A Sonic vs. Goku Speed Write!

I'm going to make a speed write about Sonic fighting Goku! I'll write fast, in a set amount of time. It's like a speed run in Super Mario Bros.! I must warn younger viewers! My fanfictions are not intended for young kids. Sonic Fanfiction Saga is not for kids either. I apologize, but it's my sense of humor. Enjoy!

Goku- Hey you! Hedgehog! I'm gonna ruin you.

Sonic- Laugh out loud, and OMG. Do you think I give two craps?

Vegeta- Oh God! He said two craps! Not one, but two!

Sonic- Vegeta? More like vagina. *Cracks up*.

Vegeta- ...

Goku- Die hedgehog! Kamey-

Sonic charged up his spin dash.

Goku- Hame-

Sonic- A little longer.

Goku- fthb jhhutgfiyviufuifiufiufuifiubukgyiiufrehuhghjbluohvyu!

But it failed. Sonic went through Goku, and killed him.

Sonic- Any ass wipe next? *Smirk*.

Vegeta- Bring it on!

Sonic- Give me your best vagina!

Amy- How dare you Sonic! We're only teens and you wanna get laid? You pig.

Sonic- No! The guys name is vagina.

Amy- Oh. Sorry! *Cracks up*.

Vegeta killed himself.

Story over!