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Harry Potter and Setesh's Blunder

Chapter 3

Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts. Harry was dating Hermione, Ginny was dating Dean, and Ron was dating Lavender Brown. Both Weasley's were trying to get members of the other pair jealous but it wasn't working, otherwise nothing noteworthy happened in their relationships.

Harry noticed that Malfoy was up to something, probed him with Legilimency and learned of his orders to kill Dumbledore this year and the work on the vanishing cabinet. He figured that if his plans work out all of Malfoy's plans will be overtaken by events. But he kept an eye on him and would interfere if he needed to.

Dumbledore decided at the beginning of the school year that he should take a bigger role in Harry's education, and he arranged for Harry to have private lessons with him every so often. As Dumbledore began showing Harry pensieve memories of Tom's life, Harry went along with it pretending that he didn't already know all of this and more.

The new Marauders plotted that they would go forward with their scheme on Halloween. Since Tom himself liked to act on Halloween, they were hoping that will improve the chances they will draw him out. Everything really hinged on him coming out to play. Harry and Hermione spent copious amount of time in the room of requirement practicing Harry's dueling skills and the spell combo's he learned from Tom, and he practiced combos using his wand in one hand with the kara-kesh on the other.

On Halloween they put the plan into motion.

Harry, with Sirius under the Invisibility Cloak, and Dobby under his own brand of invisibility rendezvoused in Diagon Alley late at night. Harry made sure to be seen crossing the alley nocturnally and when Sirius believed he had been noticed by a known DE, tapped Harry on the shoulder to give him the signal. Then the three of them departed via Portkey to the Ministry's guest entrance.

With the rest of his team still invisible, Harry went to the keypad and entered 62442. On the other end of the receiver the voice said "please identify yourself and state the nature of your visit." To which Harry replied. "Harry Potter and a couple friends here to visit the Hall of Prophecy." then the phone spit out three visitor badges and took them into the Ministry.

The place was empty so Harry made his way to the elevator and went to Level 9, the Department of Mysteries. Fortunately from Tom's memories Harry knew exactly where to go. Once they get to the Time Room, they passed through there and Harry was sorely tempted to snatch a time turner, 'maybe on the wait out if there is time he thought,' then finally reached the Hall of Prophecy. Entering he saw a vast cold chamber with a cathedral ceiling, filled with row upon row of towering shelves with hundred of small dusty glass orbs. Harry and team entered around row 53 from the entrance of the Time Room and began the slow process of looking for one with his name on it. He figured that at any time DE's might show up so Sirius watched his back as Harry and Dobby moved down the rows looking for the orb. Finally a short distance down at row 97 Harry saw it:

S.P.T to A.P.W.B.D

Dark Lord

and (?) Harry Potter

Harry whispered to Dobby to get into position and be ready and stay invisible. Sirius stuck to his part of the plan across the room and out of sight to create a cross-fire if they need it.

Harry then lifted the orb off the pedestal. As anticipated, the act of removing the orb from the pedestal triggered some kind of alert to whomever Tom had watching this place because it was not long after that Harry heard:

Black shapes emerged out of thin air all around him, blocking his way left and right; eyes glinted through slits in hoods, a dozen lit wand tips were pointing directly at his heart.

"To me, Potter," repeated the drawling voice of Lucius Malfoy as he held out his hand, palm up.

Harry laughed.

"Yeah, right!" he said. "I give you this—prophecy, is it? And you'll just let me skip off home, will you?"

The words were hardly out of his mouth when the female Death Eater shrieked: "Accio proph—"

Harry was ready for her: he shouted "Protego!" before she had finished her spell, and though the glass sphere slipped to the tips of his fingers he managed to cling on to it.

"Oh, he knows how to play, little bitty baby Potter," she said, her mad eyes staring through the slits in her hood. "Very well, then—"

"I TOLD YOU, NO!" Lucius Malfoy roared at the woman. "If you smash it—!"



Back at Hogwarts right after Harry left, Hermione raced to Professor Dumbledore's office with well practiced tears in her eyes telling him the tale of how Harry had gotten a vision from Voldemort about Death Eaters holding Sirius hostage at the Department of Mysteries, telling him that if he did not come alone to retrieve a prophecy for them that they would kill Sirius. She complained that she tried to stop Harry but he couldn't be argued with when he thought Sirius was in danger. "He made me promise not to tell you he left, but I came straight after." Hermione concluded.

"You did the right thing Miss Granger. I'm sure when this is all over, Harry will understand. Please return to your dorm and I will summon the Order and mount a rescue. Run along now." replied Dumbledore.

Mione left to find a quiet place and port-keyed to Shawdon Wood as planned.


Then back at the DoM...

Dobby silently and invisibly released Nish'ta bound to Harry into the air near the face of each one of the twelve DE's while Harry kept them talking.

"I can't believe the Dark Lord sent twelve of his top Death Eaters for just one little old me?" said Harry.

"Is this prophecy really all that important?" asked Harry.

"Dumbledore never told you the reason you bear that scar was hidden in the bowels of the Department of Mysteries?" Malfoy sneered.

"I—what?" said Harry. What about my scar?"

"Can this be?" said Malfoy, sounding maliciously delighted; some of the Death Eaters were laughing again, and under cover of their laughter.

"Dumbledore never told you?" Malfoy repeated. "Well, this explains why you didn't come earlier, Potter, the Dark Lord wondered why" —you didn't come running when he showed you the place where it was hidden in your dreams. He thought natural curiosity would make you want to hear the exact wording…"

"Did he?" said Harry. He sought to keep talking, to distract the Death Eaters. "So he wanted me to come and get it, did he? Why?" Inwardly Harry thought, 'damn if only I had kept my mind open for him we could have let him set a trap for himself here, oh well, all is well that ends well...'

"Why?" Malfoy sounded incredulously delighted. "Because the only people who are permitted to retrieve a prophecy from the Department of Mysteries, Potter, are those about whom it was made, as the Dark Lord discovered when he attempted to use others to steal it for him."

"And why did he want to steal a prophecy about me?"

"About both of you, Potter, about both of you… haven't you ever wondered why the Dark Lord tried to kill you as a baby?"

"Someone made a prophecy about Voldemort and me?" he said quietly, gazing at Lucius Malfoy, his fingers tightening over the warm glass sphere in his hand. It was hardly larger than a Snitch and still gritty with dust. "

"Get it himself?" shrieked Bellatrix, over a cackle of mad laughter.

"The Dark Lord, walk into the Ministry of Magic, when they are so sweetly ignoring his return? The Dark Lord, reveal himself to the Aurors, when at the moment they are wasting their time on my dear cousin?"

"So, he's got you doing his dirty work for him, has he?" said Harry. "Like he tried to get Sturgis to steal it—and Bode?"

"Very good, Potter, very good…" said Malfoy slowly. "But the Dark Lord knows you are not unintell—"

Harry felt the mind control take hold on his new thralls. Perfect, he thought.

"That will be all Lucius. Just be silent. That goes for all of you. Malfoy, Bellatrix, Rodolphus, Rabastan, Dolohov, Rookwood, Mcnair, Avery, Crabbe, Nott, Jugson, and Mulciber... all of you drop your wands." ordered Harry.

As Harry to his great satisfaction heard 12 wooden clanks on the floor. Harry cast an incarcerous binding all of them in ropes. Then petrificus totalus to add insult to injury, then he released them from the effect of the Nish'ta so he wouldn't have to explain that, followed by a stupefy maximus on all 12 of them. "Nighty night. Accio wands. Incendio." "Well, that will be that." said Harry.

Simultaneously to Harry's incendio spell going off, Dumbledore and the Order burst into the Hall of Prophecy expecting a big fight. Expecting one they came in wands blazing with some spells ready at the tips of their wands, only for them to come up behind the 12 DE's bound and unconscious on the floor, as behind Harry appeared Voldemort and his snake Nagini.

Dumbledore started to say, "Harry, wha...", then "Harry, look out, duck!" as Dumbledore prepared a spell to send at Tom and said "Tom, you should not have come here tonight."

Harry thought across his ring to Mione. "Now, Mione, destroy the Horcrux's." Mione did as planned and all the Horcrux's simultaneously dropped into cauldrons of basilisk venom.

Voldemort let out a terrible scream and brought his hands including his wand hand up to his forehead in agony of the sudden debilitating pain.

"Now!" Harry yelled.

And Sirius called out "Diffindo" at the snake, letting the cloak fall off him to the astonishment of the Order present.

Followed immediately by Harry's yell of "Diffindo" at Voldemort's neck and in the next miraculous second everyone witnessed Voldemort's head depart from his body and roll onto the ground. His headless body fell what would have been face first to the floor and his wand fell loosely out of his hand and clattered to the ground. As soon as Sirius saw Harry successfully kill Voldemort he port-keyed out for his own safety per plan. As for Dobby it was if he was never there.

At that very moment, the Minister and several aurors and hit wizards stormed into the Prophecy Room in time to see Voldemort's head rolling on the floor.

"He's here!" shouted a scarlet-robed man with a ponytail.

"Its him, Mr. Fudge, I swear it is You-Know-Who!"

"I know, Williamson, I know, I see him too!" gibbered Fudge, who was wearing pajamas under his pinstriped cloak and was gasping as though he had just run miles.

"Merlin's beard—here—here!—in the Ministry of Magic!—great heavens above—it doesn't seem possible—my word—how can this be—?"

"Dumbledore!" gasped Fudge, beside himself with amazement. "You—here—I—I—"

Dumbledore, you—you will need to tell me exactly - he added in a kind of whimper, staring around at the floor, where the remains of the Voldemort and his snake lay scattered.

"We can discuss that after I have sent Harry back to Hogwarts," said Dumbledore.

"Harry—Harry Potter?"

Fudge wheeled around and stared at Harry.

"He—here?" said Fudge, goggling at Harry. "Why—what's all this about?"

"I shall explain everything," repeated Dumbledore, "when Harry is back at school."

He pointed his wand at a piece of broken wood and muttered, "Portus." It glowed blue.

"Now see here, Dumbledore!" said Fudge, as Dumbledore picked up the stick of wood walked back to Harry carrying it. "You haven't got authorization for that Portkey! You can't do things like that right in front of the Minister for Magic, you—you—"

His voice faltered as Dumbledore surveyed him magisterially over his half-moon spectacles.

I will give you…" Dumbledore pulled a watch with twelve hands from his pocket and surveyed it "…half an hour of my time tonight, in which I think we shall be more than able to cover the important points of what has happened here. After that, I shall need to return to my school. If you need more help from me you are, of course, more than welcome to contact me at Hogwarts. Letters addressed to the Headmaster will find me."

Fudge goggled worse than ever; his mouth was open and his round face grew pinker under his rumpled grey hair.


Dumbledore turned his back on him.

"Take this Portkey, Harry."

He held out the wooden stick and Harry placed his hand on it, happy that this part is all over, now to deal with Dumbledore.

"I shall see you in half an hour," said Dumbledore quietly "One… two… three…"

Harry felt the familiar sensation of a hook being jerked behind his navel. The polished wooden floor was gone from beneath his feet; the Hall, Fudge and Dumbledore had all disappeared and he was flying forwards in a whirlwind of color and sound…

A/N: I paraphrased that scene from the original to fit the circumstances of my story, otherwise I wanted it to play out the same way.

30 minutes later Dumbledore returned to his office. Dobby had already spirited Mione back to the Hogwarts grounds and she was safely back where she was supposed to be. Now Harry had to explain all this to Dumbledore...

"Harry, my boy... I want to ask why, but what I really want to know at the moment is how in the world did you go to the Hall of Prophecy tonight and manage with just the help of Sirius to defeat 12 of Voldemort's senior death eaters, leave them tied up and unconscious, burned their wands, and if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, just seconds later kill Tom Riddle. I saw that you had Sirius' help. I know he is good, but not that good. And what about the Horcrux's I've been teaching you about Harry. Don't you understand that he can still come back?" asked Dumbledore sounding exasperated and for the first time since Harry has known him, non-plussed which is not a normal look or sound from one Albus Dumbledore.

"I'm sorry Professor. You're right, this was a grand scheme cooked up between Sirius and me and we kept you and everyone else out of the loop to make sure it went to plan perfectly. First, I know all about the Horcrux's, more than you ever did in fact. Before we went there tonight to set our trap for Tom, I had found all the remaining Horcrux's, yes, even the one that used to be in me is all gone. You see, I'm safe and sound and Horcrux free. Did you know or suspect that I was a Horcrux too sir?" replied Harry.

"I did suspect Harry, but I didn't know. As far as I knew no-one had made a Horcrux of a living person before so, while there were signs, I had no proof, no way to know for sure." replied Dumbledore.

"Okay Harry, how did you come to know all about Tom's Horcrux's and manage to pull off a scheme like tonight?" asked Dumbledore.

"Well it's simple really, the Horcrux in my head died, for lack of a better word and my mind absorbed all of Tom's memories while leaving none of the darkness or taint of the Horcrux itself." answered Harry.

Dumbledore got worried at that admission, asked "How do you know the darkness of the Horcrux hasn't tainted you Harry?"

"Simple really sir. I haven't changed a bit. I'm still the nice guy I always was. I have no sudden desires to enslave followers, kill or torture muggles, or take over the world. I just learned that I could flip through his memories like an encyclopedia and know what he knew when I want to. I guess I can understand why you might be worried, but I'm fine really, haven't changed at all. I just wanted to get this thing with Tom done so I could prevent him from hurting any more people as soon as possible. I'm sorry I didn't confide this in you sir and I mean no disrespect but you seem like a bit of a pacifist. That doesn't mean I've changed to be dark, the fact is I've always just been more willing to jump in with both feet to defend myself or protect others, like you saw in my 1st and 2nd year, even my 3rd." replied Harry.

"That's good my boy. I had to ask you understand. It is really marvelous. I had begun to fear the worst for you in the outcome of a war with Tom if you truly were a Horcrux. I didn't know they could die on their own and do what you said though. But, then again like I said there was no previous record of a living host for a Horcrux either. When do you think it happened Harry and do you know how?" asked Dumbledore.

"Well sir, I think it happened the summer after he was resurrected using my blood. At first I thought I might just be loosing it when I could see memories I knew weren't my own. But I also found at the same time that no longer did I get any senses or visions from Voldemort. You remember I have told you I had no more of those. I didn't explain why I thought that was of course. But, soon I put two and two together and trained myself with the knowledge he has. I just assumed that whatever crazy ritual he used to resurrect himself used up the Horcrux magic in my scar. This is also why I became adept at wandless magic because it was one of his skills too." replied Harry.

"Fascinating, simply fascinating Harry. You may be right, it certainly is possible. We have no other situation like this to compare it too. And you're sure you feel no ill effects of Tom's soul, his dark tendencies? I'm sorry, I am really happy for you and despite what you say I -am- glad of the result that Tom is finished before he could really get a start on a second war. I had thought we were in for an entrenched war like the last time especially with the Minister sticking his head in the sand, but you put paid to all of those problems in one night. I hope you don't mind me keeping an eye on you and asking to speak with you from time to time, just to re-assure myself that Tom isn't finding a way to use you." said Dumbledore.

"That's no problem sir. But please keep it between you and me okay? I don't trust the ministry and certainly not the press to take this and turn me into something bad or a lab rat for the department of mysteries. I just want to live my life now. I assume that those twelve death eaters will get put back behind bars and kept there this time? I know there are more death eaters out there, so the job is not totally done. I wonder if someone will try to step up and replace him now? But, we got most of the big fish tonight I think. So, I hope not. I only have one more thing -I- want to do that involves those nutters and that is to find and capture that rat Peter Pettigrew so we can prove Sirius' innocence. Will you help me do that sir?" asked Harry.

"I will Harry, both keep this between you and me and help you get Pettigrew so we can free Sirius. I noticed that Sirius helped you with your plan tonight. That was very brave of him. You both deserve it, I will help all I can. The Minister didn't see him last night, so we still have time. You played it all out very well Harry, I was impressed. If it is okay with you since the Minister saw me and the Order there I will conjure up a plausible story about how you helped us with a trap for Voldemort and that it was all a plan to use his desire for the prophecy to set him up. Some of that is not far from the truth either it seems." Dumbledore said with a smile.

"Great sir. Thank you." replied Harry.

"Well, it's late Harry why don't you return to your dorm and get some sleep. I daresay you might find a young witch waiting up for you that might need re-assuring." said Dumbledore.

"Oh, before I go sir, here is the prophecy orb. I believe this is done now. I don't need it." said Harry as he handed sat the orb on Dumbledore's desk as he left.

As Harry returned to the common room he messaged both Sirius and Hermione to say, "Mission accomplished. Great work, it is done and even Dumbledore seems to be happy and content with the outcome."


The Daily Prophet - Morning Edition

front page headline

The Boy Who Lived - The Man Who Conquered

{insert very flattering moving photo of Harry and Dumbledore}

Last night while we were all nursing our evening pumpkin juice after a night of All Hallows Eve frolicking, young Mr. Potter in the company of Professor Albus Dumbledore and his Order of the Phoenix captured twelve notorious Death Eaters, many of which were Azkaban escapees, and entrapped and killed the Dark Lord Voldemort. That is right dear readers, LV really had been resurrected but he is now defeated for good this time.

Minister Fudge congratulated Professor Dumbledore and Harry Potter for a well played hand in coordinating this trap with the Ministry to get the Dark Lord once and for all. As Dumbledore, Potter and the Order of the Phoenix lured LV and his DE's into a trap, backed up by the Minister and a hand-picked group of senior aurors and hit-wizards, LV fell for the lure to obtain a prophecy that was made between himself and Harry Potter. The prophecy which has now become completely fulfilled, specified that Harry Potter was the only one with the power to finally vanquish Voldemort. We at the prophet are sure that will not come as a surprise to anyone.

The Minister stated that Harry Potter will be up for an Order of Merlin, First Class award, and all of the members of the Order of the Phoenix will received Order's of Merlin, Second Class awards, for volunteering to team up with the Ministry to plot the final downfall of the Dark Lord.

The names of the twelve death eaters found at the scene aiding LV and captured and awaiting trial are...


"Potter, I will get you for this. You got my father arrested... you half-blood bastard you will pay." screamed Malfoy across the Great Hall.

"Malfoy," Harry yelled back. "I did you a favor, now you do not have to complete the orders you received from your now dead master to attempt and of course fail to murder Professor Dumbledore this year, and you also no longer need to continue working on trying to repair that Vanishing Cabinet in the room of requirement who's partner is at Borgin & Burke's because there will be no Death Eater army to lead into Hogwarts in the dead of night to try to take it over." At that Harry gestured at Malfoy and the sleeves of his robe disappeared and everyone could see the fading Dark Mark on his forearm.

"So, basically, why don't you just shut up and let me eat my breakfast in peace." concluded Harry.

"Harry," Ron said. "How come you did all that without me, your best mate? I could've helped you with those death eaters and your plan to get Voldemort." said Ron.

"Ron, it is simple. I didn't need your help. You would've just gotten in the way anyway and you can't keep a secret to save your life. And...your -not- my best mate. This beautiful woman on my right is, right Mione?" replied Harry, as Mione snuggled into Harry and placed a very sweet kiss on Harry's cheek and laid her head on his shoulder.

"Right Harry." agreed Mione. "Besides, you saw the prophet Ron, it wasn't Harry's plan it was the Minister's, so go bugger him about it." said Mione.

"Mione, language." said Harry.

At that Fred and George's cat-calls for Harry and Hermione's public display of affection turned into uproarious laughter.


The rest of six year continued in relative peace except for the award ceremonies for the Order's of Merlin. During the Christmas Holiday's Pettigrew was found skulking around Hogsmeade in his rat form looking for scraps. He never was too bright. He was caught, confessed under Veritaserum and Sirius was given a trial, exonerated, compensated, and Harry officially got to move in with Sirius as his official godfather and guardian. The Order of the Phoenix was disbanded as it was no longer needed, so Grimmauld Place was finally just a home for Sirius and Harry, with Hermione visiting as much as could be proper. Dobby became a second house elf to the House of Black via Harry and with him there the entire place was restored and sparkling like new in short order.

The team finally brought Remus into the loop along with Tonks who he was now dating, both with magical vows of secrecy and the new Marauders were well on their way. They decided two things. One, Harry and Hermione would now work on their animagi and they needed to get Sirius a girlfriend so that the group would all be paired off. But until then, in the meantime. By the time summer came, they found and perfected their new forms. Harry had become a Peregrine Falcon and Hermione had become an Eagle Owl. They both thought it was fantastic that they had a bird form so they could fly together for fun.

During the summer, they worked on their space-ship project...

Harry finished reprocessing his set of transport rings into the necessary naquadah fuel that he needed and built a proper naquadah generator. Then he conjured the right type of materials to make his hyper-drive emitters out of and using schematics that Mione managed to find on the Internet for the Apollo command module, worked out and built the necessary mounting brackets and wiring harnesses needed to connect the small hyper-drive to the bottom of the command module when they 'acquire' it.

Using equipment they got from computer and electronic stores, Harry jury-rigged a hyper-drive navigational computer to work with his small hyper-drive. They acquired a number of SCUBA air tanks and modified them to provide oxygen to the Apollo era space suit Harry would 'acquire' and Harry practiced creating and maintaining a properly sized shield from his kara-kesh that he will use during flight to extend a radiation and kinetic shield around the entire small craft during his flight to Mars.

Then, to take the place of repulsor lifts or sub-light engines, Harry conjured additional materials that he placed some custom charms from Tom's repertoire that he will attach with special flexible mounts he created that will allow him up to 321kph of atmospheric flight speed. The good thing about this is that this method defeats gravity directly so that conventional physics regarding escape velocity are not a factor. The distance from ground to space is about 100km, so with this method he will be able to 'launch' from ground to space in 18.7 minutes.

From there once he would engage the hyper-drive, he would be able to reach his Ha'tak on Mars in less than one second. However, that is not what he is going to try to do. It is not recommended to use a hyper-drive this close to planets or to travel the relatively small distance between planets. His jury-rigged navigation computer is not going to be able to handle the safety issues involved with attempting that, so he attenuated his small hyper-drive to vastly slower speeds than it is normally capable of.

He will maintain his atmospheric flight velocity for 2 hours, leaving earth orbit until reaching at least 2,137 km, then he will use his attenuated hyper-drive to perform a slow 10 minute hyper-space jump to the same altitude over Mars, then with his atmospheric flight system based on those charmed components he created, switched to Mar's gravity mode, he will descend to the Ha'tak over an equivalent 2 hours. These modifications are meant to put a measure of safety around this unusual method of using hyper-drive to travel such a short distance. If all goes well the entire flight time should be 4 hours, 10 minutes.

So, the plan is as such:

The weekend of July 14-18 the London museum is going to be closed for renovations. Therefore they intend to 'borrow' the command module on July 15. If they are lucky, the transfigured duplicate will hold up to scrutiny until they can return the original before re-opening on Sat, July 19.

"Harry, will our communication rings still work while you are on Mars?" asked Mione.

"Sure Mione, it's only about 62 million miles. A drop in the bucket for the communication bits, not the port-key bits." answered Harry.

"So says the guy with the Goa'uld augmented brain." said Mione.

"Eww, I'm not sure I like the way you put that dear." replied Harry.

"Will you two stop your foreplay and focus here." said Tonks.

"Let's review the plan one more time to make sure we are all on the same page." continued Remus.

"1) July 15-You're going to go in under your cloak at night."

"2) You're going to move the command module away and space suit from it's display."

"3) You're going to transfigure a duplicate of each to take their place."

"4) You're going to shrink them and bring it back to the barn where we have the launching thing set up."

"5) You're going to un-shrink it and then retrofit it with all the equipment you built. You anticipate this to take the better of one day."

"6) July 16-You're going to launch and then appx. 4 hours, 10 minutes later you are going to reach your Ha'tak."

"7) You're then going to check it out and if it is in good shape you are going to recover the command module, then launch the Ha'tak and fly it to the dark side of the moon."

"8) Then you are going to shrink the command module, and fly a cloaked Al'kesh back to the farmhouse.

"9) July 17-You're going to remove your changes from the command module, sneak back to the museum and replace the original back in display.

*In between each step you will communicate with us over the rings to let us know status and that you're ok.

**So, if everything goes to plan, we will be done 1 day ahead of schedule.

"I have one question" said Sirius. "What do you need us for? This is all you, I feel kind of useless." said Sirius.

"Well, I need you guys for moral support and if I really bugger this up, someone to pass down to their grandchildren the crazy thing they saw this guy they knew try to do once." replied Harry cheekily.

"Seriously, I realize that this plan is mostly all me because only I can do this stuff right now." said Harry.

"But, my plan after this is that we will start a new technology company and begin to use bits of this tech to start slowly introducing advanced technology into the world market. Over time we should be able to develop the cash-flow and resources to build a sizable and secure remote lab where we can design and build the really good stuff in private. I want to be able to build fleets of ships if we need to someday to defend the Earth from the Goa'uld when they come back, because they will some day. While we are doing that, we try to get rich doing it. Someday, we would sell some serious tech to the government when and if they ever get interested in space in a serious way. " continued Harry.

"When we do this, I plan to teach all of you how to use this stuff too. Assuming you want to. And then you can help me with designs and managing the company and anything else we decide to get into with this stuff. I will be able to teach all of you how to fly these ships too. This Ha'tak we're recovering, while 5,000 years old, was state of the art for the time and fully loaded for war minus the warriors. Setesh had Isis give him this one to hide as their back up plan in their rebellion against Ra, but the whole thing was a double-cross, he turned both Isis and Osiris over to Ra and he imprisoned them and took away their titles and power, assimilating them into his own. But, this one was left unknown and unclaimed as was Setesh's plan all along. Problem is he didn't foresee the Egyptians soon after rebelling and Ra escaping Earth altogether or that Setesh himself would miss the ride and get stuck exiled on Earth with no way to get to the Ha'tak. He then got comfortable and lazy here living in luxury as a puffed up cult leader. Well, we've got his stuff now." grinned Harry.

"When I say this Ha'tak is fully loaded, he was preparing for his own future someday. There are 3 stargates and DHD's in storage, there is a full complement of 12 wings of Death Gliders (432 total), which is like their fighter aircraft except they fly in space too, and 3 wings of these Al-kesh bombers (108 total). The ship is huge, it is 315 meters tall by 650 meters wide and 700 meters long. It can be crewed by 1-12 people but can carry 2000 troops. It can carry 700,000 tons of cargo, has 15 transportation rings, 3 sarcophagi, it's main armaments include powerful shields and 60 staff cannons around the superstructure, but also the cargo hold has cases of weapons and other tech, including 2000 Zat'Nik'Tel and 2000 Staff weapons; extra supplies of ark bombs, healing devices, kara-kesh, long range and short range communication devices, memory recall devices, ring remotes, solar radiation shields, Tok'Kal shock grenades, gate shields, reconnaissance drones, Goa'uld tablets and page turners, and Vocuum hologram projectors. All the remaining cargo space is full of various types of refined and finished naquadah, enough to build a small outpost and a shipyard." continued Harry.

"Among my plans is to set ourselves up a small base somewhere off-world so that we can maintain most of our stash somewhere else, that way no-one on Earth could just up and take it from us-or if they do take what we have here we can leave and get to our main stash. You know there are those who would try if they find out what we have. Plus, it's always good to have a safe-house right? We've learned that the hard way already thanks to dark lords and rogue governments. With this, I have the knowledge of how to build one of the original orbital shipyards. If we can find a source of naquadah and find a way to mine it and refine it, we can build our own little colony capable of protecting itself." concluded Harry.

"I had no idea this ship was this big Harry." said Sirius.

"Yeah, this class of ship is their main 'mother-ship' for planetary invasions or large scale ship-to-ship fleet warfare. With a full complement of their Jaffa troops, just one of these Ha'tak is enough to conquer an entire planet so long as the civilization is no more advanced than say Earth is now. Guy's the shields of this Ha'tak could withstand blast after blast after blast of the strongest nuclear weapons the muggles could throw at it. The smaller vessels can't do that mind you, but the Ha'tak itself could take anything the Earth throws at it. I'm not saying that's what we want to do, just letting you know how powerful this ship is and what the Goa'uld built them for." continued Harry.

"A typical Goa'uld system lord going into battle against the fleet of another system lord might command say 10-15 of these Ha'tak into the battle, with only a handful in reserve. A mega-battle say if all the other system lords were to ally against the most powerful supreme system lord, you might see a battle of 60 or so of these Ha'tak against another 60 or so, and combined that would make up probably half of all Ha'tak in the galaxy, well at least as recently as 5,000 years ago, and as far as Setesh knew." concluded Harry.


July 15-18, 1997. Harry and team executed their plan and it performed flawlessly. Harry now possessed the fully loaded Ha'tak and it is safely ensconced in a crater on the dark side of the moon. He returned home with one of the Al'kesh bombers with a sampling of all the major tech from the cargo hold, plus a stargate with gate shield and DHD. Harry can gate from his Al'kesh to the Ha'tak so the Al'kesh becomes his mobile command center for the most part for a while, and the Ha'tak remains his off-world home base initially.

July 27, 1997. A Goa'uld named Apophis came to Earth at the American's SGC, killed four airmen and kidnapped another. Prompting the USA to begin a full-scale stargate program. ...Not that Harry knew any of this of course.