Luke was a man of simple pleasures. He liked his food hot and his alcohol cold, unless it was a strange new alien beverage then it could be warm. Luke sighed with pleasure as he dug into his hot nerf steak. Juicy and tender and cooked just right. He closed his eyes and chewed slowly, savoring every bite.

Luke heard a small cough and, opening his eyes, realized that Lando was sitting across from him also savoring a slightly smaller serving of nerf steak. Luke rolled his eyes in annoyance. Seeing Lando at his kitchen table eating his food was almost enough to put Luke of his steak. Almost, but not quite.

Luke decided to ignore Lando so he turned his chair pointedly and faced the holovid which was currently showing a pretty young woman explaining how to use a new type of toilet plunger. Under normal circumstances Luke really hated infomercials but anything was better than awkwardly watching Lando as he ate. Luke settled into his chair for some good old bad quality TV.

Lando sighed in exasperation. Sometimes he really didn't get Luke at all. He would act all professional and grown up and the next minute he'd be acting like a two year old. What really confused Lando was the fact that Luke and Princess Leia were brother and sister. Luke's twin sister was smart, mature and a good leader whereas Luke was, well, not that. To be fair Leia could be a bit bossy and whiney but she didn't compare to Luke's bossiness and whininess. He was on a whole other level.

Lando shook himself out of his reverie, then cleared his throat.

'Luke old buddy' he said, 'we should really talk about this new case. It's important.'

Luke turned around rolling his eyes before sighing and nodding his head. Lando cleared both of their plates then sat back down and pulled out the case file. As they went over the details they noticed a few familiar names. The girl who had been kidnapped was called Jenny Solo. It was a common enough name that they had overlooked it when they had first received the case, but now they noticed the name of the parents, Han and Bria Solo.

They didn't recognize the mothers name but Han Solo was the name of an old friend of theirs from their days working in the Rebel Alliance. Han had fought alongside them both as a part of the rebellion. He had also dated Leia for a while after they defeated the empire but they broke up after Han had found her cheating on him with his copilot Chewbacca. Taking this rather hard Han had become an alcoholic and nobody had heard from him for quite a while until a few years previously when he had resurfaced as the lead guitarist in a space rock band.

Lando and Luke hadn't spoken to him for quite some time but when they found out about the band Lando made an effort to always send Han creepy anonymous fan mail as a joke. Luke bean wondering if they should ask to get his autograph as a part of their reward.

They couldn't screw this case up. They needed to find Hans daughter as soon as they could for all their sakes. They scanned the case file for any additional information about the kidnapper himself.

According to a few witnesses the kidnapper was a tall thin man with a large black mustache and an afro of a matching colour. One lady claimed to have seen an eight foot tall purple dinosaur with a creepy smile make off with Jenny but they quickly dismissed this due to the fact that the lady was 109 years old and suffering from Alzheimers.

Luke and Lando decided to take a trip and go and talk to some of the witnesses as well as Han and his wife themselves. Thankfully Han lived in a nearby star system so it wouldn't take too long to get there.

It was believe that the kidnapper was still in the area so Luke and Lando would have to book a room in a hotel in the area for a while. They just needed to take a high speed shuttle to that system and be there in a day or so, although the idea of being in a confined space with Lando for an extended period of time made Luke feel slightly queasy. They decided to leave the next morning, so Lando said goodnight and headed home.

The next morning Lando arrived bright and early on Luke's doorstep and rang the doorbell. An irate Luke answered, wearing a dressing gown and clutching a cup of caff.

'Goddammit Lando' Groaned Luke. 'You couldn't have given me a few more minutes?'

Lando smiled like an indulgent uncle at Luke.

'I've already bought the shuttle tickets and it leaves in an hour.' He said.

Luke swore heartily. It took 45 minutes to get to the space port from his apartment and he hadn't even had a shower yet. Luke dashed inside and got ready in record time. On his way out the door Luke used the force to grab his keys, wallet and suitcase that was sitting next to the front door.

Just because Luke wasn't a Jedi any more didn't mean that he couldn't still use the force. He mainly used it for finding missing socks and impressing girls at parties. Unfortunately, at the last party he had attended he had been a bit overenthusiastic about impressing this one girls that he had spilt every single guests drink on her head. He had never been invited back to anymore parties since.

Once Luke had locked his apartment door, he and Lando set of towards the space port in Lando's speeder. They arrived at the station with time to spare so Luke went to buy some chips from the solitary vending machine sitting next to the departures gate.

After nearly getting kicked out because of his inability to use vending machines, Luke boarded the shuttle along with Lando. They found their seats and sat down, the excitement of the new case building in their heads.