Sherlock Holmes worked at his microscope as a knock came at the lab door before it opened. Two men walked inside, the sound of lighter footsteps entering the room behind them. Sherlock continued on with his work, feeling eyes on him and he looked across briefly at the people who had entered. Mike Stamford along with a blond man, obviously a soldier recently invalided home from either Afghanistan or Iraq. The eyes he had felt on him belonged to a red haired woman who studying him with intelligent green eyes. She stood at about 5'8 and had a light dusting of freckles over her face. Sherlock looked away again, back to his work, but he could still feel her studying him.

The army man limped further into the room, looking around at all the equipment. "Well, bit different from my day," He remarked as he looked around the room.

"You've no idea!" Mike told him chuckling. The girl snorted at Mike's response as she walked further into the room. So, she was acquainted with Mike, but the way she stood said she was newly acquainted with the army man who was quite obviously and army doctor.

"Mike, can I borrow your phone? There's no signal on mine," Sherlock asked Mike without even glancing up from his work. His deep baritone cutting through the lab. He could feel those eyes on him again as he finally spoke.

"And what's wrong with the landline?" Mike asked him.

"I prefer to text," Sherlock told him boredly.

"Sorry. It's in my coat," Mike told him not sounding sorry at all. The girl walked over to the army doctor's side and glanced around the room looking briefly. She looked like she was comfortable in this surrounding so she had some skills, maybe another doctor.

"Er, here. Use mine," Someone said and Sherlock looked up in surprise to see the army doctor offering out his mobile to him.

"Oh. Thank you," Sherlock said genuinely surprised by the offer. He glanced briefly at Mike before standing up and walking towards the army doctor and the girl. She regarded him with a quirked eyebrows as she cocked her head to the side and studied him further.

"An old friend of mine, John Watson and a good friend of mine Alexandria MacKenna," Mike introduced the two of them as Sherlock took the phone from "John". He turned partially away from them and flipped open the keypad before starting to type on it. He glanced at the girl for a brief second their eyes meeting for the barest of seconds.

"Afghanistan or Iraq?" Sherlock asked John and he caught the girl smiling brightly as John frowned beside her. She looked at Mike at the same time as John did and he just smiled at the two of them knowingly. John looked back at the Sherlock as he continued to type.

"Sorry?" John asked him as the girl shared a look with Mike. Sherlock realized that she hadn't spoken a word since entering the room which was maddening as he couldn't deduce her. She seemed like a doctor given her ease and apparent knowledge as she looked over at his experiment, but that wasn't right, her hands didn't look like a doctor's. She had callouses on her hands, dainty, long fingers, and her hair was far too long, falling to her waist.

"Which was it …Afghanistan or Iraq?" Sherlock asked again as he briefly raised his eyes to study John before looking back to the phone. John hesitated and looked at Mike confused. Mike only smiled at him smugly as the girl narrowed her eyes and Sherlock who felt like he was the one under the microscope. He realized then what that look was. He had only seen it in Mycroft's eyes before when he was deducing.

"Afghanistan. Sorry, how did you know...?" John asked him before the door opened cutting him off. Sherlock looked up from the phone as Molly walked into the room carrying a mug of coffee. A look of recognition past over the woman's face as she looked up at who had entered the room.

"Ah, Molly, coffee. Thank you," Sherlock said as he shut down John's phone and handed it back to him as Molly brought the mug over to him. He looked closely at her as he took the mug. "What happened to the lipstick?" He asked her forwardly and the girl raised one eyebrow at his question.

"It wasn't working for me," Molly told him smiling awkwardly at him.

"Really? I thought it was a big improvement. Your mouth's too small now," Sherlock told her as he turned and walked back to his station.

"... Okay," Molly said quietly as she turned and headed back towards the door.

"Don't listen to him Molls. You are looking fabulous to today. I love what you did with you hair," The girl complimented her. He hadn't noticed anything different with her hair, in fact it looked the same as always. Sherlock caught the slight disapproval in her eyes. Ah, she disapproved of the comment he made. The use of the nickname, Molls, meant that she was probably friends with the girl. Dull.

"Thanks Alex. It's nice to see you, it's been a while since you've come in," Molly said smiling brightly at the girl. Alex? She didn't go by Alexandria normally or this was another nickname between girls. Sherlock would never understand the fair sex and all the ins and outs about what women did.

"Been a bit busy. I'll come by soon to see you and we can catch up," She told Molly who happily agreed to the plans before making her way back towards the door with a wave over her shoulder at her.

"How do you feel about the violin?" Sherlock asked his voice cutting through the silence. John looked at Molly, but she was already walking out of the door. He glanced briefly at Mike who was still smiling smugly at the two of his companions before the both of them came to the conclusion that Sherlock was talking to the two of them.

"I'm sorry, what?" John asked him at the same time as the girl snorted. It was a very unladylike gesture, but it summed up exactly what she was thinking.

Sherlock began typing away on his laptop as he started talking again. "I play the violin when I'm thinking. Sometimes I don't talk for days on end." He said as he looked at the two of us. "Would that bother either of you? Potential flat mates should know the worst about each other," He finished as he threw a hideously false smile at them. The girl rolled her eyes at him.

John looked at him blankly before looking back at Mike. "Oh, you ... you told him about us?" John asked Mike sounding confused. The girl walked around John and down the lab table glancing over at the experiment that Sherlock had been conducting. Sherlock raised an eyebrow at her as she looked over his work, but she paid him no mind. In fact, she completely ignored him and went about with what she was doing.

"Not a word," Mike answered him smugly and the girl shared a look with Mike for a brief second as she remained silent and let John do all of the talking. The most he had heard out of her was her talking to Molly but she had not actively participated in any other conversation.

"Then who said anything about flat mates?" John asked Sherlock as he turned back to him sounding huffy. That would be the military side coming out. The girls smiled apparently amused by John's reaction.

Sherlock got up and picked up his great coat before pulling it on. "I did. Told Mike this morning that I must be a difficult man to find a flat mate for. Now here he is just after lunch with an old friend, clearly just home from military service in Afghanistan and a friend he holds in a high regard. Wasn't that difficult a leap."

"How did you know about Afghanistan?" John asked him as he looked at the girl for an answer. She flashed him a smile as Sherlock ignored the question and wrapped his navy scarf around his neck. Odd that, why would he look to her for an answer? Sherlock picked up his mobile and checked it briefly before he looked up catching the girl's eye. He caught her slightly raised eyebrow as she looked at him and then at his phone. Sherlock couldn't help the slight smirk that gave his little ruse away.

"Got my eye on a nice little place in central London. Together the three of us ought to be able to afford it," Sherlock said as he walked towards John. The girl, the only way Sherlock could think of her as he couldn't read her, walked back over to Mike and stopped at the end of the lab table closer to John as she stood with my fingers laced behind my back. "We'll meet there tomorrow evening; seven o'clock. Sorry…gotta dash. I think I left my riding crop in the mortuary," Sherlock continued as he put his phone into the inside pocket of his coat before walking past John and heading for the door. His eyes swept over the girl again as he walked past her. She was not a doctor but had some knowledge of chemistry or medicine. The ink spot on her hand suggested that she was a journalist, no a writer. He could now observe that the callouses were not from the writing, but because she played a stringed instrument. Maybe a guitar as her fingernail polish was slightly chipped.

"Is that it?" John asked him sounding flabbergasted. Sherlock turned back from the door and strolled closer to the two of them again.

"Is that what?" Sherlock asked him, staring at the two of them intensely. He was surprised, normally people back down under his gaze but the short redhead only raised an eyebrow at him and crossed her arms in front of her chest. She popped her hip to the right in a general display of attitude.

"We've only just met and we're gonna go and look at a flat?" John asked him sounding slightly irate. The girl on the other hand looked amused as if this was entertaining her.

"Problem?" Sherlock asked him quirking one of his eyebrows. John smiled at him in disbelief before looking across to Mike for help. Mike only continued to smile so John looked back at the consulting detective.

John looked at the girl briefly for a second and after taking in her stance he decided to handle this for the both of them. "We don't know a thing about each other; we don't know where we're meeting; we don't even know your name."

Sherlock looked at the both of them closely for a second. He looked at the girl with a bit of amusement and she narrowed her eyes at him before he started speaking. "I know you're an Army doctor and you've been invalided home from Afghanistan. I know you've got a brother who's worried about you but you won't go to him for help because you don't approve of him…possibly because he's an alcoholic; more likely because he recently walked out on his wife. And I know that your therapist thinks your limp's psychosomatic…quite correctly, I'm afraid." John down at his leg and cane and shuffled his feet awkwardly. "That's enough to be going on with, don't you think?" He asked them smugly as he turned and walked to the door again. He opened it and walked through, but then he leaned back into the room again. "The name's Sherlock Holmes and the address is 221B Baker Street," He said as he click-winked at the girl, people seemed to like it, said it made him human, before looking round at Mike. "Afternoon."

Mike raised a finger in farewell as Sherlock disappeared from the room. As the door slammed shut behind him, he walked away only to hear Mike say, "Yeah. He's always like that."

Sherlock Holmes and Lexi MacKenna had met five times without knowing it. Maybe by destiny they were pulled together, two like minds. Out of all those times, the last of those meetings truly mattered. Suffice to say, Sherlock never completely forgot the red head he met on so many different occasions, but as the meetings were not nearly as important as the last, they didn't hold much precedence in his mind. Later on, Lexi would make a reference to a crème coloured scarf and how it was like one she had gotten on a case once and that was how the two detectives would discover that they had met before Lexi had even met Mycroft a fact that until this day always amuses Sherlock.