Chapter: whatever number this is the end

A/N: For those of you wondering why I have not updated in such a long time and what will happen to this story I am here to put your fears to rest. This is the end of my first fic and I have wanted to get this done for the longest time but procrastination always got in the way. The reason as to why I am ending this, labeling it as a crackfic, and ret conning any and all aspects of this story is simple it has become very cringe worthy.

When I started this story about three years ago the direction for it was going to be a mature story with OCs that were not hopeless Mary Sues and Gary Stus. I learned however, that life always has different plans coupled with my inexperience to the writing scene and the use of my friend as an "editor" all snowballed into a comedy of errors. New OCs suddenly sprang into being with no rhyme or reason. Cannon and plot elements were disregarded or outright toyed with to allow certain events or actions. Numerous "chapters" were pushed out with filler content and garbage plot. And the straw that broke the camel's back the "editor" began "writing" more and more of the chapters leading up to the conclusion became short quantity over quality garbage with needless references to popular culture thrown in and some grandiose rip-offs of the various writing styles of other well refined writers on this site.

Having said this I will leave the story up for a few reasons the first is to give others a laugh and to serve as a somewhat unofficial guide on how to not write a fanfiction or OCs for one. The second being despite it not turning out how I wanted this story did lead to me having some laughs with the "editor" who's writing though it still needs improvement and revision was not all that terrible. Third more than anything else this story taught me some VERY important lessons not only in writing a story but also some of the features of this website including the replace chapter button. (Something I should have used when I found all those spelling errors but, I was an idiot and instead deleted all the pervious chapters so now it's even more of a mess now then when I started.)

The most important lesson of all is that this taught me to be more humble about my abilities when it comes to certain areas. I am not utterly incompetent when it comes to writing though I can be very rash and do things on the spur of the moment. To be honest maybe this whole procrastination was not such a bad idea since these past few years I went through some changes in my life and have browsed many stories written by better authors each a learning experience of their own. One day I will come back to this idea and follow through with it!

I would like to thank every person who has viewed this story and shared their feedback though I do have a request for all of you that did review. The request is to try and lean on more of the constructive side of reviewing while I immensely enjoyed receiving positive feedback I feel that sometimes readers are extra nice to avoid offending someone whom they believe might not take criticism well. I will also take my own request to heart as I have been guilty of this many times.

Special shout-out to SheWho2MustNotBeNamed. As she gave me some actual criticism even though it was due to a heated exchange of private messages based on a comment I made about a scene in a chapter of one of her favorite stories. (I will not say what the comment was or what the messages were about. Though if anyone is interested just scroll through my favorite stories list and look through the reviews section.)

As has been said before this crack-fic is officially finished and will be non-cannon to any stories done in the future I know it is somewhat lazy not getting to the actual end. But you all could just use your imagination on how it ended since you'll be more satisfied with that rather than whatever garbage ending I could have come up with.