The Damned

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Spoilers: Season 1: Episode 2 – Earth Skills, Episode 6 – His Sister's Keeper and Episode 7 – Contents Under Pressure

A/N: I think this may be a catchall for missing scenes, because I anticipate my own wanting to see what happened during the 'in between' moments. Especially when it comes to Bellamy and Clarke, but we shall see.

A/N 2: So I wrote this as a missing scene between "His Sister's Keeper" and "Contents Under Pressure" because, I'm sorry, even though I'm a total Bellarke fan, I didn't get how all of a sudden they were touchy feely in Episode 7. I don't know if this sort of works as a bridge to what we saw going on between Bellamy and Clarke, but it's meant to show the baby steps to the full on 'his hand is on her shoulder, he's holding her hand' display. Which, don't get me wrong, I totally LOVED.

Summary: A missing scene in between "His Sister's Keeper" and "Contents Under Pressure" focusing on Bellamy and Clarke and why all of a sudden they were so touchy. Bellamy spots Clarke's need for support before she does.

"No, it's not fair, but what makes earth feel like Hell is our expectation that it should feel like Heaven. Earth is earth. Dead is dead. You'll find out for yourself soon enough. It won't help the situation for you to get all upset."
-Chuck Palahniuk


The wind is blowing fiercely and getting stronger by the minute outside and Bellamy is searching for that blonde head of hair in a sea of brunettes moving this way and that way.

When he finally spots her, she hesitates, abruptly halting her movements and Bellamy can't help but be concerned. "Clarke," he calls from the entrance of the Drop-ship. The rest of the hundred are pouring in behind him after he told them all to take shelter from the impending storm.

There's a quick study of her expression and he notes how worry creases Clarke's brow and something else, he knows, he's seen it in her features before – fear.

How could he forget?

He'd almost lost his grip on her arm as she dangled above the spike laden pit created by the Grounders a week ago as they attempted to rescue Jasper. And he saw that same look again, just moments ago as he struggled to bring Finn through the gates, his arms heavy and burning with the burden of the other man's weight and injury.

But Bellamy wasn't about to let her fall then, and he sure as hell wasn't about to let her fall now.

Not with the earth seemingly trying to kill all of them in one blow on one night.

First the Ark banishes them, not even expecting them to survive. Then the Earth, with it's strangeness and harsh living conditions. Then the Grounders, already adapted to the world around them. And then the Earth again with the storm bearing down on them.

No one was pulling for them to survive except themselves and especially Clarke he admits with some exasperation.

But he keeps watching, she's unmoving but taking in the flurry of activity around her. Her brows furrow even more and worry lines her mouth and he tries again.

"Clarke," he says and her eyes snap to his.

Surrounded by their fellow outcasts they move towards each other. He can't help but let his eyes roam her face, because she's suddenly so open, not bothering to hide the anxiety, worry and stress and he wonders if it's because he's doing nothing at that moment to hide the same things he's feeling himself.

"How's – " he tries to ask about Finn.

"I don't think I can do this," she confesses in a rush, interrupting him. "I need my mother, we need better medical equipment and supplies, we need this storm to not be happening," Clarke says. "Finn could die."

The look on her face at her last words rattle him. Because Finn is important to the group – he's the best tracker they have – and apparently he's important to Clarke.

Bellamy ignores the slight pang somewhere in his chest, and shifts to avoid bumping into the people continually moving around them. He gently grabs Clarke's elbow to steer her off to the side. She doesn't pull away, and it's then that he realizes the severity of her sudden reservations.

"You can do this," he says, it doesn't even occur to him that she's looking at him in surprise.

Of course she would never expect words of encouragement from this man, let alone any kind of understanding. But Bellamy can't have Clarke losing her shit now. Who knows what the storm will bring, he's got one more thing to do before it hits, but he needs to be sure. He needs to be certain that she's okay. He doesn't dwell on the 'why' or his own nagging anxiety about her safety, not right now.

Clarke is still looking at him, still leaving herself an open book for him to read her fear and he lightly squeezes her elbow before letting go. But he leans in and over her and says, "Clarke, we can and will survive here. You just ordered Raven to fix the radio, you've got Monty and Jasper bringing you their moonshine and making bandages and the rest of these delinquents hustling around preparing for the storm – you can do this," he says sternly, breaching no argument and carefully gauging her reaction.

She doesn't back down or away from him and he's pleased because it means she gets it. He's relieved to see understanding in her eyes and she's snapping out of her panic. He almost stops breathing when she lays a warm hand on his forearm, says thank you and actually manages a small smirk of a smile, conveying both annoyance and gratitude. But definitely more annoyance.

Bellamy can't help but snort and smirk back before turning to make his way out of the Drop-ship. He misses the warmth of her touch immediately and resolves to not dwell on the 'why' of that either when Clarke says, "wait, where are you going?"

He turns to look at her and notes how she's back to her old self, confident, bossy and meddling. "I've got one more thing to take care of," he says by way of explanation and heads out into the beginnings of the storm.



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