Tsar Lunar

Lunanoff Prince

Man in Moon

These are the names he has been titled to.

MiM looked over the world, seeing the children once again. And smiling as he finds sleeping children with gold dust morphing above their heads.

Peace once more. But alas, it will not last long.

Perhaps it was his memory pulling up an old experience, or maybe paranoia has settled, but MiM felt as if this happiness will not last much longer.

It has been many years since the guardians were introduced to Jack Frost, the guardian of fun.

He smiles as he thinks of the boy, reminding greatly of someone else he once knew. He could never guess who, it has been so long. But he has bittersweet flashbacks when he sees Jack's white hair, cane, and mischievous attitude.

Nonetheless, he is happy with how the young boy has been fitting in with his new responsibility.

Jack has gained many more believers, starting to become as famous as the others.

The others, this vague notion spiraled Manny's thoughts elsewhere. Specifically, on the other spirits running about the world.

There were many out there, some permitted, some not. MiM was only responsible for the guardians as a whole, but someone else chose the other spirits to survive and live on. Some were like North, never experiencing death but lives over a thousand years. Others were like Aster, something that already existed but was never noticed or seen by anyone.

Some were like Pitch, forming from something else but serving a different purpose.

Pitch. MiM's thoughts turned gloomy.

Kozmotis Pitchiner. A once good turned corrupted he was told. Even with all the fear and fright Pitch has brought, Manny still feels pity for the man. But he would still choose to push back his army without mercy when the chance comes, as shown in his history's past.

No matter how far or how hard his guardians were able to push, the Nightmare King came back stronger than last.

This time being no different.

He turns back, looking for three specific spirits roaming about.

He first finds the one haunting around the forest in Scotland. She darts back and forth through the branches, becoming only a blur.

He then finds the boy at home, surrounded by his loyal friends and family.

And lastly, the second girl capering through a field of flowers.

Manny smiles fondly at their faces, so young, so bright, they will be great assistance.

The three here are guardians, but of children?

MiM ponders…

Rise of the Guardins and How to Train Your Dragon belong to Dreamworks.

(Based on the minds of William Joyce and Cressida Cowell.)

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