Nova's Journey

Character Profile: Nova

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon.

Name: Nova Kurata

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Family: Father Akihiro Kurata (missing), cousins Davis Motomiya and Jun Motomiya, Koji Minamoto and Koichi Minamoto and uncle Mitsuo Yamak.

Appearance: Black hair, dark blue eyes and lightly tanned skin. Usually wears, a black jacket with a white t-shirt with the symbol of darkness in red on it, dark blue jeans, black socks, black and white sneakers and black sunglasses with black lens.

Digivice: Black and red IC Burst with the symbol of the Corrupted Spirits of Darkness in red.



Champion: Devimon

Ultimate: NeoDevimon

Mega: Beelzemon

+ Modes: Blast Mode and Burst Mode (made up)

Corrupted Human Spirit of Darkness: Duskmon

Corrupted Beast Spirit of Darkness: Velgemon

Corrupted Fusion Spirit of Darkness: DuskVelgemon (made up)

Mottos: (main one) Darkness isn't evil it's what you make it good or evil it doesn't matter. Darkness helps me when I need it.