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Chapter 2-Home

(The following morning)

The sun rose the next morning with a glorious conflagration of pink and yellow. The air was fresh, sweet, and warm. The golden beams of sunlight were illuminating the entrance of the mansion allowing the world to see the body of a small boy, sitting with his back against the wall and wearing blood-stained clothes that were torn in many places making them unwearable although not a single scratch was visible on the boy's small figure.

"Hmm…ramen where are you my good good ramen" muttered the drooling boy in his sleep while searching for a bowl of ramen.

"ITAI" only to fall face first on the ground for his troubles.

Holding his nose Naruto stood up from where he had fallen. His sleepy mind, half sleep despite the fall, still not realizing the fact that he was in an unknown place.

"What happened?" Naruto muttered. His small hands rubbing his cerulean blue eyes in order to shake off the drowsiness. His mind which was still in the middle of remembering the events of last night finally shook off the sleepiness and caught up to the fact that he was currently in an unknown place.

"Where am I" His eyes began searching for anything to identify where he was only to find that there was nothing familiar in the room.

The room had a homely feel to it.

It was mostly furnished with polished wood.

The doorway although not too narrow was also not too wide.

There was a wooden shoe rack near the door with a small vase ,containing wilted flowers, alongside few photo frames sitting on top of it.

There was was also a giant portrait attached to the wall which was directly parallel to the door.

Standing beside the portrait was a large vase, which had beautiful designs printed on its surface, containing wilted flowers.

The room adjacent to the door had a center table,surrounded on one side by a wooden sofa, near the large windows,there were placed so as to form half of a heptagon.

Even though the room was covered in a sheet of dust, Naruto could still tell that it was nice and well furnished invoking a sense of awe and belonging in him .Seeing the view,an awe filled Naruto could not help but comment-

"Why is there so much dust covering this place!"Okay so maybe not so much awe.

Apparently the house had been abandoned for quite a while leading to dust settling in every nook and corner of the house and due to a small breeze from the slightly open door all the dust started flying around in the room with few directly flying into Naruto's face,more importantly into his eyes and nose.

"When i find the owner of the this house i will personally make him clean this place up and than punish him for leaving it like this You better believe it!"Naruto started complaining while simultaneously also plotting on how he was going to make the owner pay for all the dust that had gone in the Great Naruto Uzumaki's mouth and eyes.


Only to be distracted by his empty stomach.

"Food" Naruto not seeing how dangerous an abandoned home could be started searching the house for food, his body suppressing his logic and his fear in its need of food.

"Maybe there would be food in this room "Naruto said while standing before a room that he had come across in the middle of his search and drooling at the mention of food.

The door, like almost all the doors in the house, was a simple door. It had a simple design of dark brown squares adorning its surface, while the door itself was light brown in color ,with a light wooden polish enhancing its beauty, and it also had a golden colored spherical handle on the right side. The only thing special that distinguished this door from the rest was the rectangular golden plate attached on the upper part of the door plate had several letters ,written in beautiful calligraphy,printed on its golden surface which Naruto was currently deciphering.

Naruto while slowly trying to read the letters in the door plate remembered how the caretakers in the orphanage had thought him to read. They would come to his room whenever they felt like and would immediately start teaching him and if he didn't have his instruments ready he would not get feed as punishment. They would also force him to read without properly explaining the words and if he couldn't read then he would get punished which usually meant no lunch or dinner for him. Another thing was that they would always mumble about 'how the hokage would punish them if he (Naruto) didn't even know how to read or write'.Although he didn't know how a fire's shadow would be able to punish them.

'' M-Me-Mito R-Ra-Rin Na-Nar-nary-Nauru-Mauro-Naruto, wait a minute why would my name be written here, maybe it's because this is the secret treasure of ramen the holy and I being the chief of servants, whatever it means, have been presented with the treasure YATTA datteboyo" yelled Naruto while jumping around in his joy and excitement.

"Alright now all I have to do is remember the words which have to be used in order to open any treasures of ramen as Ayame-chan had said to me" said Naruto after calming down from his ramen- induced high.

"Ahem. Oh! Great goddess Ayame, let this ordinary peasant have a chance to experience the treasures of ramen!Abra-ka-Badra ba be bu ramen I choose you" said Naruto while kneeling in reverence to all the holy that is ramen before standing and turning the handle, pushing the door forward, opening it, only to be blinded by a bright light.

Before coughing uncontrollably.

It seems that as the room had been closed for a few years, dust and other particles had made it its home and when Naruto opened the door, which was parallel to the window, all the dust flew in the air, combined with the harsh rays of sun and flew upon an unsuspecting Naruto blinding him and making him cough.

(Five Minutes Later)

After the fit of coughing and rubbing his eyes in order to remove the dust, Naruto slowly opened his eyes and blinked.

The room unfortunately did not contain ramen ("Why? Why my goddess?") But it was filled with toys and baby products. There were all kinds of toys, even the rubber grey colored star and knifes that he had seen the few lucky kids at the orphanage play with. There were also many kinds of bottles and packages with pictures of babies printed on their surfaces. In the center of the room, just below a banner were three cribs of different color,each adorned with a small wooden plate with various kanji written on it. The banner above the cribs was white in colour and was stretched horizontally from one end of the room to the other and on it was written, in beautiful hand writing, "Welcome Home Mito, Rin And Naruto!"

"Why?" said a teary eyed Naruto, who was now beginning to understand that this home belonged to someone who cared about him and that all this toys and other things were for him.

"Why?" he repeated again not expecting an answer, asking to no one why he was not brought here earlier? Why were the ones who had cared for him not there for him for all this years? Why was he alone? Why were they not there when everyone looked at him with those mean eyes or when the matron punished him? Why were they not there when he had a nightmare and was scared? Why were they not there with him during those cold nights comforting him, shielding him? Why were they not there when he watched that beautiful night sky or when he met Ayame or when that mean person stabbed him? Why had he not met them? Why?

"Because they are dead Naruto, the ones which had once stayed in this house are dead, they have gone to a place of no return "

"But why didn't they take me with them?"

"Because they loved you. They were your parents Naruto, your tou-chan and your kaa-chan"

"My tou-chan and my kaa-chan?"

"Yes they were your mother and father and they loved you, adored you, cared for you and they couldn't bear the burden of harming you and that's why they couldn't take you"

"But it still hurts, those stares hurt, not having anyone hurts! And if I am already hurting then why couldn't they take me?"

"Naruto do you care about Ayame?"

"Yes, I do"

"Then suppose if you have to go to someplace where it is going to hurt a lot, then will you take Ayame with you. Will you ask her to abandon all her friends and all those people that she cares about and ask her to go to a place where you already know she going to get hurt Will YOU?"

"No but"

"Or will you protect her from this and let her live here where there is a chance that she will be happy"

"Of course I will force her to stay here"

"Now imagine Naruto, imagine that you love someone a million fold times more than you love Ayame. A person that you want to protect from every harm, a person that you want to shield from every pain, a person that you value more than you do yourself and then ask yourself will you take this person to a place where she will get hurt"


"Then how can you ask your parents to take you with them because to them you are that person".

"Then can you tell me about them? About my parents?" said a crestfallen Naruto.

"Yes I can, Naruto did you see the picture in the hall"

"Do you mean the one with the red headed tenshi and that yellow haired girly boy?"

"Yes that one and that red-headed angel is your mother and that girly boy is your father"

"Eh? Why would kaa-san be with a wimpy boy?"

"I don't know about that but I do know the name of your father and mother. Your father was Namikaze Minato, the yondaime hokage and your mother was Uzumaki Kushina, the red hot blooded habanero"

"Akai chihio no habanero?"

"Yes that was her nickname and both of them were ninja's "


"Ninja's are warriors, they are soldiers who fight for their country and kill all those that threaten its peace. They are creatures of dark who silently kill or you can say assassinate their targets and in return they are acknowledged and respected they everyone, they are heroes"


"Heroes are famous warriors who are admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. They are respected and known by everyone even their enemies acknowledge them"

"I see, then I will become the greatest hero! Then the whole village will stop looking at me with those eyes and start treating me like I'm somebody. Somebody important!"

"I see, if that's your wish then I kurama, the kyuubi no kitsune will help you reach it and that is a promise"

"Arigato Kurama, dattaboyo" Naruto replied while rubbing away his tears with a wide grin on his face before realising what had exactly been said

"NANI the KYUUBI?" Naruto yelled before fainti- I mean falling asleep.

(Sometime Later At Ichiraku Ramen Stand)

"And then the goddess descended into the battle and gave the ramen she had prepared to all the hunger stricken soldiers relieving them of their emptiness and thus uniting them under the goodness of ramen, turning them from enemies out for each other's blood to friends sharing a food that they so greatly craved. Thus with the help of ramen, the goddess stopped the great third shinobi world war and once again propelled the elemental nations into an era of peace, peace that we now know and enjoy " Ayame diligently told to her now favourite customer.

"Ano Ayame-chan I don't understand what you're saying "said an embarrassed Naruto.

"What do you mean Naruto-kun?"

"Umm… I don't know what str-stri-strucken or others words are"

"I see , well that's to be expected after all you're only three years old and do not even go to the school "replied an embarrassed Ayame while rubbing the back of her head in a very Narutoish manner.

"But do not fret my disciple I the ramen goddess herself will teach the meaning of those words along with everything that you will learn in the school" Ayame said while imaging the day Naruto goes to school only to be declared as a genius and saying that it was his dear goddess Ayame who had taught him, converting many more followers for her. So busy was she that she almost didn't notice Naruto bouncing up and down in joy shouting to the world how his Ayame-chan was going to teach him while hugging her.

"Calm down you brat, your giving me a headache and I have high regeneration powers for kami's sake" yelled Kyuubi from inside Naruto's head even though he is sealed in Naruto's stomach.

"Eeeeeeeeeek" Naruto yelled


before falling on top of Ayame in a not so unprovocative way making Teuchi have a heart attack.

"You baka-kitsune now look what you did, what if Ayame-chan got hurt huh then what would we do stupid fur ball" Naruto thought.

"It was not my fault brat, you're the one who got scared and pushed your precious 'Ayame-chan' making her fall on the ground and now if you will finally listen to me then you will come to know that since that ningen is going to teach you those unimportant things then I can freely concentrate on teaching you things that matter"

"huh teach me but how will you do that I mean your locked in my stomach and not only that you're a kitsune so how will you teach me about jutsu when you yourself can't do them"

"Yes it's true that I don't know how to do jutsu but I do know how my previous hosts did them and trust me that will be more than enough to teach you"

"wo—wait a minute what do you mean by previous host and moreover you didn't even tell me what you're doing in my stomach when you're supposed to be dead"

"As I told you before I will answer your questions only when I feel that the time is right not a second earlier nor a second later, do you understand you stupid monkey and if you finished eating your lunch then let's go we have much to do"

"hai hai"

"Naruto are you alright, Naruto?" shouted a scared Ayame. A minute earlier he was bouncing and hugging her and then next he suddenly falls down talking her along the way and what do you know he is suddenly not responding and has a glazed over look in his eyes.

"Huh what happened Ayame-chan, why are you shouting?" said Naruto not understanding why his Ayame-chan was looking so scared.

"Its nothing you baka" replied a relieved Ayame while tightly hugging Naruto, smothering him into her budding chest, afraid that if she leaves him then he might disappear.

"Nothing at all"

"Na Ayame-chan can you let go of me because I have to go somewhere else but I promise that I visit you tomorrow"

"Okay Naruto-kun but you have to promise me that as soon as you wake up tomorrow you will get ready and come straight to meet your Ayame-chan do you understand"

"Yes Ayame-chan "said Naruto taking out some money that he had taken from his newly found home after the kyuubi had told him that he had to give it to his Ayame-chan if he wanted to eat ramen.

Seeing that Naruto was taking out some money to pay for his ramen, Ayame gently too his hands away from his pocket, closed his fist, and said" You don't need that Naruto-kun, I will never charge you for coming here as your presence more than makes up for it"

"But Ayame-chan"

"No Naruto-kun you will listen to me otherwise I won't make you're ramen ever again"

Knowing that if he insists then his ramen gets in danger Naruto concedes.

"Okay then bye Ayame-chan I will see you tomorrow"

"Bye-bye Naruto-kun"

Throughout this whole incident Teuchi busy chopping his vegetables on is recently broken chopping board muttering about little scoundrels.

Although unknown to anyone there was a single anbu who was currently witnessing the only thing discerning about this ANBU was his relatively small stature and his blood red eyes.

End of chapter 2

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