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Harry Potter and Setesh's Blunder - Part 2

Chapter 3

Apophis survived and flew back to Sokar's stronghold. He took control of his domain and began work on finishing the next mother-ship Sokar had been working on...

Six days later..., last week of April 1999.

"Marauder's Den, this is the VAS Columba requesting to dock." said Hermione.

"Columba, this is the Marauder's Den, permission to dock granted." replied Sirius.



"What?!" exclaimed Harry and Hermione.

As Harry and Hermione looked around and saw in the Den's lounge just about a who's who of all their closest friends and comrades that they haven't seen in almost two months since departing for Pegasus.

"What, you didn't think we'd let you return home and not give you a big welcoming back party did you?" said Monica.

Much greeting and hugs and handshakes were given all around. All the key players from MASC was there including Albus and his brood from the ICW-HDC, even Amelia from the SGC made the trip. Also in the crowd for the first time in such a gathering included most of the Weasley's and the other Friends of Harry (FOH's), who have by now become integral parts of the operation, including a number of Destroyer Captains.

"So, Harry tell us all about the Lantean upgrades to the Columba. What new toys have you brought us to play with?" asked Sirius.

"Well, I think it's quite a lot actually." started Harry.

First, we have a brand new computer core with a complete copy of the Lantean knowledge repository. Furthermore, the Lantean engineers built it for us completely integrated with our

Earth-style human man-machine interfaces so it will be very easy for all of you to make good use of this now. The Columba itself is powered by a Potentia and we maintain one in spare. We also brought back 2 more Potentia that we can use to retrofit the Cygnus to this same spec. The Columba's primary plasma beam weapon has been upgraded to the most powerful plasma weapon in the Lantean arsenal, one that comes from something they call a Lagrangian Point satellite. It is a satellite that is designed to provided defense for an entire star system. I have it on good authority that this plasma beam can one-shot kill several Ha'tak simultaneously if they all happened to be foolishly lined up in our line of fire when we fire it. Goa'uld shields cannot stop this weapon. On top of that, we have been outfitted with a Lantean drone launcher and a supply of 10,000 drones. Our shields are upgraded to the full capability of Atlantis shields, albeit with only the power of one Potentia behind it. We have the latest in communications and all other basic subsystems, including latest in crystal technology, the latest matter transporters, scanners, hyper-drive, you name it." began Harry.

"The key is, their Chief Engineer showed me what we were looking for but missing in our search within the knowledge repository for the means to find the material we need to obtain neutronium. It just comes down to us not realizing this so we didn't search in the database looking for the right information. Neutronium the way they use it is actually a hybrid isotope created as a byproduct of a certain refining process that is created from another element that they also happen to call Neutronium, but in it's raw form isn't the finished product. So, we were looking for the wrong thing. He showed me how to find the raw neutronium using our newly advanced scanners and the process for refining it into the usable isotope of neutronium we need. When we do this we will then be able to create our own nanites to the same spec. as the Lanteans which can then be instructed to reproduce as many more nanites as we need directly from the raw neutronium ore. With this we will be able to upgrade everything including our manufacturing processes, and most importantly be able to build our own Potentia going forward. So, yeah, basically we now have the means to uplift everything we are doing to the Lantean spec. of technology. Atlantis itself is so powerful, powered by three Potentia that the Lanteans estimate is that the entire Goa'uld collective would waste themselves trying to put a dent in their city-ship's shield while they would just obliterate them with their drones as if the Goa'uld had no shields at all. So, when we upgrade ourselves to this spec. we ought to be able to take it to the Goa'uld and feel very good about our chances." continued Harry.

"Actually guys I want to tell you that if we use this technology right, the Goa'uld should have no chance against us now. It would just be a numbers game. If they keep us divided they would make it a job because we would have to chase them all over the place and worry about collateral damage. If they came at us all at once in some end-game space battle, there would be nothing left of them. I'm not trying to sound over-confident or anything, but Captain Helia formerly of the Tria now in command of Atlantis, the same Tria that is docked right over there...powered by a full Potentia, that I happen to have a few spare of right now, fully repaired, which she will be shortly-can take on an entire fleet of Goa'uld Ha'tak by itself without taking any damage, and making short work of them with it's drones. Now we will probably continue to build ships of our own design and specs to suit our wants; but once we secure a steady source of raw neutronium, we have the ability ourselves now to build our own Aurora Class Battleship's just like the Tria. So, now my personal priority is going to be getting a material's industry growing, an improved shipyard capability, then a massive ship-building campaign. If we can get this done before any more major threats come our way, we should be all set to protect Earth and free the galaxy of the Goa'uld threat completely." concluded Harry.

"Hurrah!" "Yes!" "Harry, you da' man.!" and various epithets were shouted by the crowd in response to Harry's announcements.


The following day Harry and Hermione met with Sirius, Remus, Wendell, Monica, Frank and Albus to discuss their newfound goldmine of knowledge and the path to take forward.

"On the trip back to Edora, Hermione and I had a long talk about what we can do now once we finish applying all of this. I wanted us to discuss it with all of you first since you all have a stake in these decisions." said Harry.

"The thought is that perhaps we should consider starting over our designs and construction process. Not just upgrade any more tech from our original baselines which are up to Mark III already. The platforms are getting a little stretched. All of that so far is a hybrid of Goa'uld technology, earlier generation stuff. If we model everything new off of the latest Lantean technology we will be the most advanced across the board." concluded Harry.


/ Large time skips ahead /

For the most part, canon events of Stargate happen as they would have happened unless they have been overtaken by past events or the following events stomp on them.

I am wrapping up this story now. Now that Harry and company are the most powerful kid on the block, all there is left is to tell how all that turned out. The following is how the major events of the story go from here.


The Asgard introduced themselves to the Volans Alliance, thinking they were the Alterans. Harry explained to Thor what was going on and explained their situation as well as that of Helia and her crew on Atlantis in Pegasus. They made an alliance in which Harry shared technology from the Lantean knowledge repository to help the Asgard fight the replicator's and cloning technology to help cure their degenerative health problems. In return for that, the Asgard agreed to help defend Earth in the event of another attack there, as well as a mutual defensive alliance with the Volans Alliance. For the time being they joined the Volans in keeping one of their battle cruisers in orbit of Earth for the same purpose, and they stationed one at Edora, while the Volans likewise deployed one of their Columba class battleships to Othala to allow their scientists shared access to the Lantean computer core.

The Earth JSOC designed and built 3 large inter-planetary sub-light carriers for ferrying their 4,000 newly built interplanetary air and space superiority interceptor/bombers with sub-light engines armed with light dual plasma pulse guns and light shields, built in 20 different factories around the world, and spread out across 64 airfield globally, as well as established deep space satellite surveillance networks and military outposts on the Moon and Mars. Each of those outposts possessing one of the carriers and another 1,000 interceptors and dozens of a new prototype large scale planetary based long range high power plasma cannons. This first generation cannon would only be useful on planets without an atmosphere. It was an experimental design to see if these would be useful for planetary defense. The dark cabal that had been trying to influence or control the stargate program for its own selfish purposes was rolled up by the NSA and CIA working with the ICW-HDC and the SGC. All of the magical people involved have had their magic bound and their memories Obliviated of things they ought not know. Fudge is still Minister of Magic in England, but almost no-one cares but few people live there anymore. Turns out that the people that left to follow Harry really don't miss it anymore. The only thing that remained good about England was Hogwarts, and that because it is largely independent of the government.

The Volans alliance built their own new city-ship designed to be the sister-ship of Atlantis called Volantis. It became the new permanent home and HQ for the Volans, with native Edorans as well as emigrants from the ICW-HDC. They eventually scrapped their plans for reuse of any more Goa'uld technology since it was obsolete as far as they were concerned. So when their new city-ship Volantis was fully operational, the Volans made a gift of most of their original ships to the Earth Alliance since they had proven themselves worthy and capable of handling it.

The status from Atlantis during these couple years was that they had found and recovered the Aurora and her crew of 384 and managed to save all their lives with cloning. They also found and recovered the Orion, and rescued all the human survivors that were on Taranis, about 1,000. They decided to dedicate one if their residential piers to rescuing human remnants when they can and those folks will slowly earn their keep after some training and helping to staff and maintain the city. They found an adrift battleship called Amadeus that a hyperspace capable group of humans calling themselves 'The Travelers' was trying to salvage. Atlantis allied with them and they transferred all non military personnel to the refugee pier on Atlantis, about 16,000 men women and children, then Atlantis upgraded and repaired the travelers 16 generational ships into pure warships capable of everything short of drone weapons. This brought the Atlantis fleet up to 3 Auroras and 16 Travelers. Plus they now were home to 17,000 human refugees, and more than doubled the number of surviving Lanteans for a total of 712.


So, by 2003 the Volans had turned over to Earth their entire Earth defense assets except for the Ursa which they retained as their Earth side MASC HQ, ICW-HDC HQ, and VOLANS Alliance Earth Embassy. From this Earth obtained the Ursa class mother-ship Alioth which served as an orbital space station as well, and all 7 of the Volans Mk III Pictor class destroyers, along with all of the spare Al'kesh and Death Gliders they had stashed on the Den. With this gift Earth landed one of the destroyers to perform a comprehensive reverse engineering program. The tech from this ship would bring Earths defenses up to the class of an interstellar power. They knew from recent events in the SGC that Anubis had set his sights on the Goa'uld collective and on Earth, so they were building up as secretly as they could in preparation.

The Volans built 7 more Columba Mk II (Lantean) class battleships, for each of their captains and crews that needed new ships after the gift to Earth. They now had a total of 9 of their new battleships, which are effectively the equivalent of an Aurora just shaped differently with some other mission and crew related modifications. As well as they still retained the Tria, which Supreme Councilor Helia just told them to keep since they had recovered three more themselves.

The responsibility for Earth's primary defense was turned over to the JSOC, with the Volans keeping 1 Columba Mk II class battleship in orbit at all times to maintain a presence and official liaison with JSOC. They maintained the Marauders Den to continue to serve as a mobile shipyard as well as their remote military HQ and fleet support whenever they need to deploy the Columba fleet without risking Volantis.

The status of Atlantis these couple years was that they decided to land back at the Lantea ocean for a while as they found it more efficient from there to follow-up on the leads they received on the whereabouts of the other human remnants and offer them the same sanctuary they offered the others... and so they sent diplomatic teams to each of those worlds offering them permanent sanctuary on Atlantis and eventually relocation to a new home-world free from any risk of Wraith. In this way they took on 63,300 more refugees. The Genii and Manarian refused suggesting they had a plan to deal with the Wraith and preferred to stay and fight them-they asked and Atlantis refused to give them any technology of course, Proculus refused because they are protected by Athar. Several of the worlds with small populations all agreed to come, whereas some of the larger ones, only a large or significant group came but some stayed behind. Atlantis now hosted populations of human remnants from Athos, Hoff, Balar, Olesia, Sion, Latira, Riva, Santhal, Hallon, and the Tower planet; as well as the Taranians, and Travelers.

The Asgard with the Volans help cured their degenerative cloning problem and were in the process of swapping clones as well as making preparations for the first live birth of an Asgardian in almost 20,000 years. With the population saved and certain to begin growing again, the resource they were using to research that shifted to the war effort with the Replicator's, which had already improved to a stalemate and they were making ready to go on the offensive. It was understood that when this war was over, the Asgard would rebuild and join the Volans Alliance and the Earth Alliance, in a war to liberate the galaxy from the Goa'uld.


In early 2004 Earth Alliance launched the first of it's newly designed Prometheus class battle-cruisers, based on the Pictor class technology. This became the flagship of their fleet when in mid-2004 Anubis who had recently defeated his Goa'uld opposition came in mass to conquer Earth. His spies did not tell him to be ready for what he found there. Sure, he knew of the Volans Alliance as well. But, he strongly believed in his own advanced technology and far superior numbers. So, he arrived as expected with 32 advanced Ha'tak and his own super-mothership at a whopping 5.1km in diameter at its base, it was a monster.

In defense the Earth fielded their Alioth orbital station along with 7 Pictor Mk III destroyers, the Prometheus battle-cruiser and in joint operations with 1 Beliskner class Asgard battle-cruiser and 1 Columba class battle-ship. Plus their 4,000 Earth based air and space superiority interceptor/bombers as well as the two planetary wings from Mars and the Moon, for another 2,000 that were on their way. Along with hundreds of re-purposed Al'kesh and a thousand more re-purposed Death Gliders. That probably would have been enough. The Earth forces would've taken casualties, and Anubis was sure he could take 1 measly Asgard battle-cruiser, but he had no idea what the Volans battle-ship could do. No one on their side survived to see the drone weapons from the last engagement and the allies had kept that secret well. He would have no idea what happened to them.

At the same time, in order to minimize casualties, the Columba sent for reinforcements from Volantis, which sent the remainder of their 8 Columba class battleships to join the battle after it begins, forcing Anubis into a two-front campaign as per their common strategy. Thus, the one Columba who was in theatre for the start of battle refrained from using its drones initially so that it would be a surprise and would catch them all at once. Instead they extended their shields that were even superior to the Asgard to provide an envelope of additional protection to the Earth Alliance's own shields and tried to maintain distance between them and the enemy while the fleets engaged one another, thousands of interceptors against thousands of interceptors and capital ship vs. capital ship.

Anubis aboard his mother-ship used his ship weapons as well as his new super primary weapon to target the Columba class ship, which seemed to be having no effect on it's shields. The shields were taking damage but they were replenishing themselves just as fast. Meanwhile his 32 super-Ha'tak were taking it to Earth's 8 battle-cruisers which at first were taking screening and defensive positions for the fighter wings as they were outnumbered 4:1. While they were doing this, the Asgard battle-cruiser using high-speed close-in maneuvering kept putting itself into optimal weapons range and smacking the Ha'tak hard. One was on fire and out of control when the Volans other 8 battleships jumped into normal space on the other side of Anubis fleet and began firing their primary plasma weapons, with the Ha'tak finally giving in to fire power, 8 immediately exploded in an orgy of debris. The incoming fleet signaled the JSOC they were ready to engage with drones, then all allies backed off and super-charged shields while the 9 Volans battleships launched thousands of drones between them at Anubis fleet. Anubis own ship getting a good thousand all to itself. The battle was over from that point in a matter of seconds as all of Anubis fleet was nothing but a debris field in orbit of Earth.

With the rest of the Goa'uld having just been laid waste and conquered by Anubis and then his forces being annihilated at Earth, the Earth Alliance which included a newly formed Free Jaffa Alliance, along with the Volans Alliance, and the Asgard met to form an offensive alliance to liberate the galaxy from the Goa'uld. They would act quickly to catch them before they can do any regrouping and rearming. Earth and the Jaffa would lead on the ground and take control of the planets, liberate their peoples, and help them form new self-governance. The Volans and the Asgard would lead in space, sending Fleets to support every offensive push and for the first time in millennia would also now send squadrons throughout the galaxy to patrol and provide force and allied protection. Earth built another new fleet of their Prometheus class, this time with Asgard shields which were superior to the Pictor class shields they had based theirs from. The Asgard fresh off defeating the Replicator's sent several new fleets to the Milky Way to assist in the offensive, and the Volans built three new fleets of 10 Columba class each, dedicated to this war.

Meanwhile, in the Pegasus Galaxy, Atlantis was done taking in large movements of refugees and it had slowed to a trickle. So, while keeping in touch with Harry and company, knowing their status with Earth and the Goa'uld, they agreed to meet early next year once Goa'uld problem is being pushed back. Atlantis would travel to Edora as they always planned and settled next to Volantis, disembark all the human refugees to found their own new colonies on Edora, while they help them get settled and settle the galaxy on the whole they will meet and strategize a plan to return in force to Pegasus to deal with the Asurans and the Wraith. They would first try to subdue the Asurans or bring them into their fold, if they can. To do that, they believe they should show up in force. For the Wraith, its force all the way, one way or another.


The Goa'uld were effectively neutered in the Milky Way galaxy. There were still small pockets of independent Goa'uld with small domains or far away planets that still needed to be discovered and mopped up. But all planets who were part of domains tied to the Council of System Lords had been defeated and their people freed. The Alliance took the space station at Hasara, began expanding it, providing it protection, and made it a new galactic diplomatic station for the various races of the galaxy. The Earth Alliance, the Free Jaffa Nation, the Lucian Alliance, The Tok'ra, the Volans Alliance, and the Asgard were all represented there. The Nox and the Tollan declined. Yes, unfortunately the Lucian Alliance got legitimized as they took advantage of the galactic war to make some conquest of their own on the side of the allies, earning them some ships and planets to form their own power base. But, the were still the least trusted of the Alliance and would be watched closely by the other powers. They knew they could never challenge the Volans or the Asgard so in public they minded their business. They were still a good place to go to get a good shady weapons deal done though. Earth itself now claimed 10 systems outside of their own, when a number of the planets they liberated chose to join with them officially. This provided them their own steady supply of valuable resources such as naquadah and trinium as well. So, they were able to stand alone economically as well as militarily in the galaxy. Harry felt that he accomplished what he set out to do for Earth those years ago. And it really wasn't that long ago yet. A lot had been accomplished in a short time. Amazing how much you can accomplish when entire worlds are working together toward common goals.

Edora began to have a burgeoning population that included now over 100,000 humans who came from all over, the bulk of which brought by Atlantis from Pegasus, but in addition to the Edorans own growth, the wizarding community via the ICW began taking the thing more seriously and offered up immigration and resettling on Edora for any who wanted to practice magic openly and just see new things, or be a bigger part of the Volans Alliance by taking part in the military or other infrastructure occupations. The Lanteans decided to merge themselves into the Volans Alliance from a government stand-point so that they were officially one people again. They had an election where Harry was once again appointed High Councilor, and Helia was also a Councilor and Supreme Commander of the Volans fleet.

There was one bad skirmish where this previously unknown advanced human civilization called the Aschen. When the Earth program to resume exploring the stargate network resumed after the war they discovered the Aschen who were very advanced but lacked hyper-space travel or any stargate addresses outside the couple they found on neighboring planets. Immediately the Galactic Alliance looked into them and discovered what they were all about. When they continued to deny their atrocities in the face of the evidence, the Galactic Alliance simply locked on to and beamed away all their star gates and warned them that if they ever achieve hyper-space travel and travel beyond their current borders to attempt the same genocidal expansion they have done in the past, that the Alliance will annihilate them. They are given one chance to change their ways and become good neighbors in the galaxy.

The Volans, the Lanteans, and the Asgard met to finalize a joint effort to deal with the Asurans and the Wraith in the Pegasus galaxy. The Asgard were very grateful to the Volans and Lanteans for their help and would not take no for an answer, but they decided not to ask for any help from Earth or the other powers in the galaxy because the Pegasus problems were not their problems.

In the end they decided to finish the Asuran problem the easy way. Despite what less sophisticated and less intelligent people thought, they were not sentient beings. They were not life forms. They were only extremely sophisticated machines made from nano-technology that were programmed to simply imitate the look and behavior of life forms. So, at the beginning of the Pegasus campaign they would simply go there, and immediately execute the galactic wave form protocol through the stargate network to re-program all the Asuran's to remove their aggression base code and remove their independence and self-adaptability and add loyalty and obedience to the Alterans. They would just become machines to serve the Alteran society as they were designed to. It was either this or destroy all of them and simply build new nano-technology machines to do the same for them. They figured why waste what they already have. Then they would turn Asura with its ready built planetary resources, wealth of neutronium in the crust, ready to go labor force, and the other resources there into their base of operation for the campaign against the Wraith.

So it was that in 2008 a massive fleet of the Volans Alliance left for Pegasus to finish the job the Lantean's failed to finish all those millennia ago.

Making the trip and led by Harry, Hermione, Helia, Ayiana, and Rodney was Atlantis as Flagship and HQ of the Fleet of course. Accompanied by 40 Columba Mk II Battleships, 40 Asgard Potter class Battleships (think O'Neill class), 4 Aurora class Battleships, and the 16 Traveler warships (they insisted this is their battle too). So altogether, Atlantis and 100 warships. On Asura they would annex more and the capability to build many more.

The End.


- They got to Asura and took control of it just like they planned, no muss no fuss. They assumed 40 more of the Asuran class Aurora (not as powerful, but our protagonists upgraded them so that they are), as well as 40 smaller Asuran class cruisers (same deal). They took over a large metropolitan city scape on the surface including 6 shipyards, and one more city-ship that was built as a replica of Atlantis. They commissioned the Asuran HFR's to build as many more ships as they would need in the campaign ahead.

- They took out the bulk of the Wraith fleet in the first major engagement by tracking down their locations and then simultaneously annihilating their hive ships and accompanying cruisers while they still hibernated erstwhile obliterating the old Wraith cloning facility from orbit. After that there were only a handful of Wraith ships scattered throughout the galaxy and the allies just had to send 100's of ships on patrol throughout the galaxy to find them and hunt them down. The extermination of the Wraith was on. It would take several years to feel confident that they had tracked down and eradicated every last one of them.

- During the campaign the allies ran across the old Asgard cousins, the Vanir. Initially hostile, when they learned that the Asgard were cured and were part of this alliance, they all but begged to join and return home. They were accepted with open arms and the Vanir were re-united with the Asgard.

- The Volans maintained a presence in Pegasus by retaining their hold on Asura which is a mighty industrial and resource planet for them. Eventually they decided to go ahead and resettle Atlantis on Lantea now that the galaxy was safe again, and opened up the continent there for human settlement. Eventually an intergalactic cross-settlement of magical humans from Earth would settle on Edora as well as Lantea. Some even went to Asura, where many of the more primitive humans went to be taught the new science, arts, and technologies so they could become contributing members of the new Alteran society anywhere in the two galaxies. The main strongholds for the Volans (Alterans) remained Edora, Earth, Asura, and Lantea for millennia. They had more than enough space to grow and thrive, and were never seriously challenged again in Harry's lifetime.

- Harry and Hermione finally settled down on Edora within apparation range of Volantis, on a nice ranch surrounded by a white picket fence and had 2-4 children and lived happily ever after.

p.s.-There was never any problem with the Ori because no one ever played around with communication stones they didn't understand and thus never revealed the presence of humans in the Milky Way galaxy to them. Who knows what might happen way out in the future due to other circumstances.