Disclaimer: I'm not Rumiko Takahashi. Quite shocking right?

I changed quite a few things around, to fit my story.

The setting, ( for Sesshoumaru) is in Tazo, China. And for Kags, resides in Mikage Mountain, Japan.

Beware of OCs.

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Sesshoumaru's bother ISN'T INUYASHA. His brother is an OC named Kenji, my own cool character.

Bold: Sesshoumaru's inner demon

Sesshoumaru Tashio ripped open a pale yellow envelope that arrived in the morning mail. A photograph fluttered on the polished mahogany desktop. No letter, just a photograph of a petite girl dancing in the shade of the sprawling Sakura tree.

He flipped it over. Two words were scrawled on the back-two words that struck him to the core.

'Your daughter.'

For a moment he couldn't react at all. He glanced towards the office doorway, where his younger brother was trying to talk his way past the assistant.

Turning his back on them, Sesshomaru studied the envelope.

It was from Mikage Mountains, Japan.

Something deep inside him began to painfully crack open. The child's face was partly shadowed by a tree, but that didn't really matter. He saw the resemblance anyway-the softly shaped face, the figure.


The girl was Kagome's child alright. But his? How can that be? He'd known. She would've told him.. right?

The voices behind him faded into dull mummers of her laughter. Her vows of unwavering commitment and love coming filled his ears.

Kagome's slim figure came towards him, her aqua eyes twinkling, midnight hair rippling over her shoulders…

His jaw clenched.


He'd closed off that part of himself a long time ago, sealing it securely. He wouldn't let it break open now or ever.

The truth was, he wasn't sure what Kagome would say nor had been-what?

Eight years? He started at the kid looked about-


This Sesshoumaru does not understand.

Thats our pup.'


'..Dumb bastard'

Sesshoumaru spun around, the movement startling both his brother and his assistant from their quite bickering.

Kenji took advantage of the moment to move past Kagura's Kiyomata's hulking bulk. Kenji paused, purposing looking at Sesshoumaru's hand that held the photo, to Sesshoumaru's face. Kenji's gaze curious.

"Is something wrong?"

"What this one does, doesn't concern you." Sesshoumaru replied robotically, while sliding the photo into his pocket.

"In that case…"

"Not now." Sesshoumaru left no room for argument.

He already knew what Kenji wanted to talk about. It was always money.

Same with his Mother and the array of step and half-siblings and relatives she'd thrusted into his life... The whole family saw him as an exhaustible account to fund their expensive taste.

"You can't count on anyone but yourself. "...His father's words echoed in his mind.

"They all want something."

"But Sesshoumaru-san!" Kenji began.

He silenced his brother with a look, then glanced at Kagura. He could at least trust Kagura to do what he was told without asking questions that he had no intension of answering.

"Have a jet ready in 2 hours. I'm flying to Japan."


Kenji's voice suggested it may as well be the moon. "What about the Dancy situation? I thought you were too into the negotiation to think about anything else."

Sesshoumaru spared a thought for the multi-trilloin dollar deal he'd been chasing for the past month. "I'll be a phone call or a fax away. Kagura will keep me posted on anything I need to know."

"Whatever. Its your call Onii-san." KenjilightlytauntedwhileleaningonagainstKaguraobnoxiously

Kagura'sfemininelookingfacewasimpassiveasalwaysKagurawasunemotionalasSesshoumaruwhichwasprobablywhytheyworked so well together

Sesshoumaru quickly crossed the room, pausing to pull his smooth white tuxedo jacket from the mahogany coatrack. It had been a chilly and raw March in Tazo, China

'Though Mikage Mountain would be something else'.. Sesshoumaru thought absently as he pulled his jacket on.

Again the imageshimmered into his mind like a mirage

...'A warm, laughing face...Naps in a sweet smelling field. They're intertwined hands...

His wife.'

They all want something.

What did Kagome want?

He shoved the thought the away and strode to the door. He'd deal with her, just as he'd dealt with any other project that went wrong.

Then, he'd bury the memory of his first love so deeply that it would never intrude on his life, or thoughts ever again.