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One year later…

"Alright class, we are going to spend the rest of the day working on the Transformation Jutsu. Sarutobi-sama is here to observe and help anyone that needs it." Iruka announced to the class.

Sarutobi Hiruzen chuckled to himself as he walked into the classroom. "You can just call me Hiruzen, Iruka. I thought I explained this to you a long time ago."

"Good morning Hiruzen-sensei!" The academy students said in near-unison as they stood up and bowed to the older man.

"Good morning!" The former Hokage bowed back before turning his head towards Iruka with a smile on his face. "As you can see, the students are able to call me by my real name."

"What can I say, old habits die hard. You're still the Sandaime to me." Iruka answered with a laugh as he rubbed the back of his head.

Hiruzen laughed again as well. Iruka proceeded to call up the students to present their Transformation Jutsu. It was time to see how much they had understood the basics of the jutsu.

Ever since stepping down as Hokage, Hiruzen had focused most of his free time working at the Konoha Ninja Academy with the students. He worked with all grades and ages and tried to provide insight and 'the proper push' to help the students become the best shinobi they could be. After the first week that he was involved, he was starting to question the quality of the teaching at the academy and he feared slightly for the future of Konoha's shinobi.

A year later, and after a few revisions to the academy curriculum that he had pushed for, Hiruzen felt that the academy was training the students properly. His fears were put to rest in his mind: the next generation of Konoha shinobi was going to, in his mind, surpass the previous generations.

One-by-one, the academy students came up and presented the Transformation Jutsu. All of them were able to create a good transformation of a person of their choice. Considering their skill level of the average academy student, the former Hokage and Iruka were greatly impressed!

The transformation practice-session continued along as more students showed off their transformations. Soon, it became the turn of Uzumaki Naruto.

"Naruto, do your best transformation jutsu." Iruka requested as he wrote information about the other students' transformation on a piece of paper.

"Heh, I can do that!" Naruto smirked as he made a hand sign. "Transform!"

'Oh boy…' Hiruzen had an idea what was going to happen. The older man closed his eyes.

Iruka and the rest of the academy students kept their eyes open to witness Naruto's 'transformation'. Naruto had transformed into a blonde woman around the age of eighteen. The woman was completely naked, with a few smoke clouds floating in the air around her covering 'specific parts' on her body. The woman was posing in a very provocative manner to her teacher.

"Do you like my jutsu Iruka-sensei?" 'She' asked.

"NARUTO, YOU'RE DISGUSTING!" Sakura growled from her place with the other students.


Iruka rubbed away the small trace of blood from his nose before any of his students noticed it. He then glared at 'the woman' in front of him and smacked 'her' on the way. 'She' yelped in pain, which caused Naruto to drop his transformation.

"Naruto, take this seriously!" Iruka shouted.

"What's the big deal? You asked for a transformation and I gave you one." The blonde asked as he rolled his eyes. He rubbed the top of his head, which was hurting slightly from Iruka's 'attack.'

Hiruzen opened his eyes and sighed as he stared at Naruto.

"Naruto-kun, Iruka and I just want to see your skills with the jutsu. We don't want to see any jokes or pranks. We want to see exactly what Uzumaki Naruto can do." The former Hokage stated as he smiled at the boy, like a grandfather would smile at his grandson. "Can you do the jutsu one more time and do a legitimate transformation please?"

Naruto stared at Hiruzen for a few seconds before he sighed. "Fine, fine. I'll do it."

'How does he do it?' Iruka wondered as he watched Naruto make a hand sign. Ever since the former Sandaime started to show up at the academy, he noticed that Naruto had been improving in his skills. The boy paid more attention to class and put more effort in his work whenever Hiruzen was there. All it took was a smile and a few words from the older man and Naruto would sigh and do what he was told. 'I guess he just doesn't want to disappoint Sarutobi-sama…'


Naruto disappeared in another poof of smoke. In his place was the splitting image of Umino Iruka. The academy instructor, as well as the former Hokage, looked at the transformation in shock.

"…you even got my scar down perfectly…" Iruka noted before he gave the boy a thumbs up. "Very well done Naruto!"

"Very good job indeed." Hiruzen nodded in agreement before smiling again.

Naruto dropped his transformation and walked back to his seat with a grin on his face.

Class continued as Iruka and Hiruzen witnessed the transformations of the remaining few students. After the demonstrations, Iruka gave them a lecture to further explain the technique and help them improve on it.

Naruto yawned and looked as if he was going to fall asleep during Iruka's lecture. Hiruzen gave the blonde a pointed look. The Uzumaki, after seeing Hiruzen's look, shook his head in frustration before paying closer attention to Iruka.

The exchange between the academy student and the former Hokage was quick and subtle, but Iruka noticed it. This caused the academy instructor to frown internally.

'Seriously...how does he do it? What about Sarutobi-sama causes Naruto to pay attention?' Iruka wondered to himself.

He tried to ignore his questions and any thoughts of self-doubt about his teaching abilities. He, instead, focused on the lesson he was giving to his class.

Uchiha Itachi sat at his desk in the Hokage's office. The young man was reading a mission report for a B-ranked mission he had assigned to a team of chūnin.

At first, like his predecessors, the Godaime hated the very idea of paperwork. After doing it for a year straight, however, Itachi became accustomed to it and was able to do it rather quickly. He soon found it to be enjoyable at times. He usually did his paperwork alone, when it was quiet. He was able to simply enjoy the silence and be at peace.

Itachi was about to finish the mission report when the door to his office was slammed open. The loud noise caused him to drop the paper in surprise and nearly had him fall out of his chair.

"Hey Itachi! Itachi!"

The Uchiha picked up the mission report from the ground and looked up to see his best friend, Uchiha Shisui, standing in the room. The Uchiha jōnin was holding a scroll and a mission report in his hand.

"Shisui, we've gone over this multiple times. Knock next time." Itachi requested with a heavy sigh.

"Itachi, we've known each other for years now. When do I ever knock?" Shisui rolled his eyes.

The Godaime Hokage shook his head in response. "I swear, I have no idea how you are older than me. You're twenty-one years old and you act like a twelve-year old genin."

"And I have no idea how you are so young. You act like what I expect the Sandaime or one of his teammates will act like ten years from now!" The jōnin responded.

"One of us has to be the mature one." Itachi stated as he rolled his eyes.

"And thank God it is you! I'd hate to be all stiff and serious all the time. Way too boring!" Shisui exclaimed.

The two Uchiha stared at each for a few seconds before Shisui burst into laughter. Itachi chuckled as well, but he was not nearly as loud as his friend.

"It's been a while. How was your last mission?" Itachi asked.

"Completed of course!" Shisui responded with a smirk as he tossed the mission report in his hand to the Hokage. "No injuries or anything either."

"No injuries or problems at all? On an A-rank mission? Impressive work." Itachi complimented as he caught the mission report.

"Eh, I'll take the compliment, but it's kinda undeserved. That mission was an A-rank just because the client was super rich and therefore had the extra money to spend." Shisui said as he rolled his eyes. "No fun at all. One guy tried to rob us and I showed him why that was a dumb thing to do and he ran away. That was all the action on the mission!"

"Were you looking for some excitement or something?" The Godaime asked as he moved the new mission report to his pile of paperwork that still needed to be completed.

"…eh, kinda actually. I don't know." The jōnin shrugged in response with a sigh. "I'm glad everything's kinda peaceful right now in the village. You know me better than most people: I'm really, really happy everything has been peaceful! But I don't know, I just feel like I'm not doing anything worthwhile right now. I feel like I'm just sitting on my ass and doing lame missions you could assign to a frickin genin team and not doing something that could actually help the village, y'know?"

"I've been giving you high-ranked missions. It's just been bad luck you've been getting 'easy' missions as you see it. Then again, most people would consider that lucky. You're just unusual." Itachi noted.

"And damn proud of it!" Shisui exclaimed, crossing his arms.

Itachi smiled, but he was also a little upset that his friend was frustrated. Shisui, despite his 'eccentric' personality, cared about the village greatly and always wanted to do whatever he could for the village. Itachi was troubled that his friend felt as if he wasn't doing anything worthwhile for Konoha…

'…hmm!' Itachi's eyes widened as he thought of something. '…if you want something worthwhile, I'll have something for you to do.'

"…hey Itachi! You there?" Shisui questioned, waving his hand in front of the Hokage's face.

"Oh. Sorry." The Godaime apologized. "I zoned out thinking of something."

"Understandable. You got a lot of things to do, Mr. Godaime." Shisui snickered as he started to walk to the door. "Don't want to be a bother for too long. I'll just leave you be for now and come harass…I mean visit you later when you have some time to kill."

Itachi chuckled. "See you later Shisui."

His best friend waved goodbye before leaving the room. Itachi then turned back to his paperwork, continuing with the mission report he was looking over before his friend came in.

'You may hate me for it, but I'll have something for you to do that's worthwhile to Konoha.' Itachi noted in his head, thinking about his friend. His eyes then narrowed on the mission report. 'Now…where was I in this?'

"Class dismissed!" Iruka said to his students.

The academy students gathered their things and rushed out of the building, heading off to their homes. After his students left, Iruka started to gather his things and head back to his apartment. Just as he started to leave, he was stopped by Hiruzen.

"Iruka, may I have a moment of your time." He requested.

The academy instructor nodded in response and stopped walking. He turned to face the older man.

"How can help I you Saru-I mean Hiruzen?" Iruka asked, changing the name of the man in front to his preferred name.

"Now was that so hard?" Hiruzen asked with a chuckle.

"Again, old habits are hard to kill. You've been the Hokage for as long as I can remember. It's just hard sometimes." Iruka said with a laugh of his own. "Now, what did you want to talk about?"

"I was going to ask about the upcoming graduation exam in two days and the requirements to graduate." Hiruzen noted.

"We aren't changing them." Iruka answered. "It's the same as they've always been. A written test about the history and concepts of being a shinobi that they need to know, then a test on their weapons skills, and then a demonstration of the academy basic jutsu."

"I realize that. I think the requirements are a good standard!" Hiruzen stated, but a slight frown was evident on his face. "However, I've been observing the students that are going to take the exam and I've noticed two students who I worry whether or not they are applicable to the standards of the test."

Iruka's eyes widened, realizing what the former Hokage was talking about.

"If you are referring to Rock Lee, we are aware of his condition. We are taking into consideration his condition and seeing how well he does in the other categories." The instructor stated with a smile. "I really believe Lee can be one of the best shinobi we've ever had."

"I agree, and Lee was one of my main worries." Hiruzen said, a smile on his face as well.

Iruka then realized that Hiruzen also mentioned another student. "Wait, who else are you concerned about."

"Naruto." The former Hokage answered.

"Naruto?" Iruka asked in confusion.

"You talk with the boy all the time Iruka! Surely you knew he was taking the exam to try and graduate early again." Hiruzen said with a laugh.

"I did, but I didn't think he needed to be put under different standards to graduate." The academy instructor responded, still confused. "Why are you concerned? He's trying to graduate early: if he fails, then he takes the exam again next year and graduate when he is supposed to. He's not technically expected to be at the skill-level of students a whole year ahead of him."

"I realize that. However, that's not what I am concerned about with him." The older shinobi answered.

"…what are you concerned about then?" Iruka questioned.

"You have noticed that Naruto has improved greatly this past year in his grades and his ability to use the basic jutsus with the exception of the Clone Jutsu, correct?" Hiruzen questioned. When the chūnin nodded, he continued. "I've been working with him, as well with the other students. Naruto really has improved greatly in every aspect and is willing to apply himself and learn. However, no matter how much he tries, he can never perform the Clone Jutsu. No matter how much you or I or anyone explains the concepts involved in the jutsu, he cannot use it."

"I believe Naruto's…condition prevents him from using the little amount of chakra needed for the jutsu." Hiruzen stated.

The academy instructor's eyes widened at the realization. "The fox…?"

Hiruzen nodded. "He has a lot of chakra. Too much chakra to be able to concentrate such a little amount and use the Clone Jutsu." He noted. "Therefore, when he takes his exam, I feel as if he should be judged on his other abilities. He should not be denied his graduation because he has too much chakra."

Iruka remained quiet as he thought about this information. He had never considered this before…and that was bothering him greatly.

"I'm not saying to pass the boy. Believe me; if he doesn't deserve promotion, then he should not be promoted. I do think, though, he shouldn't be punished and help back a year simply because he has too much chakra." Hiruzen clarified what he was saying.

"…I'll bring this up with the other instructors." Iruka said quietly as he looked downward to the ground. "…I can't believe I never noticed that before. If I did, I could've helped him better a long time ago…"

"Sometimes we miss things, Iruka." The former Hokage said sadly as he placed his hand on Iruka's shoulder. "…to be honest, I've noticed a few things this past year that I had been ignorant about too. Many of them are related to Naruto, actually." Hiruzen openly frowned at this. He did not realize the full extent of Naruto's potential, not did he know just how lonely the boy was even though he was surrounded by children his age, people ignorant of Naruto's 'condition' that he thought Naruto could befriend. "And it bothers me greatly that I had been unaware of things before, but there's nothing you can do about the past. What you can do, however, is know these things for the future. That way, you can act on them and also be more aware of things."

"…you're right." Iruka looked back up at Hiruzen and gave him a smile. "Thanks. For coming to the academy and helping Naruto and the other kids."

"It's the least I can do Iruka. Thank you for letting me come into your classes." Hiruzen replied with a similar smile. He then heard a noise come from the academy instructor's stomach, which caused him to laugh out loud as the chūnin turned red in embarrassment. "Would you like to go get something to eat with me Iruka?"

Despite his embarrassment, Iruka smiled as he nodded in affirmation.

Two days had passed and it was time for the graduation exam. The class scheduled to graduate walked into the academy and took their seats while waiting to receive their tests. In addition to them, there were a couple of students attempting to graduate early.

'Today's the day…' Naruto told himself as he walked in. 'This isn't like last time. I am going to pass dattebayo!'

The Uzumaki walked in and looked for a seat to sit in the room. As he scanned the room for one, he found an open seat in the corner of the room. To his surprise, though, he recognized the girl sitting in the seat next to it. She was a girl with short, indigo hair and was wearing a cream-colored jacket and navy blue pants. Naruto rushed over to her and took the chair next to her.

"Hinata?" The blonde called out her name.

The girl gasped as she turned to face the blonde. She was distracted with her thoughts and didn't even notice him there. Now, seeing the blonde, her cheeks started to redden.

"N-Naruto-kun…y-you are t-taking the graduation exam early?" She asked in surprise.

"Hell yeah! I'm gonna be Hokage, so I need to get out of the academy as fast as I can to train properly dattebayo!" Naruto declared confidently. "What about you? I didn't know you were going to try and graduate early."

"I d-didn't p-plan on it at f-first. But my f-father and s-some of the elders in m-my clan wanted me to graduate early when th-they heard that S-Sasuke-san was going t-to graduate early." The Hyūga answered quietly as she pressed her index fingers together.

"Sasuke?" Naruto started to scan the crowd of students looking for the Uchiha. It took him a few seconds, but he found him sitting on the opposite side of the room. He had his head lying on the desk. "I forgot he was trying to graduate early! He was talking about that a little bit ago! Something about not wanting to fall behind his brother or something?"

Hinata nodded slowly. "H-His father has been t-talking about him and the H-Hokage for a while. S-So my f-father wants m-me to become genin s-so our clan d-doesn't seem weaker th-than the Uchiha clan…"

"Ah, I see!" Naruto's eyes widened. "It's all about a bunch of political crap!"

Hinata giggled at Naruto's blunt manner of speaking. "P-Pretty much…"

The doors opened to the classroom again. Iruka entered the room and he was followed by a few other academy instructors. They were all holding different papers in their hands.

"Well, I guess we're starting this." Naruto realized as he gave the girl a thumbs up. "Good luck Hinata!"

The shy Hyūga blushed in response. "Y-You as well…"

'Oh boy…here it comes…' Naruto gulped.

The blonde managed to take the written test. He felt half-way decently about it. He also felt confident in his performance during the weapons-portion of the exam. Now, however, was the part he was worried about: the academy 'basic' jutsus.

Naruto was not worried about his substitution or transformation. What he was concerned about was the Clone Jutsu. He knew that it was his weakest aspect and he also knew that even when he tried his hardest, he could never create a single clone.

'Whatever, today I'll make a good clone! I'm graduating today dammit!' He told himself.

One-by-one, the students in the room went to the back to get tested on their jutsus. Naruto waited impatiently as he waited for his time. Nearly an hour passed before he saw one of the academy instructors, a tall man that he didn't recognize, come out and call his name.

"Showtime…" Naruto mumbled to himself as he got up from his seat.

The blonde followed the instructor to a large, open room. Iruka was there, along with the other academy instructors. Each of them were staring at him intently.

"Uzumaki Naruto, we will begin the third portion of the graduation exam. You will be tested on the academy basic jutsus." The tall instructor stated. "The first jutsu you will be tested on is the Substitution Jutsu."

He pointed to a pile of logs in the corner of the room. "Please replace yourself with one of the logs over there."

Naruto nodded in understanding. He performed a set of hand signs before activating the jutsu. In a second, the boy disappeared and was replaced with one of the logs. Naruto was now sitting in the corner on top of another log.

"Okay." Another instructor, a woman with blonde hair, noted. "Now, we will test you on the Substitution Jutsu. Uzumaki Naruto, please transform into any of the instructors here in this room."

Naruto nodded as he walked back to the center of the room. He made a hand sign and disappeared into a poof of smoke. The smoke cleared and he had transformed into a near-perfect copy of Iruka.

"…he even got your scar right Iruka-san!" The blonde-haired woman noted as she studied the boy's transformation.

"No one ever does. I don't know what's so difficult about it." Iruka chuckled as he stared at the boy with pride. "Good job Naruto!"

The blonde dropped the transformation and returned the smile with one of his own. Now, it was time for the part he was worried about: the clone jutsu.

The academy instructors started to discuss quietly amongst each other, confusing Naruto. The blonde was anxious about the clone jutsu and wanted to get it out of the way. He didn't want to wait too long…

A minute passed before the instructors stopped talking to each other. Iruka looked at the boy with a large smile on his face.

"Congratulations, Uzumaki Naruto. You are now an official genin of Konohagakure!" The scarred-chūnin declared as he held out a Konoha forehead protector to the blonde boy.

Naruto's eyes widened in surprise. He blinked multiple times before he spoke up.

"…is that it? L-Like…you don't want me to do the Clone Jutsu?" He asked hesitantly.

"It was brought to our attention that you may be incapable of ever using the Clone Jutsu due to the shear amount of chakra you possess. Therefore, we were testing you solely on your other abilities taking into account that you can't create clones." The blonde-instructor explained. She had a surprised look on her face. "Are you surprised or nervous or something? Do you not want to be a genin?"

"NO! I do!" Naruto shook his head in response. His confusion went away and the blonde was now smiling. His smile was the most sincere-one he had ever had on his face. His eyes were also tearing up slightly. "Thank you all so much! I promise you won't regret this!"

The blonde took his forehead protector and bowed to the academy instructors. He then left the classroom with a smile that was seemingly never going to disappear.

"I'm a genin! I'm a genin! I'm a genin!" Naruto repeated the same phrase over-and-over as he walked down the streets of Konoha to his apartment.

He was finally on the path to achieving his goal and becoming Hokage.

"Here are the list of the academy graduates Hokage-sama." Umino Iruka stated as he handed a file to the Godaime.

"Thank you Iruka. You are dismissed." Itachi said as he took the file.

Iruka bowed before leaving the Hokage's office. Itachi, now alone, opened the file and started to look at the names of those that passed.

The first name that stuck out to him was his brother's name. Itachi smiled when he saw the Sasuke had graduated. He knew from observing his little brother the past year that Sasuke was getting stressed a lot more and was focusing more and more on his training. He also knew the boy was not getting much sleep. Seeing him become genin early would hopefully show Sasuke that his training was improving his skills and help him calm down.

After seeing Sasuke's name, the Hokage then looked at the rest of the list. He recognized most of the students' names, as he was trying to make a conscious effort to remember the name and face of all of the villagers. However, only a few of the names on the list seemed to stick out to Itachi as potential shinobi.

Itachi couldn't help but chuckle when he got to the end of the list and noticed the name 'Uzumaki Naruto'. The Uchiha had become acquainted with the blonde boy decently, as the boy was sent to his office bi-weekly by shinobi for pulling some sort of prank on Konoha. While Itachi wouldn't consider himself particularly close to the blonde, he did enjoy his company and was happy to see that he became a genin as he wished.

'Now to design the genin teams…' Itachi told himself as he looked at the names.

He pulled up another file that he had put aside: a list of all the available jōnin that could take on a genin team. He put the list side-by-side against the list of the academy graduates and started to think about possible, effective genin teams.

A week had passed since the graduation exam. Uzumaki Naruto walked into the academy with a large grin on his face. The blonde was wearing the Konoha forehead protector on his forehead proudly.

As the blonde entered the designated classroom, he started to look for an open seat. He saw one next to a familiar black-haired classmate of his that his head lying on the desk. The blonde rushed over and took the spot.

"Hey Sasuke." He greeted the classmate.

Sasuke lifted his head and faced Naruto. The boy had black lines under his eye.

"Morning Naruto. I see you passed the exam as well." Sasuke noted with a smile on his face.

"Of course I did! And I see you did as well." Naruto stated as he pointed to Sasuke's forehead protector.

"Mhmm." The Uchiha said with a yawn. "Now the goal is to get to chūnin in a year or two."

"Heh, I bet I can get to chūnin before you can!" The Uzumaki declared.

The black-haired boy raised his eyebrows in a taunting fashion. "You sure about that?"

"I am!" Naruto exclaimed. He put his hand to his head in a thinking gesture before he snapped his finger, coming up with an idea. "How about this? Whoever becomes chūnin first wins. The loser has to buy the winner dinner!"

"Deal!" Sasuke nodded in understanding as he held out his hand. "Just so you know, I don't lose."

"Likewise." Naruto stated as he shook the Uchiha's hand.

After making the bet, Sasuke yawned before he laid his head back down on his desk. Naruto laughed slightly. The Uchiha boy was different than what he had expected him to be. When Naruto had first met him in the academy, Naruto thought he was going to be arrogant due to all the praise he was getting for being an Uchiha and 'a prodigy'. Naruto soon realized after a few conversations with him that Sasuke was anything but arrogant. Competitive, yes, but not arrogant. He was just a quiet boy who seemed to have some interest in mischief. The few times he talked to Sasuke, Naruto always had fun.

With Sasuke trying to sleep, though, Naruto sat down at his chair quietly while waiting to hear about what was going to happen now that he was a genin.

A few minutes passed by and more students entered the room. Iruka then finally entered the room, holding a list of names. He stood at a podium in the front of the room, stared at all of the students, and started to smile.

"From this day forward, you are all genin of Konoha. As one of your academy teachers, I just want to let you all know how proud I am of you." Iruka told the class with a smile on his face. "You've all done excellent in your studies and training. I believe with all my heart that this may be one of the finest classes Konoha has ever produced, and I can't wait to see what extraordinary shinobi you all become!"

Many of the academy-graduates were beaming at the praise. Naruto, himself, had a large smile on his face.

"Now, I'm going to not waste any time for you all. As you all know, you are all going to be placed into teams of three under one jōnin sensei. I'm going to read the names of the teams. Pay attention carefully, because I will not repeat myself!" Iruka declared as he pulled the list close to his face. "Now…team one…"

Naruto tried his best to pay attention to the members of the teams, but he failed. Considering he had graduated a year early, he had no idea who the members of the graduating class were. Therefore, he didn't really care which person was in which team. He just kept his ears focused, waiting for his name.

"Team five," Iruka stared as he started to read a new set of names, "Uzumaki Naruto, Tenten, and Hyūga Neji."

'That's me!' Naruto exclaimed excitedly as he started to look around the classroom for his teammates.

In the front of the room, Naruto noticed a kunoichi with brown hair styled into buns on the top of her head. She was wearing a pink sleeveless blouse and green pants. Naruto noticed the girl seemed to have a smile on her face after hearing the names in the team, so he assumed that she was 'Tenten'.

The Uzumaki looked around the classroom, but he saw no one else had a reaction. Whoever 'Hyūga Neji' was, he had no reaction whatsoever to hearing his name called. The blonde shrugged. 'Whatever. I'll meet him in a little bit.'

Iruka continued reading more teams. Naruto didn't seem to pay attention until Iruka got to the end of his list. "Team Nine: Rock Lee, Hyūga Hinata, and Uchiha Sasuke."

'Hinata did pass!' Naruto's eyes moved back to the room. In the far-most corner at the top of the classroom, he noticed Hinata there. 'Guess she and Sasuke are going to be on the same team. At least they have someone they know!' Naruto's eyes widened as he then realized something. 'Wait a second…her last name is the same as my teammate's. Is she related to him or something?'

Iruka read off one more team before putting the list down. "Those are your teams. You will now have an hour break to go get lunch. Report back here in an hour to meet your jōnin sensei. You are all dismissed!"

The academy-graduates stood up in their chairs and walked out with friends and/or their teammates to go eat together. Naruto got up from his chair and stretched before he looked around the classroom.

"Alright, time to go find my teammates! Where's…" Naruto mumbled to himself as he turned in the direction of where he thought 'Tenten' was. When he turned in the direction, he saw she was no longer there. She had already left the room. "…huh…"

Naruto walked out of the building and started to look amongst the newly-made genin for Tenten. He did not see her. The boy also tried to find his other teammate, but considering he had know idea what Neji looked like, he couldn't find the boy.

'…fine. Guess I'm eating lunch by myself.' Naruto said with a sigh.

The Uzumaki walked off alone as he went to go get himself food.

'This sucks…I didn't even get to have a good lunch.' Naruto whined as he rubbed his stomach. 'There's no good place near the academy!'

The Uzumaki walked back into the classroom an hour after being dismissed. The boy was irritated. He scanned the room for his teammates upon entering. He then spot the same girl with brown hair styled into buns. Naruto immediately rushed over to her.

"Hey! Are you Tenten?" He questioned.

"…yes. And you are?" The girl answered while studying him.

"I was looking for you after Iruka-sensei dismissed us! I'm Uzumaki Naruto." Naruto greeted.

"Oh! You're the kid in my team that graduated early!" Tenten realized after hearing his response.

"Hey! I'm not a kid!" The Uzumaki responded loudly.

"You're younger than me, so you're a kid to me." Tenten declared with a playful smirk. She held out her hand. "Nice to meet you Naruto. Sorry for disappearing on you then. I had to go meet up with a friend really quick."

"That's no big deal. Nice to meet you too!" Naruto said as he shook her hand. "Now all I have to do is figure out who Neji is."

"You don't know Neji?" The girl questioned with a surprised look on her face.

"Um…no. Remember, not in your graduating class? I don't know a single person here except for the two other people who graduated early." Naruto answered with a shrug.

"Still, thought you would've known him. The academy instructor love to talk about Neji." Tenten rolled her eyes as she spoke.

The brown-haired girl pointed to a boy sitting a few tables behind them. He had black hair that he wore in a ponytail and white eyes. He wore a khaki-colored shirt and dark brown shorts. The boy was sitting quietly in his chair with a stern expression on his face.

"That's him." She answered.

"Hmm…" Naruto started to walk over in the direction of him. "I'll go say hi then."

To his surprise, Tenten grabbed him by the arm and pulled him backwards towards her and away from the boy. When the blonde looked at her surprise, he saw that she was shaking her head.

"Just wait until we meet up with our sensei. Neji's a jackass and you may want to put off knowing him for as long as you can." She explained.

"…how bad is he?" Naruto asked in surprise.

"Major superiority complex and claims how it is 'fate' for him to be better than the others." Tenten rolled her eyes.


"I'm kinda simplifying it, but yeah, pretty much."

"…shit, I guess we do have a major jackass on our team." Naruto sighed in annoyance.

"He is, but hey, at least he's a good ninja. That means he won't hold us back." Tenten offered before she started to study the blonde again. "So, what are you capable of Naruto? Anything interesting?"

"Me?" A grin appeared on his face. "Well, I'm good at-"

"Team five! Hey!"

Naruto and Tenten turned around to face the door to the room and stood. The boy identified as Neji stood up as well. Standing in the doorway was a young man with unkempt short black hair with the Konoha forehead protector underneath. He had on the standard Konoha jacket over a black shirt and wore black pants. He also had a sword attached to the back of his outfit. The man had a smirk on his face.

"So I take it you three are Naruto, Tenten, and Neji?" He asked. Seeing the three of them nod, he started to walk off. "The name's Uchiha Shisui and I'm gonna be your jōnin sensei. We got a few things to talk about, so I'd follow me if I were any of you!"

The three newly assigned members of Team Five hurried out of their seats to follow the man, Shisui, wherever he was going.

The three newly-appointed genin followed Shisui all the way to a playground outside of the academy. Not a single kid was there, so the playground was left for them alone.

"Dips on the swing!" Shisui shouted to the genin as he bolted forward.

Naruto and Tenten watched in surprise as the jōnin seemingly disappeared and reappeared above the swing on the playground. He got on the swing and started to swing immediately. Naruto and Tenten looked at the man in complete surprise while Neji looked on in indifference. The three of them made no move towards Shisui.

"Come on guys! Get over here!" The Uchiha shouted at them. "Take a seat on one of the other swings."

Neji shook his head as he walked forward. Naruto and Tenten followed. The Hyūga sat down on the ground. His two teammates sat down next to him. Naruto decided to take this moment to introduce himself to his teammate.

"Nice to meet you Neji. I'm Naruto!" The blonde said as he held out his hand.

"I know your name. Iruka said it after he announced the members of our team." Neji said sharply, not even looking at the blonde. "Don't get in my way and we'll get along fine Naruto."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Naruto snapped at him.

"I also recognize your name from another source: you're the troublemaker that pranks the village for attention. You're considered a good-for-nothing loser with no real talent." The Hyūga shook his head. "Frankly, I do not know how you managed to become a shinobi, but who am I to question fate. Again, just don't get in my way."

The Uzumaki glared at the Hyūga. He was about to open his mouth to respond back, but he was interrupted by the jōnin.

"Hey, hey, no fighting. Not yet at least." Shisui shouted from the swing. "…come on, does no one want to swing with me? It's fun!"

The three academy-graduates stared at the jōnin in confusion. Another second passed before Shisui jumped off the swing and sat down in front them. He had a frown on his face.

"None of you are fun…" He sighed.

"We're just confused Shisui-sensei. I thought you wanted to talk to us about something about the team…not take us out to the playground." Tenten replied uneasily.

"…meh, fair point." Shisui sighed. "Well whatever, we can do the boring business stuff. So…can you all tell me about yourselves?"

"What do you want to know?" Naruto asked.

Shisui brought his hand to his face and rubbed a nonexistent beard thoughtfully. "…how about you all tell me your name, your interests, why you wanted to become a shinobi, and what your plan is for the future."

The jōnin then proceeded to point to the blonde. "Since you were the one to ask, how about you go first?"

"Um…okay! Sure!" Naruto said as he pointed his thumb at his chest. "The name's Uzumaki Naruto! I like ramen, designing and performing pranks on people, and gardening. I've wanted to be a shinobi my whole life after hearing all sorts of stories about different shinobi and then decided I was going to do it when I met the old man Sandaime. My plan for the future is to become the best Hokage our village has had and earn the respect of all the villagers here!"

Neji shook his head in response. "The Hokage are chosen from the elite shinobi. A boy like you with no real talent will never become Hokage."

"And what do you know-" Naruto started.

"MOVING ALONG!" Shisui shouted loudly, causing Naruto to stop talking. The Uchiha turned to Neji. "You seem to have a lot to say. Wanna share about yourself?"

The boy shrugged in response. "I'm Hyūga Neji. I don't have anything I'm particularly interested in. I became a shinobi as it is part of my duty as a member of the…branch family…of the Hyūga clan." Neji's fist tightened in anger, but it eased up a second later. "I have no plans for the future. Fate will determine what will happen for me."

'…what kind of answer is that? 'Fate will determine what will happen?' Bullshit!' Naruto rolled his eyes.

'And they say the Uchiha can be assholes…actually, that is true.' Shisui corrected his thoughts before continuing. 'But seriously, that fate complex is going to get annoying. And it's going to hold him back in his missions and his teamwork. I'm going to have to find some way to beat it out of him fast.'

"Last but not least?" Shisui then turned his attention to the sole girl on the team.

"My name's Tenten. No family name or anything." Tenten started her introduction. "I like practicing with different weapons, doing volunteer work at the Konoha Orphanage, fortunetelling, and reading. I wanted to become a shinobi growing up hearing stories about the shinobi in the orphanage in Konoha. I then wanted to become a shinobi to help out Konoha! And my plan for the future is to become a legendary kunoichi, like Tsunade of the Sannin!"

'She's an orphan too?' Naruto realized after her introduction. He stared at his teammate with a new-found sense of understanding.

"Honorable. Very honorable." Shisui said with a nod.

"And you Sensei?" Naruto asked.

"…eh, why not?" The Uchiha shrugged in response before he stood up and clapped his hands together in a dramatic fashion. "I'm Uchiha Shisui! I like pulling pranks, just like Naruto here. I also like fireworks, parties, music, and excitement. I kinda just like having fun and always making sure I'm doing something!" The Uchiha's face then dropped as he became serious. "I was born during the Third Shinobi World War and my Mom died in combat against a squad of Kiri shinobi. That's what inspired me to become a shinobi. I don't want so see anyone close to me die again…I want to make sure I can be able to do something and protect the people I care about. That also ties into my plans for the future. I'm going to be here in Konoha and do my best to make sure the village stays peaceful and that everyone I care about can live a full life."

Naruto, Tenten, and even Neji were staring at the Uchiha in surprise after his reason for becoming a shinobi and his plans for the future. They had started to gain some respect for the man that was going to be their sensei.

A few seconds passed before Shisui's serious expression dropped and a playful look came over his face. "Oh, I guess another plan for the future is to love my virginity soon."

Immediately, that newfound respect disappeared.

"We did NOT need to know that Shisui-sensei!" Naruto exclaimed loudly.

"What?" Shisui blinked in confusion before a frown came over his face. "I'm over twenty and I still haven't lost it yet! No one's interested in me I guess. Is that not pathetic of me?"

"Pervert…" Tenten was glaring at the Uchiha.

"How does wanting to lose my virginity make me a pervert?" Shisui rolled his eyes. "It's not like I'm reading porn out in public!"

Hatake Kakashi was currently walking down the streets of Konoha reading an orange book when he sneezed.

"Hmm…wonder if anyone's thinking about me…" Kakashi wondered. Suddenly, a thought entered his head. "Oh yeah. Today's the day of the graduation from the academy. I guess I ought to pick up my students."

The man proceeded to walk to the academy, still reading his book.

"What kind of person reads porn in public for everyone to see? Some kind of super pervert?" Naruto asked in confusion.

"If you get far enough in your career, you'll meet him. He's actually a pretty cool guy, if you can look past a lot of his quirks." Shisui answered with a shrug.

"…" Neji shook his head in frustration. "How you and your 'friend' became jōnin, I have no idea."

"'Fate' has a funny sense of humor, doesn't it?" The Uchiha commented with a snicker.

Neji responded by glaring at the man.

"Well, now I know a little bit more about you and now you know more about me." Shisui declared.

"More than we'd like to know…" Naruto mumbled.

"Pervert…" Tenten added with a glare.

"Not a pervert!" Shisui rolled his eyes. "Anyway, back on topic! We've got to talk about the genin test you all have tomorrow!"

Tenten and Neji stopped glaring and gave the sensei a confused look.

"What do you mean 'genin test'? Didn't we just pass it?" Naruto asked in confusion.

"Oh yeah! I forgot they don't tell you about this in the academy." Shisui chuckled to himself. "Basically, the test you just took was a pre-test, if you want to call it that. You aren't officially genin yet. So tomorrow, the three of you are going to take a test that I will assign you all to make sure you are all ready to become genin. It's about…um…" The Uchiha stopped talking, as if he was thinking of something. A few seconds passed before he started to speak up. "I remember now! It's a sixty-six percent chance of failure."

Shisui's explanation of the 'genin test' and his nonchalant manner in explaining it surprised the academy-graduates. Neji's eyes were wide while Naruto and Tenten were both openly gaping at their sensei.

The Uchiha jōnin watched their reactions to his announcement and started to laugh loudly in response. 'Yep, this sensei thing actually is kinda fun. Hopefully they pass tomorrow!'

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