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A Promise Made

Warren sat on his set on the plane to England to keep a promise he made when he was young a promise to his first friend Harry Potter.

He remembers how they first meet he was four years old and new to the state and town setting on the see-saw by himself tell someone sat on the other end and stared to play with him.

A boy with black hair and green eyes that look to be his age they played and talked all day together they became fast friends for two years they stayed friends.

He remember the gift he got on his birthday from Harry a necklace of a flame and he got Harry a necklace of a bolt of lightning case of the scar he has he also remembers the day he made the promise.


It has been two years he now six years old and doing the hardest thing for a six year old to do saying good bye to your best friend.

"I'm sorry Harry I wish I don't have to go but then mommy would miss me so I have to go with her."
"I understand but promise me you will come back ok."
"ok I promise."
Then Harry did something he would never forget Harry kissed him an the lips it was an innocent kiss but a kiss none the less he pulled out of it and asked "what was that for?"

"someone once said that a promise with a kiss can never be broken so I kissed you now I know you will come back to see me "

"ok but till then"
he took of the necklace Harry gave him and gave it to Harry and said "this is to remember me by so you won't forget me"
Harry took it and took his of and gave to Warren and said "so you forget me or the promise to see me again ok"
so now Harry had the flame necklace and Warren had the bolt of lightning necklace

:::::::::::End FlashBack:::::::::::::

Its a good thing they kept the house or he have no place to go so after landing in England he called foe a cab to pick him up and take him to his old house on number 10 Privet Drive Little Whinging Surrey he payed the taxi and want in the house to drop of his things then want to the park in hopes to see Harry again. When he got there he saw a teen about his age with messy black hair and green eyes on the swings with a sad look on his face as he came closer to the teen he saw the flame necklace he gave to Harry not to long ago.
the teen looked up and looked at him with his green eyes as if he was remembering him then he got up and looked as he knows him and said "Warren is that you?"
then runs to hug Warren and Warren welcomes the hug with open arms "you kept your promise I missed you soo much."
"I missed you to and of course I kept my promise like you said a promise with a kiss can never be broken so I promise to love you with all my hear."

With that said Warren lend down to kiss Harry on the lips and Harry kissed back this promise will last forever.

the end :

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