The gathered group near the woods looked at Harry who just told them to let go of Katherine, which was beyond stupid considering what she had done. The guys didn't want to let go of Katherine, but they followed their instincts that said mess with this group and loose your head, heart and most likely your life. They quickly let go of her before anything could happen, they didn't want to loose anything that could be important later on in the future. They just wanted to know if Katherine was going to cause more chaos and if she was being truthful about being good or if she lying like she had done in the past. They also wanted to know who pranked Elena which was beyond hilarious to both brothers. Because both of them now knew that Elena was a habitually cheater and liar, which they both hated considering what has happened with their family, they both asked at the same time

"Who played those different pranks on Elena, cause those were awesome and inspiring on what to do to people who are like her, considering that we have never liked people like her, we usually prank people like her after we get the truth, or ask the bullies victims all sorts of questions?"

The group all looked at one another and said all at once

"It was all of us except for Katherine, she joined us after all the pranks were done and we take requests for pictures and names for both the reactions and people like Elena, considering what she kept on saying about Harry who was wondering who was spreading rumors about him, considering that has happened before in Britain"

The brothers were surprised and decided to ask if they could help with the next set of pranks. They also remembered where they heard that type of accent from now they knew that Harry and his Aunts were from Britain. Also to ask if they could get pictures of what the pranks were. All while that was happening Damon looked at Harry and thought to himself

'My God he is gorgeous and amazing all in one package, I love his accent too, and I would like to learn more about him. Looks like I need to listen to gossip and then ask him if any of it is true. When I already know that Elena tried to say she is his girlfriend, and lied to everyone about that fact, and I know that he is gay. I am wondering if he could help me with these dreams that I have been having, all I remember is that there are two different males and one is a vampire but not like me considering that he was able to survive things that would hurt me badly. Maybe a different breed and a human or I think he's human male, he may be a werewolf or a hybrid of some sort.'

Damon shook his head and said to the whole group

"Maybe next time you guys prank some one else Stephan and I can join you and Katherine can also help with the next set of pranks because we all like to prank people who deserve to get pranked, we are good at taking pictures of the pranks before and after for the results, we are also good at putting up pictures so the person who is getting pranked will find out that the whole city or town will find out that they have gotten pranked considering that we go after the people who are like Elena, who is the perpetrator in this case and we let the victims know what we did and how we did it. We also leave posters about what is the truth and what is the lies. Cause all of us don't really like bullies."

The group nodded their heads as they all thought about what Damon had said. They all looked at one another, then Harry stepped up and said to Damon and the whole group

"Yes please, because we were going to ask you and Stefan to join the group. We also know what it is like to be bullied, it's not fun to be bullied, I was bullied by my cousin and his friends while Sarah and Angela couldn't get me from Britain, even though they have tried more than once. "

Harry went on to explain even more of his upbringing so the whole group could understand what he we through without his two Aunts and his godson so that they would understand why he doesn't want to raise Teddy like how he was raised.

"Last time they tried they got banned from magical Britain because according to them Petunia and Vernon were being nice to me raising me like a prince which is the exact opposite of how I was raised if you consider a cupboard under the stairs to be a regular sized room for a person to grow in when there are four bedrooms upstairs. One was a guest bedroom for Marge who is Dudley's aunt who treated me like trash and let her dog go after me when ever he wanted. Dudley instead was raised like a prince with two rooms one for his junk which was the smallest room upstairs which I was given after the letters starred coming for me. That's how you could figure out that you could have magic if you was raised by muggels which are people with no magic at all. I was also told that my Dad was a drunk and that my Mom was a whore who also died in a car crash when I was a baby when as a matter of fact my Mom and Dad died to protect me and my Dad was an auror and my Mom stayed home with me. Something that I find funny is that my Mom was Petunia's sister and Marge is Vernon's sister who I was told to call Aunt even though we are not related."

Harry let his throat rest before explaining more at the same time he let the group understand why he was talking about this and so they could let the information sink in before he continued to explain so they could see his point of view of not wanting to raise Teddy like how he was raised also the group just also found out about magical Britain minus Bonnie, Caroline, and Katherine who already had the explanation and those three remembered that Harry was the strongest magical because they saw the demonstration with the glasses of water

"Then magical Britain considered me to be the person who would save them all if Voldemort came back. Which is funny considering that the ministry called me a liar because I saw Voldemort come back to life and then finally the minister saw that Voldemort was back when he knew that he was back because he questioned a Death Eater who then later had his soul sucked out by a Dementor under the control of the ministry anyway. Which then backfired on the ministry anyways because the Dementors joined forces with Voldemort and that wasn't a big surprise considering that I have had two Dementors trying to suck my soul because I said that Voldemort was back and the ministry sent them after me. Then one of the employees there used a blood quill which uses blood so the identity of a person can be verified instead the employee had me in detention and I was forced to use that quill to spell out 'I must not tell lies which is why I don't like Elena anyways."

The group wanted to go to Britain to cause damage considering what they just heard that and do a lot of pranking for Harry cause he was bullied they just needed the address of Harry's family members on his Moms side.