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Chapter 4: The Start of an Adventure

(Twilight Town - Hideout)

Play: Kingdom Hearts - Lazy Afternoon

After the mysterious dream that Cielo had, he decided to move on with his life, and decided to meet up with his friends. This time, they're going to meet up at their hideout.

"Mysterious mansion?" Cielo said in a curious tone. His friends nodded at him.

"Yep. We've decided that we should check out on what makes it so mysterious in the first place. It could either be a horror mystery or the type of mystery that no one ever bothered finding out." Said Hayner.

"I'm not really sure about this. Wouldn't ghosts and spirits haunt us for the rest of our lives?" Pence said in a joking tone.

"Oh, that's just superstition. There is no such thing as ghost." Olette said.

"Boo." said a voice close to her ear.

"GYAH!" shouted out Olette in surprise, and stood up and turned towards the source. And it was Cielo.

"Do you believe in them now?" Cielo said with a smile.

"Jerk!" Olette shouted out, and then proceeded to childishly hit Cielo

"Ow ow! Stop hitting me! I'm sorry! Really, it's just a joke! OW!" shouted out Cielo. Hayner and Pence looked at the scene with amusement in their eyes.

"Hey Pence, want to join in?" Hayner said with a mischievous look in his eyes.

"Definitely." Pence said, as he agreed immediately. The two then ran towards the duo, and started to also childishly hit Cielo.

"Hey-OW! What are -OW you guys doing!? What did -OW! I ever do to you!?" exclaimed out Cielo, as he was being surrounded by his friends.

Yep, just a regular day with Cielo and friends.

(Later- The Forest)

After rough housing in the hideout, the friends were now heading towards this so called mysterious mansion. But first, they must make their way towards the mysterious mansion. As they were walking, Cielo decided to ask some questions to know about it.

"So what are the urban legends and history with the mysterious mansion?" Cielo said in a curious voice.

"There isn't that much known about it. All that is known about it is that there was someone who built this mansion and lived in it, but then disappeared without a trace." Pence explained.

"Huh, that does give it a rather mystifying mystery there." Cielo said, while putting his arms behind his head.

"Yeah. For all we know, the guy could've left because of ghost." Hayner said with a smirk.

"For the last time Hayner, ghost don't exist. And no surprises, Cielo." Olette said in a stern tone.

"Spoilt sport" "Yes mam." was the responses of the two boys. Olette just sighed at them.

The group continued on through the forest, wondering what will await them at their destination. After some time, they finally arrived at their location.

"Huh, so that's the mysterious mansion." Cielo said as he took a good look at it. The mansion itself had a huge gate that blocked people from trespassing, as expected from a usual gate. It had a giant lock on it, and looked like you needed a giant key to open it.

"I expected it to be a bit more gloomy, but it looks rather old." Hayner commented as he looked at it.

"Yeah..." Cielo agreed as he looked at the mansion.

The group looked around for a while, but nothing much happened or couldn't really find anything.

"...Well, that proves it. This is nothing more than an abandoned mansion." Hayner said, with slight disappointment.

"Man, I wanted something exciting to happen..." Pence said, sounding bummed at this.

"Oh well. At least we were able to confirm the rumors. That's a plus." Olette said optimistically.

"Yeah..." Cielo said, while looking at the giant door.

"Alright then. Let's head back to our hideout, and plan something more fun." Hayner said, and began walking back.

"Hey, wait up!" Pence said, as he ran after him. Olette was about to follow suit, but then noticed Cielo standing there.

"Cielo? You coming?" Olette asked him. Cielo broke out of his thoughts, and look at Olette.

"Oh, yeah. I'm coming. But I'll just stink around for a bit more. You go on ahead." Cielo said to her. Olette looked a bit unsure at this, but decided to agree.

"Alright then. Try not to get lost on the way back." Olette said, and turned around and started walking away. However, she then remembered something.

"Oh, Cielo!" Olette exclaimed to him, and ran back towards him. Cielo turned around once more, and looked at her with surprise.

"Yeah Olette? Is something wrong?" Cielo asks her.

"No no, it's not that. I just forgot to give you something." Olette said, and reached into her pocket. She pulled it out, and held it out towards Cielo. He looked at it with surprise.

"...This is!" Cielo exclaimed, while looking at it. Olette giggled at him.

"Yeah, I knew you would like it." Olette said to him, and placed it in the palm of his hands.

"This is a "Winner" Popsicle stick! You can get two Sea Salt Ice Cream Bars with these!" Cielo said to her happily.

"Yeah. I was originally going to eat it, but I accidentally dropped it. Luckily, the person who sold them was nice enough to give me a new one for free. When I picked up the ice cream to put it away, I've noticed it had certain words on it. Then I thought that you might enjoy it. I can't really handle two ice cream bars by myself. So, I thought of it as a good gift to you." Olette said to him. Cielo looked at her with happiness and gratitude.

"Are you serious, Olette? You're the best!" Cielo said with a grin, and happily looked at the "Winner" popsicle stick. She gave a small smile at him.

"It's no problem, Cielo." Olette said, and turned around. "I better get going now, or else Hayner might get into a fight again. Later!" Olette said to him, and ran back towards the forest.

"Later! And thanks!" Cielo shouted out to her, and watched her as she disappeared from his sight. After that, he put the stick in his inside jacket pocked, and turned around to look at the mysterious mansion once more.

"...There has to be something more to this." Cielo commented, and walked closer to the gate. He peeked through it, and saw the actual front of the mansion. He frowned at that.

"Hm...I wonder what's inside." Cielo said. He tried getting through the gate with squeezes and climbing, but no avail.

"*Sigh*...How am I going to get into that mansion? You need a literal giant key to get inside!" Cielo exclaimed. He groaned in frustration, and decided to head back.

"Maybe next time..." Cielo said, and was about to walk away. But then...

End Music

You Have The Key...That Will Open The Door...

Cielo once again heard that mysterious voice, and came to an abrupt hold.

'That voice!'

Before Cielo could go any further, he felt something starting to form within his hands. In a sudden flash, a bright light started to engulf the area.

"Gah!" Cielo shouted out, as he was blinded by the bright light that suddenly comes forward. As the light died down, Cielo slowly opened his eyes, and then rubbed it with his left hand.

"Ow...bright lights sure hurt..." Cielo said. However, he felt different. As in...weight different. He felt something on his right arm, and it felt like he was holding something. Cielo looked down, and saw that there was something indeed in his right hand.

It was a giant key. I giant friggin key!

"Holy crap, where did this come from!" Cielo shouted out in surprise. He looked at the giant metal key in his hand, and looked surprised at it.

The giant key was a giant classic skeleton key, which appeared to be more bigger than your average household key (obviously). It had a long silver keychain extending from the hilt, and metal shaped heart was hanging at the end of it. The blade and teeth of the Keyblade are silver, the rainguard is blue, and the guard is bright gold. The teeth of the Keyblade form the outline of a crown. (A/N: This is basically the Kingdom Key from Kingdom Hearts)

"This sure is one giant ass key." Cielo commented, while looking at this giant key in confusion.

"Who on earth would use this? And better yet, how did it come into my hands out of nowhere?" Cielo said confused. But then he realized something.

Keys are meant for opening or closing.

Giant key = Giant Door

Giant Door + Giant Key = Open/Close Door

Cielo slowly turned his head towards the giant gate with the giant lock in place, and gained an idea within his head.

"Maybe..." Cielo muttered, and pointed his key towards they giant lock.

"Looks like it is able to fit..." Cielo commented. However, something else comes to mind...unexpectedly.

The giant key within his hand began to glow in a bright light. The light began forming at the tip of the key, and the giant key moved by itself and pointed towards the giant lock. After glowing and condensing more light into a bright form, it then shot of thin beam of light. The beam of light then impacted with the giant lock. It was then Cielo heard a loud click noise with his ears


After the light died down from the giant key, it now shows the lock. But unlike before, the lock began to slowly move. It's metal bars was then released from it, and the giant lock fell down to the ground. The giant gate slowly opened, and made a way for Cielo.

"...Wow..." Cielo said in surprise, and looked at his giant key in surprise as well.

"Damn...I knew you could unlock doors...but that was totally unexpected." Cielo said to it in surprise, looked towards the mysterious mansion. He first hesitated, scared to know on what lies beyond it, but then soon went into excitement. This was feeling of a new adventure! To explore the unknown and learn so many things.

Without second thoughts, Cielo walked forward and began walking towards the mansion.

(Inside the mansion)

Cielo approached the door of the mansion, and easily opened it, as it seemed unlock. After opening the door, and closed it when he entered inside. He then coughed as soon as he closed it.

"*Cough* *Cough *Cough*...sure is dusty in here." Cielo commented, and looked around the mansion. The room was sure spacious. there was a large case of stairs, and there were multiple doors to be found around the place. Cielo decided to look around the place, but there was nothing much could be found. Just old furniture and dusty antiques. Cielo was beginning to have thoughts that this mansion was just an abandoned mansion. Nothing more, nothing less...

Until he found the library.

When he entered the the library, he was astonished. The library was huge, and it was big enough to be a public library. So many books were stacked onto the shelves, and you need a latter to get to the top of the bookshelf. And in the center of the room was a particular desk. It had a stack of books as well. When Cielo approached the desk, he noticed one particular book among the rest.

"My Adventures Beyond The World"

"Adventure you say?" Cielo asked himself, and picked up the book. He then opened to the first page, and began reading it.

*Journal Log - First Day*

I've decided that I will record my research and data into here, so that in one day, I could see the process I have made with my research. You know, typical scientific data recording. But I won't put any complicated research material in her. This is more of a journal to reflect my experience onto.

I've began my research to see if it is possible to leave this world. This world may be vast and expansive, (and it is wonderful, mind you) but I believe there is something new that lies beyond this place. Something that can satisfy my curiosity beyond this world.

Wish me luck.

*Page End*

Cielo then turned to the next page.

*Journal Log - A Couple Months Later*

My research is making some progress, but not a lot unfortunately. I was, however, able to start the core process of creating a door, or portal, to a new place. I've decided to test it out simply with short distance. I made two portals. One on each side of the room. I tossed the ball into the portal, and the ball appeared fine when it approached from the other side.

It seems that I'm making progress.

*Page End*

"Teleportation? This guy?" Cielo asked himself, and then turned to the next page.

*Journal Log - A Few Months Later*

I am almost there. So close to seeing on what lies beyond this world. My machine now has the ability to open a portal to anywhere. To the beach, to the mountains, and even to deserted islands. I might be able to take a vacation after this is all done, but my progress mustn't be stopped!

So close...So close to see the Worlds beyond...

Dear me, I must be getting a bit delusional with this kind of writing. Think it might be due to the lack of sleep I might have.

No matter. A simple night's rest will have me back in shape.

The next time I write in this, things will definitely change.

*Page End*

"So this guy managed to make teleportation possible? That sounds impossible...yet amazing at the same time!" Cielo said with excitement. He eagerly turned to the next page.

*Journal Log - Years Later*

Alright...it things took quite a while to achieve, but I finally done it. With blood, sweat, and tears put into this, I finally created it. A door open to new worlds. The door where it will lead to so many discoveries and new places.

My heart is beating quite fast if you could imagine. But that's natural.

I've been finally able to open this portal to the world beyond. I'm not really sure on where this will take me, but I'm ready to see what is beyond...

*Page End*

"Damn...I'm beginning to think this is a science fiction with this book." Cielo commented, but then frowned when he remembered something. "But...with the giant key that appeared in my hand...maybe it is possible..."

Cielo decided to turn to the next page

*Journal Log - Weeks Later*

This is amazing! I've travelled to so many worlds, and discovered so many things! It's like every adventure's dream come true. I don't know when to stop with this! So many new people...new lands...new ways of living...everything was so new, different, and unique!

As of right now, I've just finished exploring a world where people are able to use magic! It might sound like a fairy tale, but I'm not kidding with you. It's quite amazing!

Oh, I must get going! There is this festival that is about to occur!

*Page End*

"Wow...this guys sure sounds like he is having quite the adventure. *Chuckle*...I sure envy that guy..." Cielo commented, while giving a small smile. He turned the page to see what this adventure this guy will go on, but faced something different

*Journal Log - A couples weeks later*

...Darkness. Darkness is what I saw during my travels. It all seemed like a wonderful adventure to go, but there was more than meets the eye. When there are dreams, there are nightmares. Creatures of darkness spring up, and attack the light of many worlds. There constantly on the prowl, not discriminating anyone in its path. They just wanted to turn the worlds into darkness. That is all they desire. They also show no human emotion at all. They're just savage creatures, with no regrets, remorse, hesitation, happiness. It is like...they're truly heartless. Yes...I think that is what I'll call them.


Creatures of Darkness. Constantly seeking out the light, and consuming upon it. Wanting everything around them to be dark, and not a single ounce of light is despaired.

What terrifying creatures...

*Page End*

"...That's a dark turn there." Cielo commented, and then noticed something on the back of the page. He turned it, and then gasped in surprise.

On the back of the page was a sketch. A sketch of something that forever surprised him.

It was that Shadow that he faced in his dreams. And it was right there, in perfect sketches.

"T-This can't be right...the creature I fought was just in my dream...but here it is...right in paper." Cielo said in disbelief. He decided to turn to the next page in a hurried pace.

*Journal Log - Time unknown after last time I wrote in this*

The Heartless were the embodiment of despair and terror. I too, began to feel that these creatures will soon consume our light...and us along with it. True, there are warriors who faced these creatures, but many of these were powerful in their own right.

I began to lose hope, and felt fear for the many worlds for these Heartless.

However...it was then I met them.

When there is darkness, there is also light that will rise and shine upon. I'm saying this because there are warriors of the light, who are able to combat the darkness. They call themselves Keyblade wielders, able to wield this so called weapon called the Keyblade. It was a rather...peculiar weapon. It was a sword, shaped in a shape of a key. A giant key, if I might add. But don't let looks be deceiving. These Keyblades are actually a powerful weapon. They're capable of unimaginable power. Power so strong, they're capable of changing worlds. Even saving them from the darkness. Theses Keyblade Wielders are the hope and light of the worlds. Able to protect and defend the light against the forces of darkness.

There is still hope and faith for the light. It just shimmers in the deepest of darkness, waiting to shine.

*Page End*

"...Wait...Giant Key Weapon...power...Keyblade?" Cielo said, and then looked at the giant key he placed on the table.

"This giant key is called a Keyblade? Wow..." Cielo said, and picked up the weapon now known as the Keyblade.

"The guy said that this weapon was effective against the Heartless. Said to have powerful power." Cielo said, and swung around the Keyblade.

"Know that I think about it...it can act like a sword...or a mace at best." Cielo commented. He turned to the book, and saw that he was on the last page.

*Journal Log - Last Day*

By the time you're reading this (I'm not sure on how you were able to enter my home, but oh well), I have already passed away. Now, don't feel sad for me, because I died without any regrets. I was able to explore the worlds beyond, and learn a sorts of new things. Good and Bad. But regardless, I have lived a good life. One where my heart told me what to do, and what I wanted.

Like I have said before. I have no regrets. I was happy to live life to the fullest, and follow on what my heart told me.

And now, I ask you, reader.

What will your heart decided to do now?

If you want to continue, place this book on the shelf right in front of you. You'll noticed that it is missing a book. Put it there.

Farewell, my dear reader.

*Page End*

"...So the guy did pass away." Cielo said, and then looked at the shelf in front of him. Indeed, the bookshelf was full of books. It was just missing one book. Cielo decided that if he wants to continue, then he must put this book in the shelf. So he walked forwards, and placed this journal into the book shelf, and waited to see what will happen.

A moment of silence passed by






Cielo stood there patiently, but nothing else happened. Before he could assume that he was pranked by a dead man, the floor began to make noise.


"What the!?" Cielo exclaimed, and looked at the shaking floor. The floor began to split open, and revealed a shocking fact at this. Cielo gasped in surprise when for what he saw underneath the library floor.

It was an underground room, and it had a door that led to a passage. The room also looked highly...futuristic. It was full of technology. Cielo blinked at this, and was at awe with his discovery. He hopped from the floor and into the underground room. He then walked towards the door, and walked in its hallway.

As he kept walking, he walked towards a room with peculiar features. There was a room with a circular machine, looking like it could be a portal. Next to that machine was a computer with many buttons and screens on it.

"It this...the guy's research?" Cielo asked himself, and went to examined the machine and computer. When he was looking around, he noticed a page on the counter next to the computer. He picked it up, and it read...

"How to start the machine"

Cielo blinked at this.

"Well...that was convenient..." Cielo commented, and turned to the computer. He walked towards it and sat on the chair. He then began what the paper told him.

"Let's see...push this button...click on this...power this...push that...bla bla bla..." Cielo said to himself, while following the directions. Finally, after clicking on the last button, the machine finally started. He heard a whirring noise from the circular machine, and it soon started to start up with energy. Soon, sparks of energy began forming in the empty circle, and soon, a portal began to form in the middle of a circle. The portal didn't show anything in particular but a swilling blue energy, showing that it is ready to teleport the person to wherever he/she wants.

"Wow..." Cielo said amazed, and got off the chair. He gave a good look at the portal.

"This is amazing. So this science guy managed to create a portal after all..." Cielo commented. He then grew an idea in his thoughts.

"Wait! If this guy was able to travel to other places, as well as traveling back here...then maybe I can go on my adventure, while not worrying about leaving my friends behind!" Cielo said, grinning at that idea. He then fist-pumped.

"Yes! My adventure is finally coming!" Cielo said excited. Before he was about to dance in victory, another voice came in.

Play - Kingdom Hearts - Night of Fate


A digitized voice sounded through the air, and this alarmed Cielo.

"Oh crud, better get out of here!" Cielo exclaimed, and turned tail to get out of there. However, the machine said otherwise. The machine started sparking like crazy, and the blue swilling portal began swilling at a much faster pace, until it became more than a portal. It became a vortex.

Reason why it was called a vortex was because it began sucking everything in. Papers were flying everywhere and into the vortex, multiple other objects were flying into it as well. And Cielo was trying his best not to get sucked in as well.

"Ngh!" Cielo grunted out, trying his best to get out of the vortex that tried to suck him into it. However, as hard as he could try, he was slowly being sucked to the portal.

"Come on...Come on..." Cielo grunted out, trying his hardest to get out there. However, his soon lost his balance, and then began to fall backwards towards the portal.

"Oh crap!" Cielo said, as he was being sucked into the portal. As he was being sucked into it, he thought of one final thought.

'Hayner...Pence...Olette...sorry...I won't be able to watch the sunset with you guys for a while...' Cielo thought with sadness and regret.

He then dissapered into the violent vortex, disappearing from this world.

And with the last object (A.K.A Cielo), the machine started to overheat, and then exploded.

It seems that the way back has disappeared...

End Music


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It seems that Cielo's only way of going back home has exploded...without him knowing. What will he do now?

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