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Destiny Challenge: 10. Succeeding

Rules: 200 words, one character

Luxord blinked.

Before him lay the chosen hero Sora, his Keyblade disappearing in a flash of light. He groaned once, but did not stir.

The man did not know what happened; he was sure Sora had struck the final blow during their game…

In the back of his hazy mind felt his familiar tug of magic, and distantly he recalled removing the boy's entourage from time momentarily. In a daze, he walked over to the fallen hero and stooped over to grab the boy.

Holding the limp figure under one arm, he snapped his fingers, freeing the boy's companions. Before the cards stopped spinning he vanished, the defeated hero within his grasp.

He brought the boy to Xemnas. He smiled, said 'job well done', and whisked the boy away. Completing his orders, he worked with Saïx to split the group further, and eventually managed to evict all of the intruders from their world.

After reporting to the Superior, who stood beneath a completed heart-shaped moon, he inquired as to what happened to the boy. Xemnas only smiled.

Luxord wondered why, if they had succeeded, he felt things were not as they were meant to be.

One week later, Roxas returned.