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(Unknown Place)

Play: Dive into the Heart (Kingdom Hearts)

Darkness...All I see is...Darkness...

My body is just floating down into a dark abyss...I can't move...why...?


Time passes by for many hours...is this a dream...or am I in something else?


...Wait...I sense something...Its...bright and somehow familiar...

As I slowly float down, I notice that there is a bright dot in the darkness. As time passes by, I notice that this light is becoming bigger and more clear to me. I then suddenly realized that I was approaching a glass platform. What was it called again...? I'm not really sure, but this doesn't matter at this point. All I do know is that I am approaching this glass at a slow rate.

As I finally approached the glass platform, I landed with a soft landing. There was absolutely no sound when my feet made impact with the glass. As I looked around, I've noticed that there was nothing else except me and the platform. Suddenly, I realized that I forgot one important detail to this glass...it had...a picture of me? Wait, why am I on this glass picture? Better yet, what am I doing here? Urh...some many questions left unanswered...This is seriously hurting my head.

Moving on from my minor headache (if you want to call it big, then be my guest ...yes, I did break the 4th wall...deal with it), I looked into more detail about it. In the background were many blue-green repeating patterns on outer circle, along with with circles in them (AN: I suck at describing artistic things, so I'll just leave the rest up to you guys). In the inner circle, I noticed that there were familiar things to me. One was a tall bell tower, along with three pictures of people that I know. I would go into more detail, but suddenly felt something strange...

Am I blacking out? Aw cr-

(Scene fades to black)



"Ow...my back...and ass," I muttered sleepily.

Sheesh, talk about a bad start in the morning. Think I broke something...no, still good. Good to know. I think it is time to get off my ass.

"Uh...man I hate Mondays...no wait...its Tuesday...close enough."

As a slowly got up while rubbing my back, the first thing that I did was reach out for the curtains that was near my bead, and pushed them aside for the bright sunlight to hit my eyes. Had to close my eyes for a bit, due to the sudden brightness. As I adjusted by eyes to the light, everything became a clear image in front of me.

Right in front of me was my hometown, the place where I grew up and made many memories….

Twilight Town

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