team. "We're smart and cunning, so let's do this and do it quick and right!"

Duncan and Noah glanced at each other.

"But we're Villains!" Scott repeated, smashing his hands together. "We're nasty, vile, don't play well with others kinds of villains!"

"Maybe you're that stupid." Jo laughed. "But I'd take smart cunning villain over evil douchebag any day. Now lets' set up some strategy and do this. Capice?"

"What about protein-for-brains?" Noah asked, pointing over his shoulder at Lightning, who was vibrating with energy.

"I have the perfect plan for him." Jo smirked. "Hey Lightning, we're holding the dig contest! Winner becomes dig Champion!"

Lightning froze, drenching himself with water in the process. "Sha-what?" He gasped, sprinting through the water to skid to a halt next to Jo, who was smirking triumphantly.

"Champion! Lightning will be champion! Lightning is ALWAYS champion!" Lightning boasted, kissing his vibrating muscles.

"Well, in order to be champion, you have to find the most pieces hidden on the beach." Jo said, gesturing around to the sandy ground.

Lightning smirked. "Let's do it!" He started digging incrdibly fast through the sand.


Jo: *She laughs* Big muscles times lots of protein powder plus negative IQ equals a second win for the Villains. Sha-thank you, dumbass.

(End Confessional.)

The Heroes remained divided as they continued to dig. Heather, Courtney and Harold dug on one side while Mike, Brick and Zoey dug on the other.

"Did you know that there are four types of sea-related erosion?" Harold suddenly gabbed. "They are abrasion, erosion-"

"Just keep digging, Harold," Courtney rolled her eyes. "I know my Geography. Heather knows her Geography. Brick does since he's a cadet and maybe Mike and Zoey too."

"So you are not interested in listening to my fun facts?" Harold raised his eyebrow.

"Not right now," Heather interjected. "Wait until after the challenge, then you can go enlighten Lightning, Gwen, Duncan and everyone else on the villains. Noah would be very interested to talk Geography with you," she lied.

"Okay, mi'lady," Harold smiled, continuing his digging. Courtney sighed in relief and thanked Heather.

"Honestly, I had to deal with that a lot when he was on my team in Island," Courtney muttered.

"He lasted much longer in Action and was on my team," Heather agreed. "But on both of those teams there was Duncan, so we practically had a way to shut him up. But he's an important asset, so we're just going to have to tell him to go bother someone else."

"I'm still holding that grudge over tampering the votes," Courtney admitted.

"Well it was four years ago, so it's not like he's going to do it again," Heather assured the CIT.

"Seriously, thank you," Courtney smiled.

"No problem," Heather shrugged. "Now let's get back to the challenge. We don't want the other team to win." Courtney was only too eager to comply.


Heather: "Normally I would find the CIT to be a B-I-T-C-H, but she is very good at challenges and dedicated to winning. Almost too dedicated, but for now we need her. And Weird Goth Girl and that freak she's lowered her standards for are also on the other team, so I won't have to worry about her throwing challenges."

Courtney: "I may not have gotten on so well with Heather in World Tour, but this season she's very cooperative. Especially considering that she is the only one on this team who is aware that this is Total Drama and not Total Friendship. Zoey and Mike seem to think differently, Brick tends to lean towards their opinions but is at least competitive and Harold... I still don't trust him, but at least there's a chance he'd be useful."

Harold: "Did you know that for every "normal" webpage there are five pornographic webpages online?"

(End Confessional.)

On the villains team Lightning was so busy trying to out dig everyone else that he managed to fling sand at Noah and Jo at least 2 times and Duncan was getting extremely pissed.

"I found a piece!" Duncan heard Zoey yell and that just made him start digging faster.

"We need to win this." Gwen told Duncan. "I don't want to go to elimination, they'll vote me out first for what I did in season three!"

"They won't." Duncan reminded her. "They're villains, they'll praise it."

"If you say so." Gwen sighed.


Gwen: I know I shouldn't stress over what happened with Courtney but I still can't help but feel bad. Duncan always tells me that being bad is fun but I still don't see what's so great about being nasty. I would love to trade places with Heather!

Duncan: I really like Gwen and we have a lot of fun together but if she's going to be on the same team as me then she better start doing some bad things. Maybe after the challenge is over I can show her how to steal ice cream from Chef or we can steal Brick's pants...

(End Confessional.)

"Hey Blonde Eva..." Noah walked over to Jo and sighed. "Look, you and I need to have a chat."

"I have a name you know." Jo stopped digging and glared. "What the hell do you want?"

"I need an alliance and it's not going to be with that slippery eel." Noah told her. "What do you say that you and I form an alliance at least until the merge?"

"It's either you or Scott so I guess I'll go with brains." Jo agreed. "Consider it done."

"Yes! I found a piece!" Gwen yelled and Jo sighed in relief.

"Guess the goth isn't as useless as I thought." Jo muttered.


Jo: I really didn't like that goth girl and I still don't but at least she's not as useless as I thought she was. Maybe she'll make it one more week if we lose but if she thinks she's making it to the merge she's got another thing coming! How does kissing boys even make you a villain?

Lightning: Sha-Lightning is winning this digging contest! Sha-Zam!

(End Confessional.)

Back on the heroes team, Heather was working on finding a piece for her team. She managed to dig a fairly large hole and found a piece, the only issue she was having was there were two crabs in the hole and as she fell in her hole one attached itself to her foot and another on her lips.

"Ouch!" Heather yelled. "Somehone get thes theing off my fphase!"

"Looks like you made some new friends, Heather." Chris laughed. "Is that as painful as it looks because it looks really painful..."

"I hpate you!" Heather yelled as she threw her piece onto the platform and climbed out of the hole.

"Does anyone want to do the heroic thing and help Heather? If not then I'll have to send her to the medical tent where the only doctor is a 20 year old intern..." Chris informed the heroes.

"That would cost us the challenge." Courtney groaned. "I'll help her! I was a C.I.T. and I'm the only one who could possibly know what to do in this situation."

"I don't care who helps her as long as it's not me." Chris laughed and walked away leaving Heather and Courtney to deal with the current issue.

"Looks like Heather has crabs..." Duncan laughed. "Hey Al, did you know she had crabs? Good thing you can't walk to do anything to her lately!"

"Aren't you quite the comedian." Alejandro faked a smile at Duncan as he dug out a piece and sat down to use his hands and throw the piece on the platform but instead it hit Duncan in the head. "Sorry amigo!"

Agh." Duncan groaned as he sat up, holding the statue piece. He rubbed his head.

"You kinda deserved it." Gwen chuckled.

Duncan smirked. "Worth it."


Alejandro: *He frowns.* Hm, Duncan and Gwen's relationship is not what I expected. They could be a threat. I'll have to take care of that.

(End Confessional.)

Over on the Heroes team, Harold had just uncovered another piece.

"Gosh!" The nerd frowned, holding the piece at eye level. "This isn't even historically correct! It's off by a 5.5cm if it's a 200 to 1 scale!"

"Nobody cares." Heather scoffed, digging in her own section. "Just go bring the piece over and keep digging!"

Harold nodded and ran his skinny ass over to the drop off, thudding the piece onto the ground.

"And the Heroes tie it at 2-2." Chris announced.

"We can see that." Noah rolled his eyes. "Who are we, a bunch of Hellen Kellers?"

Chris frowned and pressed a button, causing a springboard that was underneath Noah to active, sending him soaring into the water. "Thanks to Mr. Smartypants." Chris complained, "I have now activated traps that I originally wasn't going to bother using."

Jo sighed at her new alliance mate as he clambered ashore.

"Don't look at me like that." Noah said defensively. "I'm sure the Heroes are going to be hindered too."

As he said this Brick ran by, being chased by bees. He tripped and got a face full of sand, and screamed as the bee's stung him.

"Hah, guess it was worth it." Jo said as Noah chuckled.

As Brick dragged himself back to his side, Scott found another piece.

"Yeehaw!" Scott cheered, lifting the piece up over his head. Unfortunately, his grip on it wasn't that good and he dropped it on his head, slamming it into the sand. "Ow!"

As everyone took a pause to laugh at him, Jo picked up the piece and brought it over to the platform.

"You two." Jo pointed at Noah and Alejandro. "You're the smart ones, start putting that thing together."

The two nodded and set to work.

Courtney noticed what the Villains were doing and pitched the idea to her team.

"I'm on it!" Harold grinned.

"I could try and help too." Mike suggested.

"Good." Courtney nodded. "Let's keep moving, people!" She addressed her team. Heather, Zoey, Brick and Courtney got back to work.

"Okay, this piece goes here." Harold said, pushing his glasses further up on his nose as he adjusted two pieces together. "No! Idiot! Don't do that, gosh!" Harold shouted as Mike attempted to put another piece together.

"Why? It fits." Mike said, annoyed.

Harold blinked. "Oh. Okay. Sorry."

Mike sighed.

Soon both teams found all of their pieces and were scrambling to have their masterpieces completed before the other team. Noah and Jo and Mike and Harold were working and neck and neck. Noah was just about to fit in the last piece when all of a sudden, disaster struck.

"Sha-LIGHTNING!" Lightning chanted as he randomly whacked the sand with his shovel. Unfortunately, a trap was laying underneath where Lightning was standing and where he had ht the shovel, prompting Lightning to be launched towards the Heroes' masterpiece and crash into it.

"DAMNIT LIGHTNING!" Courtney snarled, lunging for the jock and beating the snot out of him.

"Whoa, sounds like Courtney is not happy with Lightning not being a good sport," Chris laughed. "Okay, both teams start over!"

"What?!" Jo demanded.

"You heard me," Chris repeated. "Because the Heroes have to start over, it's only fair that I make the Villains start over as well."

"Since when were you ever fair?" Scott rolled his eyes.

"Okay, so maybe I am doing this so we'd have more footage and judging by the looks of you all there is going to be a lot of deleted scenes," Chris admitted. "Besides, if I don't intervene, Courtney would most likely sue me and even though I'd most definitely win, the lawsuit would still be a waste of my time."

"All this because Lightning had to ruin everything," Noah scoffed.

"You should talk!" Duncan snarled at him. "If it wasn't for you, Chris wouldn't have bothered with using those traps!"

"Chris would've used them anyway!" Jo interjected. "He just was just waiting for a contestant to be a dick to him so that he would get everyone to hate on said contestant and stir up more drama."

Noah watched this in amazement.

"Why are you standing up for this worm?!" Duncan demanded. "He's an asshole."

"Yeah, but that's what makes him a villain, and villains stick together," Jo insisted. "Now stop being a douchebag and let us work, will you?" She returned to Noah and they got to work on their masterpiece again.

"Listen, thanks for standing up for me," Noah whispered.

"Your the brains of this team," Jo replied. "We need you. I've got smarts as well, but you can never have too much. Scott may have them as well but he's become a pussy," she snickered.

"Totally," Noah agreed, and then they got back to work.


Jo: "Normally I wouldn't stand up for people, but Noah is useful in challenges and he's got an attitude to boot. Normally people are afraid to approach me, even when they are brave enough to do so, such as people like G.I. Joke, but Noah has no reservations. He just went up to me asking for an alliance like he didn't give a shit and had the never to call me Blond Eva. Now that is confidence and we need more of that."

Noah: "I am amazed that she stood up for me. Normally, I'd expect people like her to get along better with the likes of Duncan, who was one reason I didn't get to the merge in World Tour. Normally I wouldn't give a shit about the competition, but now that I have an alliance, I might as well put all my effort into it. Only problem? There's a chance Jo takes Lightning everywhere she goes, so I get to deal with that as well. Wonderful."

Lightning: "Lightning could feel the appreciation from his team for helping them! Sha-BOOM!"

(End Confessional.)

"Chris! If you make us start over I'm going to kill you!" Heather yelled at Chris. "Do you know how hard I busted my ass off to get as far as we did?!"

"I don't care Heather." Chris laughed. "Just start over and deal with it!"

"Deal with this!" Heather climbed on the platform and threw a piece of her statue at Chris. "That's what I think of starting over!"

"Really?!" Gwen yelled. "How is that a heroic thing to do?! I would never do something like this!"

"We'll discuss this later after my lip stops bleeding." Chris glared. "This challenge is over and the Villains win because Heather threw a blunt object at my face."

"Way to go Heather." Mike crossed his arms and muttered.

"What did you say?!" Heather yelled at Mike. "You better not be thinking about saying anything bad about me! I can find another piece of that statue!"

"I didn't say anything..." Mike muttered.


Mike: Heather scares me, I should really say something to her but that's not how I was raised. Heather is a girl and I'm sure deep down she can be a good person! I mean, I watched season five and she was actually the good guy!

Zoey: I hate the way Heather treats Mike, it's like he's not even there at times! Mike has ideas too and Heather needs to start listening! Mike needs to stand up for himself! When did he become such a coward?

(End Confessional.)

Back at the cabins the Heroes were all gathered around the steps as they decided who was going home. Heather was the one who was doing most of the talking.

"Listen here, you're not voting me out because I deserve to be here!" Heather yelled.

"It's your fault we lost, Ma'am." Brick told her. "I think as the soldier who started this war you should be in the front of the line."

"That's the nice way of telling you that we're voting you out!" Zoey yelled. "I can't deal with you Heather, Mike has amazing ideas and opinions and all you do is push people around and make us lose challenges! We would be complete fools to not vote you out!"

"Well aren't you quick to run your mouth." Heather smirked. "I did what everyone was thinking and it ended the challenge quicker. That was the heroic thing to do."

"This is dumb and I'm getting some fresh air." Zoey glared at Heather. "Are you coming Mike?"

"No. I think I'll just stay here." Mike told her.

"If that's what you want." Zoey sighed and left.

The Villains were sitting in their cabin while Alejandro was rubbing his legs, pretending to try getting feeling back in them while Scott was carving a piece of wood, getting the shavings all over the floor. Noah was taking a nap and Jo was eating an apple.

"C'mon Gwen, it'll be fun." Duncan took Gwen's hand and pulled her up from her bed. "I can guarantee that you'll get ice cream from Chef's freezer."

"I'm not going to do that." Gwen told him. "I'm just going to wait here until Chris calls us to the elimination ceremony. I wonder who they'll vote out."

"It should be Heather, she was a bitch and hit Chris in the head." Duncan told her. "So let's just go and get some."

"No way." Gwen told him. "I'm staying here."

"Suit yourself. I'm going to get some." Duncan walked out the door leaving his girlfriend there.

Zoey didn't know where she was even going or if she would make it back in time for the ceremony. She found herself over by Chef's kitchen, leaning against the door. She hated having Heather on her team and she hated that Mike wasn't standing his ground, the love they had was supposed to make them stronger as a couple but Mike's changed and Zoey didn't like it that much.

"You snuck over here to get some ice cream too?" Duncan walked over and leaned against the wall.

"Oh, Uh...Hi." Zoey looked at him and sighed. "I'm just clearing my head."

"You want some ice cream?" Duncan asked her. "I was going to bring Gwen but she wasn't into the idea of coming with me but you're here and I'm here so we should get some ice cream."

"Okay, yeah I could go for some I guess." Zoey awkwardly laughed as Duncan unlocked the door and held it open for her.

Duncan grabbed a pint of chocolate and a pint of vanilla and handed Zoey a spoon. The two enjoyed their ice cream in silence with Zoey glancing at Duncan every few minutes until finally Duncan put his ice cream in the fridge and Zoey wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into a hug.

"You smell really good." Zoey complimented him. "I'm glad you asked me to come with you, we should do this again sometime."

"Yeah, we should." Duncan agreed, feeling awkward but brushing it off as something Heroes do. "This wasn't a horrible time."

Zoey leaned in and kissed Duncan who pushed her away and started backing away from her.

"Woah! I have a girlfriend..." Duncan reminded her. "You have a boyfriend too! I'm not doing this again! I'm not losing Gwen."

"I'm sorry!" Zoey blushed. "I thought that you and me...well you wanted to...and Mike and I aren't getting along and...I'm so sorry!"

"We should get going to the elimination ceremony. Don't do that again." Duncan put his head down and quickly walked out the door.

"As you know thanks to Heather you heroes are sent to elimination for the second time in a row!" Chris laughed. "Before we vote someone out, I'd like to tell you that the winners will be staying in that giant spa and hotel so Villains you can enjoy that tonight."

"Just get on with it." Scott crossed his arms. "We have better things to do!"

"Alright already!" Chris yelled. "It seems someone has been acting like a Villain and someone has been acting like a Hero! So, we're going to do a team switch!"

"Finally!" Gwen yelled. "Later Villains, it's been fun."

"It's not you, Gwen." Chris glared. "Sit down!"

"Not me?" Gwen asked, flabbergasted. "Then who?"

Chris smirked. "Who indeed? The person switching to the Heroes is...Jo!"

"What!?" Jo and Noah yelled.

"Why me? That's bullshit!" Jo protested. "I'm so villainous!"

"Yeah, standing up for your teammates, oozing team spirit, real villainous." Chris rolled his eyes.

"Buh, wha-, I. Damnit!" Jo spluttered, crossing her arms and walking over to Heroes team.

"And then theres the Villain." Chris smirked, looking at the Heroes. Heather smirked, looking forwards to being back with Alejandro.

"The Hero switching to the Villains is...Zoey!"

"WHAT!?" Everyone yelled but Duncan.

"What did she do?" Mike asked angrily.

"Don't question me!" Chris snapped at him.

"Okay, sheesh, fine." Mike rolled his eyes. He looked at Zoey, who was looking sadly right back at him. She switched teams.

"What the fuck, Chris? I busted your lip for God's sake!" Heather screamed at him. "How more villainous do you want me to be?"

"Yeah, that was mean." Chris smiled. "But, a better punishment is keeping you on this team."

"Bastard." Alejandro mumbled, trying to hide his disappointment.

"Time for elimination, this certainly puts a new twist on things." Chris laughed. Heather leaned in and whispered something in to Jo's ear. She frowned, but nodded.

(Voting Confessionals.)

Mike: *Crosses out picture of Heather.

Heather: *She crossed out Mike.*

Brick: *Frowns* Heather wants me to vote for Mike, but she blew the challenge. Sorry Heather. *He crosses out Heathers photo.

(End Confessional.)

"The first marshmallow goes too...Jo!" Chris said, giving Jo a marshmallow.

Jo took it without reaction, looking interested about who would be going home.

"A marshmallow also goes too Harold, and one for Brick as well." Chris said, throwing two marshmallows at the two boys.

"And one for Courtney." Chris said solemnly, handing the penultimate marshmallow to the CIT.

Heather smirked while Mike looked shocked.

"Mike, Heather, this is the final marshmallow of the night. It goes too...

















"WHAT!?" Mike yelled, while Zoey breathed a sad sigh of relief.

"Yup!" Chris smirked, holding up a picture of Mike with an X through it. "Adios, Mike!"

"No!" Mike yelled, as Chef grabbed him. "This is crazy? What? I'm so confused."

"That makes two of us." Noah groaned, rubbing his temples.

"Time to head back." Chris told the twelve remaining campers.

Duncan and Gwen were walking back to the cabin by themselves. Duncan was debating whether or not to tell Gwen about Zoey.

"Hey guys!" Zoey called, running up to Gwen and Duncan.

"Hey Zoey." Gwen said while Duncan looked away awkwardly. "Uh, what are you exactly doing on the Villains team?"

Zoey's face turned bright red, but the dark hid it. She stood on the other side of Duncan, taking his hand, also invisible to Gwen due to the darkness.

Duncan jumped and quickly shoved Zoey away. She stumbled into the darkness.

"Let's go!" Duncan said quickly, pulling Gwen forwards.

"Ergh, that damn host!" Heather seethed, stalking back to her cabin with Courtney and Jo.

"Don't worry about it." Jo said. "We've got a very good team now."

Courtney nodded. "She's right, you know. Jo and Brick are strength, Harold is an elimination fodder if we lose, and you and me are the strategists."

Heather nodded, as a smile slowly crept over her face. "Fair point." She smirked. The three walked to the Heroes girls cabin.

"Poor Alejandro." Scott laughed. "So excited that Heather might've been on our team, but alas, no dice."

"Shut up." Alejandro growled.

Noah elbowed Scott. "I would have to agree with Alejandro, here dirtfarmer." He said.

Scott rolled his eyes. "I'm not afraid of you."

"Are you afraid of losing a million sha-dollars?" Lightning laughed.

Scott groaned and shut up.

"I can't believe Mike went home!" Brick raged. "That's total bullshit!" He yelled, a rare case of anger.

"Did you know bull's empty their bowels between one and a million times a day?" Harold blabbered, not aware of Brick's anger.

"Gah!" Brick groaned. "Leave me alone!" He ran off to the Heroes cabin.

"What an idiot." Harold scoffed. "Gosh."

Chris stood on the dock. "Well, it sure has been a dramatic episode! Kind of confusing, too, but oh well! Find out whose going next, what's going to happen with Zoey and Duncan, and whether or not Lightning will be a dumbass, right here, next time on Total! Drama! All-Stars!"

Voting Confessionals:

Jo: "Gah, I can't believe I'm here! This team sucks!" She growled. "Anyways, Heather told me to vote for Mike, which is fine by me! Better him then me!"

Harold: M'lady wants me to vote for Mike, so I will! Did you know 'm'lday' was created in the 1400's by...*camera shuts off.*

Mike: "I vote for Heather, she totally cost us the challenge! But why on earth is Zoey on the Villains team? I need to find out."

Brick: "Sorry Heather, but you blew it this challenge!" Brick scowled.

Heather: She smirks. "Good thing for allies, huh? Mike is the most useless. How helpful would that Australian personality of his been today? Very. Did he show up? No. Useless.

Courtney: "Mike's useless." She looks at the camera. "Of COURSE I plan on betraying Heather, nows just not the right time."

Final Result:

Mike: Four Votes. (Courtney, Harold, Heather, Jo.)

Heather: Two Votes. (Brick, Mike.)

Heroes: Brick, Courtney, Harold, Heather, Jo.

Villains: Alejandro, Duncan, Gwen, Zoey, Lightning, Noah, Scott.

Eliminated: Sierra, Mike.

Whoa! Zoey kissed Duncan! Shocker! What will happen next time? Find out soon! Thanks again to RedEyedWarrior and Ill Cover Angel and Collins for being awesome!