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Chris stood at the dock on a bright and sunny morning, it was peaceful as long as he stayed away from the contestants.

"Last time on Total Drama: Heroes Vs. Villains!" Chris announced. "We ended up looking for eggs! Most people failed, Courtney and Brick took a walk and of course there were broken eggs and basket guarders! Gwen had a hard time with her cast doing much of anything! In the end it was Jo who was the biggest loser and got sent home! Was she sick? Or was it just an excuse because she wasn't strong enough to handle herself? I for one, don't care! Today, we're going to see just how scared they can be! We're testing them on a personal level, it's going to be super fun! For me anyway! Can they handle it? Find out now on Total Drama: Heroes Vs. Villains!"

"This sucks!" Courtney griped. "Stuck in a crappy cabin with HEATHER, how much worse can it get?"

Courtney and Heather were currently applying their makeup in the losers cabin. After a cold dinner and an uncomfortable sleep, neither girl was in the best of moods.

"Gee, thanks." Heather scoffed. "Why don't you go make out with your boyfriend?"

"Why don't you go make out with YOURS?" Courtney snapped back. "Oh wait, the losers on the other team voted him off because you weren't there to protect him!"

Heather growled and snapped her makeup brush in her hand. "You take that back!"

"Make me!"

Brick was about to walk into the girls cabin to greet Courtney, but he could hear the sound of horrible brawling going on within the depths, and decided it might be best if he came back later.

He turned around and smacked straight into Harold.

"Gosh! Idiot!" Harold scoffed, putting his glasses back into proper place. "Even a baboon with their big red butts!" He smacked Brick's butt. "Have better perception of their surroundings then you do!"

"My apologies, cadet." Brick saluted. "I was just going to see Courtney."

Harold crossed his arms. "Did you know Courtney is the 357th most popular girl's name in the western hemisphere?" He blabbed, eyes closed. "It comes before Angelica and after..." He opened his eyes and realized Brick had left. "Marie Susie...gosh."

At that moment, a very disheveled Courtney staggered out of her cabin. "Harold!" She barked. "Have you seen Brick?"

"I think he went to the Mess Hall." Harold told her. "By the way, did you know your name is the 357th most popular-"

"No time, don't care!" The CIT pushed past the nerd and stalked to the Mess Hall.


Courtney: I don't care if Brick doesn't hit girls! Heather is such a whore! And I don't even think Brick would have a problem, when I was wrestling with her I felt something suspicious bulge in her crotch. Explains why Alejandro likes her so much. *She giggles.*

Heather: *Pulls a fancy tube of lipstick from her pants.* This bad boy is too expensive to keep in the reach of Ms. Gothy or BI-CIT. *She applies some.*

(End Confessional.)

Courtney went to go and find Brick, while trying to avoid Harold at the same time. Eventually she found Brick looking by the lake, looking relaxed and peaceful.

"Hey, I've been looking for you." Courtney smiled. "The camp is beautiful when we're not forced to rip each other apart."

"Yeah." Brick smiled. "This is the first time I think I got to really enjoy myself, you know? It's like with Jo gone I can finally not worry about dealing with jerks like her."

"Speaking of jerks..." Courtney sighed. "Do you think you could tell Heather off for me? I mean, I can totally tell her off myself. It's just it means more knowing I have backup."

"I can talk to her but I don't really want to start a fight with her." Brick told her. "Maybe fighting isn't always the answer?"

"What kind of soldier are you?!" Courtney yelled at him. "You'll protect your country but you won't protect me?"

"That's not what I meant, Ma'am." Brick saluted her, feeling the need to because he hated when she yelled. It reminded him of when he was in drill camp and yelling was a sign of dominance. "I just think that if you talk to her then it might work better."

"If you think you can talk to Heather without being a bitch then you go and do it." Courtney rolled her eyes. "I'm going to get some food."

Brick watched her walk away and sighed. Even though he didn't want to fight with Heather, he knew it was going to be the only thing to make Courtney happy so it was time for him to get firm with Heather.

Noah strolled downstairs in the fancy-ass mansion and plunked himself down at the table. Yawning, he grabbed a plate and served himself some eggs and bacon.

"Where is everyone?" The egghead questioned aloud. "Not that I'm complaining, it's nice to have some sile-"

"SHA-YEAH!" Lightning ran through the door, doing a victory dance. "Sha-score!" He threw a rock in the shape of a football down on the ground, where it bounced and hit Noah's plate, sending eggs all over the disgruntled boy.

"Do you mind?" He snarked. "I prefer to eat my breakfast, not wear it."

"Breakfast? Breakfast of champions! That means me, and me only!" Lightning bragged, pulling up a seat across from Noah and serving himself some bacon. "Hey, scrawny guy, why you got egg on your face?"

Noah, who was serving himself some more eggs, paused in the act to shoot a glare at the jock, who stared right back at him, confused.

"Because birds grow in my head." Noah deadpanned.

Lightning stuffed food in his mouth. "You should get that sha-checked out, man." He advised.

Noah just groaned.

Gwen was sitting on the porch writing in her diary when Duncan walked up to her and sat down.

"I'm amazed you can still write in that diary with one hand." Duncan smirked. "You want any help writing in that thing?"

"No, I can do it myself." Gwen smirked. "This type of thing is personal and it's not something that I want you or anyone to do."

"If you need help, I'd be more than happy." Duncan reminded her. "Just let me know. I know it's got to be hard as hell to write like that."


Duncan: I don't get why she has to be a stubborn bitch! *He sighs, smiling.* I just want to help her by told the damn book so she can write in it! Girls are so weird, man.

Gwen: *Shaking her head, smiling.* Boys will never understand the importance of keeping ones diary a secret.

(End Confessional.)

Gwen continued to write in her diary while Duncan tried to insist on helping her.

It appeared that everyone on this island was starting to get on each others nerves!

"Attention Campers!" Chris announced over the intercom of the island. "Please report to the area by the docks! You'll see a boxing ring and that's where you need to be! Let's go people!"

"Oh, looks like you won't be seeing my diary anytime soon." Gwen smirked and slammed her diary shut and locked it.

"Welcome to what I'm calling 'the fun zone.'" Chris finger quoted and smirked. "It's only fun for me, most likely not any of you! We're doing a version of the phobia factor that some of you from season one may remember. You're going to fight your fears, face first in a boxing ring! If you win, your team gets a point an-"

"What if the team loses?" Harold interrupted Chris.

"As I was saying..." Chris glared. "If you lose then you don't get a point and you'll most likely get beat up pretty badly. Since you want to complain and inturupt me, Harold is first! Get into the rink!"

"Do I get a mouth guard?" Harold asked as he stepped in the ring and Chef threw a pair of gloves at him. "These gloves look warn out!"

"They are." Chris laughed. "You also don't get a mouth guard! Let's bring out his opponent!"

Chef spun a nearby wheel with a random assortment of pictures, and it landed on…a picture of Duncan's face.


"I get to fight the dweeb?" Duncan asked, a smile on his face. "Oh hell yeah, you're gonna get it, nerd!"

"Lucky." Courtney growled. "I want to beat Harold up!"

"Me too!" Heather added.

"And me!" Lightning frowned. "I can beat him up better than any of you!"

Harold struck a kung-fu pose. "You obviously forget I am a black belt! Did you know that the color black was decided for high rank because-"

"Zip it and get in the ring, Harold!" Chris yelled, grumpy. "Why do you have to be so annoying this season? Sure you were annoying in the others too but at least you had friends!"

Harold stared at Chris, bewildered.

"Okay, so you didn't have friends, but you had acquaintances!"

Harold's stare continued.

"Okay, so people barely tolerated you, just get on with it!"

Harold nodded. "Gosh, that's less idiotic, I guess."

The bully and the bullied climbed inside the rope area.

"Oh you are so going down!" Duncan grinned. "Fist, meet Doris. Doris, meet fist.

Harold twitched. "That's not even my name, gosh! It's a middle name! Not even my first middle name!"

"Uh, who has more than one middle name?" Brick whispered to Courtney, who rolled her eyes and shrugged.

"When I'm done with you I'm gonna go screw LeShawna!"

"Hey!" Gwen shouted from the crowd.

"Kidding, babe, it's just trash talk." Duncan turned to console his girlfriend, and Harold used this as an opportunity to strike. He dashed forward, quicker than one would think, and socked Duncan right in the jaw.

Duncan stumbled back, not extremely hurt due to the small size of Harold's arms, but effectively pissed off.

"Oh you're gonna get it!" He swung at the nerd, but he dodged out of the way and sent a kick at Duncan's knee.

Duncan managed to grab Harold's leg and tried to throw him backwards, but Harold nimbly went with the flow and kicked Duncan upside the head on the flip back.

Duncan rubbed his sore chin. "Not bad." He admitted. "But not good enough!"

He charged Harold and tried to pin him to the ground. Harold tried to dodge but Duncan faked him out, letting the punk grab Harold's shirt and drag him to the ground.

"Say Uncle!" Duncan yelled, twisting Harold's arm behind his back.

"Gosh, I don't even have an uncle, you uneducated lout!" Harold whimpered. Duncan gave a particularly vicious twist at those words. "GOSH! OW! OKAY, UNCLE!"

Duncan let the nerd go.

"Gosh, don't sever my triceps, you idiotic beast." Harold muttered, getting up and rubbing his sore arm.

"And Harold fails to complete his challenge! Time for a Villainous Vulture to go next!" Chris grinned. "We'll have…

Noah!" Chris smirked. "Get in the ring!"

"I don't have an enemies outside this show so I don't know who you could possibly have me fight." Noah smirked as he stepped in the rink. "Can I fight Harold too? I'm pretty sure I can take him."

"I'm not getting back in the ring!" Harold told Noah. "I'm already bruised, if I fight seconds after getting bruised then I'm more likely to make the first round of bruises even worse! Only idiots don't know that!"

"Shut up, Harold!" Chris glared at him. "Here's the deal. We looked EVERYWHERE to find someone who hates you outside of this show. We found a lot of them, just not anyone who would be willing to punch you in the face so we decided to keep looking!"

"I'm glad you put the extra effort in to find someone who hates me." Noah rolled his eyes. "Who'd you find?"

"Chef spent quite a few days stalking this woman and after getting caught and slapped in the face and the police called on him we got her to come on here and fight you." Chris smirked. "I've been looking forward to this! Mrs. Wilson!"

Everyone was shocked as a plump woman in a Brown skirt, White T-shirt with a matching Brown jacket with Brown hair in a bun and glasses stepped into the ring and growled at Noah.

"Way to go." Noah looked at Chris. "I have no clue who this woman is at all."

"You need to learn some manners young man!" Mrs. Wilson yelled at Noah. "I'm going to teach you some! Then maybe you'll learn to respect public property!"

"She's the librarian at your public library." Chris laughed. "She claims that 3 years ago you never returned a book that you borrowed."

"Not this shit again!" Noah groaned. "My younger Brother went into my room and took the book! I didn't know where it was and I paid you the $15.00 for the book! What more do you want from me?! Chris, I'm not going to fight a librarian who takes her job too seriously."

"You don't fight her and your team loses." Chris shrugged. "Your call."

"You better do it!" Duncan yelled. "If you don't fight then we're sending you home!"

"Fine." Noah sighed. "Can I just push her and call it a day?"

Chris rang the bell and Mrs. Wilson, as plump as she was started running at Noah who seemed surprised by how fast she could actually move. Noah tried putting his boxing gloves up to block himself but Mrs. Wilson wasn't playing fair and Chris could be heard laughing because of it. Mrs. Wilson pulled out a large book in hand and started smacking Noah as hard as she could, which was pretty hard and it didn't help that they were hard cover books.

"You hurt the books by not taking care of them!" Mrs. Wilson yelled. "Now the books are going to hurt you!"

"Oh C'mo-Ouch!" Noah yelled. "I already pai-OUCH! for the stupid boo-Oucchh-ks!" Noah yelled as he managed to block one of her powerful book hits.

"C'mon Noah!" Duncan yelled. "Give her a sharp left hook! Right in the face!"

"Are you honestly encouraging him to fight a sweet old woman?" Courtney glared at Duncan.

"Sweet?" Heather laughed. "She's going at him in all directions with books. I think he has a black eye. It's too hard to tell because she's hitting him constantly."

"He ain't even on your sha-team!" Lightning yelled. "What do you care?"

"I don't." Heather scoffed. "I'm just saying, if he took out the old lady then she deserved it."

"Say's Heather who is somehow a Hero." Gwen shook her head.

After several more punches, Noah was starting to run out of breath and his head was starting to hurt. He was pretty sure it was cheating by smacking your opponent with heavy and hard books but he just wanted it to end and he finally fell down and Mrs. Wilson was declared the winner.

"The Librarian wins!" Chris laughed. "That was epic!"

"That was unfair on so many levels." Noah stood up and grabs the ropes on the side of the ring to support his balance. "Happy now, Mrs. Wilson?!"

"Give me your library card." Mrs. Wilson walked up to Noah and held her hand out.

"Seriously?" Noah sighed and reached into his pocket and pulled his wallet out, reached into it and pulled out the card. Mrs. Wilson grabbed it and walked away laughing.

"What a bitch." The egghead muttered as he picked himself off the ground. "Did you know she came onto me three times during freshman year! Three times!"

"No one cares about your possibly pedophilic experiences, Noah! We need another Hero in the ring!"

"I'll do it!" Courtney volunteered. "Bring it on, I can take it!"

"If you're so sure." Chris smirked. He spun the wheel. It went around and around and around and landed on…Brick.

"Courtney, you have to fight Brick!" Chris laughed. "This is gonna be good."

Courtney gasped. "Ok."

Brick looked surprised.


Brick: Not that I blame Courtney for being a team player. *He rubs the back of his head.* I just thought the prospect would be a little more difficult for her to accept.

Courtney: This shouldn't be too big of a problem, as long as Chris doesn't bring up one crucial point. *She crosses her fingers.*

(End Confessional:)

"Well, this ought to be interesting, let's see if Courtney likes Brick enough to forfeit the point and not hurt her dear, dear boyfriend!"

Courtney fumed.


Courtney: *Uncrosses fingers and shows the middle one to the camera.* Thanks a lot, Chris!"

(End Confessional:)

Brick gulped nervously as he climbed into the ring with Courtney.

"First off, since I know you mushy pansy lovebirds won't knock each other out, we'll see if Courtney can give Brick a good shiner before he gives one to her! If Courtney punches Brick out, then the Heroes get the point. If Brick punches Courtney out or Courtney fails to punch, then they get squat."

Courtney furrowed her brow and Brick twiddled his thumbs together, nervously looking at his girlfriend.

The cadet leaned over the ropes and whispered frantically to the nearest person. "Is she gonna actually hit me, you think?"

Duncan laughed out loud. "Uh, yeah she is. She's Courtney!"

Brick paled and turned back to face Courtney. "Hey, Courtney, you wouldn't hit me, ri-?"


Courtney punched him square in the eye, giving him a nice shiny bruise and causing the taken aback soldier wannabe to fall on his wannabe soldier bum.

He winced, not crying out due to his training and high pain tolerance, but glanced at Courtney with a hurt look in his eyes.

"Sorry." Courtney apologized.

"And Courtney wins the first point of the challenge, giving the Heroes a 1-0 lead!"

"But we needed the point." The CIT finished. She held out her hand to help him up. "You okay?"

Brick ignored the hand and got up on his own, making Courtney's eyebrows rise. "I'm fine, ma'am." He said bluntly. "If you would please excuse me."

He walked by her and dropped to the ground. Courtney followed, confused, and Chris was now able to start the next round.

"Gwen! Let's go and get this over with!" Chris yelled. "Get in the ring."

Gwen groaned knowing she wasn't going to like what Chris had in mind for her. Once she stepped into the ring, she looked at Duncan who gave her a thumbs up.

"You got this, Gwen!" Duncan told her. "You can do this!"

"We'll see about that." Chris laughed. "Gwen, I have something special for you!"

"I can hardly wait." Gwen sounded un-amused by this. "Are you going to have me fight Duncan too?"

"No!" Chris laughed. "I want you to close you eyes!"

"Uh...Why?" Gwen looked at Chris strangely. "You didn't make anyone else do this."

"Just do it." Chris groaned. "You're wasting my time."

Gwen didn't like this idea but knew she didn't have a choice so she closed her eyes and she heard footsteps on the ring and then heard Chef laughing.

"I'm done fighting people." Duncan crossed his arms.

"Okay Goth-woman, I'm gonna blindfold you." Chef told her and Gwen could feel the blindfold go over her face. "Then I'm gonna guide you and you're gonna go without a complaint."

"Just don't shove me." Gwen sighed as Chef put his hands on her shoulders and guided her a few steps. "Watch your step, Goth-woman."

Gwen was instructed to pick her feet up and just stand there. The next thing she knew she heard Chef shut a door of some kind and was wondering what the hell happened when suddenly she heard Chris on the megaphone.

"Okay Gwen! Your opponent is going to be the intern standing in front of you!"

"I'm not even scared of the interns." Gwen laughed. "I'm going to get a point easily!"

"Take off the blindfold." Chris snickered. "You'll love your surprise, I know I will."

Gwen removed her blindfold to find that nerdy intern girl with the black hair and braces standing within 4 inches of her. They were inside a very small box. This was making Gwen nervous because there was no way she could move.

"Here's how it's going to work!" Chris laughed. "You're in the box with this intern and be confined to a small space! You need to hit the intern before the intern hits you!"

"Oh my gosh!" Gwen looked around and saw the intern just looking at her. "Let me out!"

"You can get out by beating the intern." Chris laughed. "Good luck and don't have a panic attack!"

"Let me out!" Gwen started to pound on the glass and panic, the intern took that as the perfect time to punch Gwen in the face, somehow pushing her out of the box and Gwen started taking deep breaths.

"Gwen got punched by an intern." Chris laughed. "I just knew you'd love being in a box! That didn't last long at all."

"I just wanted to get out!" Gwen yelled while she took a deep breath and walked over to Duncan who hugged her protectively.

"Hey babe, it's all good." He grinned. "Hows your arm?"

"It's fine." Gwen responded. "What a jerk, though!"

"We're really getting our butts kicked." Noah sighed dryly.

"With the score being 1-0, and only two left on each team, things are starting to heat up!" Chris smirked. He looked around. "Hey, where'd Brick go?"

"I think he sha-walked off that way?" Lightning said, though it sounded like a question more than an answer.

"No, I'm here." Brick frowned, coming back from wherever he was. "I was just thinking for a second."

"Brick, hold on, I-" Courtney started, but was interrupted.

"Brick! There you are buddy! Time to get into the ring!" Chris smirked.

"Who am I fighting?" Brick questioned.

"Hop on in and find out!"

Brick leapt agilely into the ring, looking around.

"Welcome to the ring." Chris put his mouth to his megaphone, giving it the classic boxer announcer voice. "Sergeant Todd Masteron! And as a secondary heckler, we'll have your best buddy Jo!"

Brick's face paled. He stood at his end of the rink, watching as his his former drill seargent steps out of the shadows. Brick eyed the man relentlessly. The one of the very few men other than his uncles, grandfather, cousin and friends he deeply respects. Also, one of the few men he respects that he also fears. The drill sergeant carried himself over to the rink and climbed in.

"McArthur?" was the first word that left Sgt Todd Masterson's mouth.

Brick remained calm and responded with the salute. "Sir," he replied. Direct and without any stutters. But internally, Brick was shaking. He remembered his training not so long ago. He recalled the sprints, the push-ups, the pull-ups, the obstacle courses. Everything he and everyone else in his platoon were harangued into doing. Brick knew very well that most drill sergeants are actually nice people but only act nasty to the privates to keep them in line and still discipline in them. Sgt Masterson was no different. But Brick still feared him. He's grown used to the yelling, so Brick did not fear that. It was disappointing his drill sergeant that scares the young cadet. Alas, Brick remained calm and contained. Meanwhile, Masterson analyzed Brick from top to bottom. Chris shook his head.

"Why are you two staring at each other?" Chris demanded. "Fight each other, now!"

Brick froze. "I-I-I don't think I can do it. He's my drill sergeant. I have too much respect for him."

"Why? Is it 'cause you're gay for him?" Jo sneered.

Brick gritted his teeth. Todd Masterson noticed the anger in the boy's face. "You're going to let her talk you like that? Let alone say something homophobic?" he demanded.

"What is she even doing here? We got rid of her for screwing up the last challenge!" Brick asked.

Jo scowled at this, but Chris answered. "I just thought it'd be more fun this way!"

"Plus!" Jo boasted. "He said I'd be back in the game if I did this! All I have to do is insult you!"

"Yup!" Chris grinned, before turning to the camera and covering one side of his mouth, hiding it from Jo. "Totallllllly." He winked.

"Are you going to answer me, soldier?" Masterson snapped.

Brick jumped. "She does get on my nerves," Brick responded. "But you know why I won't stand up to her."

"Y'know Brick; I've always known you for being obedient, polite, determined, dedicated, respectful..." Masterson began. "Many of your comrades appreciated you for those reasons. You also have flaws. Many of them unnoticeable. Many of which you can work around. But one thing that prevents me from sustaining a high opinion about you is your lack of respect for yourself. I've seen you on TV before. It made me realise that I may have been either too hard on you, or not hard enough."

"Quit talking about your boner and punch him!" Jo called out. Brick's face went red with anger.

"You should do something about it before you end up hurting yourself and the people you love," Masterson warned Brick. "I know your father was a terrible man. I wonder how he turned out that way? Maybe he kept bottling his emotions up?" Brick opened his mouth to scream but he closed it. Masterson continued. "Chris told me about you and that brown-haired girl. I'm proud of you for finding someone you love. Someone who will stand up for you. But what will you do when she needs you to stand up for her?" he taunted.

Brick was furious. He's known his drill sergeant to say things like this. To motivate his soldiers. But his words can get under Brick's skin. And Masterson truly was getting under Brick's skin this time.

"Jo could very well choose to pick on Courtney," said Masterson. "Courtney may be solid, but she's very neurotic. World Tour ring a bell?"

"YEAH!" Jo jeered. "Good idea! Maybe I will pick on Courtney!"

Almost immediately, Brick saw Jo's face on Todd Masterson's head. He was breathing heavily.

"It's a shame you won't hit a lady-" Todd Masterson was cut off by a punch delivered to his face, courtesy of Brick.

"Doesn't matter if I won't hit a lady," Brick breathed. "A lady is a human, which Jo is NOT!" He threw another punch, aiming for Masterson's gut. Masterson caught Brick's fist and shoved the cadet to the ground.

"Now that's what I wanted to see," Masterson smirked. "Too bad you have to do more than that to earn my respect." He pounced on Brick, but Brick quickly rolled out of the way and jumped up. Masterson grabbed Brick by the ankle and pulled him back down. Brick grabbed Masterson's lower leg and tried to pull at it, but Masterson was too quick and flung Brick across the rink. Brick scrambled back up again and pounced on his drill sergeant.

"There is no excuse for my sperm donor's behaviour!" Brick snarled, holding Masterson down. "You never mention him!"

"Then make him regret he's ever created you in the first place!" Masterson spat, flipping Brick over and pinning him down at the neck. In this instant, in Brick's eyes, Jo's face was replaced by the face of Brick's father. This only aggravated Brick further.

"My p-pleasure," Brick spluttered, kicking the sergeant off and lashing onto him again. Delivering punches and blows until the shock took Sgt Masterson by surprise. Brick seized the chance to shove Masterson out of the rink, earning the cadet the win.

"Yes!" Courtney cheered. "That was awesome!"

Brick brushed by her. "Just because I won't let Jo pick on you doesn't mean I'm over you hitting me. I still need some time to think." He shook his head and walked off.

"Let me back in the game now, McLean!" Jo boasted. "I'm ready to dominate!"

"Yeah, about that…I lied!" Chris laughed. "You're still out, so you're still a loser! A big ol' L to the O to the S to the E to the R!"

Jo flushed. "You son of a bi-"

Chris pressed a button and Jo's cage went shooting up out of the ground, propelled by rockets, sending the snotty jockette into the distance, screaming all the way.

"Alrighty! The Vultures have to score this point in order to stay in the game! Duncan, you're up next!" Chris grinned. He spun the wheel, and it landed on a small bird outline.

"Some sort of huge mutant monster?" Duncan grinned, punching his palm. "I got this!" He cockily jumped into the ring and cracked his knuckles. "Bring out the sucker!"

"You got this, dude! You're sha-tough!" Lightning cheered.

"C'mon, Duncan!" Gwen cheered as well.

The platform rose up and on it was….

A wee little adorable bird.

"Duncan, you have to hit this widdle biddy birdy to keep your team in the game!" Chris cackled. "So get to it, big baddie!"

Duncan smirked. "Yeah, I may be a bad boy but I'm not a complete dick. Why would I hit this defenseless bird?"

"Because it'd be funny!" Chris laughed. "Come on, tough guy! Lets do this!"

Duncan rolled his eyes. "Maybe in some alternate universe this would bother me. But c'mon!" He bent down and tapped the bird lightly with his fist. "There, I hit it. Thanks for the point!"

Chris was fuming. "Screw you, Duncan!" He shouted. "Why can't you be all paranoid about being a tough guy?"

Duncan just scoffed at him.

Chris was annoyed that Duncan didn't beat the bird up and was now looking for a better fight so he was stoked about the next one. Chris almost had a boner with the thought of the next fight.

"Heather! C'mere." Chris had a smirk on his face. "I've been waiting for this battle all day! You know your boyfriend? Alejandro?"

"You brought him back?" Heather stepped into the ring. "How original of you. I'm not fighting him and I honestly doubt he'll fight me."

"It's not Alejandro." Chris laughed. "He's genetically similar to him though..."

"No way!" Heather groaned, reluctant realization on her face. "You didn't bring that asshole here..."

"I did and he's looking forward to seeing you." Chris laughed again. "I hear you two haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet."

"We haven't and I was hoping to keep it that way." Heather got into the ring and crossed her arms. "Alejandro told me how much of an asshole he is."

"You're about to find out for yourself." Chris informed her. "Let's bring him in!"

In the ring stepped a guy who had the same build as Alejandro and even the same necklace. He had a blue shirt that looked like Alejandro's Red one. Unlike his younger Brother, Jose kept the top of his hair spiked up but it was almost the same length as Alejandro and you could easily see the family resemblance except that Jose looked slightly taller.

"Hola, you must be Heather." Jose stepped into the rink and looked at Heather. "I don't know what my Brother sees in you. I however, heard plenty about you."

"I've also heard a lot about you." Heather rolled her eyes. "You look like an asshole, just like your Brother said."

"Little Al has always said untrue things about me." Jose smirked. "He's just jealous that I'm the good looking one. I've always done everything better than him, including picking women. It's apparent just by looking at you."

"Excuse you?!" Heather glared. "You're going down! Are you too afraid to hit a woman?"

"I'm not afraid to hit you." Jose told her. "Al wants to marry you, he's mentioned it before but I think he can do better. I don't think you're good enough to be part of our family."

"Chris?" Heather turned and glared at the host. "Ring the bell so I can kick his ass."

"If you're sure." Chris rubbed his hands together and then rang the bell. "Let's do this!"

Heather ran at Jose and tried to punch him in the chest but he blocked them all and that just made Heather furious. He was too strong, it was just like hitting Alejandro's rock hard abs when she was mad at him, it never worked and just hurt her hands.

"That's the best you can do?" Jose smirked. "Al can do better than you and he can't fight me very well."

"Can you stop picking on him for a minute?!" Heather yelled. "He's not even here!"

"Cause he was too much of a loser to make it this far." Jose laughed. "You're not good enough for him. The less time he's around you the better off he'll be. Do you think he loves you?"

"I know he'll love me even more when he sees this." Heather started to pant. "I'm going to do this for Alejandro! It's something I bet he wishes he could do to you, you jerk!"

Heather swung at Jose's face and punched him as hard as she could. Jose quickly put his hands up to try to block his face but it was too late, Heather got a direct hit to his face and kept punching.

"Not the face!" Jose backed away and tried to block her. "My Brother and I have this rule where we don't hit each other's faces!"

"I'm not Alejandro!" Heather gave him a swift left hook in the face. "I'm his girlfriend, you're a jerk and I hope you learned your lesson! Don't mess with me!"

Heather punched him as hard as she could one last time until he was knocked on the floor of the ring and a tooth even came out of his mouth. He seemed more upset about his tooth and his black eye then losing to Heather.

"Now I'll have to go get this fixed at the dentist!" Jose stood up and left, glaring at Heather.

"Serves you right!" Heather yelled to him as he left.

Chris was slack-jawed. "That…was…AWE-HUH-SUM! With that, the Heroes go up 3-1, and its now impossible for the Villains to win! So they lose!"

"Sha-WHAT?" Lightning complained. "But Lightning didn't get to punch anything!"

"Too bad, so, so sad." Chris yawned. "Villains, you're sending someone home tonight."

The Villains groaned.


Duncan: Welp, guess we know who is going home.

Gwen: It's pretty obvious.

Noah: Sure, he's gotten more tolerable, but still.

Lightning: The only thing Lightning knows is that Lightning is NOT going home tonight! Cause he's the best!

(End Confessional.)

A few hours had passed, and everyone was doing their own thing, maxing relaxing being all cool.

Brick was sitting on the dock, thinking of his fight, both with his ex-drill sergeant and Courtney. The thought of the former fight filled him with pride, but the latter made him feel depressed.

"I thought I meant more to her than that." Brick sighed.

He head footsteps on the dock, and turned to see Courtney walking towards him.

"Look, Brick." She sighed. "I'm sorry about how I acted today. I let the game get to my head, and it was wrong."

"I accept your apology, ma'am, but it'll take some time to trust you again." Brick said honestly. "I hold no ill will against you."

Courtney hung her head. "I guess that's fair. Anything I can do to make it up to you, let me know."

Brick nodded. "Duly noted."


Courtney: *She sighs* This sucks, not only is my alliance with Brick compromised because he can't handle my competitiveness, but he's actually mad at me! I enjoyed spending time with him. I hope he can forgive me. I wish he wasn't such a baby!

(End Confessional.)

Harold was tinkering with something on a bed in the fancy hotel when Heather walked in, a big grin on her face.

"What's got you grinning like Satan?" Harold asked nasally.

Heather grabbed her bathing suit and a towel. "Just had a good day beating the snot out of that slippery prat known as Jose."

"Did you know the word prat originated in-"

Heather stopped him right there. "Quiet, nerd. I am not going to let you ruin my good mood."

"Gosh. Fine. But I'll admit, that was a very un-idiotic thing to do." Harold admitted. "So props for that."

"Gee, thanks." Heather rolled her eyes, leaving.


The Villains were eating dinner in the Mess Hall by themselves, as the Heroes were chowing down in the hotel suite.

"Villains, if you would please report to the bonfire ceremony, that'd be dandy!" Chris announced. "Thank you!"

The Villains got up. It was rather un-tense, as everybody was confident they'd be staying.

The four walked down to the campfire, where Chris was waiting for them. They sat.

"Four becomes three." Chris taunted. "Man, you guys are sucking!"

Duncan flipped him the bird.

"It's the love like that that gets you the first marshmallow." Chris teased, tossing the punk a marshmallow. "Another tasty treat goes to Noah!"

Noah, unsurprised, got his marshmallow.

Gwen and Lightning looked at each other, both confident.

"The final marshmallow goes to…Gwen!"

"SHA-WHAT!?" Lightning cried. "No way!"

Chris was silent, before he burst out laughing.

"What's so funny?" Gwen asked as Lightning raged in the background.

"Ah, nothing. Just that Lightning's not going home tonight!" Chris grinned.

Lightning stopped complaining. "Say sha-what now?"

"It's just a reward challenge, I just wanted to have some fun." Chris wiped a tear from his eye. "You guys can go, you're all safe."

Lightning glared at Gwen, Duncan and Noah. "You'll rule the day you crossed the Lightning." He growled. "Some team! See if the Lightning will help you sha-losers next challenge! Tchyeah right! Lightning is going to sleep!" He stormed off.

Gwen, Duncan and Noah exchanged a look before leaving as well.

"And that's all for tonight." Chris turned to the camera. "What do we have in store next time for out remaining eight campers? Find out next time, on Total! Drama! Heroes Versus Villains!"

Voting Confessionals:

Duncan: Lightning is strong, and more annoying than Noah. And it's not like I'm gonna vote for Gwen.

Gwen: Duncan's my boyfriend and Noah's okay, so I'm voting Lightning.

Lightning: Lighting gotta vote for the chick with the arm injury! Ain't no way she making the Pro League with that! She gotta go!

Noah: Well, it's either me or Lightning, so guess what the obvious choice is. I'll give you three guesses.

Final Result:

Lightning (Three Votes.): Duncan, Gwen, Noah. (N/A)

Gwen (One Vote.): Lightning. (N/A)

Heroes: Brick, Courtney, Harold, Heather.

Villains: Duncan, Gwen, Lightning, Noah.

Eliminated: Sierra, Mike, Alejandro, Scott, Zoey, Jo.

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