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Authors note- this is a co-written story by myself and Salllzy, we have chosen to write this because we did not like the way the show was. For several reasons, which will be explained later on.

Chapter 1

Harry James Potter was tired, he had fought in a war. Everyone wanted a piece of him, people wanted him to work for them, he wanted to raise Teddy in peace he couldn't do that not here in Britain where everyone was trying to tear chunks out of him, not when they were demanding that he join the Ministry and capture the remaining Death Eaters.

He didn't want any more violence, he had seen enough of that and death. So he had chosen to become a healer, the public had been in uproar about it. Calling him a coward, that he as their 'chosen one' should be helping the Aurors to track down the last of the Death Eaters.

The final straw was when someone had tried to kidnap Teddy from his home, he had thrown up the strongest wards that he could. He hadn't been able to leave the house because of the press that had camped outside of his house, the aurors weren't doing anything merely saying that the public had a right to their hero, as if they owned him.

Which was why he found himself on a plane to America, he was far away from England as he could get without having to relearn everything. Harry glanced down at Teddy who was sleeping quite happily despite the turmoil that was going on inside of him, Harry smiled at the picture of innocence that Teddy made.

The one good thing that had happened to him was Teddy, despite the war, despite all the death and destruction he still had Teddy who was innocent. Who hadn't seen his parents die, who hadn't seen countless people tortured and For Harry?

That was enough, he knew that moving away to America was the best decision that he had made. He wasn't regretting it.

Harry felt his eyes close, perhaps a nap wouldn't hurt him.

~~~~Some time later~~~~

"Sir, Sir its time to get up."

Harry groaned, someone was shaking his shoulder. He opened his eyes and blinked owlishly at the woman who was smiling at him

"We are about to land Sir, I thought you would like to know."

Harry yawned, placing his hand over his mouth he looked at the woman, and smiled

"Thank you."

"Not a problem Sir."

Harry glanced down at Teddy who was still sleeping, Harry shook his head in fond amusement. Teddy could sleep through nearly anything, even an Earthquake. Not something that Harry wanted to test, once he was off the plane Harry felt free, like he could be what he want and not have to worry about what people were going to think.

That he didn't have to keep looking over his shoulder every five seconds in case someone wanted to rape him, Harry shuddered that had happened to many times for his liking. But still he was in America and not England any more, the only thing he had to do was find the house. Harry looked down at the piece of paper that Ironhook had given him.

Mystic Falls, Virginia.

Well at least he knew where he had to go, Teddy began to squirm as he woke up, Harry rocked Teddy for a few seconds until he calmed down and fell back asleep. Sometimes Harry wished he had Teddy's life, after all sleeping the day away looked very appealing to him.

As Harry walked to the exit he spotted a man holding up a sign

Harry Potter

Harry walked towards him, as he did so he muttered under his breath

"Remind me to give Ironhook, a large bag of mushrooms. He deserves it."

Harry found it amusing that goblins had an addiction to mushrooms, but then again. Goblins and mushrooms were similar you had to have a taste for them, Harry had found that he had very loyal friends in the goblins.

But then again goblins were very greedy of what the considered as 'theirs' and since Harry was a goblin friend they classed him as theirs, something that Harry found both amusing and horrifying at the same time. Harry looked at the man, he was elderly early 50's possibly late 50's his eyes were kind and warm they reminded Harry of melted chocolate.

His hands were warm and calloused as they shook hands, the man had spent his life working with his hands. He most likely never had a day off in his life, Harry knew that the man stood in front of him would make a wonderful friend and possible grandfather to Teddy. If he could get him into his employment and into his home, which shouldn't be that hard, and if he did. The first thing that he would slap down was days off, there would be no arguing over it.

So when the man took his bags, Harry went to protest, he was quite capable of carrying his own bags to the car!

But a glare from the old man stopped, him, he looked at him trying to figure out what was going on

"You need to take care of your little lad."

Harry looked at him then back to Teddy, and knew that he wouldn't of handed Teddy over no matter how seemingly nice the man seemed to be. The man knew that, that was why he had taken the bags and didn't try to take Teddy off him, Harry turned and looked at him before saying

"I didn't get your name."

The warm chocolate brown eyes looked at him, they seemed to be measuring him. As they were searching for some sort of imperfections that only he could see

"Name's Stanley."

Just a first name, not enough to a background check. But he could always ask Ironhook, then Harry realized that Ironhook had done the background checks before hand, meaning that Stanley was clean.

So he could relax as Ironhook wouldn't allow any harm to come to him or Teddy, despite the gruff exterior Ironhook did care he just didn't show it. With these thought Harry got into the car, he would trust Stanley for now.

But the man reminded him of a good Albus, before the war had gotten to him. Before everything became a game of chess for the whole 'greater good' before he had trained Harry to become a weapon of war.

Harry had never been innocent, he knew that the abuse that he had went through at his relatives had seen to that. The neglect he had went through meant that he craved contact, he hoarded hugs like no tomorrow. He would always be skinny he knew that, he would never be at his full height or put any muscles on.

But because of his height and stature people thought that he wasn't a threat, that they could harm him easily. But more often than not they ended up dead, and Harry ended up been the one that was still alive.

But he was moving to a new place, a small town where he could raise Teddy in peace. Without the worry of death threats and people trying to kill him. He could help teach Teddy about magic, about his parents who they were and what they did.

But Harry was worried, Remus had been a werewolf. There had been the chance that Teddy could be one as well and Harry wouldn't know until he was older. Until Teddy was around three or four. Which was the earliest of when the werewolf gene would show, he knew that it would of broken Remus's heart to find out that his son had the 'curse' as he called it.

So when they pulled up outside of a three story house, Harry knew that he could have the peace and quiet here. That he could raise Teddy without fear of any death threats or attempts on his life, that he would be able to tell Teddy about his father and mother. Which was all Harry wanted was to raise Teddy show him all the love that he had been denied as a child, show him the world that had never seen.

But what Harry didn't know was Mystic falls was a supernatural hotspot and soon bigger and badder problems would be coming. Problems by the name of Klaus.

Who would also bring he devilishly handsome brother by the name of Elijah.