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Head-cannon is that Delphine could not tell it was not Cosima that she was kissing. Here's how Sarah knew how to kiss like the lovable nerd.

And a shout out to the Soccer/Cop pairing. I don't support but I was inspired to write this by someone who is a fan so there's a small mention for you.

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"How about this?" asked Sarah for the nth time.

"No, I would never wear that to a party. We've been at this for hours. Will you just wear the coat?" Cosima said exasperated.

"Fine," Sarah responded grumbling.

"Now sit here and let me braid your hair."

"Oh, can I join?" Felix asked practically skipping over.

"No," said Sarah flatly.

"Twice the hands means half the time," reminded Cosima.

"Let's just get this over with," said Sarah conceding, with all the enthusiasm that only Sarah could manage.

"She never lets me touch her hair," Felix confided in Cosima.

"Oi! I can still hear you, you know." Sarah told him.

"This is so much fun," Felix said, completely ignoring Sarah.

Both Felix and Cosima would continue to ignore the smart remarks that came out of Sarah's mouth for the next thirty-two and a half minutes. Now all Sarah needed was the glasses and this stage of the plan would be complete.

"Just how blind are you?" Sarah exclaimed,

"Hold on you're wearing them wrong." Cosima came over and adjusted them. "Perfect."

"She looks just like you," Felix stated.

"Thanks Captain Obvious," was the answer from Sarah.

"Except her attitude is lacking," Felix stage whispered to Cosima.

"One last thing, Cosima we need to kiss."

"Sarah, not that you're not amazing to look and all, and not that I wouldn't find you attractive, but we're genetically identical. And that's a bit too much like incest."

"But, there's a possibility that I'll need to fool Delphine."

"No, no, and no. Delphine's lips are mine."

"Please for Kira," Sarah asked.

That made Cosima pause and almost say yes, but "No."

Sarah almost seemed on the verge of begging and tears, when an idea crossed her mind. "For science. Who has ever kissed their genetic twin clone? I mean we're practically unheard of."

"Well… Allison and Beth-"

"But I mean you personally. Allison has her head stuck so far up her ass she'd never tell you."

"You're right. She'd never let me gather data on that and I need to have multiple cases for comparison purposes…." Cosima thought about it.