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Uchiha Shisui delivered the news about the 'true' genin exam to his students. He gave them information about the statistics and the location of his exam. After relaying all of the information and answering any questions, the jōnin dismissed his students. The three of them left to go prepare for their exam the next day. Once they had left, Shisui went on his way home as well. Unlike his students, however, he had plans to enjoy the night. He was going to go out partying with a few of his friends.

There was an an unofficial tradition between Shisui and his friends. When no one in their friend group was out of the village due to missions, they would all meet up at a bar and go drinking. Tonight was one of the nights where everyone was in the village, and Shisui was sure as hell not going to pass up a night of drinking!

The Uchiha left his apartment at around seven at night and arrived at the bar shortly after. At the door, he was greeted by a man in green spandex with a bowl haircut.

"Shisui-san, you are here at last!" The man stated excitably as he rushed over and placed his hand on the Uchiha's shoulder.

"Heh, what's up Gai?" Shisui asked with a chuckle. "Still waiting on Kakashi?"

The man, Gai, had a tendency where he waited for everyone to arrive at the bar before he sat down himself and had a drink. It was something Shisui respected, but it was not something he himself could ever do.

"No, Shisui-san, you were the last one to arrive. Kakashi has been here for a while." Gai pointed out as he started to walk away from the door and towards the bar chairs.

"Wait, hold on a second. Kakashi, of all people, beat me here?" Shisui asked with wide eyes before his face fell in mock-depression. "…well, if that doesn't make you feel bad, I don't know what will."

"Do not trouble yourself about your tardiness! I was previously with Kakashi and I simply dragged him over to the bar with me. I fear he, as 'hip' and 'cool' as he always is, would still be away if I wasn't with him to bring him here!" Gai replied with a loud, spirited laugh.

"Still, sorry for being the one to keep you away from everyone." The Uchiha still apologized.

The two men started to walk through the bar towards a few seats at the end. There, Shisui recognized everyone there: Mitarashi Anko, Gekkō Hayate, Sarutobi Asuma, and Hatake Kakashi.

"Look who's finally here?" Asuma noted with a smirk. He had a bottle of sake in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

"Yeah, yeah. Sorry about that." Shisui apologized again.

"Not like anyone but Gai was waiting on you." Anko responded as she held out a bottle of sake towards the Uchiha. "I covered your first one, cause I'm in a good mood. Now, let's get you wasted already!"

"You? In a good mood? Who did you kill?" The Uchiha snickered as he took a bottle of sake.

"Oh, just a little spy that we discovered about a week ago." The purple-haired woman answered.

A silence filled the air for a few seconds before Shisui spoke up. "Shit…I was just kidding. You actually did kill someone."

"This surprises you?" Asuma questioned. "This is Anko we are talking about!"

Anko actually laughed at that. She then started to speak about the reason for her 'good mood'. "We ended up catching a spy that was working for Orochimaru. Ibiki and I got him to squeal like a little runt and after that, I got permission from our good buddy Hokage-sama to off the son of a bitch myself!" The purple-haired woman stopped talking to take a drink from her own sake bottle before continuing. "But yeah, any information on that snake bastard and possibly catching him will make me happy! So, enjoy the sake."

"I will. And I'll drink to that!" Shisui stated as he raised his bottle.

"Likewise!" Asuma added, raising his own.

"I will as well!" Gai exclaimed.

Hayate chuckled to himself before raising his own bottle of sake, giving his agreement.

Kakashi raised his thumb in agreement. The man did not have a bottle of sake, as he was not much a drinker. Honestly, he only went to these bar nights simply because Gai always requested it. Although the 'Copy Ninja' had to admit that they usually ended up being pretty funny.

The collective group of shinobi, minus Kakashi, took a drink from their bottles and started to chat about various different topics. They spent a long time going over Hayate's relationship with his girlfriend Yugao, Asuma's romantic interest in a red-eyed newly made jōnin, Gai's various 'competitions' against Kakashi, and other different topics. After a few bottles of sake, Hayate started a new topic.

"So…ahem…" He coughed before continuing to speak. "Did any of you get assigned a genin team?"

"Yup." Kakashi raised his hand in response.

"And the team of brats has already failed, am I right?" Asuma questioned with a snicker.

"…hmm…I guess so." Kakashi said with a shrug. "I got a boy who is emotionally distraught because he didn't get put on a team with his 'girlfriend', a boy who was forced into the academy by his parents and doesn't want to become a shinobi at all, and a girl who thinks she's better than her classmates because both of her parents are jōnin." The 'Copy Ninja' stopped talking to sigh. "I'm going to give them the bell test, but I don't think they are going to pass."

"That's unfortunate Kakashi. I was hoping that both of us would be passing our teams!" Gai stated dramatically. "I had high hopes that we would both have a star pupil who would become eternal rivals like the two of us!"

Kakashi blinked in response. "…did you say something Gai?"

The spandex-wearing jōnin was about to complain about Kakashi's 'hip' attitude, but he was interrupted by Anko.

"May whatever God is out there look down upon your students Gai. They are going to need all the help they can get." She stated.

"So rude…" Gai lamented.

"Heh, well maybe you'll get a rival from my team." Shisui commented with a chuckle.

"You were assigned a genin team?" Hayate asked with wide eyes before he started to cough.

"…yeah, why?" The Uchiha gave Hayate a strange look.

The swordsman simply shrugged in response. "You seem like the type…ahem…who would refuse to take a team."

"Oh believe me, I did! I thought Itachi was messing with me when he assigned me to a team." Shisui admitted with a chuckle. "But, you know, I met the kids today and I honestly think they aren't half bad. I think they could become something one day."

"Seriously?" Anko gave the Uchiha a strange look. He nodded in response, which caused her to shrug. "You're brave then. I'd never consider passing a genin team. No way would I ever be a glorified babysitter!"

"Anko-san, what an unyouthful thing to say! Being a sensei for a genin squad is one of the most rewarding honors any shinobi can receive and I am indeed honored to have a team assigned to me!" Gai exclaimed as he turned and gave Shisui a thumbs up and a smile. His teeth seemingly gleamed. "I wish you the best of luck with your team Shisui-san and I hope that the two of us can lead our genin to a legacy of greatness!"

"Heh. Wait a bit and see if they pass my genin test." The Uchiha chuckled. "But yeah, I wish you the same luck as well Gai."

The rest of the night passed by quickly. Shisui returned back to his apartment shortly after midnight and went to sleep. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day and he wanted to make sure he was wide awake.

'…am I even in the right part of the village?' Naruto asked himself as he walked down a street.

It was the day of the 'true' genin test and Naruto was currently looking for the meeting place that Shisui had told them to go to. He had given each of them a small card that had the location mapped out where there exam would take place.

Naruto had assumed that the exam would be taking place in on the multiple training grounds in Konoha. Instead, his exam appeared to be happening in the middle of the streets in Konoha. The map was taking the blonde into the edge of the village and towards an area of the village that was undergoing construction.

The blonde continued to wander the streets, trying to reach the destination marked on his card. Nearly thirty minutes after he started searching, he finally found it: a small park filled with many different flowers and trees. It was the only area in this part of the village that seemed to be 'completed' and not under any form of construction. Standing in this park by the trees were Neji and Tenten, the two genin assigned to Naruto's team. A grin developed on Naruto's face as he rushed over to them.

"Hey! Guys!" Naruto shouted.

Tenten and Neji, who were both previously just waiting in silence, turned their heads in the direction of the blonde. Neji quickly turned his head back while Tenten smiled back to the boy and waved at him.

"How are you doing Naruto? You ready for today?" She asked him.

"You bet! I was born ready!" Naruto exclaimed with a smile.

"If you were 'born ready', then you probably would have arrived earlier. You were almost late." Neji commented, still not looking at Naruto.

Naruto responded by glaring at the Hyūga. "Hey shut up Neji! I've never been to this part of the village, so I got lost. Sue me!" The Uzumaki then started to look at the area around him in curiosity. "Where are we anyway? This doesn't look like a good place to take any kind of test in."

"The official name for this whole area is Shibuya. It's going to become a new residential area of Konoha." Tenten commented, getting Naruto's attention. "Construction started here a little less than a month ago. It's going to be kinda expensive from what I hear, so its geared more towards the wealthy citizens and the jōnin that take enough high-ranked missions to afford a place out here. But when it's finished, it's supposedly going to be really nice."

"Ah, I see." Naruto nodded his head in understanding. Still, the blonde did seem confused. "But then why are we taking our test all the way out here?"

Tenten opened her mouth to respond, but a new voice spoke up before her. "It's the perfect place, that's why!"

Naruto and Tenten jumped back in surprise at the voice. Neji himself turned his head in the direction of the voice. Standing at the very top of one of the trees in the park was Uchiha Shisui. He was holding a brown cardboard box filled with different weapons and traps inside of it. The man jumped down to the ground in front of the students carefully, making sure the contents inside his box did not fall out.

"Were you there the whole time Shisui-sensei?" Tenten asked in surprise. "I can't believe Neji or I didn't notice you!"

"Nah, don't stress out about that. I just got here as well." Shisui responded sheepishly.

'Even if he is a jōnin, the fact that he got up to that tree without any of us noticing or hearing a thing is impressive.' Neji made a mental note as he studied the Uchiha. 'Interesting. I wonder what he is capable of.'

"Shisui-sensei, how is the area perfect for the exam?" Naruto spoke up.

"Well, it's perfect for MY exam. Which I guess I'm going to have to explain to you guys now." Shisui shrugged in response before starting to speak. "Basically, our exam is going to be a giant search mission throughout the construction grounds."

"…huh?" Naruto blinked.

"…I probably didn't explain that well at all." The Uchiha sighed to himself. "Basically, I'm going to end up hiding somewhere in the construction grounds of the area and you all are going to have to find me. I'm going to be trying to avoid you and you all need to keep on my trail and make sure that I can't get away. If one of you is able to find me and touch me, even if it's just my shirt or something, then you all will pass."

"Wait, does only one of us need to touch you?" Tenten questioned, slightly confused.

"Yup! But just saying, it doesn't mean that one person will be able to do all the work for you guys. Not to brag or any of that, but nothing less than all three of you working together will be able to even find me, let alone actually reach me." Shisui answered with a shrug.

"You're a jōnin. Even if the three of us worked together, you should still be able to avoid us no matter what we do." Neji commented with a slight glare.

"I realize that, and I am going to dumb down my own evasion skills. But in the end, I can do whatever I want. This is my test and I make up the damn rules. If you have a problem with that, well, you can bitch and rant to the academy instructors when you return there after failing." Shisui responded nonchalantly.

Naruto and Tenten gulped at the prospect of failure. Neji, on the other, hand glared at the jōnin in response.

"Anyway…just saying, this exam actually is taking me a lot longer to prepare than I had thought. I thought I'd be done with all the stuff by now, but I'm not." The Uchiha commented sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head. "So…yeah, I'm going to have to postpone the test for one more hour though."

"What do you mean by that? What preparations do you need to do?" Naruto asked loudly out of irritation and impatience. "You told us the exam would be at noon and we are here at noon!"

Tenten nodded in agreement. Even Neji made a slight head gesture that showed he was interested in his sensei's response.

"See this box?" Shisui asked, holding up the brown box. His three students nodded. "It's full of traps that I'm setting throughout the construction ground."

"You're setting traps for us?" Tenten asked in shock.

"No shit." The Uchiha rolled his eyes. "Any battlefield or area during a mission could be filled with traps. And any skilled shinobi will be able to spot them and avoid them."

'Oh man…this might be tough.' Naruto gulped. He could see different sticks of firework sticking out of the box and he felt himself starting to sweat.

"Anywho, I need to finish setting everything up. Shouldn't take more than an hour though." Shisui noted. "I'll be back as soon as I finish setting things up. You all can use the time to strategize or something. Do whatever you want…just please don't go out wandering while I'm gone or something. I want to get this started as soon as I can! I already made plans and I don't like that this exam is going to take longer than I planned for!" The Uchiha proceeded to give his students a glare. "So, don't leave the area until I get back. If I come back and you all aren't here, I will fail all three of you on the spot."

On that note, Shisui disappeared immediately without a trace. His three students were staring wide-eyed at the spot on the ground where he previously was.

"…well this exam is going to be serious business." Tenten remarked dryly with a nervous chuckle.

"I'll say." Naruto responded with a similar uneasy laugh.

"Shisui-sensei did give us an hour to prepare for the exam. That will be very useful for us." Neji commented.

"That's actually true! We at least have a lot time to prepare for this thing." Tenten agreed, thinking on a more positive light than what she had previously.

"…yeah, yeah. We can totally come up with a kickass plan that'll work!" Naruto declared excitably, all traces of nervousness gone. "So, do any of you guys have an idea for a plan?"

"Naruto, I'd advise not participating in this exam, as you'll just hold us back. Tenten and I will find Shisui and capture him." Neji informed him sharply.

"Neji!" Tenten glared at the Hyūga prodigy.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Naruto glared at the Hyūga. "I know you think you're hot shit and all, but you do realize that Shisui-sensei outright said that it's gonna take the three of us to find him!"

"That may be true for a normal team of genin, but I have reason to believe that you will simply hold us back. I looked up more information on you and I learned that you tried to graduate the year before and failed. What once seemed impressive, graduating a year ahead of your class, now doesn't seem impressive at all when you realize that you actually tried to graduate two years ago and failed the test." Neji explained his train-of-thought before he looked at Naruto in a condescending manner. "Once a failure, always a failure. Just stay out of our way during this exam and you'll pass."

"Hey asshole! You don't know shit!" Naruto rolled his eyes. "So what if I failed once before? I didn't really take myself or my studies seriously then. I'm better now!"

"That's what you say, and you may have put more of an effort this year, but you can never fully change yourself. Everyone will remain the same way that fate had intended them to be. In your case, you were a failure and will always remain a failure." Neji answered with the same condescending look.

The Hyūga looked as if he was going to continue, but he was interrupted by Tenten. "Neji shut up!"

The kunoichi sighed in frustration as she massaged her temples. "Look, Naruto may have failed the test a while ago, but he obviously passed this year! He's more than capable and can help us! Don't go judging him until you see what he can do!"

'Tenten…' Naruto was staring at the kunoichi with wide eyes. It was rather uncommon for someone to openly defend him in such a manner, let alone someone who he had just met.

"Hmph." Neji scoffed. "Believe what you want. I'm just saying what I see from the facts."

Tenten opened her mouth to speak again, but this time, Naruto spoke up.

"Hey, Neji, you say you know me from my pranks and stuff, right?" He asked. Neji nodded, which caused him to continue. "So you know how long it takes for me to get caught, right?"

"I cannot say. I don't believe I came across that information." Neji replied with a shrug. "What about it?"

"Then you don't know that it takes the shinobi after me around two to three hours to catch me!" The Uzumaki declared with a smug grin. His statement caused Neji's eyes to widen. "Yeah, they say you're a prodigy and you probably aren't bad at stuff. But I'm not the horrible failure you think I am and I'll prove it today!"

"…" Neji developed a grin on his face. His grin had elements of smugness and curiosity. "Then we'll see today if you prove me wrong or not."

"Heh. We'll see dattebayo!" Naruto replied, his grin matching Neji's.

The two boys got into a stare-off, neither one dropping their gaze at the other. Neither Naruto nor Neji were blinking. Nearly a minute passed before Tenten coughed in annoyance, getting their attention.

"Yeah, you guys do remember about our exam, right? The one we should probably prepare for?" She asked them sarcastically.

"Heh. Of course!" Naruto nodded with a nervous chuckle before his eyes filled with determination. "So, let's plan this. Who is good at what?"

The three academy graduates were able to quickly make up a plan for their upcoming exam. Neji, who possessed the Byakugan, would be able to search through the unfinished buildings and would be able to spot Shisui. He would be the one who would keep track of Shisui's movements during the exam.

Tenten was someone who apparently had a skill for weapons and a variety of different uses you could use them for. Therefore, her role was to use the weapons that she had brought with her and create as many different traps as she could. She would place them in different locations throughout the areas by any of Shisui's discovered traps to trip him up. She, along with her teammates, had suspected that the Uchiha would discover them and wouldn't actually fall for them. They would, however, would cause him to have to slow down to avoid them, meaning that they would indeed impede his movements.

Naruto was the one who was delegated the responsibility of reaching Shisui and touching him. He, having experience of running from his time escaping the shinobi chasing him, stood the best chance of actually being able to catch Shisui.

Naruto would move ahead of his teammates. Neji would inform of any changes in Shisui's movements, which would cause Naruto and his teammates to follow him. Whenever they found any of Shisui's traps, Tenten would recreate her own in hopes that, if they chased Shisui back to them, they would be able to slow him down slightly. Their plan was slightly crude, but it was the best chance that they felt they had.

Having designed their plan, the three academy graduates remained at the park, waiting impatiently for their sensei to finish his preparations.

"Ah, how long does it take someone to set up a few traps? Shisui-sensei is really taking his sweet time." Naruto groaned.

"Honestly, the guy's probably messing with us. Just making us wait because he's a perverted jerk!" Tenten grumbled.

Neji said nothing. The boy had decided to use his time to meditate. He had no complaints or issues with the Uchiha taking more time.

Around fifty minutes had passed since Shisui had left and Naruto and Tenten were at a newfound level of irritation and impatience. It was at this moment that a loud explosion was heard further down in the construction area.

Naruto and Tenten turned their heads in the direction of the explosion in surprise. Neji broke his meditation and looked in the same direction.

"What was that?" Naruto questioned in panic.

Tenten opened her mouth to answer, but another explosion sounded off in the same direction. This time, the noise was even louder.

"Okay, that isn't normal. Something's going on over there!" Naruto exclaimed frantically.

Neji noticed that the blonde looked as if he was going to run in that direction. Remembering the words of their sensei about leaving the area, he proceeded to speak up.

"Relax, Naruto. The explosions could be a result of construction." He stated calmly. "Or, maybe Shisui-sensei is over in that direction, setting up traps. Maybe one of his traps went off and caused the explosion. There's no reason to leave and check it out. Everything is fine."

Naruto looked over at Neji and nodded at the answer. He seemed to accept it and started to calm down. Just as he was finally to be at ease again, another explosion went off in the same direction. They could now see that one of the buildings in the distance was on fire. The Uzumaki's eyes widened. He proceeded to turn his head to Neji and point at the fire.

"There's no way that's for construction! And I sure as hell think Shisui-sensei wouldn't make his traps like that to kill us! Something is going on that way…something bad!" Naruto declared loudly.

Neji's eyes narrowed on the fire. He was now seeing the explosions in a different light and was now considering the source of them to be a potential threat.

"What are we going to do about it though?" Tenten asked in the same frantic tone of voice as Naruto.

"I'm going over there!" Naruto stated.

Tenten's eyes widened. "By yourself? What about what Shisui-sensei said?"

Naruto's eyes were focused on the fire as he spoke with a voice filled with a mixture of nervousness and determination. "He'll have to understand. Something is going on over there and someone could be over there in trouble!"

The kunoichi agreed with her blonde teammate. Something was indeed happening in the distance and it did not seem innocent at all. The blonde was also right. Someone, such as a construction worker or a resident of the village on a walk, could be over there in trouble.

"…you're right. Then I'll go with you!" Tenten declared.

Neji stared in the direction of the fire intently. He then brought his fingers together. "Byakugan!"

The Hyūga, using the Byakugan, was able to see over into the area that was on fire. He could make out a figure of a figure wearing a black cloak making hand signs.

"Someone is over there causing the explosions." Neji stated, his eyes fixated on the figure. "…if you two are going over there, then you'll have to find them. I'll help."

Naruto gave his two teammates a nod before he started to run in the direction of the fire. Tenten and Neji followed behind as fast as they could.

It took the academy graduates around one minute of sprinting to reach the area with the burning building. Standing in front of it was, as Neji said, a figure wearing a cloak. The physical appearance of the person could not be determined at all. What was noticeable, though, was that the person was making hand signs and causing explosions in the area.

As Naruto, Tenten, and Neji arrived, Tenten tried to throw a kunai at the figure's head. The person, however, managed to react in time and avoid the weapon. The person then stared in the direction of the newly-arrived academy graduates.

"What are you doing over here?" Naruto demanded.

"…none of your business kid." The figure responded in a feminine voice, identifying the person as female. "You brats move along now. Don't want any of you getting hurt."

"Bullshit that it isn't our business! We're Konoha shinobi and you're attacking our village!" Naruto declared as he pulled a shuriken.

The woman, seeing the shuriken, quickly jumped backwards and started to make hand sings. "Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!"

She released a giant fireball from her mouth aimed at the academy graduates. Naruto, Tenten, and Neji jumped out in time to avoid the fireball. Naruto responded by tossing a shuriken at the woman. Tenten pulled out a set of kunai of her own and started chucking them at the woman. She proceeded to dodge all the thrown weapons as she started to run up to them, making hand signs of her own.

Neji, seeing her come forward, starting to run towards her ahead of his teammates. He reached the woman before she finished her hand signs and tried to land a palm strike on her. She dodged his attack by moving to the side. She then grabbed his shoulder tightly with her land hand raised her right hand to punch him. Just as she was about to, Naruto quickly rushed over and stopped her. The boy landed a fist at her, knocking her back away from Neji.

"…heh, you are fast I guess." Neji noted.

"You bet I am!" Naruto declared with a smirk. "Now come on, let's take this woman down!"

"I can see that her chakra levels are around jōnin-level. This is going to be very difficult, if even possible at all. We are all going to have to be very careful." Neji advised.

"Hold on a sec!" Tenten told them as she took a scroll out of her pocket. She tossed it into the air and made a hand sign. The scroll released a series of kunai that had explosive tags attached to them into the sky. The tags were activated and blew up in the sky, creating a loud, very visible explosion in the air. "Hopefully that'll clue someone else in on what's going on over here!"

"Heh. Smart thinking!" Naruto complimented.

"Back-up is going to be needed." Neji noted. His eyes then stiffened as he turned to face the woman again, noticing her preparing for a jutsu. "Naruto, Tenten, be careful!"

"Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu!"

The woman released multiple, smaller fireballs from her mouth aimed at the academy graduates. Naruto, Tenten, and Neji were able to jump out in time of most of the fireballs, but Tenten wasn't able to avoid them all. She received a hit to her left leg, which caused her to wince in pain as she felt her leg burning.

She then took this moment to rush up to them. She delivered a punch to Tenten's face, knocking her backwards into another building. She fell to the ground hard after making contact with the building.

"Tenten!" Naruto shouted, taking his eyes away from the woman and towards his teammate.

The woman, seeing an opening, rushed in on Naruto. The blonde wasn't able to react in time as her fist connected with his face. The boy was sent backwards into the same building as Tenten.

"Some shinobi you all are!" The woman laughed almost maniacally before turning to Neji. "I'm only going to say this one more time: you brats need to leave me alone. I'm doing my thing and nothing any of you do are going to stop that!"

Neji cursed mentally, but he made an effort to stay calm outwardly. Panicking was not going to help him, Tenten, and Naruto survive.

'Perhaps a bluff…' He wondered before he let a false grin appear on his face.

"It does not matter if we stop you or not: we've stalled you enough. That explosion we released into the air was a distress signal. Backup will be coming." Neji told her. "You will not accomplish whatever you are trying to do here. And frankly, you fighting us is just you wasting your time. You're going to lose here in the end. That is your inevitable fate."

"I don't care if your village catches me or not! I'm just here to wreck things!" The woman laughed.

The woman started to create more hand signs. Neji cursed again in his head. 'Didn't work. Well, whatever. I just need to keep her stalled a little longer.'

Neji threw multiple shuriken at the woman. She moved out of the way before releasing another fireball from her mouth at the Hyūga. He jumped out of the way just in time and landed on the ground in front of her. He then, quickly, attacked her. Neji landed a palm strike on her elbow, which he followed up with a strike to her right arm. The woman winced in pain slightly before she jumped back to place distance between her and the boy.

"Filthy brat!" She cursed. "I'll-"

The woman never finished her sentence. Naruto and Tenten had gotten up from their positions on the ground. She was now flanked by both academy graduates, both of whom were holding kunai in their hands. They managed to stab the woman in her side, causing her to shout.

"AH!" She hissed in pain.

"Should've been paying more attention to us!" Naruto taunted.

Naruto and Tenten dug their kunai into the woman's side further. The woman hissed loudly in pain again before she disappeared in a poof of smoke. Naruto, Tenten, and Neji had wide eyes as they started to look around.

"Wh-What the hell just happened?" Naruto asked.

"That was a shadow clone…damn, how did I not see that?" Neji cursed to himself.

"Where is she?" Tenten spoke up, scanning the area around them.

At that moment, a quiet clapping sound could be heard throughout the area. "That'd be right here!"

The three academy graduates turned in the direction of the noise and gasped at the sight. The cloaked woman was standing on a rooftop next to Shisui. The young man was smiling proudly at them.

"Hey guys! Great job out there!" He told them.

"What…the…" Tenten's eyes were wide.

"…what's going on?" Naruto questioned dumbly.

Shisui and the cloaked woman jumped down to the ground in front of the academy graduates. The Uchiha was the one to speak first.

"Well, let me be the first to congratulate you all on passing my test. You are all now official genin of Konoha!" He told them, his proud smile still evident on his face.

"…huh?" Naruto blinked in confusion. Tenten seemed equally lost and confused as he was.

"…ah, I see." Neji, unlike his teammates, pieced the information quickly in his head. "This whole event was the true test, wasn't it?"

The Uchiha nodded in response. "Correct. I told you that bullshit test of searching for me because I wanted you all to have a test in mind so you would think that this 'attack' was a legitimate attack: not part of any possible test. What my test truly was to see how loyal you are to Konoha."

Shisui pointed to the building that the academy graduates had seen on fire. The fire was doused and it looked as if it had never occurred in the first place. "I wanted to make sure you all thought that this was an attack on Konoha by a foreign shinobi. So I made sure I released loud fireworks and explosions that you all would have to hear and I even put a genjutsu out to make it look the building over here was on fire. I wanted to make the situation look bad so that you would all think that something could be happening. And I wanted to see what you would all do."

"Oh! I see it now!" Tenten's eyes were wide in understanding. "So, the fact that we left the park to investigate the explosion showed our loyalty to Konoha?"

"You got it! That's why I also told you all that if you left the park, you would all fail the exam. I wanted to test your loyalty to our village compared to what you want." Shisui explained as a serious expression appeared on his face. "Being a shinobi is a serious commitment. It's a sacrifice. So what if I came back and failed you all? If you went out here, saw someone destroying buildings and potentially harming someone, and were able to stop them, then I feel you accomplished something more important than passing some stupid exam."

"Hmm…then what was the point of having us fight her?" Naruto asked as he pointed to the cloaked woman.

"Hmm? Oh, that was just to get a general view of how good you were and see exactly what I was going to need to train you all in when we start training. I wanted to observe it all, and my good friend here offered to help me!" Shisui answered with a laugh.

The woman took off her cloak and revealed herself to be a woman with purple hair styled in a ponytail. She had on a tan trench coat, a fishnet shirt underneath it, and an orange skirt.

"Thanks again for the help Anko!" Shisui told the woman. "It helped a lot getting the chance to watch them fight seriously!"

"Heh, no prob at all. It was fun just screwing with your brats for a bit!" Anko laughed in response.

'…brats?' Naruto frowned at her word choice.

'It seems like every single jōnin I've seen and heard about recently is eccentric.' Neji made a mental note in his head as he thought back to Shisui, Shisui's porn-reading friend, and now the woman in front of him.

A few seconds passed before Shisui turned his attention back his students. He closed his eyes for another second before he looked at the newly-made genin. "I knew that if I were ever given a team of genin, I'd want a team that I feel would have my back in a mission. I want a group that would put the village first before their wants and needs. And I feel like you all will be the genin team that I wanted. So, congratulations again guys. You've earned your promotion to genin."

"…heh." Neji smirked in response.

"Yes! Thank God!" Tenten shouted excitably. After a brief moment of panic yesterday at hearing that there was a chance she could still not graduate, she was now officially a genin.

"It's starting!" Naruto shouted equally as loud. "My career as a shinobi is officially starting! Look out world, Uzumaki Naruto is here dattebayo!"

Shisui laughed as he watched his students react in their own unique, different ways. 'Heh, you know, I may end up having a lot of fun with this job.'

"Anyway, the exam is all we were supposed to do today. Tomorrow we will actually begin working on the real stuff associated with being a shinobi. Meet me at training ground twenty-nine tomorrow at eight in the morning and we will begin your training!" Shisui informed his students.

"Of course!" Naruto stated. After agreeing to the time, he then turned his attention to Neji with a smug grin on his face. "So, Neji…how'd I do?"

Neji shrugged in the response. "You were better than I had anticipated. Still a trouble-making failure, but you can pull your own weight I see."

"Why you…" Naruto nearly growled, but he held his tongue. Neji had, indeed, admitted that he was 'better than he anticipated', so he was slowly proving himself to the Hyūga. Naruto's grin returned to his face shortly after. "Give it a few more days Neji. I'll show you that I'm no failure!"

"We will see." Neji said dismissively as he started to walk away. "I am going to return home now, if that is all for the day."

The Hyūga walked away, leaving his teammates behind.

"Jackass." Tenten rolled her eyes. "God, he's so smug! I want to punch him in the face one of these days."

"Hey, he's not as bad as you describe him. Jackass, yeah, but I think I'm proving myself to him slowly! I will get him to recognize me!" Naruto declared confidently as he placed his hand on his chest. "Believe it!"

"…Naruto, the way you said that was extremely cheesy. Please don't do that again." The brown-haired kunoichi deadpanned.

The blonde frowned in response. He opened his mouth to say something, but then his stomach growled. This caused Tenten to start giggling while Naruto merely blushed red in embarrassment.

"Heh, I didn't eat lunch today yet. Sorry." The blonde replied with an uneasy laugh.

"No worries Naruto." Tenten continued to giggle. An idea then entered her head. "Hey, if you're hungry and all, want to go get something to eat? To celebrate us passing?"

"…really? You want to go eat somewhere?" Naruto's eyes widened again.

"Uh, yeah. I'm hungry too, you know." The kunoichi said with a laugh.

"Heh, I understand. Yeah sure!" Naruto declared happily.

The two genin waved goodbye to Shisui as they ran off to go get something to eat and celebrate. Shisui and Anko watched the two leave and laughed.

"Well they already seem close already. Good thing too. It's no fun when a team all hates each other!" Shisui commented with a laugh. "Who knows, maybe they'll be able to help me pull out the stick from Neji's ass."

"Good luck with that! That Hyūga seems to reek overconfidence and smugness! It's going to take a lot of effort to end that fate bullshit." Anko noted nonchalantly.

"Yeah, but I think we both know that I can be really stubborn when I want to be, and right now, I just want to completely destroy that fate crap." The Uchiha declared.

"I know you well enough. Now I almost pity the Hyūga for all the abuse you are probably going to put him through!" The purple-haired woman laughed.

A silence passed between the two friends. It was interrupted by Shisui, who needed to ask a question to Anko.

"So…what do you think? You notice anything about their fighting?" He questioned.

"Well…they're not horrible. Especially for genin: honestly they did good in that regard. But they're going to need some work." Anko admitted. "It's going to take a bit of training before I can say they are ready for some of the real kind of stuff we do."

"Yeah, I understand. That's what I was thinking when I observed your fight with them." Shisui nodded in his agreement.

"If you can count them fighting a dumbed down shadow clone version of me as a 'fight'." Anko rolled her eyes.

"They're not ready for the real you yet Anko. Not many people are." The Uchiha noted with a grin.

"True, true. I just reek awesomeness, you know?" She responded with a similar grin.

After more conversation, the two friends parted ways. Shisui spent the entire walk back to his apartment thinking about what had happened and about his genin team. He was now thinking of the different ways and methods he was going to have to train them.

Team five, under Uchiha Shisui, had officially been formed.

"Here is the list of all the teams that had passed the true genin exam Hokage-sama."

Itachi took the list from the attendant and bowed in thanks. He then started to study the content of the list.

His early predictions proved correct. The teams Itachi had assumed would fail did fail. In contrast, the teams that Itachi did feel would pass did indeed pass.

'Shisui is going to take on the team.' Itachi noted as his eyes focused on Shisui's name. Next to it were the words 'Team Five' and 'Passed'. 'He will helpfully enjoy this. Teaching a genin team would be a good thing for him. It'll certainly be more awarding to him than some of his more…recent missions at least.'

Itachi stretched his arms and he walked towards the window of his office. The young Godaime Hokage looked out the window and into the heart of Konoha. The village itself was in peace. Things had been peaceful in the village since the Uchiha Clan's Coup was aborted before it was able to begin. Konoha had managed to stay out conflict in the past few years and there was a reported drop in casualties during missions. Ever since Itachi was appointed to become Hokage, things had indeed appeared to become more peaceful for the village.

It was a shame that this peace was simply not going to last for long…

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