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Harry Potter and Setesh's Blunder

Chapter 1

Set at the beginning of summer after Harry's 4th year (Goblet of Fire).




"'Bye, Harry!' said Hermione, and she did something she had never done before, and kissed him on the cheek." (GoF)

As Hermione turned and ran off toward her mum and dad, Harry stood there for a moment with a blush, rubbing his cheek where Hermione kissed him. He thought that felt very nice and thought back to when Mione hugged him in the tent prior to the dragons in the first task. I wonder if this means she likes me the way I like her he asked himself. I hope so...

Later at #4 Privet Drive.

"Petunia, I am telling you I have had enough. I am putting an end to this rubbish. We have vacation coming up in 3 weeks. I am changing our plans and I am pulling in a favor and getting that Potter a passport to come with us. I am going to dump him as far away from Surrey and our normal life as we can. Here is my plan...


3 weeks later, the Dursley's plus Harry arrived in Seattle, Washington. Harry did not manage to take all of his prized possessions but he somehow got away with taking his cloak and his wand because his Uncle didn't want the freaky stuff left in the house. The rest of his trunk would be disposed of when the plan had fully come together.

Vernon pressed a premise that they were going to do some boating and fishing at Lake McMurray, a place an old friend from Smelting Academy had been highly recommending for years. The family made a show of driving around the scenic lake and he dropped everyone off near a public pier so that he could go park his car.

Meanwhile, knowing that Dudley and Petunia would annoy Harry into wandering off by himself for some peace and quiet as planned, Harry did as expected and took a walk down the fishing pier to have a look, meanwhile Petunia and Dudley walked counter to Harry's direction out of his line of sight, met up with Vernon and took off.

Yup, Vernon's plan was to just strand Harry in Lake McMurray without a pence or penny to his name, whilst carefully holding on to Harry's passport for him. The Dursley's then returned to Seattle and then after one week just to make it look normal in case anyone did bother to check, returned home, missing one nephew. They didn't even bother to report him missing because they figured the only people that would ever come looking for him would be those freaks and by the time they came, who knows where Potter would have really gotten to. He will simply claim that Potter ran away after telling them a tale of woe about a resurrected Lord What's-his-name. What would the freaks know about airplanes and passports anyway.


Lake McMurray turned out to be not far from the cult compound of where one Seth Fargough (Setesh) happened to enjoy trolling the lake every so often looking for new unsuspecting cult members to ensnare with his Nish'ta. This particular trip as Setesh was stretching out his senses, he felt a very powerful presence. He would ordinarily not feel anything so strongly unless it was another Goa'uld close by or a strong source of Naquadah. As he turned and looked, this did not feel like a Goa'uld. He couldn't describe it but something about this human boy was very powerful, but different in a way he could not describe. It turned out that in Setesh's 5,000 years of exile after the Egyptian uprising, this is the first he had been in this close proximity to a human wizard. Not that he knew that is what he is called. All he saw was a new fabulous opportunity for a new host from whom he would claim this power.

So, Setesh with a couple of his ladies by his side, brought his boat up alongside the pier and called out to the boy who at this time looked rather lost.

"Hello young man. You don't look like you're from around here. Are you lost? Can we help you?" asked Seth.

"Hi, Mr. uhm... I came here with my relatives for vacation, but I think they left me here because I haven't seen any of them for about 45 minutes. My uncle was supposedly just parking and my aunt and cousin were just walking around looking at the sights too. But, when I turned around I didn't see them anywhere. After a little while I started looking around for them, none of them are around, or their car. I'm thinking they just dumped me here." answered Harry.

"Really?" Inwardly Seth thought, this is marvelous, could it get any easier than this? "Why would they do that? What kind of relatives are these people?" asked Seth.

"Oh, you don't know these people sir. I really should have seen it coming. I've been distracted by other...things going on in my life that I've just been numbly following along. Now that I realize it, this was a perfect setup and just like them too. Yeah, they have hated me my whole life." replied Harry.

"Oh, then why don't you let me help you. Hop on the boat, I'll take you over to our pier on the other side of the lake, and I help you get in touch with the authorities then." replied Seth.

"Okay sir, thank you." replied Harry.

"Oh, you don't have to keep calling me sir. Call me Seth. This lovely lady is my girlfriend Samantha and her sister Carol." replied Seth.

"Thank you Seth. It's nice to meet you Samantha and Carol. Thanks for helping me out." replied Harry.

"No problem. What's your name? And where are you from, you definitely have an accent. England I'm guessing?" replied Seth.

"Yes, my name is Harry and I am from Surrey, England." answered Harry.

As Harry got up on the bow of the boat enjoying the fine mist of the spray on his face, he did not notice Seth commanding one of his thralls behind him to take the wheel of the boat and to steer them to a quiet part of the center of the lake and once there to slowly cut the engine and drift. With the plan in place, and Harry blissfully unsuspecting, Setesh left the body of Seth Fargough and attacked Harry from behind, entering at the base of his neck and blending with him.

Immediately, Setesh knew he just entered the fight of his life. This young wizard, as he now knew he was called had extraordinary brain function for a human and his own 'magic' power is very strong, Setesh could not just bend Harry to his will. Then along came a third mind to attack him. "How could this be?" Setesh wondered.

Harry, initially only really understanding that something painful hit him in the back of the neck and that something was trying to take over his mind and his will, instinctively fought back.

Harry didn't understand the third presence in his mind at first, but as Setesh fought for control from both of them, Setesh began to focus on this third mind because it seemed far weaker in strength. Thus, Setesh managed to blend and take control over this third mind, another wizard called Voldemort. While Setesh did this, he learned quite a lot about the wizarding world very quickly, but not quickly enough as Harry's mind, the host mind, instinctively gained the upper hand while Setesh was busy assimilating Voldemort's memories. In so doing, Harry completed the blending by asserting his own personality and his own will over Setesh.

With Setesh now bent to Harry's will and Setesh having just assimilated Voldemort, he assimilated all the genetic knowledge of the Goa'uld Setesh and the memories of Voldemort. By that time, Harry knew what Voldemort was, a Horcrux that had been made in him by accident. As this mental three way tug of war was going on inside Harry's mind, with the body of Seth Fargough lying dead in the middle of the boat, Setesh's thrall Samantha had eased the boat back to idle in the middle of the lake as instructed. No one was around that could see and hear. Harry thought that for the time being he'd better play the part and get to where he was in full control of his situation.

"He turned to the ladies and Carol said, did it work? Are you okay my Lord?"

Harry (Setesh/Voldemort) made his eyes glow and said. "Perfectly, my dears. Let us dispose of this old body." in the customary deep throaty voice of a Goa'uld.

Harry carefully removed all the items in Seth's possession that he would need and feeling somewhat guilty but also knowing that there was nothing he could have done to prevent the former hosts death and no way -he- could explain any of this to any authorities without being turned into a lab rat or worse, he wandlessly (thank you Voldemort) levitated the body into the water and cast a couple spells he learned from Tom's memories to place a glamour on himself to look like Seth Fargough's doppelganger, then another to permanently transfigure the body to a stone, make it weigh a hundred kilograms, and it sunk fast. If the girls thought any of this was strange they didn't act like it. They revered him as a god and were enthralled to him in any case.

"Samantha, take us back to shore and let's get back to my throne room. I have some plans that need revising." Harry, pieced together quickly from Setesh's memories, hoping that made some sense. He knew he was going to need to sleep this off to truly assimilate all the knowledge from the two brand new sets of memories that were added to his own without him getting confused every time he tries to think. As they proceeded to shore and as Harry gathered more and more of his thoughts, he was having a difficult time deciding which one of these monsters was more sickening, Voldemort or Setesh.

"Why couldn't I get memories from a unicorn and butterflies or something?" Harry wondered. The next thing Harry wondered as he shifted some focus to this Satesh was "aliens, space ships, planets, gods...holy shit." and "aliens are real? and what the hell did I get into now? I wonder what Hermione will think... I hope she still likes me." thought Harry. As they disembarked from Setesh's boat Harry thought, "I'd better do this to be rather safe than sorry later," and he Obliviated both women of their memories of that boat trip.


When Harry returned to Setesh's compound he took stock of the situation. He found what his new memories indicated he would find.

An impressive cache of Goa'uld technology. He had enough Zat'nik'tels and Goa'uld grenades to supply a small army, a personal Kara kesh, as well as a set of transportation rings. He also had a significant supply of Nish'ta, which he used to brainwash people into serving him.

With his compound full of enthralled servants who just obeyed his every whim, he simply decided to allow everyone a quiet evening of the simple routine, where he commanded that he would sleep alone in his chambers that night.


With some quiet time alone Harry calmly just worked through all that had just happened to him and that which was still happening to him. From what he could tell, this Goa'uld made a fatal mistake not knowing that he could not win in a contest with a wizard host to blend. Apparently from all of Setesh's memories at least, the Goa'uld never encountered a magical host before. He simply wasn't prepared to be opposed the way he was. Voldemort, or Tom, as Harry chose to call him going forward because it's his real name after all, really messed up by making him a Horcrux. Harry is certain from his memories that Tom never even realized he had done this, except for the now non-existent shard that was stuck in Harry, but the taint of it is now all gone except for the memories absorbed by Setesh.

Harry thought, "This will change everything. I will not become evil or dark like Tom or Setesh, but I will use these new powers and knowledge for good and to defend myself. I won't be anyone's doormat anymore. I should be able to use this knowledge to take Tom down for good now that I know the key are these Horcrux's. Plus, now that I know about these Goa'uld, there is no way that I'm not going to learn what I've used to make my own space ship."

"I don't know what Setesh was thinking. It seems he just enjoyed playing the petty little prince with a small group of followers who served his every whim. The creep got soft and comfortable. Sure, he was afraid that Osiris or even Ra could come back to get him or even the Tok'ra, but after all this time?" Harry continued to think.

"I think that with modern technology, there has to be a way to use what I now know to make something that would work. Setesh was being lazy and stupid. I think he liked it here. Plus, I only have to get as far as Mars with whatever I can scrap together down here. Setesh has been carefully following the news of the muggle findings of the so-called "Face on Mars," that was photographed by the Americans Viking 1 spacecraft in 1976. That is proof that the old Ha'tak that Setesh squirreled away and hid on Mars is still there. If I can get there, I can bring real space travel to Earth." Harry continued thinking.

"These Goa'uld obviously haven't bothered with Earth in these 5,000 years. If they had, I think the world would know it. In fact I know there is no way Ra or the others would have let Earth grow to this size population with the types of weapons muggles now have at their disposal without stopping them. No, it is fairly certain they know nothing of what has been happening on Earth in all this time. I could become rich bringing all this technology to the world." thought Harry.

"I need a knew plan though." thought Harry. "Professor Dumbledore is sure to come looking for me if I turn up missing Sept. 1. I'm going to have to gather what I can of these Goa'uld resources, set these thralls free to have their lives back and go home. Hmm. I'll use Tom's knowledge to create my own bottomless backpack and I'll put all the Goa'uld tech. in there. I'll take enough money to set myself up so I can do this project, then I will divide the rest up among these thralls, free them, then leave. I'll make my own international portkey, then drop the glamour and go." Harry continued to plot.

"These people will never know what I really look like and won't be looking for me. Hopefully I will be giving them their lives back, then starting my own new life. I'm glad I've received Tom's vast knowledge of wandless magic so that I can get around the trace with all this, and this naquadah that is now in my blood from Setesh has made my magic so powerful it seems as though I can do even the most powerful magic wandlessly now. Even Tom couldn't do that for everything. At least that's what it feels like." Harry concluded.


Several days later. Harry had cleared out the compound of all Goa'uld tech, including the portable rings. This group had a sizeable horde of cash and even jewels. Harry knew from his memories that most of it came from these very people. So, he gave back to them as much as he could in the proportion that Setesh took it from them. He kept most of Setesh's ancient stash of coins some of which were very valuable and practically unexplainable by these people if they were to suddenly turn up with them, besides he needed seed money for his newly forming space-ship side-project. He knew from Tom's knowledge that he would be able to pawn much of this with the Goblin's, no question's asked, for a premium fee and get his own private vault set up to begin his new projects without other people watching over his shoulder.

He had one Greek drachma from 2,418 years ago that Satesh knew would go to collector's for 2 million GBP today. Plus, he had two bags of 100 gold coins each ranging from dates all over the ancient era that will fetch anywhere between 4,800 to 46,000 GBP each to collectors. So, about 5,080,000 GBP for his 'loose' ancient gold coins. Plus, the exquisitely rare 2,000,000 GBP piece, for a total 7,080,000 until the Goblins take their customary 15% fee for keeping it quiet. So, this should net him he figured 6,018,000 GBP or 1,203,600 galleons. Not that he would be leaving much of it in galleons. Most of what he'll need to buy for what he has in mind will be in the muggle markets.

Harry gathered them all into one room. Confessed to them that he was really not a god but had used a bad drug to trick them into following him. He told them that he felt remorse for what he had done, signed papers to turn the properties over to them to do with as they pleased. That he would just put them gently to sleep now and when they woke up they will no longer be under the influence of the drug and he will be gone, never to return.


So it was that approximately the same time that the Dursley's were returning home from their 'vacation', Harry turned up in Diagon Alley under yet another new glamour that he copied off some average but not bad looking random 21 year old muggle in Ipswich so that no one would initially recognize him as anyone in particular as he strolled diagonally through the alley.

"Yes, wizard, how can I help you today?" snarled the unknown Goblin teller.

"I would like to speak to a manager about opening a new account, and I require premium privacy." said Harry.

"Just one moment." replied the Goblin as he motioned to one of the runners to go fetch a new accounts manager for him.

Hello wizard, I am new accounts manager Slipfang, please follow me.

Harry followed him to hidden set of doors in the back that led down a corridor to a series of private rooms. Slipfang led Harry into one and then asked.

"Please, if you will drop your glamour Mr. Potter, we can get into the business at hand." asked Slipfang with a smirk. Harry hoped he never had to see another Goblin smirk.

"Sorry about that Slipfang, I do not wish anyone to know I am here today conducting business." said Harry.

"Not at all Mr. Potter. You asked the teller in the accepted protocol for requesting privacy. You are not the first and will not be the last. Of course, you now know that while you may successfully hide your identity from your fellow wizards while in Gringotts, there are no mere glamour's that will work on Goblin's inside Gringotts." replied Slipfang.

"Very well. I've recently come into some valuable artifacts that I wish for you to sell to collectors for me on consignment, no questions asked. I also wish to set up a separate vault under a false identity, with fake ID and passports set up for both the magical and muggle worlds. I understand that the standard fee for this arrangement is 15% of the value of the goods?" said Harry.

"Well, Mr. Potter. Often that is true, but let us see the goods first and further when you ask for these false identities to be set up, that will be an additional cost and I wish to correct you on one matter. When we Goblins set up a new false identity for you, there will be nothing 'fake' about it." Slipfang said with a grin. "Oh, good lord" Harry thought, "a Goblin grinning is even worse than a smirk."

"Okay, here is what I have. These bags of gold coins from a variety of ancient eras all in very good and some in mint condition priced in the muggle collectors markets ranging from 4,800 to 46,000 GBP each. The next is this rare drachma in exquisite condition which should fetch 2 million GBP on its own." said Harry.

Slipfang spread all the coins out over the table, magically handling the rare drachma piece. Then, clearly weaving some kind of Goblin magic carefully ran his hand over each of the coins in turn whilst a scroll began magically tallying up the value of each as known to the open market as priced daily by the Goblins. This seemed to go on forever. Then Slipfang stopped and snapped his fingers and the coins all returned to their proper bags.

"Alright Mr. Potter. Here's what I can do for you. First of all, we cannot move this many rare coins at one time without flooding the market and harming prices overall. None of us want that. So, what I can offer you is to take all this off your hands, not on consignment mind you, but we will pay you cash for the lot and sell these over time into the market ourselves, throw in your new private vault and muggle bank account and false identities that you asked for, with our guarantees, for 25% of the value of the lot. What do you think?" asked Slipfang.

"What would that amount to Slipfang? There is a certain minimum I want to get for the lot." asked Harry.

"That is understandable. This would amount to 1,062,000 galleons, which at the current exchange rate to muggle currency would be 5,310,000 GBP." replied Slipfang.

"Alright Slipfang, I would like to have 62,000 in galleons placed in my new private Gringotts vault, and the remaining 5,000,000 GBP placed into my new muggle bank account." replied Harry.

"Okay, Mr. Potter. Then all else I will need from you is what name do you want on your new identities?" asked Slipfang.

"My new false identity will be Hugh Walters, 21 years old, from an old English speaking family of French/Norman descent, who was home schooled and passed my Newts in France in Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms. In the muggle world I will have just finished university with a Bachelor of Ancient History degree. As you can see I did very well in attendance of my first archeological dig." Harry replied with a smirk of his own.

"Very well, Mr. Walters. If you would take this ritual knife and make a small cut in one of your thumbs and drip three drops of blood into this bowl, I can seal your new keys and other papers to your new false ID's." said Slipfang.

Harry did as asked then Slipfang waved his hand over the bowl and the blood was magically replaced by a new gold key. Slipfang then took the key put it into a special box and turned it, then opened it and pulled forth all the proper paperwork proving his ID's in both the magical and muggle worlds, passports, bank cards for his new accounts at Barclay's with 5mil GBP and gave him the key to his new private vault containing 62,000 galleons.

"Well Mr. Potter or Mr. Hugh Walters, it has been a pleasure doing business with you." said Slipfang.

"Thank you Slipfang, may your vaults overflow with gold and your goblet overflow with the blood of your enemies." said Harry.

"Very well said Mr. Potter-Walters, thank you." replied Slipfang as he showed him to the door.


Harry, then retaining his Hugh Walter persona ventured back into muggle Scotland looking for a nice remote place to set up his private little safe-house from which to work. He figured that since Hogwarts is north-west of Alnwick near the Brizlee Wood otherwise known to those who can see the real thing as 'the Forbidden forest', he would look for something nearby since he spends most of his year nearby there anyway. Harry found a quaint old farmhouse and a decent plot of land not far away at all in a very lightly populated but magical village of Shawdon Wood, northwest of Hogwarts and just east of Glanton in Hedgeley. Taking advantage of it's Ministry warding from muggles, yet it's remoteness and lack of interest to 99% of the magical community, he figured this would be a good place to hide in plain sight of no one.

Harry used Tom's extensive knowledge of warding to make it even more protected from magical snooping eyes, making it un-plottable and undetectable. Created a labyrinth of underground workspaces to hide his real work and to carve out a nice place to live for himself while he is here, nothing more elaborate than a comfortable apartment though. Then he created an invisible two-way portkey ring that he will wear at all times that can take him to/from this location any time he wants. Unfortunately, while he could leave Hogwarts this way, he would not be able to portkey back in, only the Headmaster can create one of those port-keys. But, at least he would not be detected while he is leaving.

This having been sorted out he needed to return his attention to getting back into the magical world as himself. At the end of the day, he decided he would just go back to the Dursley's and tell them, better luck next time. From now on with his wandless abilities, there will be no next time. This will be the best way to maintain his cover. He needs to finish the job with Tom and keep his friends safe from him, and in his spare time he can work on his space-ship project. The only thing he is not sure of yet is if he should bring any of his friends in on his new secrets. Truth be told the only person he -wants- to bring in is Mione. With all his new confidence he has decided he will ask her out this year. If she says yes, he will confide in her, if not then he will go it alone, at least for as far as his Hogwarts friends goes. After last year, he wouldn't trust Ron with anything.


Back at #4 Privet Drive.

"Surprised to see me dear family?" asked Harry.

"Boy! What are you?... How did you?..." Vernon spluttered.

"Well dear uncle you know what I am, you honestly didn't think it would be that easy to be rid of me did you?" replied Harry.

"I actually don't want to be here any more than you want me to be here. But unfortunately a certain Headmaster has it up his bum that I need to be and I'm certain that you know as well as I do that if I simply took up your 'invitation' to go off on my own as it were, that he would do everything in -his- considerable power to chase me and you down until we are all unhappily living under the same roof again." continued Harry.

"I figured it's just much easier to play this game from here than anywhere else so I can keep my time free to focus on the things I really want to do. Which brings me to my next point dear Aunt and Uncle." continued Harry.

"Aunt Petunia, I don't know how much you know about my world, the 'magic world'" but you might want to know that this thing you've liked to hang over my head about not being able to use 'magic' out of school is no longer a problem for me." continued Harry.

"You see the Ministry for 'Magic'" at this Harry gleefully noted that he had Vernon's veins popping in his temples at this point. "only tracks an under-aged wizards use of 'magic' from their wands. This 'trace' only works until we are 17 anyway." continue Harry.

"But the good news Auntie is that the little scheme you pulled over in America upset me so badly that it forced some kind of rare magical maturity in me due to the stress such that now I have become a prodigy of performing magic without a wand." continued Harry.

To illustrate a good example of that as Vernon was slowly lumbering his way over to Harry during this little speech appearing to all the world he would like to strike Harry if he could get his lard ass over to him without falling on his face, Harry just motioned with his hand and said "look ma, no wand" and gestured to his Uncle who lifted straight off his feet and slammed into the far wall behind him.

"Look! No owls. Would anyone else like to try me?" asked Harry.

"Vernon, the boy is right. If he can do magic without a wand they will not know." said Petunia with considerable fear dripping into her voice.

"Right. So, here is how it will be from now on. I will live here. I will come and go as I please. I will feed myself as I please. I will not cook or do any of your household chores for you anymore. Except, I will continue to garden. It just so happens Aunt Petunia that I enjoy doing the gardening." and Harry privately thought, "any minders that Professor Dumbledore might have spying on me will see me right where they expect to see me during parts of the day. All will be good in Dumbledore-land."


A couple weeks later into the summer...

Harry wasn't at home but when he returned he found that two Dementors had been seen chasing his cousin Dudley and gave him the Dementors kiss, according to the report of Mrs. Figg who apparently, according to her, is a squib and witnessed the whole thing. She called Dumbledore and Dumbledore sent some members of his Order of the Phoenix to investigate, confirming it was a Dementors kiss. Realizing there was no way to cover this up and hide it from Harry as well, he called in the regular Ministry aurors who by the time they arrived found no evidence of Dementors save from Mrs. Figg's report and the obvious condition of Dudley. Dumbledore could do many things, but restoring the soul from a Dementors kiss was not one of them. No amount of bloviating or obliviating would make this go away.

As Petunia saw Harry arrive on the scene and with her son dead as far as she understood it, he really was just as good as even to the wizards; and with Dumbledore standing there she lost any previous fear of Harry when she said. "It's him that's done it. He's been threatening us all summer and waving around his hands and doing that freakishness without a wand. I know he had to have done this." said Petunia.

At that remark Harry knew that Dumbledore would look right into Petunia's mind to see the truth of it so he played it up close to the story he told them, hoping he would buy it. Professor it's not true. "Yes, actually I have learned how to do wandless magic and I have warned them away from continuing to beat me and trying to continue to use me as their personal house elf. But, I didn't do this. I wasn't even here. Plus, I heard Mrs. Figg herself just say it was Dementors." replied Dumbledore.

"Harry, we will talk about your wandless magic later. Right now, we need to get to the bottom of this. Did you have anything at all to do with this attack on your cousin?" asked Dumbledore.

"No, like I said I wasn't even here." replied Harry.

"And exactly where were you Harry? You know it's not safe for you to go wandering off on your own." replied Dumbledore.

"What are you talking about Professor? Since when is it not safe for me to just go out for a walk or hang out in town?" replied Harry.

Dumbledore sighed. "We'll talk about this more later Harry." Harry felt a light brush against his mind, but his new Occlumency shields were not letting anyone in. Given Dumbledore's theory about Tom and Harry, he didn't want to press the intrusion and be detected by Tom.

"Kingsley, Dawlish, what are you going to do here? This is rather unprecedented. Everything I see points to Dementors. You can't just Obliviate Harry's relatives, they have a wizard living in their home. You certainly can't remove their memories of their only son." said Dumbledore.

"No we don't you arrogant stuck-up popinjay. Potter one way or another has gotten our Dudley killed. This is the final straw for us, you've left us no choice. If you can't put Dudley right then we are going straight to the Chief Constable and maybe the Press. They may not believe us but they will have to do something. How will any of you explain my Dudders condition?" said Petunia while Vernon was being physically restrained by a petrificus totalus and was being leaned up against his own car.

"Yes, the obvious explanation in your muggle circles is called a coma I believe. You can explain to your own satisfaction how your son ended up in a coma. They will never believe it was magic. No one believes in it right? isn't that how it generally goes from here?" said Dawlish.

"Obliviate." "Obliviate." cast Dawlish twice.

"Sorry, professor but these muggles leave us no choice and it's clear Potter won't be living here with them any longer anyway." continued Dawlish. Meanwhile all Dumbledore could think about is he has to find a way to salvage this situation and get Harry back into Petunia's home.

"Auror Tonks, please get with the rest of the squad and see to the Obliviating of the rest of the muggle witnesses." concluded Dawlish.

Dumbledore sighed for the second time. "Alistair, Arthur, Remus, thank you for coming, why don't you go with Harry, gather his things and take him you know where. When we're done here I'll come talk to him some more." said Dumbledore.




Later at Grimmauld Place.

Harry opened the door to the room where Hermione and Ron were talking and Hermione flew to the door and threw her arms around Harry and said "Oh, Harry!" looking for all the world like she was afraid she was never going to see him again, so happy that he made it there okay. Harry returned the hug very strongly and did not let go for a long time.

When Harry finally let go, he was sad for the loss of warmth and Hermione could not get a full read on his expression. "Could that mean what I think that means?" thought Hermione.

Then Hermione started talking fast about how they heard them talking about the Dementor attack and that she'd over-heard them talking about how Petunia accused Harry and about Harry having supposedly developed powers with wandless magic.

At that, Harry said. Well, there are some things I would like to tell you Hermione. He turned to Ron and said. "Ron, could you leave us for a minute, I'd like to talk to Hermione alone?"

"Okay Harry, but I'm your best mate. Why can't you tell both of us?" asked Ron.

"I will explain it to you later Ron." replied Harry.

"Okay, you'd better." answered Ron, as he left the room to Harry and Hermione.

Then Harry threw his arms around Hermione again and said, "Oh Hermione so much has happened and I've missed you so much." said Harry, more emotional than Hermione can remember seeing him before.

"It's okay Harry, it'll be okay Harry. I've missed you too. What's the matter?" replied Hermione deciding she likes the feeling of Harry hugging her and really liking that he initiated a hug for the first time.

"Hermione, I have been a git not understanding how I was feeling before..." said Harry, as he held her closer and began to think, 'what am I doing, what if she doesn't like me like that and laughs at me', I can't back out now. "Mione, I love you...will you be my girlfriend?"

Hermione looked up and only saw only the love and truth in his eyes and closed the distance between their lips and kissed him. They both knew this was right and what they've both wanted, deepened the kiss and stayed like that for maybe five minutes before they broke for air, both with big smiles on their faces.

Hermione answered, "I hope that answers your question Harry. I've loved you since first year but, I never thought you'd see me as anything but a best friend."

"I'm sorry Mione, I've always felt this way about you ever since we became good friends in first year, but I didn't know what it felt like really until you hugged me a couple times last year and you gave me that kiss on the cheek at the end of the year. It made me think maybe you would feel the same way too." replied Harry.

"So much more has happened this summer than anyone knows or could even guess. What you've heard them talk about at least in regard to me is only the tiniest tip of the iceberg. I needed to know if you loved me too. I want to share everything with you but, only you. No one else, not even Ron." said Harry.

"Are you sure Harry, not even Ron?" asked Mione.

"Yeah. You remember what it was like the first half of last year with the Goblet of Fire. He didn't hesitate to turn against me. I think when he finds out how we feel about each other he's going to go into jealous fits again. And I just can't handle what I'm dealing with, with his ups and downs too, and I definitely can't risk him turning on me and betraying my secrets. So, no. I only want to include you for now okay? He only thinks he's my best friend. After last year I don't see how he can even believe that. It's always been you Mione. You've always been my best friend. The only one who has ever been there for me." asked Harry.

"Oh, Harry. I'm so glad you finally found out how you feel. I will stay by you always, no matter what Ron says." said Mione.

"Do you want to talk about your news now or break the news to Ron about us first and then when things quiet down we can talk?" asked Mione.

"I like your idea Mione. Let's talk to Ron now and deal with his problems and hopefully get that out of our way so we can focus on us and I can talk to you without expecting Ron to come running through the door at any minute." replied Harry.

Harry called Ron back into the room. Ron figured Harry was ready to tell him his big news too, but what he got he wasn't expecting. He came into the room and shut the door to find Harry and Hermione holding hands and smiling like something big has changed.

"Hi Ron," Harry started. "The big news is that Hermione and I are together now."

"What?! How could you Harry?! Don't you know that I like Hermione?" exclaimed Ron.

"Honestly Ron, I didn't. But even if I did, that wouldn't have stopped me from having my own feelings for Hermione or her feelings for me." said Harry.

"Is this true Hermione?" asked Ron.

"Yes Ron, I've loved Harry since first year, couldn't you tell?" answered Hermione.

"Besides, I don't have those kind of feelings for you and if I did you would've totally ruined it the way you acted toward me during the Yule Ball." continued Hermione.

"It's not fair. Harry gets everything. You should've known I liked you Hermione. I acted that way because I was jealous of bloody Victor Krum."

.pop. .pop.

"Ron, we thought we heard your dulcet tones." said Fred. "Don't bottle it in." continued George. (OoTP)

"Bugger off you gits." said Ron.

"If you are all done chatting, do you want to hear something a little bit more interesting." said George. (OoTP)