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"Are we there yet. Are we there yet. Are we the-"Said Neemon

"NO!"Said both of the boys.


"No for the hundredth time Neemon."Said JP

"Hey JP." Said Tommy


"What do you think is happen in the digital world. I hope everyone is ok."

"I'm sure they are little buddy ok. Just keep hope K?"

"Yea your Right. Just like they had hope in us so now we need to hope in them"


"Are we there now"

"NO"Said the boys

"Hey Tommy"


"Do you think Takuya has a crush on Zoe?"

"Ahhhhh I don't know it-s Pos-sible I mean for al-l we kno-w."

"Tommy Spill it I know you Know so tell me."

"Find he does." Jp Starts to have smoke coming out his ears.



Then they hear a beep then Jp looks at his D-tector at the map popped up with a dot on it pointing to the park.

"Neemon were almost there" said Jp

"YAY". Said Neemon

And off they went.

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