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Leader: Duskstar - Golden brown tom with orange eyes

Deputy: Bluefoot - Dark blue-grey tom with blue eyes

Medicine cat: Minnowstreak - Lithe silver she-cat with light blue eyes


Pikeleap - Light grey-brown tom with amber eyes

Goldenwillow - Golden she-cat with green eyes

Iceflower - White she-cat with icy blue eyes

Brindlefur - Black and brown brindled she-cat

Frostwater - Pale grey she-cat with a darker overcoat

Stormheart - Smoky grey tom with bright amber eyes

Dustfall - Grey tabby tom

Whitefeather - White she-cat with black stripes

Flameshade - Ginger tabby tom

Snowtail - Silver and white tabby she-cat

Mistyleaf - Tortoiseshell and white she-cat with blue eyes

Greyheart - Grey tom with black paws

Sleetpelt - White tom with grey tabby markings

Sundapple - Golden she-cat with dark brown patches

Buzzardwing - Brown and white tabby tom

Brightdew - White she-cat with ginger rings on tail

Hollowbreeze - White tom with black splotches and blue eyes

Swiftstripe - Light brown tom with darker stripes

Freckletail - Cream she-cat with a spotted back and spotted tail

Blizzardhowl - Large white tom

Breezewing - Grey she-cat with blue eyes


Shadepaw - Black she-cat

Troutpaw - Light grey tom with green eyes

Hazelpaw - Brown tabby she-cat


Snowblossom - Light grey tabby she-cat with white paws and blue eyes; mother to Stormheart's kits: Silverkit (silver she-cat with dark tabby stripes, a white chest and light blue eyes), Rainkit (blue-grey she-cat with dark ears, dark tail and dark blue eyes)

Finchcall - Golden she-cat with green eyes; mother to Swiftstripe's kits: Lionkit (dark golden tabby tom with green eyes)

Sagefrost - Tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes; mother to Pikeleap's kits: Brackenkit (brown tom with green eyes), Ashkit (light brown tabby tom with amber eyes), Leafkit (tortoiseshell she-cat)


Whitefire - White she-cat with orange eyes

Pineclaw - Dark brown tom

Fogheart - Pale grey she-cat

Otterfoot - Light brown she-cat


Leader: Whitestar - Long-haired white tom with amber eyes

Deputy: Greystorm - Dark grey tabby tom with green eyes

Medicine cat: Suncloud - Small ginger and white tom


Raintail - Grey tom with darker flecks

Foxdash - Dark ginger tom with green eyes

Softcloud - White she-cat with grey patches

Oakfall - Brown tabby tom

Aspenfur - White tom with grey spots

Owlfeather - Light brown tom with amber eyes

Sparrowclaw - Beige tom with brown spots

Leafwind - Tortoiseshell she-cat

Fernstripe - Dark cream tabby she-cat with green eyes

Appledust - Ginger she-cat

Sandstreak - Pale golden brown she-cat

Redstorm - Reddish brown tom

Tigerblaze - Dark ginger tabby tom

Meadowsong - Golden she-cat

Firesky - Orange she-cat with blue eyes

Softsnow - White she-cat with blue eyes

Larkfeather - Brown tabby she-cat

Brambletail - Black tom with green eyes

Ivyleaf - Grey tabby she-cat with green eyes

Cloudfur - Long-haired white tom

Thrushflight - Dark grey tom

Crowtalon - Silver and black tabby tom

Briarwind - Brown she-cat


Ravenpaw - Black tom with a white muzzle

Redpaw - Red brown tom with a white chest

Creekpaw - Brown tabby tom with blue eyes

Splashpaw - Blue-grey she-cat


Iceflight - White she-cat; mother to Sparrowclaw's kits: Snowkit (white she-cat), Frostkit (white and brown tabby tom)

Darkpetal - Dark brown she-cat; mother to Brambletail's kits: Crowkit (black and grey she-cat), Birchkit (brown tom)

Lightwing - Pale ginger tabby she-cat; mother to Crowtalon's kits: Blackkit (black tom), Sandkit (pale ginger she-cat), Jaykit (silver tabby tom)


Stonepool - Pale grey tom with blue eyes

Grassfur - Light brown she-cat

Blackfang - Black tom with bright amber eyes


Leader: Ravenstar - Sleek black she-cat with lime green eyes

Deputy: Swiftwind - Brown she-cat with amber eyes

Medicine cat: Spottedfeather - Grey tom with black spots


Kestrelwing - Brown tabby tom

Bluefire - Blue-grey she-cat with orange eyes

Fireflower - Dark ginger she-cat

Skyheart - White and silver she-cat

Greytail - Dark grey tom

Pebblestripe - Pale grey tom with darker stripes

Jaggedrock - Light brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Nightstorm - Black tom with orange eyes

Heatherfur - Sandy brown she-cat

Leopardclaw - Ginger she-cat with darker spots

Birchfoot - Brown tom with blue eyes

Barkclaw - Black tom with a brown belly

Ravenfeather - Very dark grey she-cat

Hollylight - Ginger tabby she-cat with green eyes

Mistsong - Silver she-cat with white paws

Cinderfrost - Dark grey she-cat

Blackcloud - Black she-cat with a white neck and white tail tip

Mousestep - Light brown she-cat

Cherryfall - Tortoiseshell she-cat

Hawkfang - Grey-brown tom

Ashpelt - Grey tabby tom


Squirrelpaw - Brown tom with green eyes

Swallowpaw - Black and white she-cat

Tigerpaw - Dark ginger tom

Sharppaw - Black tom


Silverstrike - Silver tabby she-cat; mother to Kestrelwing's kits: Greykit (grey tabby tom), Brownkit (brown tabby tom), Stormkit (dark grey tom)

Honeyfire - Golden she-cat; mother to Barkclaw's kits: Bramblekit (brown tom), Sandykit (pale brown tabby she-cat), Goldenkit (golden she-cat)


Beetletail - Brown tom

Doveflight - White she-cat

Reedwhisker - Dark grey tabby tom


Leader: Jaystar - Pale grey tom with sky blue eyes

Deputy: Nightfur - Black tom with green eyes

Medicine cat: Poolshadow - Dark grey she-cat with blue eyes


Rabbitpelt - Pale grey tom

Breezetail - Silver tabby tom

Cloudmist - White she-cat with blue eyes

Skydrop - Blue-grey she-cat

Rainclaw - Dark grey tom

Yellowtail - Golden brown she-cat with a lighter tail and belly

Dawnfrost - Ginger and white she-cat

Dustwhisper - Pale brown she-cat

Stormfire - Brown tabby tom with orange eyes

Snowpelt - Pale grey she-cat with white paws

Hareleap - Grey-brown she-cat

Shrewdash - Brown tom with amber eyes

Wolfnight - Grey tom with a black overcoat

Palewhisker - White tom

Nettlepelt - Black and white tom

Mintspots - Tortoiseshell she-cat

Morningdew - Small grey she-cat

Leaftail - Brown tabby she-cat


Hailpaw - Silver and white tom

Echopaw - Light grey she-cat

Grasspaw - Black tom with green eyes


Nightsong - Black she-cat with pale blue eyes; mother to Nettlepelt's kits: Darkkit (black she-cat), Dustkit (black and white tom)

Fallenrain - Grey she-cat with darker stripes; mother to Stormfire's kits: Petalkit (brown she-cat), Rosekit (grey tabby she-cat), Eaglekit (dark brown tom)


Emberfur - Orange tabby tom

Braveflight - Dark grey tom

Blossomwind - Brown tabby she-cat