Ch 4

Maryse watched the doorway as Eve entered the club to meet up with some of the other divas, thankful that the Latino woman decided to show up. She feared momentarily that perhaps Eve had decided to pursue her odd fixation with Shane McMahon as opposed to having a drink with the girls. Now that that Eve was safe and sound at the club she turned her attention to the long dark haired man at the bar drinking with his buddies.

"Hey Seth." Maryse announced as she took a seat next to Seth at the bar.

Seth turned to the beautiful blonde and smiled at her. 'Hey sexy, can I get you something to drinkl?" Although it was hard to believe that two beautiful looking people like Seth and Maryse never hooked up, it was the truth. She and Seth were just friends and always had been. Seth was someone Maryse could always rely on and the two were more like brother and sister than anything else. As for Seth, he was never one to spill his guts to anyone, but there'd been more than one occasion where Maryse was the only one he could confide in about almost anything. It was a unique relationship but a good one. And Maryse was about to call in a huge favor.

"Cranberry and vodka." Maryse ordered from the bartender before turning her attention back to Seth, a hint of seductive charm in her eyes. Seth noticed right away. Something was up.

"Okay, Maryse." Seth began in a deep, knowing tone. "What do you want. I can tell by looking at you, you just didn't come here to chit chat. So spill it." Maryse smiled wide and planted a playful kiss on the side of Seth's cheek.

"Well, since you asked. See the drop dead gorgeous woman over there?"

Seth turned to look in the direction Maryse was pointing. "You mean the one Dean is falling all over?" Maryse smiled, "that's the one." Seth turned back around and took a drink from his beer. "Eve Torres, so what about her?"

"Well I need a favor."

Seth didn't respond. He simply raised an eyebrow and waited to hear what kind of "favor" Maryse had in mind.

"I need you keep an eye on her and take her mind off of a certain someone before she gets hurt."

Seth cracked a smile. He loved Maryse to pieces but sometimes she could be such a…woman.

"Sorry Maryse, I am not getting involved in anyone's drama." Seth stated flatly.

Hope had now turned to disappointment for Maryse, but she wouldn't give up. Instead she scooted herself closer to Seth, moved her chest forward and slowly and seductively began to stroke his bi-colored hair. "Please…." She begged.

Seth rolled his eyes. It was obvious Maryse was desperate. Had it been anyone else he would tell them to take a hike. But this was his friend and quite frankly he owed her one.

"Okay, okay." Seth conceded, moving his stool away from hers just slightly. "Just stop. You'll get people talking. Can't wait to read the internet rumors should one of those famous" inside sources" get the internet fan base all in a tizzy over nothing."

Maryse basked away and smiled. She knew she would get her way.

"So who's the guy she's involved with." Seth asked. Maryse was hesitant at first, knowing her answer may be a deal breaker.

"Shane McMahon."

Seth almost choked on his beer as he got up from his seat.

"What the fuck Maryse, Shane McMahon? You want me to get involved in something between Eve and Shane fucking McMahon? You do realize he is a VP of this company and the chairman's son right? That's career suicide!" Seth argued.

"I know, but please hear me out." Maryse grabbed Seth's arm and led him back to his seat.

"I'm not asking you to do anything that will get you in trouble. I am simply asking you to get to know Eve a little better. You know, make sure she doesn't do anything stupid."

Seth couldn't believe his ears and simply shook his head in disbelief.

"This is crazy Maryse. Why don't you just let Eve take care of her own problems. If she wants to bone the bosses son, so be it. It's her choice. She's a grown woman."

"I know Seth but, you don't know Shane, or what he's capable of. I just don't want to see her get hurt. She seems to think she can handle him but I'm afraid her whole plan may backfire. Please, just help her get her mind off him."

Seth waved to the bartender and ordered another beer. He was going to need it, and a few more to help him get over the stupidity of what he was about to do.

He looked over at Eve one more time. Maryse was right, she was gorgeous. He'd never really taken notice of her until now, and it was obvious that Maryse cared about the well-being of the newest diva. He had no idea what he was getting himself into but how could he say no to either her or Maryse.

"Okay Maryse. I'll do it."