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It's been a week since Dimitri and my encounter in the cabin, and a week that we have been sneaking off into the cabin at least two more times, so I was worried as I entered Kirova's office to see Tasha Ozera and Dimitri off in a wall. I try to look into Dimitri's eyes but he was looking off and trying to avoid my gazes as much as possible.


I thought we were doing great. Our training got intimate at times but it wasn't anything we couldn't handle and we were always happy when together and being able to hide it off quiet well actually. Shit. Was I being called her because we finally got caught? Has someone finally looked beyond our excuses and masks?

I sat down in front of Kirova's desk and automatically shouting "I didn't do anything." I saw Kirova shake her head.

"Rosemarie," I cringed at the mention of my full name. "I called you because you have become an excellent novice and you have showed a remarkable change since your training with Guardian Belikov. Because of this, Guardian Belikov believes that you will no longer need the training as you have excelled your classmate's skills. Which is why he is now going to leave the Academy and become Lady Ozeras guardian." I stared at her in shock and did everything I could to not let the tears shed down my face.

Stay strong Rose, stay strong. Dimitri has a good explanation for all of this. He will never leave me willingly. He loves you remember? I chastised myself. I wanted to shout at Kirova that there has to be some sort of mistake. That Dimitri wouldn't…couldn't go. Yet as I turned around to look at Dimitri I saw that the look in his eyes confirmed everything what Kirova had just said. I turned back to Kirova not having anything to say as I felt my throat tighten. Before I knew I brought out the Rose charm.

"That's great. Tasha deserves to finally have an amazing Guardian." I did everything I could to not choke on my own words as I turned around to see a smile on Tasha's face. "I have to go. Lots to do…" I jumped out of chair and fled from the room and running to my dorm as soon as possible ignoring everything and everyone on my way and as well as ignoring Kirova's voice as she shouted off at me to go back. I quickly locked myself in my room and threw myself on my bed and I cried. I don't know how long I was there but soon I heard a knock on the door.

"Rose," no not now, "please open up, it's me, Dimitri. Let me in so I can explain. Please Roza." I cried into my pillow more as I heard his beautiful voice say my name in Russian. Right now he was the last person I wanted to talk to. So I did what any Rose Hathaway can do. I stayed locked away in my room, under my covers crying. The last thing I wanted people to see was me crying and having my heart shattered in pieces. Rose Hathaway doesn't cry, I told myself. But here I am, crying over a guy that told me he loved me just yesterday and was not leaving me. I mean did he ever care about me at all? Were those sweet words true? No, they weren't or else he wouldn't have chosen Tasha over me. What am I even thinking? This wasn't me…is it spirts curse acting upon me? No. Then what's wrong with me?

I decided to put myself together. I quickly went to the bathroom and washed off my face and until I looked presentable. I headed to my door and opened, prepared for anything that stood in front of it. Sure enough, Headmistress Kirova, Alberta, Tasha, Lissa, Christian, Adrain, and Dimitri were there waiting with Lissa's hand held high ready to knock. They all looked at me shocked and then Lissa threw her arms around me, holding me in a tight embrace. I hugged her back gently and then stepped back to look at them.

"What are you guys doing here?" my voice coming in nothing more than a whisper. Stupid worse, you had to be crying. You just gave yourself away.

"You ran off and then locked yourself up in your room for half an hour Rose" I stared in shock at Lissa as she said the last words. Have I really been crying for that long?

I looked at all of them with their concern looks, looking at Dimitri last and then turning away before the tears could flow down again. I knew they would know if I was lying or not so I decided for the truth. Well a bridged truth. "I was upset. I hate losing a family member," I looked into Dimitri's eyes, "It's not always that I can trust people, the people who I treat like if they were my family at least." I shrugged. I looked up at my friends. "You guys are my family, since I can't really say I have one. Well, I do, but when have they ever been there for me? My mom doesn't really care and I don't know who my father is." This time I let the tears flow down my cheeks as I realized the truth of my words, because I did mean them. These were my family. And Dimitri just took half of it and broke me in half…

"Rose," I looked up at Christian, honestly I was surprised he even said anything, "we may fight, but yea you are definitely my sister. We will always be together, all of us. I don't know Dimitri well, but I know he must mean a lot since there must be a brother and sister bond. But eventually family has to break off because they have to move in life." I looked up at Christian, surprised just as everyone else.

"You sure you haven't talked with Dimitri? Cause that was a Zen lesson." I looked at the ground and I sighed. "It's selfish and I'm sorry. I'm glad you're moving on. Tasha really does need a guardian to help protect her. I just didn't know you were thinking about it. And I could've had a warning you know." I looked up and got lost in Dimitri's dark eyes. I was shocked by what his face was revealing, he never reveals emotions. His face was filled with sorrow and regret. But I saw the message that was hidden in his eyes. We can't protect Lissa if you jump in front of each other and not her. They come first.

What came next surprised me the most. Dimitri hugged me in public. I returned the hug and once again I was crying. "Be safe, kill as many strigio as you can comrade. And teach Tasha how to, I know she wants to." I let go and returned back in my room, holding the door. "However, I did mean it when I said that I have stuff to do. So if you please mind."

"Of course little dhampire. Just call us or find us for anything. And I mean anything." I gave Adrian a big smile.

"Thanks I know." And with that I closed the door on them. I leaned on the door and eventually sled down it once I heard the sound of it moving away. I sat there thinking. Wondering, since when did Rose Hathaway cried. But also at the words that I have said, yes I meant them all. I'm glad Tasha will finally have a guardian, since she was neglected one because of Christians' parents turning strigio and all. All royals get guardians after all.

I heard a small knock on the door and I got up and opened it. Standing in front of me was Dimitri.

"Can we talk?" I looked down at my hands, nodded and moved to the side to let Dimitri in and closed the door behind him. In the distance I saw Lissa, Christian, and Adrian looking at me with concern. "Roza…"

"Don't call me that. Don't. You. Ever. Call. Me. That. Again." I growled at him just after my hand smacked against his cheek. I looked in his with furry to get back in shock and pain. "While you're at it don't ever touch me or talk to me again. How could you do this to me? Did you ever actually mean the words when you said you 'loved me'? You were using me for sex weren't you?"

Dimitri's shock was replaced my betrayal and anger. "What!? Of course not Roz-Rosa. I love you! I. STILL. DO. This I the only way that we can keep Lissa first. They come first. She comes first. Don't you think this hurts me too? I'm regretting it already!" Dimitri grabbed my chain so I was staring directly at him.

"Then stay. If w-w-we ever meant anything to you or you actually cared then stay. Please stay with me Dimitri" I searched Dimitri's eyes, hoping he'll agree.

"No" he stepped away from me. "No, Rose I can't. You do mean a lot to me and I do love you. But we can't do this to Lissa. She needs guardians that will jump in front of her. I'm so sorry Roza, but we end here." I felt his arms go around my waist. I pushed him with so much force that he went as far as hitting the wall.

"No. Leave. I never want to see you again. I mean nothing to you. You mean nothing anymore." I let venom drip of every word I said. It hurt so much seeing the look of despair that was in his eyes. He was upset, but I was angrier. He was actually involving Lissa to make it sound like what he was doing was correct. I mean he was. But he was hurting me so much. I can't believe he's leaving me. "OUT!" I screamed after several minutes of staring at each other. I grabbed his armed and pulled him the door and then banged the door in front of his face. And then once again I found myself crying. He's leaving. No. He was gone and never coming back. He chose her over me. He chose to leave, taking my soul with him.

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