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Destiny Challenge: 2. Their First Steps

Rules: 200 words, one character

He wasn't quite sure what to expect from a black hole rising from the ground, darkness weaving itself into the air around the gaping maw. When he was instructed to enter the moving darkness, he was a little more than hesitant. A push was needed to persuade him to enter the portal – a push the man called Xigbar was all too happy to provide – literally.

The first feeling was cold, and then the darkness swallowed him whole. In the space where no light existed, he found new light in his eyes in his panicked search for a foothold. In the inky blackness, all darkness was the same, and there were no paths. He recalled being frozen to the spot, concerned about falling into oblivion, until a hand clasped his shoulder from behind.

"Hang on newbie, let me take a crack at it."

A path formed then, from patches of discernible darkness, to form a crooked road towards their destination. Intrigued, he wanted to ask how the man had altered the space, but he was already leaving the other behind. "Are you gonna just stand there all day lollygagging, or are we gonna go get you to the bossman?"

He tripped.