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Darkness surrounded her being.

Diffidently, she opened her eyes once more, and succumbed to the darkness that filled every inch and cranny of her essence. Warily she blinked, discomfort setting into her stomach. Why was she here? The sheer darkness of the setting around her caused her an unfathomed amount of distress. Darkness wasn't something Kagome was accustomed to. Kagome, despite being a 34 year-old Mother, was the embodiment of a good-natured person. Of good. Of Light. What was she doing here?

Shiveringly,she digressively dismissed her thoughts. Though she was obviously here for a reason, however uneasy she felt about it. She could only remember caressing Sesshoumaru's face before feeling a pull inside of her that insistently continued its assault of uncontrollable impulsive urges.

Gasping, her wandering eyes landed on her arms. Her bodily appendages were..ghostly. Pure white, as snow, and transparent. It was frightening, her astronomical form trembled, afraid. Was She..? Her mind instantly rejected the notion, though her fear and trembles didnot. She couldn't be..could she?

Desperately she shoved those thoughts away, trying to hold back her hysteria. Abruptly a small, but sure light speck prevailed over the total dark space she was in. Focusing on that beacon of hope, she willingly allowed herself to be futher drawn unto its influence. As she gradually floated closer, she could feel the warmth of the light. Actually, its a portal of sorts. She didn't notice the howling demons that drifted in the dark abyss with her. They were faded, the only thing visible was their soft glowing red eyes. Silently they howled in despair, agony, and fear.

Steadily, Kagome pushed on to the speck. Her nerves were on edge, her astronomical body quivering, but her eyes held steady on the spectrum of light.

Gradually she become closer towards it, something..almost guiding her along, towards it. As she drew closer she realized it was actually a portal of sorts. Honey gold, swirling vertex of light.

Kagome's heart soared. It's light warming her, beckoning her. Almost eagerly so, Kagome surged forward, wanting to be fully surrounded in its goodness. Abruptly, the portal stretched, into a large oval, with gooy looking tentacles stretched out towards her.

She jerked, fearful. The welcoming aura still, very much present. But her fear towards the tentacles overwhelming her aura and causing her to jerk, weakly, away from the gravitational pull towards the swirling portal. Her mouth opened in fear, a horrific expression frozen onto her face as the tentacles surged forward and hugged her, smoothly pulling her into the swirling honey vortex.

She landed, softly, in a field of grass.

Shocked, she laid still. Eventually, her muscles loosened up. Slowly, she sat upright. Immediately she realized that she was no longer astronomical. Her form was, faded in a sense. She was naked, very much so. She snorted. At least she didn't look like Casper.

Standing up, she looked around warily at her surroundings. Pale, clear skies above her, and ancient trees for miles around. Not a single living creature around her. It was unsettling. Kagome had grown up in the 'wild', and this..replica of it was poor. Where were the birds, the tiny insects, the sun, the breeze..?

Was this the afterlife?

A soft voice intercepted her thoughts, startling her. 'No childe, this is Jana loka, one of the eight heavenly homes on Mt. Meru.' The soft but stern voice informed her. Instinctively, Kagome bowed low, to the voice that held great power inside her head. "Forgive me, my lord. I am humbled to be here, and in your presence," she murmured low and reverently.

'Jana Ioka'.. her mind caressed the name, her brain trying to recall just why it was so familiar.. 'Allow me to help you recollect, my Childe.' The voice said. Slowly Kagome felt her mind shift, as if it was being held, and deft fingers plucking through her memories. It was surprisingly pleasant, as if someone wqs cradlimg her mind. Her body swayed, anc her eyes remained milky as the Higher being continuously searched her mind.

Finally, a memory was placed in the forefront of her mind. She recognized it immediately. It was from when she was very small tyke, no more than 4. Her Father and her were visting her Papa's dead Okaa-san. Father was knelt before a tombstone, and so was Kagome. He held tears in his eyes as he prayed. Tyke Kagome asked him, when he finished praying, where did his Okaa-san go, and he had answerd, "To Mt. Meru, a huge heavenly place were good people are rewarded for their good earthly deeds." "Who rules over Mt. Meru, Chichi?" Tyke Kagome had asked. "Lord Yama-Sama." Her Father answered, whilst wiping tears from his face."All by himself?" She asked, her little voice astonished. He helped tyke Kagome onto her feet, and kissed her forehead. "No Yama-Sama has a loyal and divine assistant, Lady Chitragupta or Lady Khajuraho." Tyke Kagome's eyes sparkled, "ChiChi, will Lady Kha-ju-rah-o take good care of Obaasan?" Her Father smiled, "She will. Lady Chitragupta is a fair and wise Deity." Happily, ChiChi carried Kagome away from Grandma's tombstone, the tyke's eyes hopefull for her Obaasan's voyage into a peaceful abode.

Kagome's eyes lost their milky color as the memory faded from her eyes. 'Kagome, this is all true. Jana Ioka is the middle land, Average Heavenly, of all eight provinces of Yama-Sama's Mt. Meru. Come to me child, we have Much to discuss.' The voice ordered, a hint of a commanding tone underlying the voice.

Kagome found herself nodding in response, and a plain dirt road materializing before her. The mirage around her shifted, accommodating to the plain dirt road that stretched seemingly endlessly.

"Oh! My Lordship?" Kagome spoke tentatively aloud. The presence of the Voice shifted, and Kagome got the impression of the abstract ..Being tilting its head at her. "Why am I naked?"

The Voice chuckled, a deep rumbling sound resounding into her being and faded outwards, taking flight on a subtle breeze that stroked her forehead. Unbeknownst to her, the being Marked her forehead, pressing an invisible third eye on her person, slightly blue in color.

'Childe, to be clothed is to be ashamed. Are you ashamed of yourself? Do you wish to hide from yourself ?' The Voice questioned.

Kagome paused,contemplative. Shaking her head, as she came to the decision to remove her own foolish veil, she boldly removed her tail that covered her ladybits. Unknowingly releasimg herself from her mental blocks, and true potential. Resigned to her fate,she started down the long journey.

Eager to face her coming destination.

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