From Dublin to London

Sherlock Holmes was tired and spent after solving a case that had taken him all the way to Dublin. All he wanted now was to get on the plane and sit for the flight back to London in peace. That seemed to not be in the cards for him as he got onto the plane and stowed his carry on in the overhead compartment. Children were already screaming as parents tried to wrangle their little monstrosities. He moved to take the window seat, as far away from the isle as possible, only to discover that someone was already sitting there. Someone who was currently bent into the pages of a battered book. All Sherlock could see was a mass of red hair. He huffed in irritation as he took the aisle seat. The person sitting beside him flicked the page over and it drew Sherlock's attention back to the redhead who had stolen his seat. Agatha Christie novel.

"You know it was the husband," Sherlock commented and the redhead snorted behind the book.

"Aye, tis obvious really," The woman said in a very thick Irish accent before she lowered the book slightly. All Sherlock could see were a pair of very expressive green eyes. "I figured it out by the third chapter, but I figured I would keep on reading anyway. "

"Why bother reading something if you know the ending already?" Sherlock asked the woman perplexed. The woman lowered the book to her lap and looked over at Sherlock. He could now see what she looked like as she wasn't hidden by the book. She had shoulder length red hair, green eyes, and pale skin. Her cheeks were slightly rosy and her nose was angular as was her jawline. Her bottom lip was slightly larger than her top lop, making her look like she was slightly pouting. She was by all standards pretty and above average beauty if Sherlock was being generous.

"My friend Mary wanted me to read it. I'm indulging her, though it is a bit boring. How could one not tell it was the husband right away?" The girl asked him shaking her head in exasperation.

"Most people are idiots," Sherlock commented before biting his lip and looking away. This was the time in most conversations that people normally stopped talking to him. He was therefore surprised when he heard the bubble of laughter coming beside him. He looked over at the redhead who was giggling.

"Aye, they are, aren't they? I swear there is such thing as common sense, but no one ever uses it these days," The redhead said her eyes sparkling with mirth. "You would think people could control their children too," The girl continued making a hand gesture to gesture around the cabin of the plane. Sherlock nodded and the girl seemed to regard them.

"Please fasten your seat belts," A woman suddenly said over the com system. The detective and his companion did so before Sherlock turned back to her. He wasn't sure why he was attempting to converse with her, but she was at least not dull and seemed mildly intelligent. Certainly she was a better choice than the lawyer sitting across the aisle who was clearly having an affair with his secretary sitting beside him if them playing footsie was any indication.

"What brings you to London?" Sherlock asked the girl as she stowed away her book beside her and turned more toward him in her seat as the plane started down the runway.

"I'm moving there actually. I'm guessing you were in Ireland for work," The girl said and Sherlock nodded. Sherlock placed her age somewhere around twenty. She was young so Sherlock was surprised that she was making the move by herself.

"Yes, I was," Sherlock answered her as the plane took off. He would have expected some form of flight anxiety from the girl. It didn't look like she traveled much. In fact, Sherlock placed her at just having left University and her move to London was probably a way of rebelling against her parents. What other reasons did someone move from Dublin to London at her age?

For the remainder of the one hour flight Sherlock and the girl made small talk about various things. Sherlock offered her some suggestions of where she could look for flats and some places that she might get a decent meal in the city. When the plane landed at Heathrow, the detective and his companion both reluctantly got up. Sherlock helped her get her carry-on bag down before getting his own and they exited the plane together. They stood there chatting as they collected their luggage and they continued their discussion until they got out of the airport and entered the long line of people waiting for a cab. Sherlock helped her into one and sent her off, telling the cabbie that he better take care of her as she slid into the back of the cab before the girl from the plane waved him off. Sherlock got into his own cab and took off for Scotland Yard to finish his case before he went back to his flat to crash. The girl from the plane was never thought about again and Sherlock deleted the entire encounter, even though she had been the first person to not be turned off by his rude comments.