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Runs from fan group.

Aiko's POV

I t was just another boring day. I was walking home from school when I realized I was nowhere near home though it looked familer. It was dark here were as it had only been 5:00 at home. Then I realize I'm not in my normal clothes. I'm in a skinny black jeans and matching shirt I have 2 knives tucked in my sleeves and a pistol in my boot. The I see a flash of silver so I go look in a shop window. Oh I have silver cat ears and a tail. WAIT WHAT! I look back again and wish they would go away and they do I wish them back and they appear. I wish for a million dollars but nothing happens. I decided to go for a walk. When I look up I see a house by a mansion. 22 Bakia it said. My jaw dropped. I pull out my gun and wish my cat ears gone. I walk up and knock on the door. When it opens there is Ai. Looks like me suspicions were correct I said as she paled. Get Edogawa or should I say Kudo over here now. She pulls out her phone and calls him. Soon he's over here.

Conan's POV

I just burst through the door and I see a person dressed in black. I shoot a dart at her but she cought it. Nice try Kudo-kun she says. My jaw drops.

Aiko's POV

I barley managed to keep my poker face when I saw there expressions. Don't worry I'm not part of the BO. Got any proof and how do you know about that? Yes and I'm not from this demnsion I say. Oh really show us some proof. Ok I say. I wish for my cat ears,tail,and powers. They appear. How is that proof they asked. Then I pull out my IPad minnie. And show them the anime episodes. Ok now we believe you. Just then a bullet flys through the window towards Conan but I push hi, out of the way but I got shot in the shoulder. Then I wish for my cat stuff to disappear before going black.

Cliff hanger of doom mwhahahahahaha

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