Toothinia's flight was swift and frantic, sporadically dashing in and out of line as she traveled. She knew exactly where she was going, and she wished that she didn't have to return. She flinched as she spotted a tree, followed by another, and another, until it too soon turned into a great forest below her.

Stopping, she hovered in mid-air before reluctantly darting towards the ground. Now passed the tops of the trees, Tooth was at ground level where she could no longer see the sky.

Still she hovered, tiny feet inches above the grass. Her brilliant crown was pressed onto her head, feathers overly bright in the darkened forest. Tooth's violet eyes darted from tree to tree, her brain managing to process even with her spastic movement.

This was the place, but just to be sure…

The Guardian of Memory held up the cylinder she has been carrying, the golden case cold from the northern air. She had it firmly grasped in her hand as she traveled across the ocean to Scotland. Tooth's fingertips glided over the blue diamond and watched as the memory replayed itself.

She was no phantom stepping into a scene; she was a watcher who stuck her head into the screen of a movie. There were no conflicting thoughts as if she was the child, she was Toothinia boring into another life. Here she saw the eyes of a child, a young lad who plowed the forest floor with stubby fingers.

His family wished to pass through the forest in order to reach the city of DunBroch. They needed to rest after their trip and chose an inn along the path to the long-living castle, only to have their son loose a tooth when playing outside. The young lad hoped to find it before going to sleep, he wished to have the Tooth fairy come and visit!

However, he wandered a bit too far into the forest, not that he minded…

But there was a whisper, a voice in the woods. His baby tooth forgotten, he pulled his head up to see what it was. There was nothing, but as soon as he leaned back down he heard it again, the whisper. The boy got up to get a closer look, peering past the trunk of the tree in front of him.


Looking down, he saw an oddly colored rock. A pebble, very white and looked like a tooth…

Realizing that he found his missing molar, he picked it up and started to make his way back to his parents. The child stopped when he also realized he had no idea where the inn was. He was never good at mazes…

Before he starts crying, he hears the voice again. This time, there were words coming from the mystery person.

Come here!

He turns around, looking at the invisible person. "W-who's there?" His eyes were watery and he just wished to be back home with mommy and daddy!

This way!

The boy walked to the voice off to his right, poking his head around once more. "Do you know where my mommy and daddy are?"

I know!

"You do? Where-"

The boy screamed as he saw the speaker of the voice and ran the other direction. He kept screaming and running until he tripped, then he screamed some more.

His parents found him lying on the ground, his tears dropping great globs of water onto the earth. He calmed after a hug from his mother and noticed that his molar was no longer in his hand.

"M-m-my t-too-t-tooth." He blubbered.

"Here it is." His father held up the white speck.

"He must have seen his tooth fall out and panicked."

"Don't worry son, your tooth is fine!"

Before the boy could reply, he saw the lady in the woods behind his mother and father. He started bawling.

"Richard! Put that away, you're frightening him!"

"Sorry hun…"

It was here that the scene ended, where Toothinia is now standing.

From the moment she bore witness to the shadowed figure that MiM showed her, she questioned the moon's choice in allies. Often it was Bunny who dared openly questioned Manny, and often with sharp and appointed facts, but Tooth had faith within Manny. Now however, she can't help but wonder why Manny would ever deal with such a wild card.

The woman she is now searching for is the woman who frightened the little boy from the memory flash, and helped a little girl in another. Any child who retained memories of the wild spirit that "haunts" DunBroch's forest were always from Scotland at the time. More than likely, these very woods Tooth is in is the only dwelling that this being stays.

No human has ever actually interacted with this spirit before, and truthfully, most other spirits avoid her.

This is not just of rumors, hardly anything is known about her, but of something more ancient. When the forest was being colonized on, people have already noted the presence in the woods. Beings that were almost like siriens, calling forth all who enter the woods, but they lead them to their fate. The creatures are widely known as willow-o-wisps, or just wisps to the locals. And if it wasn't for the few children who lost teeth here, no one would ever know of their queen.

The fairy could only assume that they always had a queen, someone who says what action is to take place and so forth. Not quite unlike how she herself runs her Tooth Palace. But with so little to compare to, all Tooth can do is assume baseless theories.

It is one of the main reasons why she disagrees with MiM's decision in choosing the queen in the first place. Jack was a wild card himself, but he was known to be friendly -if a bit mischevious- towards others. There were no bad or "evil" reports of him or his actions during his free riegn of 300 years. But with the willow queen, Tooth was one of the few who knows what she looks like in her lifetime, let alone in how long the queen has lived! None could have ever predicted if she worked for good or bad reasons.

But Manny saw something, and she hoped that he was right...

A soft cry broke through the foliage, and it was there that Tooth saw -for her own eyes- a wisp. The miniscule creature was no bigger than one of her crest feathers, and quietly hovered in front of her. The blue of the creature could have strangly been hidden in the leaves and moss, the lighter, glowing blue was an amplafied version of the shadowed greens. The flickering movements flowed like liquid fire, for there were no embers, flecks, or sparks shooting out of the creature. The "head" of the creature was bulbus and was easliy larger than it's "body." It had two glowing blue orbs acting as eyes, lighting off and on as if it was blinking.

For something that looked rather innocent, Tooth couldn't help but shudder at its sudden appearance. Her knees and arms curled inwards and her longest crest was resting at the nape of her neck. She knew, she knew...

Some of the children who followed the wisps never lost another tooth. It hurt knowing that one of her containers would remain incomplete.

Although, as she sees more wisps appears, it hurts also knowing that she had no choice but to follow them.

They watched and disappeared as she flew over and passed them, only to have another appear that instant to continue her flight. She flew at a safe, but accelerated pace, and yet the little beings remained ahead of her. On and on they went, with only the wisps hollow coos to reach Tooth's ears. Tooth only slowed when she came across a set of rock slabs planted vertically in a complete and perfect circle. The slates were clean, free of moss and erosion. The carvings could be seen and there were no dirt patches on the long grass below her feet. The only sign of damage was the not-quite visable crack that ran along one of the rocks, along with the fading scars of animal scratches on it.

Tooth blinked, and there was the queen.

She was much larger than the willows from before, about as tall as the tooth fairy. She hoverd with no wings, but had the same liquid flames swaying in their own wind. This time her body was larger than her head, clearly showing a limbless, female figure. Her head was only "attached" to her body by a slim, skinny neck, and bore the same eye-orbs as the other wisps.

The queen smiled -how Tooth could tell she didn't know- and nodded.

Tooth then found herself flying back north, with the Willow Queen flickering back and forth behind her.

Fate was funny like that...

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