The New World


The world is as cruel as the day it was made. The people too; they never change. There was guns. There was knives. Both used from the hand of man. They could be used as something good. They could be used as something bad. It just depends on the hand.

But at least it showed that we were human. Something *they* wouldn't understand. Couldn't understand. People say guns are dangerous, and need demolished; and yet, the same man that said that guns are bad, send thousands of large armed robots—*Ultron*—into houses with toddlers, and infants, and just hope for the best.

Granit, the robots haven't done anything wrong yet, per se, but they will. Just watch. They have to be as cruel as the man that designed them. I mean, the man builds thousands of robots, sends them into houses and have them take over all the jobs, and expects everyone to still worship the ground he walks.

There is no way I am going to let some worthless robot, take over my art gallery. No way.

Who does the man think he is?

Right. He's Anthony Stark, son of Howard Stark Jr, and the leader of *The New World*. He's known by everyone. Has his face on every magazine cover. They love him

Which I don't understand. They are all being deceived, and think nothing of it. They're all pathetic. Nothing is ever as it seems. They see what they want to see. They see the robot that chased down the criminal to get a purse back, but not the glowing red eyes, as the robot glares at a woman for walking too slow.

The robots are changing. Silent and obeidient, they were; to glowing red eyes and clipped tones. They may not notice, but we are not alone anymore. They are not like a dog or a household pet anymore. I guess they never really were.

They are evolving. Changing right in front of our eyes, and we are too blind to see the true picture of what Anthony Stark had created. He created monsters.

The Ultrons will be the death of us all. Unless we can get a conrol of what we are handed to now, we cannot be ready for the Ultron Mega, that comes out in a matter of weeks.

Anthony, relishes in the power. He is the leader of The New World, and not to mention a billionare. He can buy anything he wishes. Not to mention he could probably flip a switch on Ultron, and take down the whole country. But why would he do that? What's the point of being a leader if you have no people that will be under your powe? There is none.

That is why he probably hasn't done it yet. He has us all under his control, and he wishes us to follow him. And we do. That, for all things, is probably the worst we could do. If we follow Anthony, then we follow Ultron.